Prometheus Pitch Meeting

Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Prometheus!
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The Alien franchise is a beloved horror and sci-fi staple, so naturally Hollywood tries to breathe new life into it every few years. In 2012, Ridley Scott made his return to the universe of Alien with Prometheus-- a not-quite prequel that follows a space crew as they deal with some scary alien threats called Engineers.
Prometheus does raise some questions though. Like why haven’t the crew been briefed on their mission until AFTER they’ve been in cryo-sleep for several years? Why does everybody take off their helmets in an alien cave? How did they get lost in the cave with amazing mapping technology? Why did they suddenly want to touch that horrifying alien snake thing? Why did David spike Charlie’s drink? What was the point of Weyland plot twist? Why was that Engineer chasing Elizabeth at the end?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Prometheus! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  1. Cam Brt

    Cam Brt

    39 perccel

    Despite the gaping plot holes and cheesiness of the whole zombie part, this move is AWESOME!

  2. Yes Please

    Yes Please

    10 órája

    The breezy salad commonly open because person ultimately weigh aboard a mature mother. smiling, rough scorpion

  3. Matze Busch

    Matze Busch

    20 órája

    this movie had one purpose and one purpose only. to create a school for running away from things. you know, for the people who dont know rincewind...

  4. burn1none


    20 órája

    it really was a pretty average to bad movie. shame everything has been trash from all the series we loved so much in the 80's an d90's. Mad Max was decent but hardly enough to change my mind

  5. SeaSugar8 D

    SeaSugar8 D

    22 órája

    Have you Pitched_SouthPark_, having to Pitch all the craziness from a bunch of 4th graders & it’s animated. Would be funny

  6. zomgthisisawesomelol


    2 napja


  7. Lindsay Gonzalez

    Lindsay Gonzalez

    2 napja

    People NEVER run to the friggin' side in movies! 🤣😂🤣 Also, the old man makeup bit! 🤣😂🤣👏👏👏👏👏👏 Thank you.

  8. Shiggity Diggity

    Shiggity Diggity

    2 napja

    That movie was hot ass garbage

  9. BluenoteNinja


    2 napja

    Please do a Pitch Meeting for Alien Covenant!

  10. Marijus Stasiulis

    Marijus Stasiulis

    2 napja

    Guy Pearce was young in "Prometheus TED talk 2013" trailer but then in movie he was old.

  11. Rossi Brennan

    Rossi Brennan

    2 napja

    Third cousin, eh? Damn Hollywood nepotism

  12. Dale Bsker

    Dale Bsker

    3 napja

    Fun video!

  13. DylanNicolasSG


    3 napja

    I recommend you do a pitch meeting for Killer Bean Forever, that would be awesome

  14. Mike Daniel

    Mike Daniel

    3 napja

    This movie is what happens when you fire all the writers

  15. Gothica Faircourt

    Gothica Faircourt

    3 napja

    FYI, Ryan -- Recently, quite of a few of the pitch meetings (eg, Prometheus, Transformers, Point Break) have been missing from the "Super Easy, Barely an Inconvenience" playlist.

  16. Walter Andriuzzi

    Walter Andriuzzi

    3 napja

    This movie is just one huge plot hole XD

  17. MrL35L13


    3 napja

    You have reruined it for me!

  18. Mike Warren

    Mike Warren

    4 napja

    Would love to see you do Roadhouse.

  19. koffeekage


    4 napja

    People seeing me watch this video: “you admire it dont you” Me : “ I admire its purity”

  20. awhislyle


    4 napja

    This guy has the perfect face for this bit.

  21. Alkis D.

    Alkis D.

    4 napja

    "Oh, very bad at running away from things! 😁" Uh, they were actually top of their class at the Prometheus School of Running Away from Things, sir.

  22. Tmor


    4 napja

    You have an alien movie for me? "Yes sir I *kind of* do"

  23. Eliza McClain

    Eliza McClain

    4 napja

    Oh yeah 🤣 I remember how crazy this movie was.

