Poor STUDENT SHAMED For OLD CLOTHES, What Happens Next Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

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00:00 Poor STUDENT SHAMED For Old Clothes
08:40 Recommended Video To Watch Next

Written by: Dhar Mann, Kayla Skipper, Ruben Ortiz
Idea by: Dhar Mann and Kayla Skipper
Director: Mario Rodriguez
Editor: Joel Ray
Casting Associate: Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller, Jacq Balmeo, Sherri Salazar
Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Elisandro Gonzalez
Sound: Noel Palacios
Joey - Hayden Michael Williams-Moran
Gordon - Xander J. Simmons
Joey’s Mom - Rebecca Ritz
Friend 1 - Shaun Dixon
Friend 2 - Anthony Ruggieri
Teacher - Emilie Soghomonian
Student 1 - Bubba Ali
Student 2 - Bijan Ali
Student 3 - Zariyah Gibson
Student 4 - Grace Loggins
Student 5 - Rayna Lopez
Student 6 - Julian Vidaurrazaga
Student 7 - Andrew Rodriguez
Student 8 - Elijah Lopez

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  1. Dhar Mann

    Dhar Mann

    13 napja

    Hi #DharMannFam, shop my latest limited edition merch collection, featuring your favorite iconic sayings you can wear! Check out my official shop for more: bit.ly/3muEWRk Also, for exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2 ★ RECOMMENDED PLAYLIST FOR YOU ★ - Judging Others: bit.ly/3nn3Kej

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      cleavisha adams

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    • Matenneh Sidebi

      Matenneh Sidebi

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      I hate you

    • Vithora Veng

      Vithora Veng

      5 napja

      aaay my roblox ain't working tho but im glad u put roblox in there bro cool

    • Zaria White

      Zaria White

      5 napja

      Dhar man your shows are the best, you are really teaching people I love your videos most of all of my school love your videos too your the best😁😄😆😀😃😊😉🙂🙃😇😋🤗😇

    • Gravier Fernandes

      Gravier Fernandes

      6 napja

      This is my favourite video

  2. Elysha Bostwick

    Elysha Bostwick

    6 perccel

    "I've never had an I-pad before!" *Proceeds to drop it*

  3. •{}{}{}ExoticEnnard101{}{}{}•


    11 perccel

    Oh well if it isn't Draco Malfoy!

  4. Piper The beanie boo

    Piper The beanie boo

    12 perccel

    I wisj the bully dropped his iPad by accident instead of wills by accidmet

  5. Emma Ross

    Emma Ross

    13 perccel

    I feel so bad for him is having a really hard life and they are making fun of his shirt like bruh who raised ya! Edit:I got further into the video and realised that he has someone standing up for him which is ok

  6. Roses playhouse - وقت اللعب روز

    Roses playhouse - وقت اللعب روز

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  7. Roses playhouse - وقت اللعب روز

    Roses playhouse - وقت اللعب روز

    15 perccel


  8. PlusNap


    25 perccel

    1:40 Woah big gamer moment

  9. Gabriella Ward

    Gabriella Ward

    49 perccel

    Me having one of those tablets and him making fun of it

  10. Nikolas Georgiou

    Nikolas Georgiou


    Bully: didn't animal crossing came out like 2 tears ago? Also him: wears a Minecraft(came out in 2009) t-shirt

  11. Dylan’s hyper

    Dylan’s hyper


    Bro is the kid that is getting bullied the actor of dan laruso son from cobra kai

  12. Matthew Fearless

    Matthew Fearless


    I have the same tablet gordon has its insanly old

  13. 『Mikko』 Mikko

    『Mikko』 Mikko


    OMG I had the same tablet as him and everyone thought I was soo cool for having an amazon tablet

