OMG! DID you know this IPHONE CHARGER LIFEHACK?! - orzutiextra TikTok ! #shorts

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Funny moments from TikTok 😂. This is funny video like others on TikTok: with some stuff, tricks, jokes, comedy, fun. I have compiled many videos from TikTok, check out TikTok Compilation! TikTok videos like this can really make people entertain and laugh, provides a good mood.
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  1. ZutiGang


    14 napja

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    • Bina Shrivastava

      Bina Shrivastava

      12 órája

      @tobias rieper his video are not trase

    • nn طين Najm

      nn طين Najm

      17 órája


    • Eddie Adams

      Eddie Adams

      22 órája


    • Ninet Gonzalez

      Ninet Gonzalez

      2 napja

      Ooooóóooooooooooooooooooooo Maga

    • Ninet Gonzalez

      Ninet Gonzalez

      2 napja


  2. Emilio Gamez

    Emilio Gamez

    40 perccel


  3. Happy Sally

    Happy Sally


    When I watch this guy the hacks always works, I think he lies

  4. Linda Karlsen

    Linda Karlsen



  5. Linda Karlsen

    Linda Karlsen


    have what omg

  6. 6B22 Daniyal Ahmed

    6B22 Daniyal Ahmed


    Super fake



    3 órája


  8. Utkarsh Jaiswal

    Utkarsh Jaiswal

    3 órája

    Bluetooth charger

  9. the blue marble aka the pale blue dot

    the blue marble aka the pale blue dot

    3 órája

    He's the type of guy to share a video with himself (sorry if I stole that I didn't see the comment)

  10. Lemmy


    3 órája

    Its fake he just croped out the charger

  11. •Your•Local•Btch•


    3 órája

    Welcome to another groupchat of "HE'S THE TYPE OF GUY"

  12. Ritesh kumar

    Ritesh kumar

    3 órája

    It is real 😂 😁I had tried I didn't believe 😉

  13. Kristian Gameplays

    Kristian Gameplays

    3 órája

    Jajajajajaaaaaa its a really fake its a one video

  14. izuku midoriya

    izuku midoriya

    3 órája

    There’s a charger under the table

  15. Parnika M

    Parnika M

    4 órája

    This guy is only good at saying "what no way " and editing

  16. Amazing World

    Amazing World

    4 órája


  17. Arj J7

    Arj J7

    4 órája

    why did i watch this fk

  18. סול זריני

    סול זריני

    4 órája

    די איתך כולם יודעים שאתה מדבר עברית ואתה גר בארץ ישראל די כבר למה אנגלית רק רוצה צפיות מדבר אנגלית אי אפשר עם אנשים כאלו

  19. aaronholloway2


    5 órája

    Some of these are So Stupid & So Far Out There, I bet you there are 10's of Thousands of STUPID PEOPLE That Actually Believe Them...

  20. santa 6605

    santa 6605

    5 órája


  21. David Krejčí

    David Krejčí

    5 órája


  22. Mustafa Emir ELMALI

    Mustafa Emir ELMALI

    5 órája


  23. Sophia Reyes

    Sophia Reyes

    5 órája

    I will try it

  24. InfiKnight9014


    5 órája

    Why is he a type of guy!

  25. Popcorn


    5 órája

    He is the kind of guy to lick his finger while flipping a page, on an iPad.

  26. K Tech Gaming : Hindi Content

    K Tech Gaming : Hindi Content

    5 órája

    Fake no way

  27. Jay Tamboli

    Jay Tamboli

    6 órája

    Wireless charging man 😉

  28. The ẞøss Gãmïñg

    The ẞøss Gãmïñg

    6 órája

    He have putten wireless charger at down of the table

  29. Youssouf Kadi

    Youssouf Kadi

    6 órája

    I am the type of guy locking for a comment showing real or fake

  30. Asxmiix


    6 órája

    He’s the type of guy to climb over glass to see what’s on the other side

  31. Aarnav B

    Aarnav B

    6 órája

    It's FAKE he placed a WIRELESS CHARGER under the paper.

  32. LaughingGenius318 XD

    LaughingGenius318 XD

    7 órája

    Fake, Someone sit under the table, and stick a wireless charger, Is it the good reason cuz its fake?

  33. Adí๏ѕ 乛MsD

    Adí๏ѕ 乛MsD

    7 órája

    nowadays everyone commenting like a poem ..

  34. Random عشوائي

    Random عشوائي

    7 órája

    The one who belive thats work 🤡

  35. Alok V Prakash

    Alok V Prakash

    7 órája

    100% fake

  36. げんげん


    7 órája


  37. 6T2G


    7 órája

    This more fake them me friends

  38. Ariel Søtnos

    Ariel Søtnos

    7 órája

    I tried it AND IT ACTULLY WORKED, i was so shocked that it actully worked

  39. Nayan Raj Karki

    Nayan Raj Karki

    8 órája

    Stop this fake😠😠😠😠

    • Nayan Raj Karki

      Nayan Raj Karki

      5 órája

      @Mustafa Emir ELMALI shut u noob

    • Mustafa Emir ELMALI

      Mustafa Emir ELMALI

      5 órája

      No u

  40. AiroGrace Baculi

    AiroGrace Baculi

    8 órája


  41. Fumnii


    8 órája

    He's the type of guy who doesn't eat food because he is hungry

  42. Dave bobby

    Dave bobby

    8 órája

    He's the type of person who would buy a bike after he passed his driving test😂😂🤣

  43. Eka Trifena

    Eka Trifena

    9 órája

    Gua tunggu kalau ada orang indo,gua balik lagi

  44. Sruti Rani

    Sruti Rani

    9 órája

    Bluetooth charger

  45. Ayie Hazre

    Ayie Hazre

    9 órája

    Lalu si bodoh pon percaya 🤣

  46. Aurora_gacha


    9 órája


  47. Salman Mirzeyev

    Salman Mirzeyev

    9 órája


  48. James Dean

    James Dean

    9 órája

    Wtf is with all the he is that type of guy....????

