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Oh It’s A Supra......

I’ll stop when I want. Now be mad


  1. sa7man 0808

    sa7man 0808


    Still better than your mustang ecoboost with fake vinyl wrap

  2. 26grumpy



    This joke is so overused smh

  3. JDM '

    JDM '

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  4. MłodyYasker


    2 napja

    take a look at this funny person

  5. Cameron Hankin

    Cameron Hankin

    2 napja

    Stupidest thing I have ever watched! And congrats on being late to the party bud... (by over a year)

  6. Derek McAlister

    Derek McAlister

    3 napja

    But nobody cares if it’s a bmw or a Supra tho.

  7. javier Cortes

    javier Cortes

    3 napja

    Supra way better car and last longer!!!!



    4 napja

    No its fake supra :(

  9. Hunter Cantrell

    Hunter Cantrell

    4 napja

    What the hell is even that

  10. Luke Moyer

    Luke Moyer

    4 napja

    You mean the bmw 6 series

  11. Joseph Nicholls

    Joseph Nicholls

    5 napja

    Oh look! Another car that you're supposedly 'reviewing' and never gonna own!

  12. Shikaze_Vomi


    6 napja

    now I know you you just a stupid kid who throw rock on the floor but still miss

  13. Player One _

    Player One _

    6 napja


  14. Pyro Maniaxe

    Pyro Maniaxe

    6 napja

    Bruh is that a supra?

  15. George Reginald

    George Reginald

    7 napja

    I wonder why is that🙄

  16. Charm Fox

    Charm Fox

    7 napja

    Supra Lives Matter

  17. Charm Fox

    Charm Fox

    7 napja

    If you don't like the supra then don't buy it it's that simple

  18. HDTomo


    7 napja


  19. DvI _y

    DvI _y

    7 napja

    Sooo many children are PISSED in the comments damn

    • Charm Fox

      Charm Fox

      7 napja

      Becuse he goes to a dealership and recording and mocking a car If he hates it then don't buy it

  20. Jokkiー101


    7 napja

    Bro I'm laughing so hard right now😐

  21. Brandon Mills

    Brandon Mills

    7 napja

    I dont get it...but i’ll like it because other people liked!! 2020 logic

  22. przemek908


    8 napja

    -_- better then bad i think.... Everthing from bwm etc is hawd and not Cheap

  23. Pug - Stash

    Pug - Stash

    8 napja

    Could tell from the start.

  24. Atlantic London 14

    Atlantic London 14

    8 napja

    Waste of money

  25. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha

    8 napja

    This guy is going to car dealership laughing at cars that are worth his whole life wtf

    • Charm Fox

      Charm Fox

      7 napja

      And they all hate the supra because it's a BMW Is some cars built on a different brand It's like saying the new charger is build on a 300

  26. Liam playz

    Liam playz

    8 napja

    I'm not laughing at the "joke" im laughing that he goes to a dealer and records cars thay are for sale

  27. Ian Scheurer

    Ian Scheurer

    8 napja

    You literally drive a v6 Mustang lmao

  28. Alex Ehrin

    Alex Ehrin

    8 napja

    Is that a supra hahahah

  29. Mr Organic

    Mr Organic

    8 napja

    Ordered my laugh just now it should be here in a couple business days

  30. MeguMegu


    8 napja

    he should shout it loud like "OH THAT IS A SUPRA!"

  31. Nascar lover formula drift lover

    Nascar lover formula drift lover

    8 napja

    Supra Supra Supra Supra Supra

  32. Flags of our fathers

    Flags of our fathers

    9 napja


  33. 6God 0Scared

    6God 0Scared

    9 napja

    One of the wackiest jokes

  34. project p

    project p

    9 napja

    the kid that doesnt know when the joke ended and keeps pressing

  35. oneeye will

    oneeye will

    9 napja

    This dude is the most roasted guy on HUeye rn. I feel kinda bad.

  36. Eric Hernandez

    Eric Hernandez

    9 napja


  37. Mauro Barrera Lopez

    Mauro Barrera Lopez

    9 napja

    Ugh y the old is better then this one it is so bad

  38. Evydent*


    10 napja


  39. tata Chanel's

    tata Chanel's

    10 napja

    Nah old supra is better then new..

  40. GIGA


    10 napja


  41. rbxstrobe


    10 napja

    Where’s the funny

  42. Glock Lesnar

    Glock Lesnar

    11 napja

    I think it looks nothing like a z4. It really does look like a modern updated Supra idk why people have been saying this for so long

  43. TheHomieRev _

    TheHomieRev _

    11 napja

    He trippin it is a bmw

  44. That One Car Guy

    That One Car Guy

    11 napja

    haha dude. so funny. comedy genius

  45. gabriel villarreal

    gabriel villarreal

    11 napja

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm dying omg,too funny bro too funny,idk what you are doing on HUeye wasting your talent you should be on the big screen telling jokes 🤣🤣🤣🤣too funny omg ROFL,LOOOOL,LMAOOOP 😐😑

  46. adam


    11 napja

    yup I was right

  47. armandyt


    11 napja

    Stupid joke, poor supra

  48. StillRuki


    11 napja

    Its not a supraaaaas

  49. Jack


    12 napja

    the headlights are not even the same bruh.

  50. RooTher


    12 napja


  51. ThaCHUBBmonster


    12 napja

    That’s hideous

  52. Nasr Abdallah

    Nasr Abdallah

    12 napja

    K5 5araye 3lek w 3ala bmw

  53. StephenTheTortoise


    12 napja

    haha, funny, we got another clown here pushing the bmw supra joke...