  14. nicola rodriguez

    nicola rodriguez


    I play terraria and it is OLD

  15. Isaiah Baker

    Isaiah Baker



  16. Joelle Habeishi

    Joelle Habeishi

    2 órája

    The bully: Its not like it was worth anything anyways. The kid: :C Me: Dont worry kid, dont listen to him. Its not like he is worth anything anyways. And I would be sure to say in front of the bully to instill the fear so next time he does something dumb to him, imma roast him so hard we gonna have to call the fire department

  17. Ronit Awesome

    Ronit Awesome

    2 órája

    I do get the bullies point about old animal crossing because Animal crossing came out in 2001 and Minecraft came out in 2009 but shouldn’t bully others

  18. Joelle Habeishi

    Joelle Habeishi

    2 órája

    If I were there and the bully threw his tablet on the floor, I would snatch his tablet from his hands and throw in on the floor, step on it, then split it in half banging it on the corner of the table, and then throw it at the bully. Then the bully would say, "Its broken NOO you broke it! Now its trash because of you!" "I thought I would help you and give you something more like you." Is what I would say.

  19. Joelle Habeishi

    Joelle Habeishi

    2 órája

    Well you can know for a fact that these spoiled bullies aren't adopted... *No one in their right mind would adopt them*

  20. Joelle Habeishi

    Joelle Habeishi

    2 órája

    I used to get made fun of for what I wear in 3rd grade, and everyone was surprised when i came in with a gucci shirt for picture day. They even inspected it and looked at the tag to make sure it was legit... I didn't "dress poorly", but in their eyes dressing simply and comfortably is for peasants... I also never "dressed like a girl", or wore skirts and instead wore comfortable and athletic stuff.

  21. Gowtham .T

    Gowtham .T

    2 órája

    Why would kids at school uses tables during lunch hour 🙄. Isn't it bit too far from normal

  22. Kazadi KADIMA

    Kazadi KADIMA

    2 órája

    Dhar Mann my brother learnt not to give up because of you and we both hope we could be as successful as you are

  23. Wojtek Pat

    Wojtek Pat

    2 órája

    Imagine to have minecraft t-shirt, make tiktoks, and bully other students

  24. kailee jayne

    kailee jayne

    3 órája

    Boys: no one plays animal Crossing Me: yeah I like you cut g

  25. jayden avataro

    jayden avataro

    3 órája

    Ummmmm. Why a bike have keys?

  26. jayden avataro

    jayden avataro

    3 órája

    If I was Gordon you now what I do! Heh heh I will fight back muahahhahhahah

  27. ashly collins

    ashly collins

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  28. Amanda Dampier

    Amanda Dampier

    3 órája

    i love this video and i know its acting but its sad

  29. Adriana Kurinová

    Adriana Kurinová

    3 órája

    I would tell the teacher so he would need to pay for it bcs like my tablet is my tablet 😂

  30. Royale high Gacha

    Royale high Gacha

    3 órája

    Areseal I’d like the worst

  31. Vanessa Davey

    Vanessa Davey

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  32. The Penguin Gamer

    The Penguin Gamer

    3 órája

    it doesn't hurt to get made fun of if you ignore it

  33. Rachellicya Ristioni

    Rachellicya Ristioni

    4 órája


  34. Itspizza Wolf

    Itspizza Wolf

    4 órája

    Joey: no one plays that anymore Me who wants it horizons: wha-

  35. Fatima Alnaqbi

    Fatima Alnaqbi

    4 órája

    I like roblox

  36. Grace Elizebeth

    Grace Elizebeth

    5 órája

    Boys: Noone plays Animal Crossing anymore! We all play Minecraft. Me: Child, we are all playing Among Us and Roblox, u brats

