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Mobbed by Raccoons (25) Tuesday Night 03 Nov 2020

it was snowing with freezing temperatures and the raccoons were super hungry and knew they had to stock up for the long winter




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    Sir😰 don't ever run outta food



    6 perccel

    This is scary

  3. Sonia Ortiz

    Sonia Ortiz

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    Lol omg I can't

  4. Lauiz Luiz

    Lauiz Luiz

    47 perccel

    where you live Dude? Raccoon City?

  5. Carman Wick

    Carman Wick

    56 perccel

    Too funny

  6. Jim



    My face hurts from smiling so much, I oddly love this

  7. Tizoc Espinoza garcia

    Tizoc Espinoza garcia


    Muchos ( Mapaches) gordos nice jobi expensive

  8. AlienGirl



    those are the fattest raccoons i have ever seen,

  9. 花のイケメン応援団



    😆😂😆😂😆💦 👍very nice‼️

  10. Moumen Simo

    Moumen Simo


  11. eon izziam

    eon izziam


    Il est trop adorable avec ces ratons laveurs

  12. Sabine Wolf

    Sabine Wolf

    2 órája

    25 best friend s😃🙏👍🌹🙋💟

  13. Vanguard 110

    Vanguard 110

    2 órája


  14. Progressive Libertarian Viewer

    Progressive Libertarian Viewer

    2 órája

    This is an Oprah moment

  15. cringe y

    cringe y

    2 órája


  16. Nathan5o4


    3 órája


  17. estudiante jardinero

    estudiante jardinero

    3 órája

    Se esta poniendo gorditos

  18. deV14nt


    3 órája

    The one that stayed on his shoulder eating his hot dog 😂

  19. Irina Potapova

    Irina Potapova

    3 órája

    oh my 🙂

  20. sean conwell

    sean conwell

    3 órája

    Don't overfeed raccoons, it negatively affects their general health.

  21. Diego


    3 órája

    Você está fazendo eles não procurarem alimento sozinhos, por isso estão tão gordos e com o tempo você morrerá, ou não terá dinheiro para alimentá-los e assim eles vão morrer de fome, pois mudaram seu estilo de vida.



    3 órája

    You’re such a gentle soul!!!!

  23. Sunnyside Mashups

    Sunnyside Mashups

    3 órája

    We have 6 cats, but these are even funnier

  24. Jerry Elliott

    Jerry Elliott

    4 órája

    Your welcome... We're just pertecting people... You are blessed.🖤🤍

  25. IceCream


    4 órája

    5 :45 he stole his last sausage look how poor he looks 😢

  26. Tildeath Gaming

    Tildeath Gaming

    4 órája

    holy smoke 25 fats of raccoons 😆

  27. Sherina Santiner

    Sherina Santiner

    4 órája

    Schön, dass es noch Menschen gibt, die Tiere lieben und für sie sorgen:)

  28. AmongUS SuperFan

    AmongUS SuperFan

    4 órája

    Its corona season and this guys feeding racoons.

  29. Alex Ignatov

    Alex Ignatov

    4 órája

    Very kind gentleman!

  30. Susie Randall

    Susie Randall

    4 órája

    Where you located, I love raccoon meat. These are some nice size too. Wow

  31. Yozhtoh


    4 órája

    17:17 "you cheat on me"

  32. Ghristopher Myers

    Ghristopher Myers

    5 órája

    3:31 wtf was that lmao

  33. Treeka Anika

    Treeka Anika

    5 órája

    I love the raccoon chillin eating his hotdog on the mans shoulder 😆😆

  34. sakura hatake

    sakura hatake

    5 órája

    it feels so good to see them eat and fill their tummy

  35. stimul8


    5 órája

    When I was a toddler I had a raccoon stuffed animal. It was my favorite. I’m now 40 and I still love these little buggers.

