Origins of The Silver War (COMPLETE)

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In 2014 Formula 1 introduces one of the biggest technical changes in the history of the competition, the new V6 Turbo engines. From now cars will be hybrid, combining combustion and electrical energy in the power train. The team which did the best job, adapting their cars to the new regulations was Mercedes. Both drivers of the team, Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton are the only drivers with chances to win the 2014 Formula 1 championship. Both are friends since many years, when they were childrens, but now they have to fight on track every race to conquer the glory in Formula 1. This is the story of a new rivalry between old friends: Lewis Hamilton vs Nico Rosberg. This the origin of The Silver War.
Da Ju, Ioannis Spanias, Klaas Kramer, Mayhem, Quentin Laroche, Sandeep
▪️ Evan King
▪️ Kai Engel
▪️ Magnus Tellmann
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  1. FLoz


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    WATCH the next part: THE SILVER WAR (F1 2016) 👉 👈 Origins of The Silver War take place during the 2014 Formula 1 season. It tells the origins of one of the best rivalries in Formula 1 between old friends: Lewis hamilton vs Nico Rosberg: 📣FANS Da Ju, Ioannis Spanias, Klaas Kramer, Mayhem, Quentin Laroche, Sandeep #teamfloz✊ *Become a Patron and your name will be written in the FAN list ➥

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  9. Daniel Groza

    Daniel Groza

    11 órája

    Baffling for me to see a top F1 driver has to ask his team what 6500rpm means or where to look for his gas reserve. I thought they could recite everything about those cars by heart woken from sleep at 3am. Thanks for the truly astonishing documentary! Really holding my breath throughout! (Almost throughout :)) )

  10. I. B. Peeing

    I. B. Peeing

    17 órája

    i wonder how pissed nico is that lewis is now the goat? lol i like nico off the track but the dude is worlds biggest sore loser

  11. tAmEz ZoDiAc

    tAmEz ZoDiAc


    And now f1 is just lame cause there is no one to compete with Lewis in that car




    FLoz. Mate what a great video, thank you for posting this. My respect for Nico, his positive and competitive attitude towards Lewis 📈. The way he held it together on the last race. 🙌🙏👍



    2 napja

    What a season....Pure drama, incident and brilliant racing... Oh...and this production is magnificent....Had me hooked from 1st minute to last.... Excellent work...

  14. John Williams

    John Williams

    2 napja

    Yo when hamiltons girlfriend kisses him at the end, imagine how many bugs are on that helmet lol

  15. Theo Feitosa

    Theo Feitosa

    2 napja

    Jesus man, Oscar goes to the guy that made this film!

  16. Temo Garcia

    Temo Garcia

    3 napja

    Mercedes sabotage Nico all the time



    3 napja

    one of most beautiful storytelling. Thank you so much. You are one hell of a guy.

  18. suraj s

    suraj s

    3 napja

    Think Hamilton have more support within team than nico.

  19. B B

    B B

    3 napja

    Finally get to watch this. Fabulous memories of the 2014 season the excitement level was off the chart. Was in tears remembering some of those races and how much mammoth effort both drivers put into their races and especially the last race of 2014. All that pent up tension and relief (especially with the stupid 50 points Abu Dhabi race that little man introduced) when Lewis got the job done just got me and many across the world crying with joy. That never give up spirit 👊🏽. Great seeing Nikki and Toto together again. F1 bringing the joy. Great job on this documentary 💜

  20. Jordan Rogala

    Jordan Rogala

    3 napja

    This video shows how much Nico was an absolute douche



    3 napja

    thanks yo who ever created this art.

  22. MyOneBlack Friend

    MyOneBlack Friend

    3 napja

    This is excellent. Not one clip of Donald Trump claiming that nobody knows more about driving a race car or race issues than him.

  23. WorksAs Intended

    WorksAs Intended

    4 napja

    Watching this in 2021 I realize we dont see those minor wing adjustments that much anymore. We also don't hear requests on the radio anymore. It feels like finding something you forgot you own but are happy to have now.

