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Monster Lab - The Tooth Fairy (Episode 2)

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  1. MeatCanyon



    Thanks for watching! Got some monster lab merch here!

    • king hydra

      king hydra

      18 órája

      So when's the new episode And. LETS GOOO

    • shockwave llama the magician

      shockwave llama the magician


      Then ending almost made me cry

    • Alexander Rascon Vazquez

      Alexander Rascon Vazquez

      2 napja

      make another episode

    • Paul Partington

      Paul Partington

      8 napja

      I’m waiting for the Uno plushy. I love your videos! Hilarious stuff.

    • roblox


      9 napja

      episódio 3

  2. WiiLove Weather Entertainment

    WiiLove Weather Entertainment


    9:03 I feel sorry for Uno right now. I would feel the same way if I put my feet in his shoe and sandal

  3. Mr Hash

    Mr Hash

    2 órája

    im getting ren and stimpy vibes from this

  4. Dead Mills

    Dead Mills

    2 órája

    We sell Chris Kyle car seat covers where I work... and I always have to quote Henry when I see one.

  5. Dead Mills

    Dead Mills

    2 órája

    So is the dentist a reff to anything? I know the son is from No Country 4 Old Guyz, but what is the relevancy of the dentist and his adorable accent?

  6. yeeted Yeeted Depression deleted

    yeeted Yeeted Depression deleted

    3 órája

    when episode 3

  7. jonathan Morales

    jonathan Morales

    8 órája

    This shit is glorious keep it up Meat

  8. John Smith

    John Smith

    10 órája


  9. Des Kook

    Des Kook

    18 órája

    Can you make one with Pj mask

  10. Gfuel Drinker

    Gfuel Drinker

    18 órája

    This show should definitely be on adult swim

  11. ScythesXblue Kingz

    ScythesXblue Kingz

    19 órája

    Business is boomin

  12. Certified Stinky Moment

    Certified Stinky Moment

    19 órája

    Uno looks like among us!

  13. Evan Kay Mitchell

    Evan Kay Mitchell

    20 órája

    episode 3 soon please

  14. Jav girlfriend uncensored

    Jav girlfriend uncensored


    Anton "Daddy's boi" Chigurh

  15. malek alaa

    malek alaa


    Yeah the monster on the right is like AMOGUS

  16. SpringShroom



    *among us*

  17. shnorglebop



    Fuckin love the theme & outro. Lol very excited for the rest of this series for sure!

  18. W says

    W says


    The Ricky Gervais Show

  19. NolathaGamer



    This like solar opposite

  20. Paul Partington

    Paul Partington


    This show is the best. Pacing, humour, art style. It’s all so good.

  21. Plant Based Gaming

    Plant Based Gaming


    you keep making these and I'll keep watching them, so you'll always have at least 1 recurring viewer

  22. Hugh Pierse

    Hugh Pierse

    2 napja

    When are you gonna post 3 4 5 6 7and8

  23. Kalvan


    2 napja

    I enjoy MeatCanyon usually, I like the premise of this show but I found the teeth removal too upsetting to watch the second half. In my opinion that went too far to be accessible to many people. I think it's some reptilian aversion to having teeth damaged or removed because for all of the evolution of mammals losing teeth meant death. If thats vital to the art so be it but I think lots of other body horror can be watched by far more people than teeth or eyeball removal specifically.

  24. Runaway Rascal

    Runaway Rascal

    2 napja

    I love this show

  25. Rio Garcia

    Rio Garcia

    2 napja


  26. loll


    2 napja

    i hope you continue these monster lab episodes its really fun to watch!

  27. BH Art

    BH Art

    2 napja

    Imagine a school teacher mistaking this for a video about a monster learning how to keep his gums well...

  28. Different Name

    Different Name

    2 napja

    8:45 oh what a classic Zach Hadel moment

  29. Christian Amir Paredes Valencia

    Christian Amir Paredes Valencia

    2 napja


  30. Di Lung

    Di Lung

    2 napja

    Anton really changed after that car accident....

  31. The Darth Cader

    The Darth Cader

    2 napja

    This is BK's friend, ur channel sucks.

  32. Y'allreallyneedto NOT

    Y'allreallyneedto NOT

    2 napja

    God loves us!! get right with him John 3:16 with out him we will perish🤍🤍

  33. Leonard Rivet

    Leonard Rivet

    2 napja

    Eagerly waiting for episode 3.

  34. Dravon Wadase

    Dravon Wadase

    3 napja

    This should be on adult swim lol

  35. Random User

    Random User

    3 napja

    This sucks honestly

  36. GOD


    3 napja

    No what did you

  37. Elli May

    Elli May

    3 napja

    Why does the narrator sound like they're about to either have a mental breakdown or on the verge of laughing

  38. Darkmatter 2180

    Darkmatter 2180

    3 napja

    Is that rusty as the dentist?

  39. • NotKayla •

    • NotKayla •

    3 napja

    Is nobody gonna talk about how momma pig is now a cannibal???

  40. Blossom Ibegbu

    Blossom Ibegbu

    3 napja

    I do love the father-son relationship

  41. Polar


    4 napja

    Meatcanyon should have his own show on adult swim

  42. Q and A

    Q and A

    4 napja

    "Not naming any names" *shows a picture instead*

  43. remokays


    4 napja

    Damnit man, give us more already! So good!

  44. Mohammad Ibrahim

    Mohammad Ibrahim

    4 napja


  45. Tanner Bruning

    Tanner Bruning

    4 napja

    I’m loving all this shitting on Chris Kyle

  46. Azula


    4 napja

    9:18 LMAOO WHAT

  47. dino


    4 napja


  48. KingRaider77


    4 napja

    Man I'm glad we finally got a sequel to No Country For Old Men.

