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Over the Shoulder F-16 Demo Cockpit Footage Myrtle Beach Airshow

F-16 Viper Demo over Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 2018 with Major John "Rain" Waters.
Garmin Virb: 360
Garmin Virb:
GoPro Session: -- Over the Shoulder Shots --
Suction Cup Mount: -- 9G tested --
Adhesive Mount:
I rainwaters27?hl=en


  1. Alessandro Lourenço

    Alessandro Lourenço

    5 órája

    Parabéns , que voo maravilhoso !!!

  2. albert diano

    albert diano

    6 órája

    Wow you never quite realize how those jets r able to have the maneuver abilities they have,being able to see it through that point of view is incredible

  3. mohd shaheen

    mohd shaheen

    14 órája

    Thank you so much for this beautiful ride without music thanks alote

  4. judesIceCream


    19 órája

    A dream So awesome as a job.

  5. Brazil Rios

    Brazil Rios


    Good pilot!!!👍👍👍

  6. Alexey Merzhiy

    Alexey Merzhiy


    Top Gun

  7. BlueLightBandit



    What an amazing job to have! I wish that I had become a pilot when I had the chance.

  8. mhavock



    Maverick! did u find Goose or not? and Dont buzz the tower!

  9. mr smith

    mr smith



  10. The ordinary athlete.

    The ordinary athlete.


    Does anybody have a video of the display from the ground? would be cool to watch them side by side.

  11. ال مخفي

    ال مخفي


    يهبا الا 😂

  12. pkern161



    This was awesome! I wish the audio from the radio was here too. But otherwise great!

  13. Haunted videos

    Haunted videos





    El F-16, creo que es el avión con las mejores vistas...

  15. UpAtDawn


    2 napja

    High praise for not ruining it with music!!! Thank you for the experience.

  16. Robert Braeuner

    Robert Braeuner

    2 napja

    Amazing! That pilot is the boss. He barely got off the runway and was already into his turn. Are adversaries take note. Our military has the best pilots in the world

  17. জানা-অজানা প্রামাণ্যচিত্র

    জানা-অজানা প্রামাণ্যচিত্র

    2 napja


  18. Scott


    2 napja

    Wow! 🤩 Incredible skills! Great video!

  19. Douglas Morales

    Douglas Morales

    2 napja


  20. Jay Edylc

    Jay Edylc

    3 napja

    Too bad I can't see a measure of G's during his flight, then again, the pilot may not want to see those numbers as they are flying either, lol. I bet feeling it as they do those banks, etc is enough! This was without a doubt WAY more entertaining than what the spectators got from the ground!! Thanks for the share!!!

  21. British Airways Boeing 747-436

    British Airways Boeing 747-436

    3 napja

    "So this is a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon" Emmet from the Lego Movie: "Haha Awesome!" 🇺🇸🤣

  22. M U S I C A L P R O S T I T U T E

    M U S I C A L P R O S T I T U T E

    3 napja

    Dat landing was smoother than my girls ass

  23. Glenn Roberts

    Glenn Roberts

    3 napja

    Actually looks pretty easy.

  24. BlubomR


    3 napja

    People at the beach got an awesome show. This was fantastic.

  25. KalWardin TV

    KalWardin TV

    3 napja


  26. Paul al-Siddiq

    Paul al-Siddiq

    4 napja

    So nice ✨

  27. John Nenga

    John Nenga

    4 napja

    Juuuuust great!?!

  28. Vlad Shpitko

    Vlad Shpitko

    4 napja


  29. Vlad Shpitko

    Vlad Shpitko

    4 napja


  30. jaydekaytv


    4 napja

    Looks like he’s throwing this thing around and it takes it no prob.

  31. easyalpha1


    4 napja

    F 16 has the best view set up on any fighter.

  32. Chad Creighton

    Chad Creighton

    4 napja

    HUeye, please take off the dislike button, people are stupid and can't just move on

  33. Thiago Braga

    Thiago Braga

    4 napja

    Eu teria desmaiado na primeira curva...

  34. Jayk Roach

    Jayk Roach

    4 napja

    Look at that flat earth. So cool!

  35. Beau Luftenburg

    Beau Luftenburg

    5 napja

    Easy day in the office! America

  36. frogs


    5 napja

    That's a better view. Shame there was no 20mm live fire at the crowd and people in cars etc. That would have made this more exciting. Try harder next time :) think about the HUeye video and the views. Just do not drop any bombs, that would be silly. Only missiles.

