New Expansion: Guardians of the Ancient | Legends of Runeterra

Runeterra is in turmoil! Noxian warships set sail for Ionia’s shores. But all is not lost. Heroes will rise. Fates will change.
Change your fate on May 5th in the next expansion, Guardians of the Ancient! Stay tuned for more spoiler season content in the days to come, and get the game at playruneterra.com.
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Video created in partnership with Sun Creature
Directors: Mike&Payne


  1. Aizad


    13 órája

    Moonton: can I copy this trailer

  2. Why are you reading this

    Why are you reading this

    3 napja

    When will riot upgrade zileans look to be like this?

  3. josh bruess

    josh bruess

    7 napja

    honestly would like to see noxus win this time around just to see what happens

  4. Taradile


    7 napja

    bro the only thing keeping Ionia alive is the writers

  5. Oliver


    8 napja

    noxus did nothing wrong.

  6. דויד ביטון

    דויד ביטון

    8 napja


  7. aquarion151


    9 napja

    What Zilean teach me: When something happens JUST WATCH

  8. Bas Bear

    Bas Bear

    9 napja

    It would be so awesome if they made a full cartoon series starring LoL characters. This artstyle is so appealing!

  9. Jason Yanes

    Jason Yanes

    9 napja

    Zilean should of said "When was I?" not "Where was I"

  10. logan mendez

    logan mendez

    10 napja

    another sad day for our glorious brothers and sisters in the mighty noxus army. when will the ionian persecution stop?

  11. 王春煊


    10 napja

    20/0/20 Malphite

  12. Toji


    11 napja

    Is he the Doctor Strange in LoL Universe?

  13. Neebs Hi am Neebs

    Neebs Hi am Neebs

    11 napja

    if irelia is comming to runeterra imma main that shii

  14. シloutre


    12 napja

    Zilean did in seconds what the avengers took a whole movie to do

  15. Kanna


    12 napja

    Zilean and Ekko will be very good friends

  16. short vidzzz

    short vidzzz

    12 napja

    Ang ganda

  17. V XXIII


    12 napja

    My dude Zilean needs a VU lol

  18. jotaro kujo

    jotaro kujo

    12 napja

    you cant stop the zilean

  19. Starmanexe


    13 napja

    So happy to finally see Zilean getting some love. Here's hoping he gets a rework soon.

  20. Senna P

    Senna P

    13 napja

    Ekko: I keep on shattering time Zilean: first time?



    13 napja

    His words made me find the Truth I was seeking

  22. Pantelis Ellinidis

    Pantelis Ellinidis

    13 napja

    Isn't Malphite in Istal ??? Why is he shown in Ionia ?? Is this a tease to a Noxian invasion of Istal??!???

    • The Bulba *__*

      The Bulba *__*

      9 napja

      Malphite can move around using underground/underwater caves or whatever they are called.

  23. Kentai


    13 napja


  24. Yui Arisato

    Yui Arisato

    14 napja

    Zilean visual rework!

  25. Piztech


    14 napja

    Animation looks the same from Invincible

  26. theknight91 91

    theknight91 91

    14 napja

    I found myself learning in life while playing League of Legends and LOR.

  27. Moataz Moussi

    Moataz Moussi

    14 napja

    yes ! my baby girl irelia is coming

  28. InstantMax


    14 napja

    Time flies like banana

  29. Steven Specht

    Steven Specht

    15 napja

    Come thru Zilean Damnnn

  30. Anthology Of Interest

    Anthology Of Interest

    15 napja

    I like how Zilean is all powerful, but has a kind-hearted wacky personality

  31. LRNZ Edits

    LRNZ Edits

    15 napja

    0:39 I can't be the only one seeing a face on the boulder.

  32. Janis Locmelis

    Janis Locmelis

    15 napja

    Better nerf Irelia.