  49. Mr Veeti

    Mr Veeti

    5 napja

    I see among us anywhere ANYWHERE

  50. 21 Records

    21 Records

    5 napja

    I just realized everyone is green

  51. Eli Gindhart

    Eli Gindhart

    5 napja

    ayo why tf is uno so sus

  52. Markquize Young

    Markquize Young

    5 napja

    So nobody gonna talk about how buddy was arched with the gun😂

  53. Raul Escudero

    Raul Escudero

    5 napja

    I was on the floor laughing when the tooth fairy pulled his teeth out

  54. Shannon Davis

    Shannon Davis

    5 napja

    This was like adult swim

  55. Lemon_head_bois


    5 napja

    The dentist sounds like rusty cage go look his HUeye

  56. Soundwave- Superior

    Soundwave- Superior

    5 napja

    The fact that someone animates this is truly Nightmare

  57. Velvetinkmoth12


    5 napja

    Es oscuro, es divertido es alocado simplemente amo este show!!!

  58. ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ pɐlɐS

    ɴᴜᴍʙᴇʀ pɐlɐS

    5 napja

    great, now i want to go to the dentist

  59. Alex Ernst

    Alex Ernst

    5 napja

    That dentist is probably the most normal person in this town. Good on him for taking charge with that air gun too.

  60. cristopher azi ez

    cristopher azi ez

    5 napja

    This serie is gold

  61. Geyzoar


    5 napja

    In my opinion people over react over meat canyon being scary but it makes sense if you are talking about I can count to 3 or kitty cuz those were creepy

  62. Keaton Playvz

    Keaton Playvz

    6 napja

    you need these episodes on NETFLIX ur so talented

  63. Ovqixi


    6 napja

    wtf i would watch this on netflix

  64. dude


    6 napja

    I watched some of your videos, its cool, but im now physically traumatized

  65. Matt Malone

    Matt Malone

    6 napja

    Anyone else notice the choir was singing the words "My Boy"

  66. RiCh LoSeR

    RiCh LoSeR

    6 napja

    feels very hellbenders inspired

  67. Carmello Turner

    Carmello Turner

    7 napja

    a moment for silence for our teeth watching this.

  68. Jack Gonzalez

    Jack Gonzalez

    7 napja

    We need more episodes so keep making these beautiful things

  69. Ten Mały Skrzat Jarosława Kaczyńskiego

    Ten Mały Skrzat Jarosława Kaczyńskiego

    7 napja

    6:40 The town for no old peoples

  70. Simply Finessed

    Simply Finessed

    7 napja

    Ngl he’s got that battle block theatre narrator voice

  71. Kade Cooper

    Kade Cooper

    7 napja

    Is the dentists voice Rusty Cage?

  72. LostAngel


    7 napja

    5:34 THAT IS CORPSE HUSBAND! LOL! No one spoke about that!

  73. Tit Tat

    Tit Tat

    8 napja

    “Call it...Uno.”

  74. corey herbest

    corey herbest

    8 napja

    The crest commercial half way through was amazing lol

  75. Tyrone ice tea damn

    Tyrone ice tea damn

    8 napja


  76. Kam George

    Kam George

    8 napja

    rip moon boi everyone is just gonna forget about you... ;(

  77. Kamiya Mcdonald

    Kamiya Mcdonald

    8 napja

    Not naming any names (names someone)the fries are evil

  78. oqz


    8 napja

    is this what animals feel when they get killed? 2:14

  79. Totally bonkers bro!

    Totally bonkers bro!

    8 napja

    Psychicpebbles collab when??

  80. maffia luis

    maffia luis

    8 napja


  81. FuloGames Fame

    FuloGames Fame

    8 napja

    I wish this is a netflix unlimited series

  82. NoContextGodly_ Playz

    NoContextGodly_ Playz

    8 napja

    That last part caught me off edge

  83. Jacob Young

    Jacob Young

    8 napja

    Is that Rusty cages the dentist

  84. Unregistered hypercam 2

    Unregistered hypercam 2

    8 napja

    I absolutely died when Chris kyle appeared lmao

  85. I Never Shut Up

    I Never Shut Up

    9 napja

    Is that fuckin rusty cage

  86. Little_Miffed_Fool


    9 napja

    Uno lookin kinda sus

  87. Je Moeder

    Je Moeder

    9 napja

    *thanks now*

  88. BobandBarney


    9 napja

    "4 Dead looters in New Orleans"

  89. Jacob Mutzabaugh

    Jacob Mutzabaugh

    9 napja

    Is that rusty cage?

  90. anonymous


    9 napja


  91. ŁittleG ]

    ŁittleG ]

    9 napja

    Imagine this became a childs show HAHAAHAHHA



    9 napja

    5:09 We have a bag of... TEEEEEETH

  93. 儒鵜


    9 napja

    Tommy from mr pickles 4:21

  94. Jayson Gray

    Jayson Gray

    9 napja

    Awesome stuff!!!!

  95. KNHrags The Goldfish

    KNHrags The Goldfish

    9 napja

    I really want more

  96. Virtual Station

    Virtual Station

    9 napja

    Omg he broke the fourth wall

  97. Brucci Wayne Music

    Brucci Wayne Music

    9 napja

    1st episode >>>>> 2nd

  98. Sentient Ape

    Sentient Ape

    9 napja

    I don't really get why people would watch the shorts but not watch his show. Like arnt you a fan don't you think you would like that also?

  99. Cass Soto

    Cass Soto

    10 napja

    At 7:49 I fuckin cried

  100. smegma


    10 napja

    The dentist sounded like rusty cage