  49. Ya boi wolfy does vlogs

    Ya boi wolfy does vlogs

    9 órája

    This didn't work I tried I knew it wasn't gonna work anyways

  50. Absar Habib

    Absar Habib

    9 órája


  51. Ryutzy


    9 órája

    Idiot comment

  52. Roxana Lazar

    Roxana Lazar

    9 órája

    What the fuck pe suflet

  53. oblicue


    9 órája

    He’s the type of guy to ask “Are you gonna eat that?” on his first date



    9 órája

    Wt the fuck



    9 órája

    That was fake

  56. Oliver Jago

    Oliver Jago

    10 órája

    It is legit wireless charging you spastic

  57. SamTDG


    10 órája

    This is dumb

  58. Vandna Gupta

    Vandna Gupta

    10 órája

    It's fake

  59. silvergold


    10 órája

    It's real or fake

  60. silvergold


    10 órája

    😱😱😱😱😱😨😰 how can you do it

  61. lawolf23


    10 órája

    He's the type of guy that sleeps with his eyes open

  62. Syed Zarina

    Syed Zarina

    11 órája

    Under the table there was a magsafe charger I think

  63. krishiv mahi

    krishiv mahi

    11 órája

    This is real or not

  64. Jessica Leffel

    Jessica Leffel

    11 órája

    Would explain the nerd way how it’s cap but I’m tired

  65. Ackil Dela Cruz

    Ackil Dela Cruz

    11 órája

    He's the type of guy who uses a measuring tape to tape christmas presents



    11 órája

    Charger was under the paper

  67. Gamer King

    Gamer King

    11 órája

    The phone is not actually charging, the screen is actually showing a screen recorded video.

  68. Aki Gowtham

    Aki Gowtham

    11 órája

    Wireless charger is there back side😂😂

  69. Badre Dariz

    Badre Dariz

    12 órája

    That's fake

  70. pigeon


    12 órája

    Sooooooooo clickbait

  71. lol plays games

    lol plays games

    12 órája

    He’s the type of Guy that calls his friend on the other side of the world to tell it’s night even though it’s day time for the friend

  72. fqackityy738


    12 órája

    It literally says at the bottom right corner "Its in reverse" bruh who you tryna fool man?? ._.

  73. Haseeb Rahat

    Haseeb Rahat

    12 órája

    Guys he put a wireless charging pad under the table so it can charge

  74. Gauri K

    Gauri K

    13 órája

    He's the type of guy who asks a person is he crying while the person is crying....

  75. bayarshogt erhsaran

    bayarshogt erhsaran

    13 órája


  76. EveHere


    13 órája

    *Hey guys welcome back to another episode of ' He's the type of guy'*

  77. Jagdish Kumar

    Jagdish Kumar

    13 órája

    This happens when you don't focus on science.

  78. AKASH


    14 órája

    Kuch v

  79. MXILEチャンネル


    14 órája

    ワイヤレス充電 ⸝⸝⸝⸝じゃねえこ?

  80. Tbarak Mohamed

    Tbarak Mohamed

    14 órája

    تجروبا بنت فشلا زيكو

  81. Baked Potatoes

    Baked Potatoes

    14 órája

    Yes, it's fake.

  82. SOLO


    14 órája

    Y u always jealous to others video🙄

  83. Ipoel NA

    Ipoel NA

    14 órája


  84. DeviLance


    14 órája

    U got 1M likes now, please stop

  85. Mattia Murè

    Mattia Murè

    14 órája

    He's the type of guy

  86. Krakheadzzz


    14 órája

    Bruh I love how this has 1.7m likes and it’s so fake you can see the edits that he does

  87. Brax Calvo

    Brax Calvo

    14 órája

    I try that and that fake she is the guy who type so ewwww

  88. Whis69


    15 órája

    When you get like 5x more likes LOOL

  89. Sri Handayani

    Sri Handayani

    15 órája

    Pintar kali

  90. Mica Lagman

    Mica Lagman

    15 órája

    All people saying start with "he is a type of a guy"😅

  91. kitty lir-i

    kitty lir-i

    15 órája


  92. Ali Turkmen

    Ali Turkmen

    15 órája

    Wow it’s cool 🤩😱

  93. Huzaifa Abbasi

    Huzaifa Abbasi

    16 órája

    Okay! Is it just me or is this guy making "Cradles" annoying for everyone?

  94. Hammad King

    Hammad King

    16 órája

  95. Anne marielle Nielo

    Anne marielle Nielo

    16 órája

    Omg no way

  96. Attie Yakitty

    Attie Yakitty

    16 órája

    He is the type of guy who would search for his watch to know the time while he is wearing and looking at it

  97. Yusuf Muhammad

    Yusuf Muhammad

    16 órája


  98. big yes success

    big yes success

    17 órája

    Why is his like button on the left? WTF