Oscars 2021 In Memoriam

The Oscars pay tribute to the actors, filmmakers, executives and craftspeople who passed away over the past year with the Oscars 2021 In Memoriam.


  1. andresloft



    Worst tribute ever. This segment has always been one of the main highlight of the Oscars- remembering the talents. Those I wasn’t familiar with, I would Google them and often admired their contribution to film and TV art. Regardless whose decision to have this segment done this way, this 2021 Oscar tribute gave me this impression: Let’s just get over with the dead people under 5 minutes. #Shame

  2. Shaun Arne Pek

    Shaun Arne Pek


    This is a bloody slap in the face to all the ones that have passed on. Years of their life dedicated to their work and you choose to skip through them like it's some fking high school powerpoint. What the hell?? and all because it can match up to the music. for gods sake.

  3. Vinish Singh

    Vinish Singh

    8 órája

    1:51 IRRFAN KHAN ❤

  4. Marina Tinsel

    Marina Tinsel

    11 órája

    And the song is crap

  5. Marina Tinsel

    Marina Tinsel

    11 órája

    Olivia de Havilland, a micro second. As one of the final members of the Hollywood golden age to pass on one would have thought there would have been a longer moment of respect rather than a flashing micro second

  6. Kalinka Milka

    Kalinka Milka

    14 órája

    I only clicked on the video becouse I thought it said memeorien and I was thinking through half of the video that I was watching a meme xd

  7. Jasmijn Huisman

    Jasmijn Huisman

    21 órája


  8. H 2671

    H 2671


    Disgusting Oscars this year. Remember when this used to be about movies? Stop committing crimes, maybe you won't get shot. Fucking morons.

  9. Wizard



    Oh my gosh. Biggest Overacting Ever!

  10. Jeff Saint

    Jeff Saint


    Too fast. Should have chosen a slower beat.

  11. Jeff Saint

    Jeff Saint


    They didn’t mention all the lives lost in Chicago, black on black killings is that racism, there must be a ism for it

  12. Jess Woody

    Jess Woody


    Rip 🪦 to all lost

  13. Geoff Owens

    Geoff Owens


    Where’s Black Rob at on that list?

  14. Maggi Murillo

    Maggi Murillo


    Qué falta de respeto con Kirk Douglas que lo olvidaron y con Olivia de Havilland que apenas apareció una milesima de segundo

  15. BentBird



    This was crap and the music inappropriate. Hollywood is a shit show.

  16. H0ATY



    Yeah academy.. could you zip through those names a little faster??? I had to blink a few times.

  17. MARTIN _

    MARTIN _

    2 napja

    And David Prowse??

  18. bogeyCATproductions


    2 napja

    That was awful. I didn't have chance to feel sad. So disrespectful

  19. mila cole

    mila cole

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  20. mila cole

    mila cole

    2 napja

    I love angela but this speech was almost disrespectful. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT. That was soo fake. DID NOBODY TELL HER SHE SHOULDNT ACT? you had one job angela BE A F HUMAN WITH REAL EMOTION!!😒😡



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  22. il Magnifico

    il Magnifico

    2 napja

    Michael Lonsdale ????????????

  23. Raymond Z.

    Raymond Z.

    2 napja

    I cried as I saw Sean Connery's face and name. Life is short.

  24. Kodeth


    2 napja

    Is she a cyborg? What's with the tone and cringe voice.. 🤦‍♂️

  25. Yarelis Acosta

    Yarelis Acosta

    2 napja

    That was so rushed and the music choice disrespectful ugh 🤦🏾‍♀️

  26. Been Awake

    Been Awake

    2 napja

    Lame ass

  27. Br1JD


    2 napja

    Faltó Linda Cristal

  28. Perfectly Flawed

    Perfectly Flawed

    2 napja

    W... T.... Fuc was that

  29. Isabel Mays

    Isabel Mays

    2 napja

    RIP Chadwick. Wakanda forever 💚

  30. AsHwin EsanKonda28

    AsHwin EsanKonda28

    2 napja

    Irrfan khan our 🐐 Miss u sir.

