Rule 34 artists when they find Friday Night Funkin'

Nothing can be sacred anymore.
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  1. when you

    when you

    4 órája

    The new generation baffles me so much.

  2. The Winning Smile

    The Winning Smile

    15 órája

    "They've seen better days" ~The Winning Smile~

  3. dust man

    dust man

    18 órája

    the devs have been baiting for rule 34 since the beginning what did you expect

  4. demon sans

    demon sans

    19 órája

    team fortress 2: **Laughs in soldier**

  5. Senan McGuirk

    Senan McGuirk

    22 órája


  6. Minty Kid ramos

    Minty Kid ramos

    23 órája

    When there new game Rule 34 : okay let's get ready for people get toture My pov : this website ruin my favourite game...

  7. rz1dog



    Zone is in the game and to be fair back in the day 90% of the reason I went to Newgrounds was to play hentai flash games

  8. 1 Vida

    1 Vida


    Al chile no te entendi ._.

  9. Zyronthegod Tolbert

    Zyronthegod Tolbert


    The thumbnail got me

  10. Baby Yoda 2

    Baby Yoda 2



  11. K1roZ


    2 napja


  12. Tony Gheloster

    Tony Gheloster

    2 napja

    FNF : *exists* r34 artists: You know the rules , and so do I

  13. Metego09


    2 napja


  14. Matias Martino

    Matias Martino

    2 napja

    La baja una banda hay rule 34 de esto porque

  15. CloudyDaze


    3 napja

    You're acting as if the creators of the game weren't going to animate the opening of the game with Boyfriend attempting to Lupin Dive into Girlfriend's pussy.

  16. Slowcubeire


    3 napja

    i found this video on youtube recommendation

  17. Danasaori_repartidorauwu


    3 napja


  18. KENNY gamer

    KENNY gamer

    3 napja


  19. Eclipse


    4 napja

    Ngl I find GF attractive (yeah I'm that person attracted to fake character's deal with it) so I'm fine with the nsfw unless it's Pico, skid and pump or the father

  20. Fabiano 123

    Fabiano 123

    4 napja

    pero que mierda

    • Fabiano 123

      Fabiano 123


      @Some One i si es la regla 34 de que cada fandumb se ríe juego etc debe tener su lado nopor

    • Fabiano 123

      Fabiano 123

      3 napja

      @Some One si pero no veo ni mierda

    • Some One

      Some One

      4 napja

      rule 34: vamos a hacer que hagan se×0

  21. Gadiel GomezLizama007

    Gadiel GomezLizama007

    5 napja

    wow that was quick ._____.

  22. King Venom

    King Venom

    6 napja

    What’s the game called for education purposes

  23. all might

    all might

    6 napja

    Hey remember when you said black Men and our friends are FUCKING our mother

  24. OoF


    7 napja

    Oh no..

  25. Danny DangGang

    Danny DangGang

    7 napja

    The song for Mommy must Murder is literally called MILF it was easy bait.

  26. NESS


    7 napja


  27. Kaynafan 2567

    Kaynafan 2567

    7 napja

    Her names literally Girlfriend what did you expect?

  28. David Villegas

    David Villegas

    8 napja

    Any person that draws porn of video games needs therpy or locked in a mental asslayum

  29. Issam Cheb

    Issam Cheb

    8 napja

    Cute girl: *Exist* Rule 34 artist: Hey sweetie, I know how to make you popular... Are you Interested?

  30. The Lightskin asian

    The Lightskin asian

    9 napja

    Two things new grounds was like the hub for a bit and I’m not complaining 😳

  31. The Fazbear Rockfright

    The Fazbear Rockfright

    9 napja

    Typical Newgrounds shit. And also I mean Gf IS 19 so it's pretty much legal. If you still wanna be upset then blame ninjamuffin and his team for making Gf so THICC

  32. Mr. Bombs

    Mr. Bombs

    9 napja

    Litarally every fondom has a rule 34

  33. The Truth

    The Truth

    10 napja

    When Deltarune came out, people started making porn of it IN THE SAME DAY.