  24. I Just Fell Down

    I Just Fell Down

    4 napja

    That vertical crop ruined it. Can't even see the track ahead of the car.

  25. Christine Awuor

    Christine Awuor

    5 napja

    This just shows how GOOD Lewis Hamilton is. Wow!

  26. Joon Lee

    Joon Lee

    5 napja

    I didn't realise it was this close. I thought Lewis won by a big margin

  27. King Of Bro’s

    King Of Bro’s

    5 napja

    It’s Kinda sad at how the start of the Podium they were still hugging each other on the podium and when the other one wins no one gets pissed, they complimented each other and it was just fun competition, now when your fighting for the championship obviously it’s gonna get dirty, but still real sad how much the friendship got destroyed

  28. Gian Franco

    Gian Franco

    6 napja

    Bruh Lewis biggest cry baby

  29. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman

    6 napja

    Bottas was up there with his Williams that season

  30. Dakkan


    6 napja

    52:47 if only Bottas could say that to Hamilton when he is ahead of him!!

  31. Vador et Rex Ct7567

    Vador et Rex Ct7567

    6 napja

    Everybody say amazing but they are blind and stupid !!! At every radio team for Hamilton that’s the car n*6 of rosberg and the same for the commentary sooo it’s not a good job at all !!! And the same when they comment for rosberg and team radio it’s the car 44 😂 Netflix don’t make this error like idiots did before to post !!!

  32. Steven Andersson

    Steven Andersson

    7 napja

    Oh two celebrities fought lets waste our lives making vids about their fight and fanboying in the comment section 😂 fuckin losers

  33. isoplayer


    7 napja

    This is just great. Thank you for making this!

  34. me my

    me my

    7 napja

    Please next time use a differebt soubd engineer. The music is so loud, you cannot hear them.

  35. Abhinav Kara

    Abhinav Kara

    8 napja

    The minute Lewis said....."it is ironic". Their friendship was over.

  36. Broniq V

    Broniq V

    9 napja

    Great video, great job!

  37. Nick Savage

    Nick Savage

    9 napja

    this is top tier work!

  38. Boby Yurismono

    Boby Yurismono

    9 napja

    I forgot how thick Toto's accent was lol

  39. Zabre


    10 napja

    Anyone knows the track at 36:35

  40. Langisinc


    10 napja

    This is incredibly well done, very impressive!!

  41. Pat Butete

    Pat Butete

    10 napja

    Word has it that during their karting years they used to room together sharing pizzas and GFs!

  42. NikkePRO/Nikke Graphics

    NikkePRO/Nikke Graphics

    11 napja

    Brilliant film!

  43. sqreon


    11 napja

    Forgot just how unreliable the mercs were back then, especially in the first half of the season

  44. Rhys Jones

    Rhys Jones

    11 napja

    First time I've seen this after only really getting in to F1 in the past 2 years. What I've taken from this is Nico was so so underrated (despite being world champ) and he's extremely graceful in defeat. Hamilton just comes across as a spoilt brat. Nothing wrong with not liking loosing but be cool!

  45. Wintradebuster


    11 napja

    very good documentary! thanks for this!

  46. Mihael Horvat

    Mihael Horvat

    12 napja

    too many reliability problems on Rosberg's car

  47. Ritz s

    Ritz s

    12 napja

    Something rigged...

  48. Golf Athletic

    Golf Athletic

    13 napja

    This is a masterpiece. Bravo 👏🏽

  49. Smokeyz


    13 napja

    Wow amazing

  50. JMP Korky

    JMP Korky

    13 napja

    What a season 😂 what a fucking season

  51. Sid K

    Sid K

    14 napja

    really really well made documentary & great production. The story telling is amazing and I can't but be filled with emotions watching this. it's so evident that Niki and Toto were solidly in the Lewis camp (I like & respect Lewis as a driver and his personal struggles have been nothing short of extraordinary) but the way this documentary is put together, it's amazing seeing how Lewis has changed and grown too.