  36. Rooftop Voter

    Rooftop Voter

    6 órája

    Looking a little thin

  37. bska vo

    bska vo

    6 órája


  38. Precious Reading

    Precious Reading

    6 órája


  39. Ivy Bals

    Ivy Bals

    6 órája

    great! Thank you for making and showing this!

  40. UNkutFITness


    6 órája

    Respect for feeding them

  41. UNkutFITness


    6 órája

    Do they attack you? Lol

  42. Bob Ma

    Bob Ma

    6 órája

    You feed them today , they steel anything for you after (Marvel fan)

  43. Mehmet Filiz

    Mehmet Filiz

    6 órája

    they are soo chubby haha :D

  44. PapaWash ombak

    PapaWash ombak

    7 órája

    So cute hahahaha

  45. cjfilmproductions


    7 órája

    These wild untamed animals behaved more orderly than people do on black friday. I saw on little scrap.

  46. toiletfish xx

    toiletfish xx

    7 órája

    You Can Tell By Looking At Them They’ve Been Coming Over For Dinner Quite Often😅

  47. toiletfish xx

    toiletfish xx

    7 órája

    Take A Shot Every Time He Says “Holy Smokes!”

  48. toiletfish xx

    toiletfish xx

    7 órája

    I Wonder If The Deer And Chipmunks Are Going To Catch On And It’ll Just Be A Bigass Forest Party At Granddad’s Place😂😂

  49. Fatal Code

    Fatal Code

    8 órája

    Raccoon City ....

  50. GEMS N Freddlez

    GEMS N Freddlez

    8 órája

    rigsby's family from regular show

  51. Jennifer C

    Jennifer C

    9 órája

    Are they overweight?😁

  52. Mary Hughes

    Mary Hughes

    9 órája

    So fluffy!

  53. Serenity


    9 órája

    The poor cats...does anyone care about his cats...that will never be able to leave there house..

  54. Madura J

    Madura J

    9 órája

    What a legend this guy is.

  55. IamGroot


    10 órája

    Мужик, это круто!

  56. TOMMY CR-Z


    10 órája

    So cute

  57. akooru


    10 órája

    oh my goodness, what an amazing site! thanks for posting and best of luck in 2021!

  58. Brian Canady

    Brian Canady

    10 órája

    Pro 12:10 A righteous man regards the life of his animal, but the tender mercies of the wicked are only cruelty. Cool video .. 🙂

  59. Bambi Eyes

    Bambi Eyes

    11 órája

    A bunch of patrat pokémon

  60. Rich F

    Rich F

    11 órája

    Grandpa's beanie says it all lol

  61. Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.

    Freddie Dunning-Kruger Jr.

    12 órája

    I'm having flashbacks to Jan 6th 🦝🪧

  62. PokeGo Walking

    PokeGo Walking

    13 órája

    That's insanely funny!🤣

  63. my surly trucker

    my surly trucker

    13 órája

    Hay put some adverts in and it will pay for the food .

  64. Siddhanth S

    Siddhanth S

    13 órája

    I'm rocket and I approve this get together. I guess the invitation got lost in the mail.

  65. Bingowashisname O

    Bingowashisname O

    13 órája

    Love this guy so nice to nature.

  66. dewys kiratikit

    dewys kiratikit

    14 órája

    You are Santa Claus

  67. ceridan gauv

    ceridan gauv

    14 órája

    I'm sure he means well but he shouldn't do this.

  68. DaOogieBoogie


    15 órája

    Guy at store: **buys 20 pounds of hotdogs** Clerk: having a party? Guy: “Well yes but actually no”

    • Progressive Libertarian Viewer

      Progressive Libertarian Viewer

      2 órája

      He's spending his retirement check

  69. Onel Cardano

    Onel Cardano

    15 órája

    its like zombies but cuter.

  70. Jennifer Oviawe

    Jennifer Oviawe

    15 órája

    Raccoons talking to each other: Hurry up and get ready. That nice human is going to serve up a buffet for us in alittle.