  34. Cool_Guy_Eli


    10 napja

    *The GF exists Rule 32: “Let me introduce myself”

  35. çýbęř ñęø

    çýbęř ñęø

    10 napja

    I haven't even seen the game but once it came out r34 artists came quick

  36. Samuel Tuohy

    Samuel Tuohy

    10 napja

    This is a dark day

  37. How are you Today

    How are you Today

    11 napja

    I’m passed the point of being surprised. I literally expected this to happen, it’s all a speedrun at this point.

  38. Nick Meeler

    Nick Meeler

    11 napja

    search friday night munch on youtube.

  39. [Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist

    [Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist

    11 napja


  40. B3nCastle OMG

    B3nCastle OMG

    11 napja

    sauce pls

  41. Temmie the AWAWAsome

    Temmie the AWAWAsome

    12 napja

    dang, my man went from satire to Great content, never thought i'd say this, but.. Keep up the good work!

  42. Tyson Acker

    Tyson Acker

    12 napja

    Yo is that jmg in the thumbnail

  43. CameronBallZ


    13 napja

    Rule 34 has no all

  44. Cole Rogaliner

    Cole Rogaliner

    13 napja

    just imagine the perverts rewinding the video to when the r34 drawing pops up and start drooling at it Edit: just to clarify I am not one of those people (you guys might think I am since I brought the topic up but y'know)

  45. Supreme Lego man

    Supreme Lego man

    14 napja

    Any% speed run?

  46. Soulless Tomato

    Soulless Tomato

    14 napja

    rule 34 artists: Oh, neat game. *frantic searching for female character*

  47. teuszito


    14 napja

    bruh all of the r34 artists of fnf is bad cuz they dont draw bf with blue balls smh

  48. Sandwich with kolbasa

    Sandwich with kolbasa

    14 napja

    This is why can't have nice things

  49. Alert Cristi

    Alert Cristi

    15 napja

    Well i mean some of us want to nuke the site and the pepole making the drawings we vomit to out of pure disgust to these pepole

  50. Master TopHatter

    Master TopHatter

    15 napja

    rule 34 in a nutshell kids

  51. John kelly D. Arreza

    John kelly D. Arreza

    15 napja

    NOT SLICK BOi I want you to Hate more videos.

  52. Marcus_Aloha


    15 napja

    that’s disgusting! where?

  53. mememporer 11

    mememporer 11

    15 napja

    we as humands are designed to ruin/sexuallize ANYTHING that we like

  54. Sebastian Johnson

    Sebastian Johnson

    15 napja

    I mean what do you expect

  55. Used Paper Towel

    Used Paper Towel

    15 napja


  56. Kobe ._.

    Kobe ._.

    15 napja

    This is why we can't have nice things like all the time ¦(

  57. Brand


    16 napja

    wait......... that doesnt say Funk........

  58. Shuichi Saihara

    Shuichi Saihara

    16 napja


  59. B4ngFargl3


    16 napja

    At least they are 19

  60. Sava Online

    Sava Online

    16 napja

    I was afraid this could happen

  61. Nabit C

    Nabit C

    16 napja

    No fucking link this is ridiculous

  62. Keith


    16 napja

    Uh wow thats not spooky its S C A R Y

  63. Kinko


    16 napja

    Well, what do you expect?

  64. LOL MAN


    17 napja

    Ah yes, Very Pog art

  65. Commander Ass Whooper

    Commander Ass Whooper

    17 napja

    I dont understand why people make such a great fuzz around it if its literally a rule of the internet

  66. jessie chaney

    jessie chaney

    17 napja

    we just can't get a break

  67. Sushi Rabit

    Sushi Rabit

    17 napja

    You are never safe from the grasp of some horny internet user with an art degree

  68. Cody _12 3

    Cody _12 3

    17 napja

    Don’t hate me but hey if it exist there is p*orn of it

  69. Zaneta jeziorska

    Zaneta jeziorska

    17 napja

    Browsing for some games on new grounds in a school must be bad the front page had a game called clean up all the coom