  33. William McKibbin

    William McKibbin

    15 napja

    And everything changed when the fire nation attacked

  34. William McKibbin

    William McKibbin

    15 napja

    This is beautiful the conflict on Ionia is: Pray and let the gods answer them: VS Prayers aren’t answered without action: I really love that subtlety and can’t wait for more ❤️

  35. Griz


    15 napja

    Hang on, I have never seen Zilean restart a game in Lol. 1/10 false advertising /s

  36. Saša Bogdanović

    Saša Bogdanović

    15 napja

    love it interaction with zilan a lot of people don't know how much he suffered almost died when he run away from his past.

  37. NeKO niGHTs

    NeKO niGHTs

    15 napja

    Noxus = Fire nation

  38. M.A.DMatt6


    15 napja

    Zilean rework when?

  39. Itachi Susanoo

    Itachi Susanoo

    15 napja

    Great both visually and thematically!

  40. Dante Jones

    Dante Jones

    15 napja

    We need a Zilean animation update if he can look that cool

  41. TheNukebooster


    15 napja

    Wow damn... that was motivational af.

  42. Angela Chan

    Angela Chan

    15 napja

    No is please

  43. BB Interview

    BB Interview

    15 napja

    Is it just me or does Zilean really need a VGU update, like a time god throwing bombs around doesn't sound so godly to me

  44. stefanswe1995


    16 napja

    bro i want that voice actor for zilean in league

  45. Rex Royulada

    Rex Royulada

    16 napja

    Legends of Runeterra videos are top notch

  46. woody kalahoy

    woody kalahoy

    16 napja

    so GOTA?

  47. Shyanne Pattrin

    Shyanne Pattrin

    16 napja

    Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang. And although his airbending skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.

  48. Anatoly Dela cruz

    Anatoly Dela cruz

    16 napja


  49. David Martin

    David Martin

    16 napja

    Huh....wise words from a wise man. Perhaps but even so it can be difficult to see.

  50. Kevin Chiu

    Kevin Chiu

    16 napja

    zilean spitting out the true facts about life

  51. Muhammad Yusuf

    Muhammad Yusuf

    16 napja

    Avatar reference

  52. Ayatan


    16 napja

    Never thought Zilean could look so badass

  53. Hubert Fijałkowski

    Hubert Fijałkowski

    16 napja

    Stopped playing IT and i dont recommend this game to anyone. Always 1-2 decks meta. Always same playstyle with every deck. Boring

  54. Voy Co

    Voy Co

    16 napja

    ATLA vibes

  55. Dakure


    16 napja

    This is actually inspiring.

  56. Veroveren


    16 napja

    rework my Zilean!!

  57. Siphon De Cox

    Siphon De Cox

    16 napja

    This gives me so very much "what does a hero truly need? Hmhm... much depends upon the hero..." from that dota trailer

  58. trainzen11


    16 napja

    Last time on... Ekko & the Zilsta in "Chronosquad" from Crazy Boris Productions

  59. Ander Urdangarin

    Ander Urdangarin

    16 napja

    Cringe anti-noxian propaganda.

  60. Ahri


    16 napja

    the fire nation attacked

  61. Hydrophobic


    17 napja

    Is it possible that the ionians may use something terrible in the war against noxus, just like how the icathia used the void when shurima conquered them (which would explain why zilean is looking in ionia while he is supposed to be searching for a timeline where icathia never fell to the void.) it would explain why he said the whole thing about repeating mistakes

    • Hydrophobic


      16 napja

      @CartoonishIdealism Most likely, but what if

    • CartoonishIdealism


      16 napja

      I think that was referring to Noxus invading Ionia.

  62. Jose Hatashi

    Jose Hatashi

    17 napja

    The expansion name seems like a Rip Off of Dota, Guardian of the Ancient? Defense of the Ancient? Fire the person who picked that name.

  63. Spear Shot

    Spear Shot

    17 napja

    League Anime when??!

