Most Expensive Cars of 2021

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Most Expensive Cars in 2021


  1. Midnight4STM


    5 perccel

    10:15 is that logan Paul????

  2. Kenziique


    6 órája

    whats with the princess diana shirt? lol

  3. Trash Panda

    Trash Panda

    14 órája

    Simon hates the older looking porches hate to see it

  4. tyrese Sutton

    tyrese Sutton

    15 órája

    You guys just can't see the beauty in cars, as you guys see the racing/sports cars "YEAH I LIKE THAT!"

  5. #stopthesuperleague


    22 órája


  6. Louis Quiney

    Louis Quiney


    simon pissed me off in this video

  7. ChinnersBeats



    My little brother's little tikes car HAHAHAHA Bugatti don't got shit on that!

  8. Rogoth01 The Master Wizard

    Rogoth01 The Master Wizard


    what i learned watching this is that most of these plebs have no clue what makes these cars amazing.




    The aston martin valhalla looks like the car from GTA 5

  10. Sky


    2 napja

    Most expensive car on the world costs around 52M$

  11. bruh mcdonald

    bruh mcdonald

    2 napja


  12. Jace Allert

    Jace Allert

    2 napja

    The Mercedes maybach Gls 600 interior looks like a Ps5

  13. Rasmus Faber Nørgaard

    Rasmus Faber Nørgaard

    2 napja

    3:36 The Mercedes-Mrak?

  14. Pablo


    3 napja

    I’m taking the Porsche

  15. BIGbossC261


    3 napja

    This is pissing me off loool. They keep talking about the look and forgetting about the performance and quality. AERODYNAMICS LADS.

  16. Davionn.


    3 napja

    The dude commentating really said the jesko was a “supercar”

  17. Matěj Čech

    Matěj Čech

    3 napja

    Valhala looks like my seamouth in sabnautica.

  18. Afraz Bhaidani

    Afraz Bhaidani

    3 napja

    These cars are pure flames idk what these guys are smoking

  19. ray hushan

    ray hushan

    3 napja

    So no one's gonna talk bout how the vid said mayback 3:36 😂

  20. supertaco03


    3 napja

    My car is a skateboard it has over 100,000 miles 😂

  21. Mitchell Rowley

    Mitchell Rowley

    4 napja

    yes josh thats butters

  22. Rafael Virrueta

    Rafael Virrueta

    4 napja

    The 2010 agara was fire

  23. Aaryadev Praveen

    Aaryadev Praveen

    4 napja

    I believe It's pronounced "YES-ko" the name is a tribute to the company founder Christian's father, Jesko von Koenigsegg.

  24. Son Goku

    Son Goku

    4 napja

    fucking hell, SImons opinions in this video piss me off XD

  25. Mohammed Dar

    Mohammed Dar

    4 napja

    Fun fact: Ronaldo owns both a Chiron and a Centodieci

  26. AJ Bants

    AJ Bants

    4 napja

    Simon saying the Tesla looks nice but the first Porsche is ugly... that Porsche literally looks like a more sporty Tesla🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  27. Qwert Sen

    Qwert Sen

    4 napja

    This people does not know about cars😀.....and I don't like them criticising these cars....

  28. KarayalçinSalih


    4 napja

    Simon (thats ugly) man you out of your mind

  29. Raphael Riane Musni

    Raphael Riane Musni

    4 napja

    Why do most cars have a letter then numbers I mean there could be a S420 or J69 🤣

    • Raphael Riane Musni

      Raphael Riane Musni

      4 napja

      I thought harry was going to make a joke

  30. Absolute Weirdo

    Absolute Weirdo

    4 napja

    3:37 is no one going to address him saying marhhk!