  37. Muhammad Fahad Iftikhar

    Muhammad Fahad Iftikhar

    5 napja

    O bhai action Apny pesoo se Mari ya humray Tex kapess se mazaay na karo fazol petrol zaya mat karo plzzz

    • Bruh Bruh

      Bruh Bruh

      4 napja


  38. John Diezemann

    John Diezemann

    5 napja

    I loved the engine sound

  39. Paul S

    Paul S

    5 napja

    I ride sport bikes and think this is almost as close to flying as a human can get. And then there's this... 🔥💯 respect! Sure does look easy but I bet it isn't.



    5 napja

    No sé ustedes, pero... al final de cuentas, también volar y volar, con el tiempo se torna aburrido; hace falta esa adrenalina de vivir entre humanos, de destrozarnos. Una vez me atreví a saltar en paracaídas, eso fue suficiente para ya no pensar en pendejadas como, saber que se sentía volar... se siente mejor aquí abajo, gracias.

  41. Eliesio Campos Campos

    Eliesio Campos Campos

    5 napja

    Tô tonto já kkkk

  42. Rob Sorgdrager

    Rob Sorgdrager

    5 napja

    No joke son, you are literally in a lawn chair strapped to a jet engine 😳

  43. Hammer Head

    Hammer Head

    6 napja

    Alien discussion : what is this guy doing ? I don't know...catching clouds maybe

  44. Daniel Cilella

    Daniel Cilella

    6 napja

    Smoothest landing ever You see this airlines????

  45. Dani Berachochea

    Dani Berachochea

    6 napja

    Me subo a una silla y me da vértigo.



    6 napja

    When your flying the F-16 in GTA5 ......but not on your PS4 controller, you're doing it in real life 😱😱😅

  47. Pete No Surname

    Pete No Surname

    6 napja

    Aircraft: 10 Flying skills: 10 Camera levelling: Nil

  48. DiguinhoGamer


    6 napja

    Quem já pensou no game gtaV curti meu comentário kkk

  49. Mazi Maz

    Mazi Maz

    6 napja

    Want one

  50. Dr HYZEN

    Dr HYZEN

    6 napja

    Hydra in 1st person pilot😍

  51. KoPp


    6 napja

    Wonderful 😍

  52. Plain Stang S550

    Plain Stang S550

    6 napja

    And he never got the chance to stretch her legs and really hit the gas!

  53. Alan W

    Alan W

    6 napja

    Two thumbs up!! top notch.... at 11:20 in the left hand banking turn if you watch his chest you can see how heavy he's breathing and I'm not talking about the turbulence either. This I assume is a time to catch your breath after all the G's. Thanks for posting.

  54. Israel Agostinho

    Israel Agostinho

    6 napja

    If in GTA I use to explode the airplane, you can imagine how it's difficult in real life 🤡

  55. marc convery

    marc convery

    6 napja

    The only thing that could of made this video better was if we could see the HUD info!!!

  56. marc convery

    marc convery

    6 napja

    Such mad footage. Feels like you are right in the cockpit with him. I’ve heard rumours about how good the F-16 visibility is and this just confirms it. You feel like you are just speeding through the air. It also amazes me how well those cockpits seal. It must be some mechanism!!!

  57. marc convery

    marc convery

    6 napja

    Why do you think he keep touching that clip on the right hand side of his mask???

    • The Afterburn Podcast

      The Afterburn Podcast

      6 napja

      Kept popping off under G

  58. john adams

    john adams

    6 napja

    Looks easy enough

  59. Dirks Auditleistungen aus dem Luftraum

    Dirks Auditleistungen aus dem Luftraum

    7 napja

    Wunderschön! Eine Frage: Warum muss er beim drehen der Maschine das ruckartig durchführen? Bitte mehr von diesen Aufnahmen! Und stets ohne "Musik " Flug pur. Mein Opa war mal so ein Pilot (in schlechten Zeiten. Leider)

  60. Марина Николаева

    Марина Николаева

    7 napja


  61. Марина Николаева

    Марина Николаева

    7 napja

  62. 拒當美國奴。


    7 napja

    shit win ?

  63. VIKTOR #

    VIKTOR #

    7 napja

    🇪🇺🇪🇺🇪🇺 EUROPA-PARK IS NOTHING IN FACT !!!!!!!!!!!😋😋😋🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

  64. brandon hennigan

    brandon hennigan

    7 napja

    Fucking amazing

  65. Shawn Engles

    Shawn Engles

    7 napja

    I absolutely looooooooove the sound of that jet engine spooling down at the top of a loop then he spools it back up towards the bottom

    • frogs


      5 napja

      20mm cannon sounds better and the screams plus the smell of fear. A missed opportunity

  66. Indy a Wich Official

    Indy a Wich Official

    7 napja

    Thanks for this great video / flying!!!

