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My Pride: Episode Ten

Pro gamer tip: stay after the credits.
Incredible thumbnail art was done by @galajda.illustration on instagram!
If you or someone you love is struggling with suicidal ideation, please reach out for help. Here are some resources to start with:
EDIT: Sorry about the blur on the credits, somebody asked me to get rid of their fan art and I pressed save without double checking what I'd done and accidentally applied it across the whole thing! We're working on fixing it, but it may have to stay that way if we can't find a way to correct it! Dangit HUeye! I've transcribed the credits lower in the description! Sorry for the inconvenience, I am silly & tired. Here's a version of the credits without the blur:
If you speak another language and would like to help us make My Pride more accessible, please help us out with subtitles here:
HUGE THANK YOU to our musical partners, In The City! They composed all the music in this episode AND created our credit song, 'Once in a Dream'!
Follow In the City on Spotify here:
And HUeye:
Mo Mo O'Brien as Nothing
Caleb Calderon as Fire
Raven Amato as Feather
Malcolm Derikx as Tangle
Zee Andrews as Moonstrike
DaisyRazors as Streambabble
Music by In The City (Ashley Jane & Timon Wientzek
Credit Song: Once in a Dream by In The City
Storyboards by: Jeremy Walker, Taylor Halfpenny, Jessica St Amand, Mya Wheeler, Stacy Maynard
Animation by: Jeremy Walker, Patrick Gall, Reedflower, Maddi Patton, Stacy Maynard, Liam Gregg, Winnie Sue and Jessica St Amand
Background art by: Michelle Moniz, Mic Salmon and Samantha Gushue
Character Design by: Meliisa Wortley, Maddi Patton, Jessica St Amand, Mya Wheeler, thejigglebee, doxiemoron
Sound Design by: Blag Ahilov
Editing by: Maddi Patton
Sound Mixing by: Noah Siegel
Executive Produced by: Davin Lengyel
Produced by: Maddi Patton
Marketing by: Sierra St. John, Bridget Farrel, Madison Aeling, Amelia Ruthven-Nelson & Cassidy Stachow
Made with the Support of the IPF and Ontario Creates
And our Patron list is the same as episode 9!
Thanks for supporting the show throughout the season! Our main funder does not provide funding for shows in their second season, so we'll be gone for a while after this until we figure out how to fund Season 2! I'll post updates if/when I have them, but this is goodbye until then! We'll be shutting down our Patreon and our socials until we've got news, and I'll be away focusing on my writing career!
This has been a really tough year for just about everybody on planet earth, and a lot of people have told us we made it a little brighter for them. It's been our honour and privilege to create something that helped so many people cope with all the existential horrors of 2020, and to remind them they are beautiful and worthwhile and stronger than all of it. 'Cause you are. Thank you for letting me share a piece of my heart with you, and thank you for sharing a piece of yours in return. I wish all of you the very best. You are good. You are loved. You matter.
My Pride was produced with the support of the IPF and Ontario Creates.


  1. tribbleofdoom



    EDIT: Sorry about the blur on the credits, somebody asked me to get rid of their fan art and I pressed save without double checking what I'd done and accidentally applied it across the whole thing! We're working on fixing it, but it may have to stay that way if we can't find a way to correct it! Dangit HUeye! I've transcribed the credits in the description and uploaded the unnblurred credits separately so you can still check out who was on our crew: Sorry for the inconvenience, I am silly & tired. Have a great day & also I love you.

    • Alyssa's Gacha Creations

      Alyssa's Gacha Creations

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      When is the next one?

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      Kalista pearl Ballew

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      Can you make a part 11 please I WANT TO KNOW IF FEATHER FINDS NOTHING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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  2. A voice of reason

    A voice of reason

    34 perccel

    I don't know if it's because emotions are weird this late, but I can't stop crying.

  3. Mini Cheese revlis

    Mini Cheese revlis

    2 órája

    Feather was my favorite :'( Edit: oh wait he is still alive :)

  4. Unicorn Astronaut

    Unicorn Astronaut

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    Me: just enjoying the video Reeses: Hey there!

  5. Estelle Scanlon

    Estelle Scanlon

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  6. Ma. Veronica Banderas Vera

    Ma. Veronica Banderas Vera

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  7. Z e r 0

    Z e r 0

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    Me knowing Nothing won't die because she's the main character:

  8. Night Brite

    Night Brite

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    Mangled_Dino :3

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    Mya Jenkins

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  11. Tyto tenebricosa

    Tyto tenebricosa

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    Audi wolf

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  13. Lion—sisters


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    I cried when he killed feather because feather was my favorite character

  14. Ungratutohs


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    izabel Jam P

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    Puppy Plush13

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    I was not expecting feather to STILL be alive my emotions said 😧😨😰😱🤧😦🤯

  17. 35nutlover


    11 órája

    R.I.P Tangle he didn't deserve to die he was so nice he could have been a Great Mane

  18. Wolfy wonders

    Wolfy wonders

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    I saw a ad on someone else's YT about the my pride and I loved it very much. This work is amazing and you deserve the most love as possible.

