My quali lap in St Petersburg


  1. 3point1


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    Wow looked so fast. Nice 👌



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    This is so satisfying to watch

  3. Weston Partin

    Weston Partin

    23 órája

    That last double apex was on point; a lot of confidence in the rear of the car during rotation throughout the whole lap as well! Miss ya in F1, congrats on the pole position!

  4. Question Everything

    Question Everything


    So unless I'm missing something, we don't know where this lap put you on the grid? This wide camera view in F1 would be crazy, given F1 cars have about 40% more power and alot more down force. Hopefully we get some of this in F1 tho

  5. Hemant Modiyil

    Hemant Modiyil


    Indy car looks more at the limit than an F1 car, when driven in anger. Behaviour on the limit is so different, nonetheless are bloody FUN to watch!

  6. Joshua Stanaland

    Joshua Stanaland


    Wow even with the lower quality, I much rather watch this camera over F1. Cameras are way too stabilized in Formula 1.

  7. Martin Morales

    Martin Morales



  8. Baltazar Cruz

    Baltazar Cruz


    Still faster than Haas 🤪

  9. Alexander F

    Alexander F


    I want to see your pole lap at indy road course!!

  10. Ferrariman601



    Pole position at Indianapolis!

  11. Seppe Vermeulen

    Seppe Vermeulen

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    "Bells around Saint Petsersburg when is saw you"

  12. Matías2008 Garay

    Matías2008 Garay

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    I thought it was a game until I saw the name of the channel

  13. KryptoManic


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    Impressive lap! Love the cam angle.

  14. Shunsuke Miura

    Shunsuke Miura

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    Americans know how to make it exciting.

  15. Leon Warta

    Leon Warta

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    I was looking for the game🤣

  16. Max de Graaf

    Max de Graaf

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  17. Riley Baldwin

    Riley Baldwin

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    hey romain, which one do you like better, indycar or f1

  18. Kubiak a co ?

    Kubiak a co ?

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    So smooth

  19. Mios Dios

    Mios Dios

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    Game graphics are getting better than real life huh.....

  21. Logan Blair

    Logan Blair

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    This track just looks beyond dangerous. Really shows Romain's skill set.

    • Logan Blair

      Logan Blair

      9 napja

      @nbeeline15 all street circuits are different. This one has a lot of very tight turns which you take full throttle with no run off areas

    • nbeeline15


      9 napja

      I'm curious as to what makes it look more dangerous than any other street circuit?

  22. der game player HD

    der game player HD

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    Are u gonna finish your grojean

  23. robdotcom71


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    That's how I play f12020 with that view.... I hate the halo!

  24. Thomas Engrav

    Thomas Engrav

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    Too bad the race itself was absolute garbage to watch; no passing whatsoever

    • nbeeline15


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      there were over 150 on track position changes... not sure how many you want there to be.

  25. DTM BASTOS34


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    tu gere romain presser de te voir sur un oval . bientot devant avec les meilleur c'est sur ;)

  26. GTT578 M

    GTT578 M

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    Ca va vite entre les murs faut pas se louper , En peloton ca doit chauuud !!

  27. Unknown alien

    Unknown alien

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    nice job Romain. your first IndyCar might be next race. good luck

  28. Casey Cole

    Casey Cole

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    That car looks damn hard to drive

  29. Di Mateus Socoletty

    Di Mateus Socoletty

    13 napja

    Санкт-Петербург is in the rassia

  30. gooDesigning


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    О! Ромка в Питере!

  31. Janjustin Roodvoets

    Janjustin Roodvoets

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    Romain making a lap in the *MOTHERLAND*

  32. Woozy


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    Maybe a tad slower into the last turn, imo ;)

  33. TH CrOFu

    TH CrOFu

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    Va flying

  34. failtolawl


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    russians again realizing what the outside world looks like

  35. Victor Guarnero

    Victor Guarnero

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    wooow Romain you're great and fast

  36. 박이룬


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    카트는 인콜스 게임이죠

  37. Lastname Firstname

    Lastname Firstname

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    They drive Indycar in Russia? I'm so confused.