  31. lesslikeme


    3 napja

    This actually kind of works on 0,5 speed.

  32. MAGA Evangelist

    MAGA Evangelist

    3 napja

    She is high on fentanyl like her bro

  33. Seth Thomas

    Seth Thomas

    3 napja

    One of the only things I watch the Oscars for, and this was the worst memoriam I have ever seen. Olivia DeHavilland got 0.2 seconds. Really? She was the LAST Hollywood Golden Age actor/actress and the last star of GONE WITH THE FREAKING WIND and lived to 104 years old and that's what she got? Or anyone else for that matter? SMH. Next year the Oscars go to the Lifetime channel and are sponsored by Meow Mix.

  34. Games For Noobs

    Games For Noobs

    3 napja

    why so many dislikes??? is this twitter

  35. Josh F

    Josh F

    3 napja

    Anyone else wish they cut the phony and over acted chick giving a repetitive speech and spent more than a blink of time to those we lost? This was pathetic.

  36. Joshua d'Estoville

    Joshua d'Estoville

    3 napja

    The passing of Brenda Banks is among those hitting the hardest for me. Talk about an unsung hero.

  37. SLT22xx


    3 napja

    Naya Riviera and Orson Bean were missed!!!

  38. Astashambhu Sahoo

    Astashambhu Sahoo

    3 napja

    Just because of china our world in dangerous situation. Hate china

  39. Lionel Jose Duterte

    Lionel Jose Duterte

    3 napja

    Some of the pictures don't even last 1/10th of a second. Shame

  40. Lionel Jose Duterte

    Lionel Jose Duterte

    3 napja

    Horrible! I can't even finish to read some of the names (especially those less famous) before they switch to another panel.

  41. Lionel Jose Duterte

    Lionel Jose Duterte

    3 napja

    This awards show is just as horrible as the woke liberals they represent.

  42. Lionel Jose Duterte

    Lionel Jose Duterte

    3 napja

    “So if you do win an award tonight, don’t use it as a political platform to make a political speech. You’re in no position to lecture the public about anything. You know nothing about the real world. Most of you spent less time in school than Greta Thunberg. So, if you win, come up, accept your little award, thank your agent and your God and fuck off. OK?” - Ricky "I didn't kill myself" Gervais

  43. OO


    3 napja

    I feel like they easily did this in a smartphone app amd just auto edited it.

  44. Abby Ravenclaw

    Abby Ravenclaw

    3 napja

    Can we agree this was the WORST Oscar Tribute ever? It went by way to fast, like 1 second per person? Come on show this people some respect! And they forgot about Naya Rivera, just like they forgot about Cameron Boyce and Luke Perry.👏🏼

  45. Kate Do

    Kate Do

    3 napja

    It was rushed and the music was terrible. Shameful!

  46. Jorja DieBold

    Jorja DieBold

    3 napja

    Man too fast.

  47. Damn Texan

    Damn Texan

    3 napja

    Worst person to be chosen for the in memoriam....what a fake a. b.

  48. Rick


    3 napja

    This was a disgrace to the actors, directors and others Hollywood made money off of all their lives. The Academy owes all of the an apology!!!

  49. Vikas Verma

    Vikas Verma

    4 napja

    R.I.P🖤🖤 everyone🖤🖤 . My fav. is IRRFAN KHAN & Chadwic Boseman 🇮🇳

  50. Rosa Tejada

    Rosa Tejada

    4 napja

    La canción de fondo es bonita pero no siento que sea adecuada para "in memoriam", me hubiese gustado algo del Maestro Ennio que fue recordado este año y siento que sus composiciones hubiesen transmitido mas. También el discurso de inicio de esta parte fue muy largo, ese tiempo se debió dar más para fotos y tomar el tiempo de recordarlos. En fin, cosas por esto la gente ya no ve los premios Oscar, que mas se desgastan es discursos politicos que en el arte.

