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MORTAL KOMBAT "Sub-Zero VS Scorpion" Trailer (NEW 2021)

MORTAL KOMBAT "Sub-Zero VS Scorpion" Trailer (NEW 2021) MK Movie
© 2021 - Warner


  1. ONE Media

    ONE Media

    28 napja


    • Дмитрий Алексеевич

      Дмитрий Алексеевич

      4 napja


    • Chris Mission

      Chris Mission

      7 napja

      Yeah same here

    • Starlin Germosen

      Starlin Germosen

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      10 napja

      @Дара Лионель I AM SUBZERØ

  2. Xirucio


    50 perccel


  3. Cripto Dolar

    Cripto Dolar


    Jaja exelente el mortal compa

  4. Damian C

    Damian C

    2 órája

    Team subzero

  5. ancha 03

    ancha 03

    2 órája

    Keren bet zub zero

  6. mr.blackghost 48

    mr.blackghost 48

    2 órája

    Can't wait to see scorpion vs sub zero

  7. Edo Trianda

    Edo Trianda

    6 órája


  8. industry kill me

    industry kill me

    7 órája


  9. Max Reps

    Max Reps

    8 órája

    FINISH HIM !!!!!

  10. Михаил Широбоков

    Михаил Широбоков

    9 órája

    Блин надо его смотреть с субтитрами без дырявого русского перевода

  11. Jomar Itucas

    Jomar Itucas

    10 órája


  12. Ислом Арх

    Ислом Арх

    13 órája


  13. Stang


    17 órája

    Thank the Gods they had a budget for a badass remake.

  14. tyranusmaul


    18 órája

    Wheres Reptile?

  15. Adilson Dj

    Adilson Dj

    23 órája


  16. Adilson Dj

    Adilson Dj

    23 órája


  17. Ashton Winters

    Ashton Winters


    Sub Zero

  18. Arwah Sapi

    Arwah Sapi


    Pre-covid: GET OVER HERE! Covid: GET OUTTA HERE!

  19. AĞIR ABİİ01



    Scorpion win

  20. Nam Thành

    Nam Thành


    Wait, which Sub Zero is this ?

  21. Shah Shah

    Shah Shah


    I want to find a scriptwriter for the movie ISA JESUS ​​... Islam belongs to God..all creatures or the universe remains the property of God..we humans are given priority to worship and admonish to goodness ... the Qur 'an is the proof of Islam belongs to all.God loves peace.0165922492.sah

  22. Billy James

    Billy James


    I am here for Scorpion.....

  23. Rizky Gaming 1964

    Rizky Gaming 1964


    Sub zero jota kah?

  24. Kevin br

    Kevin br


    wheres ermac

  25. Maya Arditaputri

    Maya Arditaputri


    Joe taslim 😍

  26. Spit Dragon

    Spit Dragon


    I am 36 and I could care less. Name it something else.

  27. JJlilroenexmanTz



    Greil cool sper gut filme ist Veiel kenfen



    2 napja


  29. Mateo Gael Sandoval

    Mateo Gael Sandoval

    2 napja


  30. Heretic 1408

    Heretic 1408

    2 napja

    Roman: Hey Han! Remember that guy from Shaw's crew who beat the crap out of us at the mall? Turns out the dude's a NINJA!! No wonder we got our asses whooped!

  31. NCRZ Cr

    NCRZ Cr

    2 napja

    Dura 🦾💯👍

  32. Spartacus Rhino

    Spartacus Rhino

    2 napja

    Warner brothers fucked up this movie.... The director should have came from the movies 300 or texas chainsaw massacre....

  33. Temple St Gang

    Temple St Gang

    2 napja

    They fckd up the Costumes hard.!! Subzero's & Scorpion's So baggy and Face Mask all Loose and shit. Sighh.. so bad lol.

  34. Penees Longchamp

    Penees Longchamp

    2 napja

    I wish scorpion have british scotland accent "Ge' ova hee"

  35. Juan Juan H

    Juan Juan H

    2 napja

    Those mask can't get any thicker

  36. Cristian Ramirez

    Cristian Ramirez

    3 napja

    No estuvo buena como se ve,muy mala pelicula!!!!

  37. Big Chooc

    Big Chooc

    3 napja

    This New Movie Has To Be Better Than The Old One

  38. Matthew Boyce

    Matthew Boyce

    3 napja

    Thanks for showing all the different trailers. I assume they were aired in different parts of the world that way. Some of them I hadn’t seen.