  52. Sumukh Sahai

    Sumukh Sahai

    14 napja


  53. normantheforeman rety

    normantheforeman rety

    14 napja

    Rosberg becomes Jealous of constantly finishing 2nd best, so his inner German ruins the relationship. Monaco...

  54. Jonny Walker

    Jonny Walker

    15 napja

    I'm absolutely staggered by the way this video has been done, you have a bright future.

  55. Jonny Walker

    Jonny Walker

    15 napja

    Lewis Hamilton is the worse thing to happen to F1 imola 1994.

  56. tfz skl

    tfz skl

    15 napja

    the breakthrough of those vehicles. we human many year ago human driving 50km/h. now its still the same.hopefully we can find the comfort zone on 200km/h sooner lol

  57. Revere Me Courtney

    Revere Me Courtney

    15 napja

    I agree with another comment this is really great work. I just got into F1 and this video is awesome.

  58. Harith Reezal

    Harith Reezal

    15 napja

    Something strange in gbp race

  59. Mark P

    Mark P

    16 napja

    Time to act like a man Hamilton , nico took situations on the chin and was a gentleman about it ,you on the other hand seem like an entitled brat

  60. Bill Bopperton

    Bill Bopperton

    16 napja

    This is EXCELLENT. I kinda wish I would've watched these duels with a more enlightened look at the time. At the time, to me it was sort of, "Oh, the Mercedes are going to go 1-2 unless something happens to their cars. Will it be Nico or Lewis? Cool, I guess." Obviously there was a lot more to it. At least I can properly enjoy it now :D

  61. HouseNeer


    17 napja

    Awesome work, very very interesting to watch, even if you are noy a fan of F1. Congratulations, you should be producing documentaries !

  62. Calugar Andrei

    Calugar Andrei

    17 napja

    Do you guys think that if Rosbers wouldn't retire he could still challenge Lewis for another title in the past years ?

  63. dee mush

    dee mush

    18 napja

    A commendable production Floz

  64. neo


    18 napja

    Typical Englishmen, drives German car, is it possible for England to ...

  65. Kuz


    19 napja

    Hamilton is the salty losers ever. Amazingly humble and graceful in victory, but man he is a REALLY sore loser.

  66. Jay Vadgama

    Jay Vadgama

    19 napja

    Who's here in 2021?

  67. Steven Toast

    Steven Toast

    19 napja

    LeWiS hAmIlToN cHaMpIoN oF tHe WoRlD

  68. Tembo Sounds Show

    Tembo Sounds Show

    20 napja

    Lewis Hamilton a living legend. He makes F1 a must watch every season.

  69. Nico Williams

    Nico Williams

    20 napja

    Wow over an hour and a half long? No way I'm gonna sit through all that An hour and a half later: holy moly that was like a movie

  70. Arad


    20 napja

    why the video is unavailable for me ?!

  71. M A

    M A

    20 napja

    So Rosberg basically played pretty dirty to beat Hamilton?

  72. manolis wec

    manolis wec

    20 napja

    29:02 i thought that was terminal xD

  73. S Brown

    S Brown

    20 napja

    How easy is it to win in a silver arrow well the Williams driver proved that when he got a shot off Hamiltons car hadn't it been for a fuck up from the pit crew he would have won is he a true 7time champion? When you consider George Russell jumps in his car and would have won well basically any of the top ten in that car would be doing what Hamilton is doing with ease he's not really schumacher senna material is he really

  74. Constantly hungry

    Constantly hungry

    21 napja

    This is not only video but Mercedes Video

  75. Billy


    21 napja

    Parents too have their favorite child, so it’s not unusual that one driver is favored and preferred more, many factors involved. It’s just sad that Nico retired too soon but then, it’s probably hard to find another team that can offer him the car for him.