  37. silentium j

    silentium j

    6 órája

    Hi 👋

  38. Dino Dreams

    Dino Dreams

    6 órája

    Me playing animal crossing every day:😢

  39. Hamzah Abdelrahman

    Hamzah Abdelrahman

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  40. Emma G

    Emma G

    7 órája

    I. Skap. Der. Tu

  41. chicken nugget lover

    chicken nugget lover

    7 órája

    The ipad pro is gonna break fast because how thin it is

  42. Erwin Bornales

    Erwin Bornales

    7 órája

    Me A 9 yrs old kid Also me: i wanna get that animal crossing t-shirt

  43. wx Wang

    wx Wang

    8 órája

    Dhar I Love your videos💖

  44. XGAMER 4639

    XGAMER 4639

    8 órája

    parents are the WORST. they cant just let us enjoy bullying, like is it our fault?!?! Is it our fault their poor or disabled!?!?! is it our fault its funny??!?! Damn dhar mann gotta try bullying so he can try to see it kinda funny and fun lmao.

  45. Harmone Teka

    Harmone Teka

    8 órája

    I'm going to give you Olea Farms down for every for every video



    8 órája

    7:15 it looks familiar to tommyinit's clothes that he always use

  47. Ayesha Mr

    Ayesha Mr

    8 órája

    I hate that boy with Minecraft shirt

  48. Cameron Webb

    Cameron Webb

    8 órája

    At the start when they were making a tiktok and they said that they had to start all over again they actually just started the tiktok.

  49. Ashiq Abdalla

    Ashiq Abdalla

    8 órája

    Tommyinnit shirt

  50. Ben Winduss

    Ben Winduss

    8 órája

    HOLD UP WAIT A MINUTE in the was the bully just wearing the tommyinit top?

  51. 8-P Uswah Ahsan 5886

    8-P Uswah Ahsan 5886

    9 órája

    wait... i thought the old clothes person was a girl!!

  52. night owl

    night owl

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  53. Mona Ahmad

    Mona Ahmad

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  54. • Sxft_Pillxwz ツ•

    • Sxft_Pillxwz ツ•

    9 órája

    They are playing roblox?!!

  55. LefexCoffee


    9 órája

    I like how he said "Roblox" While i was playing Natural Disasters on roblox Lol.

  56. Jeffrey Hunter

    Jeffrey Hunter

    9 órája

    What I love about this episode is that it really goes to show that sometimes on a rare occasions your enemy can become your best friend



    10 órája

    Plays Roblox really



    10 órája




    10 órája


  60. Ramen x MC

    Ramen x MC

    11 órája

    He can afford to go to minecon but he can’t afford clothes

  61. Ramen x MC

    Ramen x MC

    11 órája

    He isn’t ona route any dedidated wam to his Minecraft server

  62. Masterfy


    11 órája

    Imagine bullying in 2021

  63. []•Lazy Gang•[]

    []•Lazy Gang•[]

    11 órája

    Dhar Mann you are my inspiration I love your videos so much! I have a little note for everyone who feels insecure warning these are not All my words most of them are BadBoyHalos :> Embrace who you are okay? Who you are, anything about you that you can’t change you were born that way embrace it. And just go, Ya know what? I will be my self I am perfect in my own way. And if any one tries to tell you other wise or criticize you for any of that stuff, then just surround yourself with people who will help you through the journey, not people who are gonna push you down, there’s a lot of negativity in this world. Let’s try and spread as much positivity as we can and just... not spread negative things and just go for it! Like I said (I did not actually say it a inspiration yt did) embrace who your are, you are you! Be that’s you. Your you and anyone will never change that ok? If your ever sad look back at what I said and try to remember this “I will embrace my self. I am me. I will not be someone else.” I know I typed a lot I am very sorry if I did to much



    12 órája

    0:17 who told these kids minecraft is game of the year? Isnt friday night funkin game of the year?