    • nbeeline15


      9 napja

      no. this is in Florida, USA

  38. Cyril Abiteboul /Dilan

    Cyril Abiteboul /Dilan

    14 napja

    The game is called Indy5002022

  39. Will Buxton

    Will Buxton

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  40. Manoj ji

    Manoj ji

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    2nd lap came out well

  41. Ed Royce

    Ed Royce

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    Good job, Ron :)

  42. Hann ibal

    Hann ibal

    15 napja

    Sur le même circuit je me demande le temps que mettrait une F1

  43. Grillond


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    0:21 it's a lie... There's no palms in Saint Petersburg... It is Russia!

    • Grillond


      14 napja

      @FloosWorld I know, but we have St. Perersburg in Russia, and it is the one of the biggest cities in Russia.

    • FloosWorld


      14 napja

      That's the US St. Pete, named after the birthplace of the city founder

  44. Антон Ман

    Антон Ман

    15 napja

    Palm trees in Saint-Petersburg?

    • Антон Ман

      Антон Ман

      14 napja

      @nbeeline15 I get it. I leave in Saint-Petersburg RU and like WTF? palm trees?

    • nbeeline15


      14 napja

      they raced in St. Petersburg, Florida, USA not Russia

  45. Margaux M

    Margaux M

    15 napja

    The kind of content I want to see💯🚀

  46. Raphaël Vigot

    Raphaël Vigot

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    Toujours dans une voiture tu es le bosse ❤️👍🏽👍🏽

  47. Антон Андреев

    Антон Андреев

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    Как же питер похорошел при Собянине...

  48. Richard WILSON

    Richard WILSON

    15 napja

    let's see how you do in INDY500, wish you the best

    • FloosWorld


      15 napja

      He doesn't race the ovals this year

  49. Juihi2


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    Reminds me of F1 in the early 90's with all the bumps and driver having to work the wheel. Absolutely love it!

  50. Евгений Негура

    Евгений Негура

    15 napja

    Its a Sochi

  51. Richard Aucock

    Richard Aucock

    16 napja

    Sacre bleu, this is good to see!

  52. - Brent -

    - Brent -

    16 napja

    Best in-car video ever.

  53. Grover Gio

    Grover Gio

    16 napja

    This sound like F1..... Honestly..... I think this is more interesting tha F1 right now

  54. Phoenix YT

    Phoenix YT

    16 napja

    Make sure Ericsson doesn’t hit you

  55. Daniel Lopez

    Daniel Lopez

    16 napja

    Wait is this a game or not?? The graphics are impeccable

    • nbeeline15


      15 napja

      it's real

  56. Bill Bopperton

    Bill Bopperton

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  57. Raja Asad

    Raja Asad

    16 napja

    Max 46👑👍🌷❤💍❇

  58. Mel Rougier

    Mel Rougier

    16 napja

    Mais tu roules chez qui vu que t’es plus chez Hass?

  59. TomaSo


    16 napja

    very good

  60. Michael Greier

    Michael Greier

    16 napja

    I hope indycar never uses power steering. Spectacular!

  61. Димон Невменяемый

    Димон Невменяемый

    16 napja

    *_Меня даже кент на яве не так быстро катал._*

  62. wah panda1

    wah panda1

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  63. Joshua K

    Joshua K

    17 napja

    Nicest looking car on the grid.

  64. Faf La Farce

    Faf La Farce

    17 napja

    Impressionnant ! Plus jeune je disais que j'étais un pilote comme beaucoup, mais avec l'âge, on comprend les choses !

  65. 7huzar7


    17 napja

    This is a game !

  66. Valiant Fan

    Valiant Fan

    17 napja

    St. Petersburg in Russia or in USA?)))))

    • FloosWorld


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    • Slava Джефферсон

      Slava Джефферсон

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  67. Lol 13

    Lol 13

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    Mr vingt huit secondes...