  76. NickIsMe 123

    NickIsMe 123

    21 napja

    I was watching lockpickinglawyer and fell asleep, I woke up to this

  77. Grace Kilimo

    Grace Kilimo

    22 napja

    When lewis asks if Nico is on new tyres..the level of fear is beyond!!!Lewis Vs Nico;best competition ever

  78. GizzmoD


    22 napja

    absolute work of art! incredible work FLoz

  79. Rassclart in de air blud

    Rassclart in de air blud

    22 napja

    Chapeau to the editor of this video, this doc. is NUTS. It is a really phenomenal piece of video.

  80. Mohd Wahidi Rosni

    Mohd Wahidi Rosni

    22 napja

    No narration, but felt it all the way... Great job!

  81. Rafii Ajana

    Rafii Ajana

    22 napja

    I just got into f1 recently by watching the Netflix docs,and man let me tell you this video is on par if not better than those, amazing editing and video storytelling man, thanks a lot for your hard work.

    • FLoz


      22 napja

      Wow, thanks!

  82. joshua miquelon

    joshua miquelon

    23 napja

    rest in piece jules❤️

  83. Ghira Nade

    Ghira Nade

    23 napja

    Monaco: Let me add a little bit of spice to that

  84. Drknsss


    23 napja

    I love how Nico gets so happy with himself for beating Ham in the same car...., How many Championships did Ham win before Nico got one again???? I'll wait.

    • Drknsss


      20 napja

      @M A So your opinion is the only valid one? F1 prides itself on being a global and classy sport of kings and princes. You didn't see the likes of Damon Hill acting like that after his Championship win....,

    • M A

      M A

      20 napja

      Okay so he beat someone who has been beating him and he shouldn't be happy? What a silly comment.

  85. Zeus Llanos

    Zeus Llanos

    23 napja


  86. Florian Maurer

    Florian Maurer

    23 napja

    Why is this not on netlfix??? Its much better than drive to survive. Nice Job dude

  87. Grumpy Prick

    Grumpy Prick

    23 napja

    Hamilton is as show pony who is all happy when he wins but becomes a little preteen girl when he is beaten .He wants his team mate to move over for him but when the tide turns "i wont move over for him" ..could go on an on but no point i no longer follow f1.......

  88. vasQ


    23 napja

    This was amazing! Thank you!

  89. Timxcodgamer


    24 napja

    The silver war is how hamilton kept off verstappen in 2 weeks ago

  90. Peter Pan

    Peter Pan

    25 napja

    Absolutely splendid 👏🏽

  91. Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis

    25 napja

    1:24:50 "Gentlemen, a short view back to the past. Thirty years ago, Niki Lauda told us ‘take a monkey, place him into the cockpit and he is able to drive the car.’ Thirty years later, Sebastian told us ‘I had to start my car like a computer, it’s very complicated.’ And Nico Rosberg said that during the race - I don’t remember what race - he pressed the wrong button on the wheel. Question for you both: is Formula One driving today too complicated with twenty and more buttons on the wheel, are you too much under effort, under pressure? What are your wishes for the future concerning the technical programme during the race? Less buttons, more? Or less and more communication with your engineers?"

  92. Mike Lewis

    Mike Lewis

    25 napja

    1:13:00 F

  93. swansmeister


    25 napja

    Well edited, well made, this made my day realy. Big thumbs up and pls keep these coming!

  94. Tom Cat

    Tom Cat

    25 napja

    this story telling is absolutely incredible every scene and timing and background music, absolutely incredible! Well done!

  95. KAMIL


    25 napja

    This literally felt like watching rush movie. Two competitors fighting and making eachother stronger.

  96. A26F


    25 napja

    Better than drive to survive to be honest

  97. cr7sakib


    25 napja

    Wooow that was incredible

  98. Donát Kovács-Barcza

    Donát Kovács-Barcza

    25 napja

    It was the beatiful era thank you very much.

  99. Nierka akse

    Nierka akse

    26 napja

    I liked Lewis and was for him until he brought Usa politics to formula1, now this history looks from other perspective. It is world championship not Usa or England championship so all race issues should be left out of formula. It all about racing not about racism’s

  100. MrKallithea


    26 napja

    hamilton is a selfish ham at this year!!!! Nico has the momentum but...........