  51. Joais Honorato

    Joais Honorato

    4 napja

    Naya Rivera?

  52. Megan Rodriguez

    Megan Rodriguez

    4 napja

    THEY Left OUt NayA RIVEra

  53. Ginger Nightmare

    Ginger Nightmare

    4 napja

    My love for Stevie Wonder is intense. the haters just gonna hate Amazing that they had an Oscar ceremony at all this year.

  54. Matt Fabi

    Matt Fabi

    4 napja

    What an insincere, disrespectful and rushed monstrosity of an In Memoriam. Poor choice of song as well, much as I like Stevie.

  55. Abhishek Das

    Abhishek Das

    4 napja

    This entire segment was a disgrace. You literally gave a millisecond to pay respect? While that idiotic Angela's overdramatic and disrespectful delivery of a speech literally covers up half the video. Fuck you Oscars

  56. Porter Sharpe

    Porter Sharpe

    4 napja

    Yep, giving almost 30% of the time for the in memoriam for a ridiculous speech and then skipping names so quickly many can't read them. That's Hollywood for you. It's sad to grow up idolizing the entertainment industry and then realizing that it's mostly filled with idiots with inflated egos who all think and do the same thing and chastise people for behaving or thinking differently.

  57. Jeff my life

    Jeff my life

    4 napja

    I can’t believe how awful this segment was. The speech sounded like Frank N Furter revealing Rocky. They flew through everyone so fast... the music was like... okay at first but when the drums kicked in, it became inappropriate . You’re telling me The Oscars couldn’t get a custom arrangement of this song? Do better... poor Fred Willard

  58. Annemarie B

    Annemarie B

    4 napja

    Would it have really killed them not to rush through this, especially on one of the most difficult years in recent history? Terrible

  59. Dancewailers


    4 napja

    I am an actor in the African movies and infact I really enjoyed this video

  60. Gary Brown

    Gary Brown

    4 napja

    Too fast. Too many.

  61. Charlie Sancheezy

    Charlie Sancheezy

    4 napja

    RIP Mega64

  62. Edward Webb

    Edward Webb

    4 napja

    Mega 64 brought me here

    • Spenerico


      4 napja


  63. Markus M

    Markus M

    4 napja

    Was für eine schreckliche Würdigung der Lebenswerke dieser Menschen! Ich hab keine Worte, grauenhaft!

  64. Erica DuLac

    Erica DuLac

    4 napja

    Sorry but Angela’s speech and delivery where as ridiculous as her dress sleeves. This was disrespectfully speedy at times, if you don’t have time to read their names something went badly wrong!

  65. pinheadfan87


    4 napja

    They forgot about Tiny Lister. RIP Deebo

  66. playz


    5 napja

    Quarter of seconds spared for very valuable passed people, thanks to the pace of the techno music playing.

  67. Anuj Chouksey

    Anuj Chouksey

    5 napja

    R.I.P Irrfan.... Possibly the finest actor to come out of India.

  68. Joe Shmoe

    Joe Shmoe

    5 napja

    Im getting serious Panem vibes

  69. hollybeat6901


    5 napja

    Should have been longer, so many were lost and to speed through it like this was mention of Naya Rivera pr even Kobe who won an Oscar, unless it was so fast I missed it. Even Chadwick Boseman was on briefly and he had a huge impact on the world...big fail on this



    5 napja

    What Music

  71. Abhishek Mandhani

    Abhishek Mandhani

    5 napja

    Irrfan, the lengend.. ❤️❤️

  72. Adrian Durlej

    Adrian Durlej

    5 napja

    i sware they could'nt have fuck this Memoriam up more if they tried. everything from the intro, the music, the tone was completely off and disrespectful to the point of it lol.

  73. Adrian Durlej

    Adrian Durlej

    5 napja

    Oscars:give hype speach before memoriam. Everyone: i did not like that

  74. Randy Smith

    Randy Smith

    5 napja

    What a bunch of liberal horse sh#t bring back the real Oscars!