  39. Dragon Daily

    Dragon Daily

    3 napja

    I watched it. i loved it!

  40. ZU CERO7

    ZU CERO7

    3 napja

    Sub zero🔥🔥

  41. Br


    3 napja

    sub-zero is from indonesia, indonesia best country in the world!!!

  42. TEXTO indo

    TEXTO indo

    3 napja

    Im here for scorpion GET OVER HERE

  43. Νεκτάριος κωτσης

    Νεκτάριος κωτσης

    3 napja

    Scorpion gang?

  44. Mark Grossi

    Mark Grossi

    3 napja

    You can already tell this is going to be awful. It'll be the exact same layout as the 90's version - 85% of the screen time will be Sonya, Jax, Kung Lao, etc (all the sh*t characters), and we'll be "treated" to a few short fights featuring Sub Zero, Reptile, Scorpion, Baraka, Smoke, etc (all the interesting characters). The only way to do Mortal Kombat justice is to make it like a high budget version of Five Deadly Venoms with a little bit of BloodSport chucked in.

  45. Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down

    Carlitos Freaking Burn It Down

    3 napja

    I hope as Mortal Kombat (2021) say better than Mortal Kombat:Annihilation. Scorpion:Get Over Hereeeeeeeee. Come Hereeeeeeeee💥🔥🔥💥

  46. Galang Erlangga N

    Galang Erlangga N

    3 napja

    Udh gw nnton

  47. Sebastian Tebbetts

    Sebastian Tebbetts

    3 napja

    Scorpion gang

  48. Cesar


    3 napja

    Scorpion lets gooooo

  49. DITYA X


    3 napja

    why should Kung Lao die sad

  50. Elge Jr.

    Elge Jr.

    4 napja

    Sub Zero ❌ Joe Taslim ✔️

  51. Sein boumelhim

    Sein boumelhim

    4 napja

    If this movie reflects the original game , I'm in , if not , fuck it next to all other MK crappie movies . They never nailed the original story , especially the rivalry between Bi Han and Hanzo .

  52. Snorlax Kazama

    Snorlax Kazama

    4 napja

    Another bullshit movie from game GG. they need to stop with this Lu Kang as main character. we all know it Sub and Scorpion well known through out MK. Just make movie about them and it be good

  53. Sisten Tama

    Sisten Tama

    4 napja

    ❄️never lose

  54. Jack Mobz

    Jack Mobz

    4 napja

    Scorpion is super badass

  55. EnterTheV01D


    4 napja

    Mom: we have GetOOverHere at home GetOverAtHome at home:

  56. RyZKy 90ndrong

    RyZKy 90ndrong

    4 napja

    SUB ZERO JOE TASLIM 🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨

  57. ansh Gaur

    ansh Gaur

    4 napja

    I am here to kill sub zero



    4 napja

    when ya mom tells you to clean your room and ya don't:GET OVER HERE

  59. CrazY MonkeH

    CrazY MonkeH

    4 napja

    Sub zero the goat

  60. David Duong

    David Duong

    4 napja

    Raiden is the worst copy from game

  61. Jesus Valenzuela

    Jesus Valenzuela

    4 napja

    We all know scorpion is winning

  62. SSJ Phenom

    SSJ Phenom

    4 napja

    I can't wait to see Raiden. He's still the one true thunder god.

  63. Ulvi Xəlilullaxzadə

    Ulvi Xəlilullaxzadə

    4 napja

    Bu gün baxdım iyi film....salam eleykum

  64. Rem


    4 napja

    Y’all must be blind scorpion only better then bi-Han but Kuai liang is up on scorpion 🥱 when both bloodlusted Kuai liang always won

  65. Vendetta_tt


    5 napja

    Scorpion could never beat Kuai Liang (Subzero)

  66. Ryno_ FN

    Ryno_ FN

    5 napja

    Team Sub - Zero please stand up!

  67. legend ababua

    legend ababua

    5 napja

    Who's know shiva

  68. Alobo


    5 napja

    "I am Sub-Zero". Best introduccion by anyone, ever.

  69. Rodrigo


    5 napja

    bad movie, the first was better!

  70. Micheal Futch

    Micheal Futch

    5 napja

    Gaw, it is soo cliche. Cringey like the last Airbender... lacks character build up like the league or avenger movies.