  19. kayleygameon


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    OMG! I LOVE YOU'RE VIDOE'S i've tried to make something like this but nothing i make is as good as this! OMFG SO GOOOD! you and the 1000's of hour's making these video's and all the other's who helped make this. you ALL shoude get more then just 297k subscribers OMFG i love this so much!

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    Sand Stormx

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    Annemarie Lemke

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    Dove Wing

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  23. ShadowNinja


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    I was just starting to like fire mane

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    Kyralisa Unicats


    I love this series now and now I’m dying to know what happens next lol. PLEASE MAKE MORE!! 😃😁

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    amal whale


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    Areenes _


    I rewatched this and just now saw the end. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPISODE AAAAAA THIS IS SO AMAZING

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    Catherine Abboud


    Hi I'm new and I'm a kid and I like your video 🤍

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    Star OnRise


    Ghost: *smiles* ok 🙂 that part still gets me 🤣

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    Si Brown


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    Cute Peach


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    Shelby Winslow


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  32. Nick Hollis

    Nick Hollis


    Why would he Do that

  33. Valeriya Logvynenko

    Valeriya Logvynenko


    I know that maybe it's not likely and Fire did actually turned kinda evil, but it really seems to me like fire might have mental sickness. It's like he is actually a good guy but is prompt to violence not by his own will. It kinda looked to me like something in his brain was clicking from being afraid and unfair and violent to showing that loving brother side. He did seemed happy to see Nothing and even Feather, but when he gets scared, like going back to the stretch, something changes in him really quickly. But even in the middle of the fight he clicked back for a second when he thought that Nothing was dead. Also maybe by any chance it wasn't an accident that Feather is still alive, maybe Fire let him live? (Just a thought, In any way great episode)

  34. ·YourLocal Wolfie·

    ·YourLocal Wolfie·


    NOOOOO!!! I have grown so attached to feather-

  35. Suni Glow

    Suni Glow


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    Cucumber Rain


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  37. FrogFeet :D

    FrogFeet :D


    Feather is actually very smart, faking his death and all. If he would have stayed awake he'd been killed.

  38. Akira Gross

    Akira Gross



  39. Conrad Burger

    Conrad Burger


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  40. Fae of the Wild

    Fae of the Wild


    Zoology major: coalitions are a thing. Most territories are ruled by a coalition and have multiple prides under them Me: the drama!!!!!!!!!!!!! shut up, your facts don't matter here!

  41. Kumo The Cat

    Kumo The Cat



  42. Skiff x Seko Love

    Skiff x Seko Love


    Fire: *hurts his own sister* Also Fire: "all I ever did was protect you!" "But that doesn't mean that I don't love you.." Me: What kind of Audacity does this lion have-

  43. Otterding



    My deepest condolences for feather. Was my favorite character in this whole series and I will miss him so much

  44. Aye Aye

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    Wolf Girl353


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    dead kat


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      Nihaon !


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    Allison Munoz shorts uwu

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  81. Vera Ovesere Okoro

    Vera Ovesere Okoro

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    Isn't it suspicious how Fire said that Proudmane let Nothing live because of him, but Nothing didn't say anything about Proudmane trying to kill her. She only said that Proudmane forced her to leave. Also, Fire did say "Oh no, I didn't even think of that" which is really sus. It's also pretty strange how Quickmane managed to find Fire and get killed in such a short amount of time ( although Quickmane is quick ). Maybe Fire and Proudmane were planning something together and maybe Fire was the bait to lure Quickmane out. I already made a post similar to this on Reddit. Also, isn't it strange how Quickmane was punished by the godesses for scratching Nothing above the eye but nothing goddess-related to Fire ( except from Ghost barging in all of a sudden ) when he nearly killed Nothing. It would be natural for Lite's reincarnation to be able to wound or even kill kyoga's reincarnation. So u know what this means.... OoOOhHh mEEEeeeE GoSsHHhu FiRE iS LIte CoNFiRMEd!!!!111!

  82. Tanksreknoobs


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    ThAt_WaSn’T_vErY_hErOiC_16 !!!

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    ThAt_WaSn’T_vErY_hErOiC_16 !!!

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    Rachel Lee

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    Episode 1: Nothing watched her father and brother die Episode 2: Nothing gets an awful name and watches Fire leave Episode 3: Episode 4: Episode 5: Disappoints Hover, gets abused by Feather’s father, and gets kicked out of her home Episode 6: Starves on the stretch and struggles to survive Episode 7: Watches her awful past Episode 8: Episode 9: Episode 10: Watches Feather die (he’s not actually dead, watch end scene), fights with her brother, suffers from her past memories Nothing deserves a better life, she continued on and never gave up after all those horrible things; can’t wait for season 2!

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    Peanut S

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    Cute Sqaudleader

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    • Cute Sqaudleader

      Cute Sqaudleader

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    Cute Sqaudleader

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