  75. Reaper


    5 napja

    She talks like an ass.

  76. Yuvi Singh

    Yuvi Singh

    5 napja

    Go woke! Go broke!

  77. Ask Elle Michele

    Ask Elle Michele

    5 napja

    Who clicked this video just to read the comments? Hey Oscar's, perhaps doing an award show of movies we actually like would improve your ratings! Perhaps admitting to all the sex trafficking and adrenochrome addictions and become more transparent would also help your ratings. Perhaps being less evil against Bible Belt Republicans, especially those like me who are black, you would have better ratings! Just a thought.

  78. tripleb221


    5 napja

    Wow! Talk about Operation Warp Speed.

  79. Nautilus1972


    5 napja

    That was some OTT bullshit. Just introduce the piece and cut the bullshit. At least they got the music right.

  80. Rishu Bhosle

    Rishu Bhosle

    5 napja

    Irfan Sir at 1.51 ♥

  81. Santosh Gurjar

    Santosh Gurjar

    5 napja

    1:50 😔😔 miss u Irfan sir😿🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  82. Cameron C

    Cameron C

    5 napja

    oh wow i never knew both yaphet kotto and ian holm passed they were really good in alien i was sad that george segal aka pops died

  83. Lakshay Gupta

    Lakshay Gupta

    5 napja

    Irfan khan sir ! You'll be missed forever. RIP.

  84. devilpupbear09


    5 napja

    Helen McCrory /*

  85. T C

    T C

    5 napja

    They forgot.... THE ACADAMY AWARDS an awards show

  86. Beth McFarland

    Beth McFarland

    5 napja

    OMG it’s like I gotta pause every second to just see the name and photo. This is horrible how they did this. Yes I like that she talked about covid loss and how many we have lost to it but it should have ended there and then on to the slide show

  87. Tami


    6 napja

    Who's the woman in red at the beginning?

  88. Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

    Ariadlus Daedaladne Enigmus Proximo

    6 napja

    When they meant make the Oscars about movie magic & less about politics, this section is not what they had in mind. But the Oscars didn't do it with anything but this. So embarassing & disrespectful!

  89. Prache Khalaadkar

    Prache Khalaadkar

    6 napja

    what is she doing .... rubbish narration til date .. so much drama

  90. Brian Marshall

    Brian Marshall

    6 napja

    You missed out Actress and dancers Anne Reinking 1949- 2020

  91. Humour Is On

    Humour Is On

    6 napja

    Irrfan sir 🙏❤️

  92. roxyfur


    6 napja

    Bad idea to put the scroll to the music... and over-acting is one thing but making people gag is another.

  93. DERA • 9 years ago

    DERA • 9 years ago

    6 napja

    Oscars goes to COVID-19

  94. Rick Montoya

    Rick Montoya

    6 napja

    What do you expect from the lowest rated academy awards ever. Then they top it off by not even giving respect to the fallen people who contributed in creating this business. And let's not forget all the actors they forgot in the memoriam like Luke Perry, Naya Rivera, Jessica Walter and Adam Schlesinger. Who ever produced this disaster needs to be fired and exposed ASAP.

  95. J Kim

    J Kim

    6 napja

    Chadwick Boseman is the one that got the tears flowing ...

  96. DogsPlayingPoker


    6 napja

    They sure burn thru this segment fast. Guess it's so they can cram in more nauseating phony virtue signaling.

  97. Pubac


    6 napja

    to loud to fast no respect at all for any off them, worst in memoriam EVER

  98. Anna


    6 napja

    Just wondering where is Naya Rivera?!

  99. isak marken

    isak marken

    6 napja

    My head hurts

  100. Sirius Leigh

    Sirius Leigh

    6 napja

    New comer Chadwick Boseman gets more air time and the final goodbye, whilst some legends, working for decades, get barely a second... what's the message?