  71. Onel Cardano

    Onel Cardano

    15 órája

    love to watch grandpap.

  72. douglepong


    15 órája

    I wish I had an army of racoons at my command.

  73. Cesar Cruz

    Cesar Cruz

    15 órája

    Living the dream 🤩

  74. น้าต่อ เพื่อนกินหาง่าย

    น้าต่อ เพื่อนกินหาง่าย

    15 órája

    adorable วาซั่น ตาฮักคัก

  75. Thomas L

    Thomas L

    16 órája

    They are all so chubby

  76. senseirat15


    16 órája

    The noise of them chewing at the beginning on the grapes had me laughing so hard 🤣 😂 😆 their faces.

  77. Delphinia


    16 órája

    Absolutely love this and thank you for sharing your videos! Your kindness gives me faith and hope in the human race. Bless you sir and may you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.

  78. Tristan Larsen

    Tristan Larsen

    16 órája

    I’m wondering; those cookies can’t be good for them, right? Is it really a good idea to feed raccoons cookies?

  79. Olga Torres

    Olga Torres

    16 órája

    Такая шикарная диета - мясо и фрукты

  80. Power Move TV

    Power Move TV

    16 órája

    The Cats: "Dude....These raccoons eat better than us!" SMH

  81. Gennaadii


    17 órája

    Good Day!! Mister, what a good heart you have! So generously feed the raccoons! Raccoons are beautiful and fluffy! You also don't forget to feed the cats! Like! Come visit us!

  82. *eteym *

    *eteym *

    17 órája

    Raccoon means family 🦝❤️ Omg I’m in love with how much they trust him🥺😃

  83. Parrish Harris

    Parrish Harris

    17 órája

    His cat Conner is looking at him as too say in cat voice "seriously dude you feed them when you could of had more of my people in here instead of hanging out with those Ruffians"- leave me alone.

  84. Frankie Whitmore

    Frankie Whitmore

    17 órája

    Damn i Applaud him seriously! I would of been scared like a Mutha fuxker lol

  85. Daytona DVD

    Daytona DVD

    17 órája

    The real life Bubbles!

  86. Prayogo Harjo Prakoso

    Prayogo Harjo Prakoso

    17 órája

    He's got raccoon army and ready to strike. You better run!!! LoL

  87. Parrish Harris

    Parrish Harris

    17 órája

    This looks very scary and creepy - OMG.



    17 órája

    Ever seen _Critters_ ?

  89. Mapule S

    Mapule S

    17 órája

    Next time he’ll be calling them by names

  90. Gigi the Roblox player

    Gigi the Roblox player

    18 órája

    I searched up wild glizzy and I found this

  91. Dr. Tomoe

    Dr. Tomoe

    18 órája

    connor better get in there

  92. Shrieking mf

    Shrieking mf

    18 órája

    I wanna t o u c h

  93. Ocean Blues

    Ocean Blues

    18 órája

    Word gets out and more come.

  94. Rightontrack


    18 órája

    Damn these lil buddies are the real glizzy fiends. 😳😳😳

  95. sal surel

    sal surel

    18 órája

    good guy

  96. Courtney Kink

    Courtney Kink

    18 órája

    This too sweet 😍

  97. Nicole Row

    Nicole Row

    18 órája

    James, I love this video and your story, which we just read online about you, your wife and the original raccoon she saved. You’re bringing some serious smiles to us while we’re quarantined here in LA. Thank you!!!! And hello to all the raccoon friends ❤️

  98. Soy Un celta furioso

    Soy Un celta furioso

    19 órája

    Que hombre tan generoso

  99. W. Readford

    W. Readford

    19 órája

    This guy is gonna have his own little militia of raccoons one day lol! 🤫😂😂

  100. Honey Layton

    Honey Layton

    19 órája

    I want one they are just soo.... cute