  71. Hardball ХК БИЗОН

    Hardball ХК БИЗОН

    5 napja

    Так себе мало драк

  72. Germanoboye


    5 napja


  73. Libertines Babyshambles

    Libertines Babyshambles

    5 napja

    Sub-Zero team🥶🥶🥶💪

  74. Too_official


    5 napja

    Subzero caught that blade finally my character gets his shine

    • Too_official


      4 órája

      @thick stepsister fax’s and chill with that name 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • thick stepsister

      thick stepsister

      2 napja

      subzero is a badass as much as scorpion

    • Too_official


      3 napja

      @Quincy Prince on bro he’s not playing in this movie

    • Quincy Prince

      Quincy Prince

      3 napja

      Facts !!!

  75. Chris Smith

    Chris Smith

    5 napja

    Here’s when all the sequel baiting happens. In defeat, Shang Tsung boldly proclaims that “death is only another portal,” which pretty much discounts all of the fatalities that took place in this movie. Don’t worry guys, all the bad guys will be likely be back for the sequel. Shang Tsung also hints that a much bigger confrontation is at hand. He tells Lord Raiden: “Next time I see you, I will not bring fighters. I will bring armies.” This prompts Raiden to send his newly assembled Avengers on a quest to seek out and recruit more warriors for Earthrealm. Mortal Kombat ends with Cole quitting his cage fighting gig and flying off to Hollywood in search of Johnny Cage!

  76. 6amFitness


    5 napja

    The get over here just don't sound right

  77. Armando Delgado

    Armando Delgado

    5 napja

    I’m here for scorpion

  78. An Ter

    An Ter

    5 napja

    I am worring that they will fucked up my memories from 1995 when was premiere of 1st m9vie and i was 8.

  79. Babii Doll

    Babii Doll

    5 napja

    Scorpion baby ❤

  80. Mehmet5775


    5 napja

    Sub-Zero >>>>> Scorpion

  81. Sam Makar

    Sam Makar

    6 napja

    Иди сюда,,,,,, Скарпион💪💪💪💪💪💪

  82. Oscar Daniel Armenta

    Oscar Daniel Armenta

    6 napja

    Estamos descuentos que gana escorpión verdad ?

  83. ladarian roper

    ladarian roper

    6 napja

    Sub zero got me messed up. 😤

  84. Shadow Rage

    Shadow Rage

    6 napja

    Looks like a fan movie

    • Shadow Rage

      Shadow Rage

      6 napja

      @RealReverse go upgrade your english skills bro 🤣

    • RealReverse


      6 napja

      Your mother is my fan movie

  85. James Cherry

    James Cherry

    6 napja

    Kung lao is my guy

  86. Erik Vences

    Erik Vences

    6 napja

    Here 4 Raiden

  87. Dustin vipond

    Dustin vipond

    6 napja

    Git owaaa heaw

  88. Joe Calabrese

    Joe Calabrese

    6 napja

    Obviously sub zero is going to lose n then return as Noob Saibot

  89. Mystic


    6 napja

    Subzero for life!

  90. Bam Bam

    Bam Bam

    6 napja

    Hmm i don't see Johnny Cage.

    • RealReverse


      6 napja

      Hmm I don't see your mother

  91. Allanplayz01


    7 napja

    0:33 man if that didn't give you the chills than you're a scorpion fan

  92. Jordan Wright

    Jordan Wright

    7 napja

    Subzero is the best

  93. gdonepiece


    7 napja

    guys! I guess you forgot adding part of "get over here!" !

  94. Ovan TriEdge

    Ovan TriEdge

    7 napja

    0:22 Scorpion: *GET THE FUCK OVER HERE* !!

  95. randomesis channel

    randomesis channel

    7 napja

    A little spoiler: Sub-Zero & Scorpion will work together in the future.

    • RealReverse


      6 napja

      Kuai Liang Sub-Zero specifically

  96. Mikachuno


    7 napja

    I am here for Duffy-Chan

  97. PAVANKUmar


    7 napja

    GeT Over Here 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  98. Muhd Faiz

    Muhd Faiz

    7 napja

    I heard from many that the new mortal Kombat movie was a huge disappointment...rating 3 /10....should have let Micheal bay direct the movie though...

  99. Jak Duman

    Jak Duman

    7 napja

    Ow man I cant wait

  100. Tactic Master

    Tactic Master

    7 napja

    Scorpion is winner