  67. David O'Brien

    David O'Brien

    7 napja

    It would be a dream to take a ride.

  68. Joey Warren

    Joey Warren

    7 napja

    Absolutely amazing! Glad you guys are on our side! Thank you for your service!

  69. Jared Mello

    Jared Mello

    7 napja

    Now I know how/why everything avionics comes back broken..

    • The Afterburn Podcast

      The Afterburn Podcast

      7 napja


  70. Garyb Burchill

    Garyb Burchill

    7 napja

    bloody hellfire! just super !!

  71. قناة تازي في الغربة

    قناة تازي في الغربة

    8 napja

    سلام الله يسهل عليك،✌️👍👍👍👍👌🙏🙏🙏🙏✈️✈️✈️✈️🇪🇸

  72. Emil Rosenberg

    Emil Rosenberg

    8 napja

    Perfect pilot ! 🏆

  73. Paweł Cichy

    Paweł Cichy

    8 napja

    What an absolute pinnacle of human achievement, both in terms of technology and body and mind training of the pilot.

  74. TS WH

    TS WH

    8 napja

    Awesome , i love USA

  75. TeaLeaf PG

    TeaLeaf PG

    8 napja

    so how much fuel does this take to do a bunch of sweet stunts?

  76. North Dakota Ham

    North Dakota Ham

    8 napja

    The sad time when you ate low on fuel and have to land..

  77. Alan Goodell

    Alan Goodell

    8 napja

    11:58 Anyone know what the pilot is punching in to the heads up display (in a high bank, high speed turn..calm as pie 🙂)??

  78. john doe

    john doe

    8 napja

    You and I paid for that gas. Glad he was having fun 🙄

  79. Undertaker Tabbert

    Undertaker Tabbert

    8 napja


  80. james alexander

    james alexander

    8 napja

    0:53, the small keypad the pilot uses looks like an ATM debit card console at Walmart. Is the pilot charging the flight to his personal account? Hope he doesn't forget his PIN for inflight fueling! Go, Air Force! Go, Navy air!

  81. Lucas Farias

    Lucas Farias

    8 napja


  82. Dragon Shadow

    Dragon Shadow

    9 napja

    Thanks for your video love it would love to do that amazing ;)

  83. stunter 28

    stunter 28

    9 napja

    I firmly believe this is the absolute best job in the world. Along with astronauts and top fuel drag racing.Always amazing to see how stable and precise fighter jets are.After seeing this I am seriously considering trading in my Honda Element for one.As long as my insurance doesn't go up

  84. meyhemmolly


    9 napja

    Buddy, you don't have enough altitude for those maneuvers. I know...because I fell outta my damn chair!

  85. DivinityzBeAsT


    9 napja

    I'm afraid of heights but this is on a whole new level lol

  86. alan smithee

    alan smithee

    9 napja

    Thank you for no horribly cheesy music

  87. Raymond Belanger

    Raymond Belanger

    9 napja

    2 sec after take-off and I'm already feeling sick....

  88. Ronbo710


    9 napja

    Must have one helluva A/C system in those . WHEW!

  89. Ryan Hubbard

    Ryan Hubbard

    9 napja

    Thank you, Major.

  90. Kamal Singh

    Kamal Singh

    10 napja

    Wowww what a talented pilot he is just a amazing. Love this ❤❤❤

  91. Borislav Seslija

    Borislav Seslija

    10 napja

    Ležaj se neki čuje...

  92. Marcel


    10 napja

    you can feel the G - Force sieeeeehhh

  93. Peter P.

    Peter P.

    10 napja

    I wanna fly with you 4:45 - that is crazy ! I know what you feel. Take care. Thank you Best regards from Silesia

  94. Bear B

    Bear B

    10 napja

    Such a narrow distance to the ground on the 360 loop at 04:45 -> not to mention the T/O

  95. Anton Nekhaev

    Anton Nekhaev

    10 napja

    Why the fastening of air mask all time secending from helmet....misunderstoob 🥺. In situation on the height above 6000 meters it is very dangerous.

  96. Paxton Harris

    Paxton Harris

    10 napja

    The sound of freedom! Sir me and my family cant thank you enough for your service and keeping the skies safe for us all. I commend your on your courage and skills you have and use daily to do what must be done

  97. marco antonio garcia mendoza

    marco antonio garcia mendoza

    10 napja

    Yo podía hacer eso me rompió el control del xbox.😅

  98. wldock


    10 napja

    What a wild and crazy ride!

  99. Eric Newgord

    Eric Newgord

    10 napja

    that....was so friggin awesome....

  100. Gunnar Stolthet

    Gunnar Stolthet

    10 napja

    I bet the neighbors love you...