  70. Zaneta jeziorska

    Zaneta jeziorska

    17 napja

    Browsing for some games on new grounds in a school must be bad the front page had a game called clean up all the coom

  71. Mr. Kai

    Mr. Kai

    17 napja

    I mean, it’s rule 34 what do you expect

  72. • Kagi •

    • Kagi •

    17 napja

    I know I had fun

  73. Er Gastolo

    Er Gastolo

    17 napja

    Ah yes, God bless the Internet

  74. karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD

    karimitic kaeloo GREAT TEM LORD

    17 napja

    Apparently there was supposed to be an intro where Bf wants to go ⬆️ ⬇️with Gf before getting cockblocked by the father and then the rap starts

  75. Original Ari

    Original Ari

    17 napja

    I just love that stutter at the end of that.

  76. _Scratching-Post626 _

    _Scratching-Post626 _

    17 napja

    I mean it already is kinda r34

  77. Bingus man

    Bingus man

    17 napja


  78. Said Cabrera

    Said Cabrera

    17 napja


  79. Said Cabrera

    Said Cabrera

    17 napja


  80. AmazingMaćk


    17 napja


  81. Boy friend

    Boy friend

    17 napja


  82. Rabbit Selfie

    Rabbit Selfie

    17 napja

    Aaand thrr alrd rl thirrdddor uu eeeh

  83. bowser man99

    bowser man99

    17 napja


  84. Trickster’s Simp

    Trickster’s Simp

    18 napja

    I'm not too surprised. The original concept for the beginning was going to be of bf and gf about to do the nasty before they're stopped by the dad.

  85. Detailed


    18 napja


  86. Eggs Benedict

    Eggs Benedict

    18 napja

    FnF will never be the same in my view

  87. Mathieu L

    Mathieu L

    18 napja

    Bro, there was hentai on newground and there's Zone-tan cameos in it... You're... really surprised?

  88. the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged

    the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged

    18 napja

    I think y'all are forgetting that this is a Newgrounds game LMAO

    • the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged

      the edgiest edgelord that has ever edged

      17 napja

      @AmazingMaćk And it's funny that people are surprised and even appalled that porn of it exists like it was ever some pure game The guy literally put Zone-tan in the background

    • AmazingMaćk


      17 napja

      Ok and...?

  89. Feyisayo Odunlade

    Feyisayo Odunlade

    18 napja

    I mean like,Phantom Arcade did confirm that BF and GF are 19,most of the top rated things on newgrounds are rule34,the name of the game is a sex pun,the planned intro is implied rule34,theirs a M.i.lf in the game and a song with the same title,most of newgrounds top rated creators make rule34,the Gf is a cute character,so is it really that unjustified that people draw porn of it?

    • AmazingMaćk


      17 napja

      Dude you know kids play this game too...

  90. max lane

    max lane

    18 napja

    You make it sound like it’s a bad thing

  91. Achickenw1ng


    19 napja

    I personally don't mind the r34 that much-

  92. Jayden Smith

    Jayden Smith

    19 napja

    i see a dreamer

  93. Cheshire Smile

    Cheshire Smile

    19 napja

    its a game on newgrounds, the fuck did you expect

  94. Salty Saladz

    Salty Saladz

    19 napja

    Horny bastards couldn’t resist

  95. Waan


    19 napja

    aand theres already rool threethurunit

  96. Hello


    19 napja

    the thumbnail is hot

  97. Da Clown

    Da Clown

    19 napja

    What the fuck is the thumbnail

  98. Eezy Eugh

    Eezy Eugh

    19 napja

    eating👅 a burger🍔 with no❌honey 🍯 mustard

  99. XxgamerLxX 527

    XxgamerLxX 527

    19 napja

    When he said there is already rule 34 of it i was like "What did my mans say?!?!" Legit sounded like gibberish i ain't getting into tribe right now

  100. random protogen

    random protogen

    20 napja

    Why can't anything on the internet remain pure