  24. sterling7


    4 napja

    What I love is that the heroine who blithely takes off her helmet on an alien planet because "there's oxygen!" is established to have had a parent die of Ebola.

  25. Shadow Prince

    Shadow Prince

    4 napja

    I need a wandavision pirch meeting the day after the season ends. That's next Saturday, BTW. You got this. Super easy barely an inconvenience, right ?

  26. Wall Froster

    Wall Froster

    5 napja


  27. Corey Garner

    Corey Garner

    5 napja

    this movie was so bad i completely forgot it existed until now.

    • Nathan Stiles

      Nathan Stiles

      3 napja

      NOthing like watching a movie, waiting for something to happen, and then it ends and you realize that was it. Oh, have you seen M. Night Shamalans "The Happening", where nothing does.

  28. cavscout1739


    5 napja

    3rd cousins, huh?

  29. Inaccessible Cardinal

    Inaccessible Cardinal

    5 napja

    Definitely a movie worth roasting.

  30. joseph woody

    joseph woody

    5 napja

    A Coco Pitch Meeting would be tight!

  31. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis

    5 napja

    The best part of this movie was Noomi's feet. 😃

  32. William Herman

    William Herman

    5 napja

    Please do a Pitch Meeting for the South Park Movie... I would love to see how Producer Guy reacts to the concept!

  33. dingonaut


    5 napja

    This movie is great.

  34. Rockster


    5 napja

    How about doing the new Tom Hanks movie, The News of the World? Or, since you've covered most of the Marvel movies, doing a Pitch Meeting for the Bill Bixby/Lou Ferrigno TV series, The Incredible Hulk? That would be tight! 😁

  35. Nate C W

    Nate C W

    5 napja

    When I was in the theaters and the robot surgery machine refused to perform an abortion, I lost my mind with laughter. My buddy joined in and then the few guys behind us completely erupted in laughs. Probably the funniest moment in scifi history.

  36. Haylee Hill

    Haylee Hill

    6 napja

    Do a pitch meeting for Willow!

  37. TheJuRK


    6 napja


  38. MattTDG


    6 napja

    Third cousin?! Ooooohhh twists that don't change anything are *TIGHT*

  39. Matthew Carson

    Matthew Carson

    6 napja

    Pitch Meetings is better than 98% of the movies that Ryan nitpicks. Change my mind.

  40. Federico Arrojo

    Federico Arrojo

    6 napja

    "third cousin" that explains why their faces look so similar

  41. Gautam Grover

    Gautam Grover

    6 napja

    Wait, so according to the New Mutants Pitch Meeting, Screen Writer Guy and Producer Guy are in love, but now according to this one, they are third cousins?! *Sweet Home Alabama intensifies*

  42. Noah Clark

    Noah Clark

    6 napja

    This third cousin bit was funny

  43. Malomori #

    Malomori #

    6 napja

    The third cousin twist changes everything ! 😦

  44. Toss R

    Toss R

    7 napja

    I think they are trying to tell you the real history of our existence. That the bannished fallen stars/angels made hybrids (giants from fairytales) and they did the dirty work for Humans. The giants got betrayed by the humans in the past history. There was a pact, humans broke it. Research Flat Earth, for the world can never be a spinning ball of water with liquid stone fire inside. That is an impassibility and therefore a Lie.

  45. lathspelz


    7 napja

    Crazy Stories. Doesn't look like anything to me.

  46. SeraphsWitness


    7 napja

    Wow, lots of meaningless loose ends in this movie. Also, nepotism!

  47. Michael Burr

    Michael Burr

    7 napja

    I'd love to see you do "as above so below". Just a thought. Watch it - it's hilariously bad.

  48. himura kenshin

    himura kenshin

    8 napja

    Man I love this movie. Ridley Scott is a fantastic director. I also love to see Ryan George do a pitch meeting about any movie ever, even though he brings up everything I never thought about during any entire film

    • himura kenshin

      himura kenshin

      8 napja

      After going through the comments, I'm pretty sure I am the only person who liked this movie

  49. Drew Berry Crunch

    Drew Berry Crunch

    8 napja

    They're so bad at runing away from things, despite having their own school for it.