  65. Alex Hi

    Alex Hi

    12 órája

    Atleast be still has his backpack lol

  66. tony saini

    tony saini

    12 órája

    Ok so some thrift stores have some very rare stuff that is worth a lot and some old stuff too

  67. Frank Gameing

    Frank Gameing

    12 órája

    6:53 look at these dudes

  68. vintagechip gaming

    vintagechip gaming

    12 órája

    Plot twist: this is Gordon Ramsey in his young

  69. Jose Solis

    Jose Solis

    12 órája

    I’m playing Minecraft to

  70. Sneha Gupta

    Sneha Gupta

    12 órája

    Yeah I can call you joey the jerk

  71. Horror Mo

    Horror Mo

    12 órája

    OH I SEE look at 7:17 He play Minecraft Tommyinnit

  72. Tamim16


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  73. Chris Gilbertson

    Chris Gilbertson

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  74. SpringBoi IsLonely

    SpringBoi IsLonely

    13 órája

    i kinda feel offended now cuz the kid made fun of Gordon for having a fire kindle and i also have a fire kindle

  75. Shandra Antonson

    Shandra Antonson

    13 órája

    I loved it

  76. Shandra Antonson

    Shandra Antonson

    13 órája

    So sad

  77. Olivia Cole

    Olivia Cole

    13 órája

    Please give me a shadow my name is Olivia I watch your videos like all the time and some people cheat people and make them feel bad and some people gay get me so much and I wish I could be on your channel but I love you keep in doing videos for me love Olivia

  78. Diana Cardoza

    Diana Cardoza

    14 órája

    stop being mien😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  79. chris epoch

    chris epoch

    14 órája

    are they playing roblox arsenal

  80. the best tho

    the best tho

    14 órája

    Btw I forgot. looser old word like movies

  81. the best tho

    the best tho

    14 órája

    Yo kid bully don't mess with me I am the best gamer will sort of btw Minecraft been long year since 2009

  82. Electrozz_Gatoradezzz シ YT

    Electrozz_Gatoradezzz シ YT

    14 órája

    Wow Dhar Mann collaborating with roblox

  83. Wolf skwod

    Wolf skwod

    14 órája

    the tablit is akshsole 100

  84. Wolf skwod

    Wolf skwod

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    d d dats m m my t t t t tadlit🙁

  85. Wolf skwod

    Wolf skwod

    14 órája

    i freking play anumol crosing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😝

  86. BlueIron270


    15 órája

    When the bully was like "Check out the new iPad Pro that my mom got me!" I was like "Check out where I asked! Hmm one sec... It must be around here somewhere...... OH that's right! I didn't ask! So you can leave now since I really don't care."

  87. Daniel Gizmo Biggest Fan

    Daniel Gizmo Biggest Fan

    15 órája

    I felt bad for Gordon

  88. Wakeya Harper

    Wakeya Harper

    15 órája

    I play roblox and I like the end 😭😭

  89. The big awesome gamer

    The big awesome gamer

    15 órája

    first how you about to wear a Minecraft shirt from Walgreens and talk about clothes' and second why isn't this kid throwing hands.

  90. Karina Tirado

    Karina Tirado

    15 órája

    he is rude

  91. Lia Crenshaw

    Lia Crenshaw

    16 órája

    I love animal crossing! Don’t disrespect the animal crossing shirt!

  92. Clare Stringer

    Clare Stringer

    16 órája

    I love your stories about empathy! This one is reallyyyy good!! 🙃

  93. Calvinsuryadi5 Time to start

    Calvinsuryadi5 Time to start

    16 órája

    It’s Covid-19 wear a mask

  94. Justin Riesberg

    Justin Riesberg

    17 órája

    I have the same tablet its a kindke

  95. Aplayclips


    17 órája

    The guy getting bullied looks like superkai64 lol

  96. Xuefino


    17 órája

    this man wearing Minecraft and laughing at that guy..

  97. Ariel Martinez

    Ariel Martinez

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  98. Hafsa Sirin

    Hafsa Sirin

    17 órája

    Roblox is sponsored in it in 8:57 :d

  99. Coopers Channel

    Coopers Channel

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    🖕to the child who was bullying

  100. ULTRA X


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    I have a nice iPad with cracks in it tho