  31. Conor JB

    Conor JB

    4 napja

    I knew there was always something about simon i didnt like & i never knew what... today i found out he doesnt like a GT3RS! It all makes sense now. Poor guy has no taste

  32. Vivaan Modi

    Vivaan Modi

    5 napja

    Please do more of cars video

  33. Braw Rasul

    Braw Rasul

    5 napja

    Simon pissed me off in this video

  34. judzy


    5 napja

    *kate upton* Simon: butters

  35. Jeff Bolognese

    Jeff Bolognese

    5 napja

    My guy said Mercedes yuuuccckkk

  36. Eugene Lin

    Eugene Lin

    5 napja

    u guys should do most expensive countries to live

  37. Harold Godwinson

    Harold Godwinson

    5 napja

    You guys are so bloody fussy on looks, you're all grown men! XD

  38. Teo S

    Teo S

    5 napja

    Being a huge car nerd, Harry i now like way more and hate simon This is a joke btw

  39. Lars Van Der Burg

    Lars Van Der Burg

    5 napja

    Simon is picky in his food and his cars. Its getting worse and worse

  40. Lars Van Der Burg

    Lars Van Der Burg

    5 napja

    Simon is a tesla fan boy

  41. Jaidin Brooks

    Jaidin Brooks

    5 napja

    Bro what is Simon on?

  42. Jente Zijlstra

    Jente Zijlstra

    5 napja

    Why no McLaren 765lt😥

  43. Sergio Carrillo

    Sergio Carrillo

    5 napja

    There’s so many sidemen reacts videos that I’ve missed it’s impossible to keep up

  44. Chris Dunn

    Chris Dunn

    5 napja

    Are we gonna just glaze over the fact Harry is wearing a princess Dianna T-shirt?

  45. VhoxFN


    5 napja

    8:32 Vagner from GTA anyone?

  46. TTVGlitch3249


    5 napja

    I agree with Simon about the model x

  47. TheRealJvc


    5 napja

    Bugatti la voiture noir is £20mill

  48. Zak Forde

    Zak Forde

    5 napja

    Simon: that car is butters Also Simon: *buys smart car and puts Donald trump on it*



    5 napja

    I just lost respect for simon cuz he clearly prefers electric cars to real cars 🤢🤮

  50. Exotix12


    5 napja

    My dream car is a 1970 Dodge charger

  51. The CT Clan

    The CT Clan

    6 napja

    The most expensive or most valuable car is the pope mobile



    6 napja

    Only proper people will like the GT3 RS

  53. TTV W0RLD


    6 napja

    Love you guys

  54. Qani


    6 napja

    Why does it sound so bad when Tobi says That back is clapped 💀

  55. Koby_ on_crack

    Koby_ on_crack

    6 napja

    weird flex but my dad is buying the taycan porsche

  56. Aksh Patel

    Aksh Patel

    6 napja

    Petrol heads are furious after watching this. I AM PETROLHEADS XD

  57. UKL Yosheh

    UKL Yosheh

    6 napja

    Bugatti are milking the Chiron so much it’s annoying

  58. DanielSkrrr


    6 napja

    Simon is tapped but we love him

  59. Hxnrs on ig

    Hxnrs on ig

    6 napja

    You can tell that no one knows anything about cars, the video theyre watching is so bad

  60. Róisín Doyle

    Róisín Doyle

    6 napja

    I didn’t think I could love Harry more than I do... until I saw him in a princess Diana top 😍😍

  61. chill zakir

    chill zakir

    6 napja

    i guess the gtr r50 doest exist?

  62. Miiitchelll


    6 napja

    Simon is such an entitled little brat, legit every car he says is trash after seeing it for like 2 seconds, if it doesn’t look like a Lamborghini it’s “butters” clueless

  63. Jerimiah Henley

    Jerimiah Henley

    6 napja

    Jesus is coming back soon. Please accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior before it’s too late. He loves you, died for you, and doesn’t want you to perish. Stay blessed Stay Safe. God bless, keep, and guide you all 🙏🏾.

  64. Austin Clarke

    Austin Clarke

    6 napja

    Search Aston Martin Vulcan

  65. Rev ٖ

    Rev ٖ

    6 napja

    Yikes.. Simon is crazy ignorant. Why even use the word "ugly" so much, just because it's not your "preference"?? All these cars are HOT as fuck, and crafted for PERFORMANCE. These super cars are not all about "LOOKS". Brand name, and Performance matters more. But obviously, even the best things won't attract literally EVERYONE. Some people will always prefer something else, even if it makes no sense.. That's just a minority personal opinion. But calling something "ugly" just because you don't get hard, is extremely childish