  64. Bruce Calicott

    Bruce Calicott

    17 napja

    You thought Chronoshift was coming? Chrono break will be here soon.

  65. Soul stein

    Soul stein

    17 napja

    “Everything changed until the noxian nation attacked”

  66. Arcelino Emanuel

    Arcelino Emanuel

    17 napja


  67. GamingLoreRD


    17 napja

    Holy shit finally there is a Zilean SOMETHING

  68. P00rStr94


    17 napja

    Avatar Roku?

  69. Amatou Yukata

    Amatou Yukata

    17 napja

    helol olsun taş gibi animasyonlar

  70. Marumaru


    17 napja


  71. NightCrafter3


    17 napja

    zilean is definitely trolling here, report!

  72. Pankaj


    17 napja

    It was amazing....why don't they make it anime 😁

  73. Vicious Fate

    Vicious Fate

    17 napja

    Fruit flies like banana.

  74. hady tannir

    hady tannir

    17 napja


  75. Boris Wong

    Boris Wong

    17 napja

    0:22 "Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked."

  76. CopyNinj4


    17 napja

    Marvec show must go on

  77. Kind Kindred

    Kind Kindred

    17 napja

    For victory comes to those who choose their outcome, not those who choose them. -This guy have never played soloQ

  78. jeffrey sheng

    jeffrey sheng

    17 napja

    Me: despairing over AP tests Zilean: pick another fate Me: okay, drinks bleach to get out of AP tests

  79. Jared Boudreaux

    Jared Boudreaux

    17 napja

    IRELLIA was AMAZING so fluid!!!!!!!

  80. george mtetwa

    george mtetwa

    17 napja

    cant killian the zilean

  81. Atlantsyah Sinamar

    Atlantsyah Sinamar

    17 napja

    Guardian of the Ancients = GOTA

  82. AJFes12


    17 napja

    can we now give zilean a visual update lol

  83. Chervon Joseph

    Chervon Joseph

    17 napja

    Wow yet in game zilean looks and skills sucks! Way to go riot

  84. Marcus Leal

    Marcus Leal

    17 napja

    is it me or they downgraded the runeterra cinematics quality ?

  85. Mark Jaarsma

    Mark Jaarsma

    17 napja

    if they want to retcon lore they can just say zilean did it

  86. steel deel

    steel deel

    17 napja

    Zileans is week because he didn't let the weebs and the week die

  87. Fotoschiki


    17 napja

    Did Zilean just get an unce of lore? Every time I see the champion in game, I am once again suprised that he exists.

  88. LeonaM Sousa

    LeonaM Sousa

    17 napja

    GOTA: Guardians of the ancient DOTA: Defense of the ancients 🤔HUM

  89. Slifer Briz

    Slifer Briz

    17 napja


  90. K T K R P

    K T K R P

    17 napja

    1:16 is that malphite?

  91. mnemosine itahncristos

    mnemosine itahncristos

    17 napja

    i had something different in mind.

  92. Cody Bauman

    Cody Bauman

    17 napja

    Stellar. Zil being cookoo for coco puffs is a good addition too.

  93. KatStinct


    17 napja

    omg zilean receives some attention :DDD

  94. Neo FLS

    Neo FLS

    17 napja

    Omg this is so good!! Keep up the good work Riot!! (Plz do akali next :)

  95. Kiznaive _

    Kiznaive _

    17 napja

    Wtf zilean changing time?This could really damage the lore

  96. Kermit the Krog

    Kermit the Krog

    17 napja

    Finally release the anime

  97. Endi


    17 napja

    Can we just like, get league anime already?

  98. Дмитрий Ульянов

    Дмитрий Ульянов

    17 napja

    1:15 who feed Malphite???

  99. David S

    David S

    17 napja

    "For Victory Comes to those who choose their outcome. Not those who let it choose them!" - Zilean 29.04.2021

  100. Supp Mainiac

    Supp Mainiac

    17 napja

    Riot Games Gota