  50. Nate Wolf

    Nate Wolf

    8 napja

    Still a 10/10 movie

  51. John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt

    John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt

    8 napja

    I laughed so hard

  52. Beth


    8 napja

    Please do a Meet the Robinsons Video!!!!!

  53. Audrey Star17

    Audrey Star17

    8 napja

    Ah, the Prometheus School of Running Away From Things... Good times.

  54. Tarek Chamas

    Tarek Chamas

    8 napja

    this entire movie summed up: hmmm what

  55. sam keyz

    sam keyz

    8 napja

    Hey, please do Alien Covenant. It somehow makes even less sense. Like that's possible.

  56. slkrsmobile


    8 napja

    Don't even have to watch to already know I'm going to enjoy this. Man this movie was a train wreck.

  57. Yoshi Dinono

    Yoshi Dinono

    9 napja

    YEEEEAH! This WHOLE time!

  58. James Hanley

    James Hanley

    9 napja

    Daft Punk just broke up and saying goodbye is difficult- please do a Pitch Meeting for one of their bizarrely esoteric full length music videos like “Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem,” “Electroma,” or “Tron: Legacy”

  59. Paige Chicklo

    Paige Chicklo

    9 napja

    God this movie sucked lol

  60. musokeal


    9 napja

    Watching pitch meetings about movies you've never seen is tight

  61. Maurice Mooij

    Maurice Mooij

    9 napja

    Could you do a video about the movie: Sphere? Thanks.

  62. Chris Baker

    Chris Baker

    9 napja

    Seriously one of the dumbest stories ever put on screen.

  63. Sharp Shot EFX

    Sharp Shot EFX

    9 napja

    Honestly Alien Vs Predator contributed far more to the Alien lore than whatever this was

  64. Vishnu KC

    Vishnu KC

    9 napja

    Hi Ryan... Love your work... Can we have a pitch meeting of Seven or maybe Saw?

  65. Abelhawk


    9 napja

    This sounds like an _awful_ movie.

  66. ascend p7

    ascend p7

    10 napja

    Could you do the conjuring series



    10 napja

    There was actually a scene of a young Guy Pearce on a 2020-something TED talk show, which was the only good thing in the movie so of course it’s only natural to delete it.

  68. Hanz Cuevas

    Hanz Cuevas

    10 napja

    3rd cousin? That explains why all the scripts got accepted 🤣

  69. BklynZoo


    10 napja

    The braindead plots of Prometheus and Alien: Covenant prove that Ridley Scott is overrated, while Tony Scott's films are underrated. Next time you want to make another Alien sequel, rehire James Cameron!

  70. Harqo Games

    Harqo Games

    10 napja

    "genital space cobra" *noted for title of possible metal album*

  71. TheRandomLife !!!!

    TheRandomLife !!!!

    10 napja

    A Knights tale would be a hilarious pitch meeting

  72. Loom Born

    Loom Born

    10 napja

    Ehhh... the reason the Engineer wants to destroy life on Earth and chases Elizabeth is pretty clear. No points for making it sound like stuff that gets explained doesn’t get explained.

  73. jay west

    jay west

    10 napja

    I finally understand the cinemasin joke now



    10 napja

    The prometheus school of running away from things...

  75. D'angelo JacobHymenShits

    D'angelo JacobHymenShits

    10 napja

    It's like adding a needless fact to the lore of a series: not needed but thanks, anyway.

  76. Fierceness76


    10 napja

    This Pitch Meeting was better than the actual movie. How many millions were budgeted for each?

  77. Nick Woodman

    Nick Woodman

    10 napja

    I fu#&ing hated this movie so much lol

  78. Adrian Emanuel

    Adrian Emanuel

    10 napja

    "So it's gonna be like a big reveal later? 😃" is in the running for a new recurring catchphrase 😂🤣

  79. Jb


    10 napja

    They should’ve just named this movie “unclear”

  80. Petitio Principii

    Petitio Principii

    10 napja

    I guess casting Guy Pearce as a 104 year old person makes a certain demographic feel not as old.