  66. Fred Steph

    Fred Steph

    6 napja

    Is nobody gonna talk bout how the guy said maybach bro said macc

  67. Mudhaffar Adhwa

    Mudhaffar Adhwa

    6 napja

    The centodieci is a modern remake of the EB110

  68. Chill Beats Productions

    Chill Beats Productions

    6 napja

    Wait till they see the 3100 hp viper lol

  69. Cody Morales

    Cody Morales

    6 napja

    What about Bugatti bolide

  70. Cody Morales

    Cody Morales

    6 napja

    That’s cheap the porsche

  71. JustAGuyfromLDN


    6 napja

    Simon you clot the holes aren't in that last bugatti for decoration. They can't just "get rid of them" for the sake of someone's approval, they're to give the car more ventilation. God I'm with Josh, you really aren't a car guy at all XD go back to your flock I think Tesla's shepherd is calling you 😂

  72. Gavin Campbell

    Gavin Campbell

    6 napja

    So you don't like any cars

  73. Goss Automotive

    Goss Automotive

    6 napja

    Me a car enthusiast: watches vid and hears them talking about cars Me: wrong but ok Edit: on the koenigsegg he said kernigseg

  74. Kermit L

    Kermit L

    6 napja

    SIDEMEN GRAND TOUR EXPEDITIOUSLY Combine it with a holiday video maybe?

  75. AW_gamer


    6 napja

    Can we just talk about how clapped they’re raste is? Like fam those cars that are for 5 ppl they all said it’s butter. Like fam all those racing cars are clapped. They all are stinkers

  76. Mayo 315

    Mayo 315

    6 napja

    Harry wants that Bugatti until he sees how much it cost for an oil change and tires.

  77. Code Harrygmb

    Code Harrygmb

    6 napja

    Just did 50 sit ups and 100 push-ups feeling good gonna try keep it up!

  78. Fish Pie

    Fish Pie

    6 napja

    The Mercedes Ma.....kkk GLS?

  79. Samin Zarif

    Samin Zarif

    6 napja

    Josh is my type of dude, if it ain't got vroom vroom it ain't for me

  80. Nani


    6 napja

    It's actually scary how picky and unintrested Simon is when it comes to cars, he choses a model x and thats such an a4 move imo

  81. JoJo


    6 napja

    10:33 MY GUY!!

  82. JoJo


    6 napja

    I gained way more respect for Harry because he loves cars, and especially Koenigsegg

  83. Godzilla Garage

    Godzilla Garage

    7 napja

    What they don’t know is that the Centodieci is meant to pay homage to the EB110 with the hole air intake and smaller grille

  84. JoJo


    7 napja

    1:49 i now hate simon

  85. JoJo


    7 napja

    1:10 THANK YOU JOSH!!

  86. malachi alexander

    malachi alexander

    7 napja

    true gta players know where we seen the austin martin valhalla

  87. QuattroLad06


    7 napja

    Respect gained for Josh hating electric cars I agree.

  88. Mif


    7 napja

    Yall need to get humbled these are all nice and Simon will agree with anyone says hate kids like that😂

  89. LoGiiK Games

    LoGiiK Games

    7 napja

    Rolls Royce : looks amazing Simon : that’s butters Tesla comes on screen* Josh : that’s butters Simon being a bitch : how dare you

  90. Drowzee YT

    Drowzee YT

    7 napja

    Simon buys expensive tesla Hates on all cars 🤦‍♂️

  91. Aatif Mahmood

    Aatif Mahmood

    7 napja

    One thing I’ve realised when listening to Simon on almost any video and his podcast is that he has an opinion on everything and he dislikes a lot of things

  92. Zaid Hajjaj

    Zaid Hajjaj

    7 napja

    Simon has shite taste in everything

  93. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan

    7 napja

    The GT3 cars are amazing

  94. Ryan Eddie

    Ryan Eddie

    7 napja

    They should react to best jdm cars🤩🤩🤩

  95. raj meghwal

    raj meghwal

    7 napja

    Simon - "That is buff"

  96. Bartek Latawiec

    Bartek Latawiec

    7 napja

    Hate when people say Porsch instead of Porsche😂

  97. Zand Baltje

    Zand Baltje

    7 napja

    the 1.3 mil car looks like the GTAV Vagner

  98. z python_

    z python_

    7 napja

    I mean I can name some cars the will easily replace some of those cars in the list cost wise

  99. Justin seah

    Justin seah

    7 napja

    *Laughs in Singapore* expensive??

  100. Jack Thomas

    Jack Thomas

    7 napja

    The number 3 car looks like the Vagner in gta 5