  54. piranavgiri piranavgiri

    piranavgiri piranavgiri

    12 napja

    Is this BMW see the symbol

  55. Nawaf khan

    Nawaf khan

    12 napja


  56. Lucks Talay

    Lucks Talay

    12 napja


  57. timoteus96


    12 napja

    The jokes about these new BMWs are as lame as any Supra.

  58. That2jzSupra


    12 napja

    This is the guy that says the mk4 supra was developed completely by toyota

  59. Daniel Loveson

    Daniel Loveson

    12 napja

    This guy is the one kid in highschool who failed every course but auto and thinks he's some hot shit now.

  60. Darth maul

    Darth maul

    12 napja

    I was pretty disappointed finding out that Toyota didn't make the new supra

  61. VLK


    12 napja

    How do I get this kid fired for wasting my time

  62. Sequentialed


    12 napja

    I’m glad he saw the badge

  63. BKH R.D

    BKH R.D

    12 napja

    Old supra: my poor son your faster Ford Mustang Gt

  64. Keith D Wilson

    Keith D Wilson

    12 napja

    Mark 4

  65. L.V Raka

    L.V Raka

    12 napja

    You seem like the type of guy to bring a stock foxbody to a meet, go up to a $7,000 in mods supra, and proceed to say "ILl SeNd U tU GraPPLBeEz!"

  66. KOSTOV02


    12 napja

    I think shiron 😅🤣

  67. Towering Horse20

    Towering Horse20

    13 napja

    I bet this guy is fun at parties

  68. Shawn Samson

    Shawn Samson

    13 napja

    Wait, which model is that though??

  69. Sylvie Bel

    Sylvie Bel

    13 napja

    The engine is BMW in the new, the joke is partialy right...🙄

  70. Baes Drawp

    Baes Drawp

    13 napja

    I mean it's not like BMW owns Rolls-Royce or anything.. ya know.. THE most elegant cars ever made , so yeah call it a BMW a few more times people who think this pisses of true Supra fans lol it's a fuckin compliment 😂😂

  71. Eli -

    Eli -

    13 napja

    this the guy who has a “dodge demon” lmao 🤣😂

  72. Angel Andriy Sanchez

    Angel Andriy Sanchez

    13 napja

    Hey you forgot the joke

  73. Dokkaebi


    13 napja

    That one kid who doesn't know that supra has a partnership with bmw

  74. Dr hydration

    Dr hydration

    13 napja

    I like the new supra

  75. Anon Ymous

    Anon Ymous

    13 napja

    Only thing for me is I just can't stand the "nose" the front has.

  76. _slammed Gmc_

    _slammed Gmc_

    13 napja

    Haha so funny 😐

  77. Edwin Rodriguez

    Edwin Rodriguez

    13 napja

    Wats is Joke??

  78. XxirrelevantxX


    13 napja

    "Sir im going to have to ask you to leave for being to cringe"

  79. Erwin Berisha

    Erwin Berisha

    13 napja

    That's not a supra 😴

  80. Cody shmodie

    Cody shmodie

    13 napja

    Dont forget about the cosmetic vents

  81. Futaba Culbertson

    Futaba Culbertson

    13 napja

    OMG... Is That A Supra?

  82. primoreo


    13 napja

    said the guy who couldn't afford it

  83. Stuffed Crust

    Stuffed Crust

    13 napja

    @Navs Garage Don't listen to the haters bro, they are just insecure and jealous people are mad they can't be as amazing as you. Love the videos! Keep up the good work, and don't worry about the haters, just know that you have fans like me that love your videos! And want to keep watching.

  84. greg steez

    greg steez

    13 napja

    thats a bmw m40i roadster with a body kit painted satin yellow to match the supra to go more inline with your emotions

  85. Mjw 45

    Mjw 45

    13 napja

    The only people that find this funny are 10 year olds who think the mk4 is the only car that’s good and they hate all other cars they find this trash hilarious

  86. bryan leon

    bryan leon

    13 napja

    Ahahahahahahhaha. Stfu

  87. CruzXD


    13 napja

    This isn’t even a joke this Is serious because it’s seriously a bmw

  88. king_ 392

    king_ 392

    13 napja

    All the hate this dude receives is hilarious lol everytime you view and comment he's getting $ if you don't like it stop watching and commenting lol pretty simple

  89. Fabian


    13 napja

    Well the lights Look different!

  90. Pandemic_Benjy lol

    Pandemic_Benjy lol

    13 napja

    It’s not even funny anymore it was at the start but the car is j shit n spits all over the mark 4 sad Ik but hopefully the mark 6 will be better

  91. Ermin Sabic

    Ermin Sabic

    13 napja

    It’s always the ones who can’t afford the cars that do most of the talking.

  92. Joshua Torres

    Joshua Torres

    13 napja

    The new Supra’s suck ass

  93. caden torres

    caden torres

    13 napja

    nah it’s a bmw

  94. Cole Baker

    Cole Baker

    13 napja

    I really don’t understand why these videos keep showing up on my feed. I did not ask for this

  95. MeMes 4 Doges

    MeMes 4 Doges

    13 napja


  96. Lol Lol

    Lol Lol

    13 napja

    No it’s a shitbox

  97. i5 anexigito

    i5 anexigito

    14 napja

    The fact that because mk5 has the only the bottum of bmw z4 some people say that it is a bmw is just annoying and stupid

  98. SOSA


    14 napja

    Oh ha ha parish bro please parish

  99. Aggressiver Panther

    Aggressiver Panther

    14 napja

    Well bmw lights , look way to much different bro

  100. Charlie


    14 napja

    Wow that was so funny bro you really made me laugh😐 go back home and stop making reviews of the cars at your local dealership that you don’t even own and have never driven💀