  81. JayzPlxyz


    10 napja

    You should honestly do a pitch meeting about alien: covenant cuz thats a sequel to this

  82. David K

    David K

    10 napja

    You two are very funny men

  83. BeepSmile


    10 napja

    Wait, I thought that there was a bit of a romantic thing being hinted at between Scriptwriter Guy and Movie Producer Guy. Like, it's no Luke/Leia in terms of, "um, wtf?" but this twist reveal is still kinda squick.

  84. David May

    David May

    10 napja

    3rd cousins? Mind. Blown.

  85. Bonneville 12

    Bonneville 12

    10 napja

    "So they die" "Sure I bet they do" Wasn't expecting to laugh more than "cold lets you know when it's cold"... but here we are.

  86. Rohan Das

    Rohan Das

    11 napja

    Hey you two look exactly the same, HOW???? One of them : Because Me : It works!! Yeah Understood, super easy barely an inconvenience.

  87. Kajetan Mazurkiewicz

    Kajetan Mazurkiewicz

    11 napja

    I just watched this without having seen the actual movie and realised that it was a very bad idea. Now I really don't want to watch the actual movie anymore. This was entertaining tho ^^

  88. Xenos N.

    Xenos N.

    11 napja


  89. Davikoi koi

    Davikoi koi

    11 napja

    I remember when I saw this movie back in the day it was on theatre and the session me and my friend bought the ticket for 11 pm was empty (I wondered why back then) So before going to the movies we ate some burguer kings, man that heavy belly and 30 minutes of this crap movie was enough for a knockout and we both slept! LOL and we just woke up after credits. we looked at each other and said: did you understand it? LOL until today this is a inner joke between us

  90. Defenstrator


    11 napja

    A lot of us saw the third cousin thing coming. The family resemblance is so obvious.

  91. S. Harrison

    S. Harrison

    11 napja

    Wait.... did he... did he say the thing?

  92. Dr Red

    Dr Red

    11 napja

    Guy Pearce said in an interview that they originally were going to show Weyland when he was younger and that's why he was cast for the role.

  93. Matthew Hanley

    Matthew Hanley

    11 napja

    Did he say, "Draw-yings" in the beginning at 0:14

  94. Kellie Frazer

    Kellie Frazer

    11 napja

    Do a pitch for rocketman.

  95. Jesse Friesen

    Jesse Friesen

    11 napja

    K this movie definitely has PROBLEMS, but I've always been fond of it despite how messy it feels. On the same playing field as Alien? Pff nooo, but you could say the same of almost every Alien sequel/prequel. I will say that a lot of the "holes" people complain about in this movie are very easily explained if you pay attention, but yes it's poorly edited and could have used at least a few scene rewrites. But I think we'd all be much kinder to Prometheus as a flawed but ambitious movie if the misleading marketing and subsequent negative response against it didn't cause Fox to pressure R Scott to suddenly ditch everything they were building up to in favor of a comparatively unoriginal Alien Covenant movie. Covenant did to Prometheus what the Last Jedi did to Force Awakens, made it an impossible mess of a franchise.

  96. C64 Striker

    C64 Striker

    11 napja

    The two that got lost not only left first, but one of them *brought and operated* the mapping equipment.

  97. Brolly5


    11 napja

    Big reveal? No. The Movie.

  98. R


    11 napja

    I still love this movie

  99. Phred Bookley

    Phred Bookley

    11 napja

    Dude, on EARTH if I saw a brand 'new' snake I'd take a step back. How are you gonna get that close to an alien snake on an alien planet as a scientist?

  100. The Viking

    The Viking

    11 napja

    Actually the third cousin thing is a twist that makes senses it explains why most of these movies were created ( off the record. yes I know it’s the same guy blah blah blah)