  68. F1 All Time

    F1 All Time

    17 napja

    F1 the new Haas(-;

  69. Anne C Høystad

    Anne C Høystad

    17 napja

    How is it to drive an f1 compared to indycars

    • FloosWorld


      16 napja

      IndyCar is harder bc of no power steering

  70. Forasteiro


    17 napja

    Parabéns, não bateu.

  71. Anthony jung

    Anthony jung

    17 napja

    Keep pushing

  72. coliseum cake

    coliseum cake

    17 napja

    Bro the sound is very good!

  73. Olivér Lévai

    Olivér Lévai

    17 napja

    Baku+Monaco=St Petersburg

  74. General Decker

    General Decker

    17 napja

    Good to see you in the drivers seat. Welcome to Indy. Wishing you all the best this season. Have fun and enjoy the series. I'll be cheering for you.

  75. PIONN3R


    17 napja

    I love to see one of the great F1 pilots keeping on with his carrer, good job Romain :)

  76. kgowins97


    17 napja

    It was so dope seeing Romain race in my hometown. 😎

  77. Selvan Blavask

    Selvan Blavask

    17 napja

    Esse barulho não eh estranho ; eu sonhei com isso ! Eh lento na subida !

  78. Marco Solo

    Marco Solo

    17 napja

    Romain is an accident waiting to happen and it usually does when he is racing!

  79. Muhamad Alifyandri

    Muhamad Alifyandri

    17 napja

    he kept the number 8 from F1 on his helmet :')

  80. Bonkers Status

    Bonkers Status

    17 napja

    I didn't know Romain was in indycar

  81. L'undercut F1

    L'undercut F1

    17 napja

    Il y a eu une course après?

  82. Amsro


    17 napja

    this man haas some skill! Nice lap!

  83. hackgamer _845

    hackgamer _845

    17 napja

    100 thousand SUBS!!! congratulations!!

  84. Diether Santos

    Diether Santos

    17 napja

    Waiting for "I think Ericsson hit us" again 😂

  85. F1 fiend #44

    F1 fiend #44

    17 napja

    wow man proud of the move to indy car i support you alkl the way

  86. Joseph Ippolito

    Joseph Ippolito

    17 napja

    Happy Birthday Penny Lane Ippolito free my baby from Fort Collins Co DHS!,,,

  87. Ben McGuire

    Ben McGuire

    17 napja

    its great to see your ok and back to doing what you love dude good luck on your new adventure f1 will miss you#

  88. Henry Dycha

    Henry Dycha

    17 napja

    Indy better than f1. Good luck Romaine. Be safe. Thanks for video.

  89. Gabriel Dutra

    Gabriel Dutra

    17 napja

    I think Gunther want his boy back to F1

  90. Julio M

    Julio M

    17 napja

    Damn i thought this was iracing 😶

  91. Alvant 25

    Alvant 25

    17 napja

    Yeah but Ferrari says "Fernando is faster than you, can you understand the message?"



    17 napja

    I thought that St. Petersburg is in Russia

  93. Arckady P

    Arckady P

    17 napja

    Откуда в Питере пальмы?

    • Slava Джефферсон

      Slava Джефферсон

      16 napja

      Это как бы не Питер да....

  94. John Thompson

    John Thompson

    18 napja

    I hadn't seen grojean yet in a Indy car wow he is quick

  95. Sa yan

    Sa yan

    18 napja

    I thought it is a video game

  96. Martin Stossier

    Martin Stossier

    18 napja

    First time didnt see u crash or nearly killing sb

  97. minefall


    18 napja

    What does romain race in now

  98. Jac Cle

    Jac Cle

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  99. Adrian V.A.

    Adrian V.A.

    18 napja

    Happy to see you again on the track 🥰

  100. Michael Bialocur

    Michael Bialocur

    18 napja

    C'est absurde, on sait qu'une F1 est bien plus rapide mais pourtant, ces images donnent l'impression du contraire.