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SCP-457 Burning Man (SCP Animation)

TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-457 Animation.
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SCP 457, also known as Burning Man, appears to be a sentient being composed of flame.
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Music by Gravity Sound.


  1. C99lydude 300

    C99lydude 300

    3 órája

    Me: it is my favourite creatures and my favourite game The rubber: I made a Pokémon and scp video

  2. BrawlyPlayz


    6 órája

    Spooder men 1:53

  3. Niño Ongcol

    Niño Ongcol

    6 órája

    I love the pokemon one

  4. Androidmk


    12 órája

    Alright using 939 as a starter just sounds like a bad idea

  5. Nathen The icewing

    Nathen The icewing

    12 órája

    Joshua graham anyone?

  6. Classic Jschlatt Comedy

    Classic Jschlatt Comedy

    13 órája

    TheRubber: It's a wild Burning Man! Me: gO pOkEbALL

  7. Savannah steedley

    Savannah steedley

    18 órája

    I love SCPokemon! I want more of this pretty please!

  8. Legend Gaming

    Legend Gaming

    21 órája

    Wait with many voices that’s ONE OF THE SCP

  9. Legend Gaming

    Legend Gaming

    21 órája

    1:51 lol 😂 3 Spider-Man’s and 3 fire man’s

  10. Kono Jojo Da

    Kono Jojo Da



  11. DAVID Buhisan

    DAVID Buhisan


    Why dont you make a video of the scp vermin man brothers bride mans best freind

  12. St.Scholastica's College Registrar

    St.Scholastica's College Registrar


    Ah yes a child freindly game x with monsters some of them that can devour u Edit:why did u put horns on charmander?

  13. Jed Gian Paulo Rosario

    Jed Gian Paulo Rosario


    SCPokemon.... Oh nooooo

  14. Angelito c

    Angelito c


    Scp - 1762?

  15. Carlo Crisanto II Buela

    Carlo Crisanto II Buela


    Wait a sec is the burning man even on Pokémon go!?

  16. Anjang Saj

    Anjang Saj



  17. Lame Noise

    Lame Noise


    Spider man mean xd

  18. 크고 긴 망치

    크고 긴 망치


    Brand , is this you?

  19. masterpig5 S

    masterpig5 S


    I like the look or idea of that charmander having horns etc. Alternate looks and alt. world Pokémon. 16:34pm 4/3/21 March

  20. Frankye M. Osorio

    Frankye M. Osorio


    kid: Can we have Charizard Mom: We have Charizard at home Charizard a home: 10:05

  21. Luiz Miguel gamer 247

    Luiz Miguel gamer 247


    Pokemon :D

  22. Nellie Nilsson

    Nellie Nilsson


    I wish I had a SCP-939 thats frienly and not that big. just a bit smaller. It would be pretty cool.

  23. Abhain Hay

    Abhain Hay

    2 napja

    The pokemon trainers don't even care that their pokemon are being slaughtered

  24. Lance Gabriel T. Madrazo 黄建元

    Lance Gabriel T. Madrazo 黄建元

    2 napja

    1:50 me and the boys playing among us

  25. princess ling

    princess ling

    2 napja

    A another scp on the video 2 scp

  26. fire wolf Gacha club

    fire wolf Gacha club

    2 napja

    I like the scp pokemon Ayyyyyy

  27. plant_bunni


    2 napja


  28. Travis Meir Agasin

    Travis Meir Agasin

    2 napja


  29. Rhys dR

    Rhys dR

    2 napja

    no u haha haha no u

  30. misha No

    misha No

    2 napja

    Wtf is this ,its like you started a regular scp video and it turned into a Pokémon themed fever dream..

  31. Oh hi I'm still garbage

    Oh hi I'm still garbage

    2 napja

    Anything: *exists* SCP Foundation: its free real estate so write it down

  32. Rahul Shetty

    Rahul Shetty

    2 napja

    6:20 why does bridge look like a roblox smile face

  33. Florensia Gustaman

    Florensia Gustaman

    3 napja

    That pokemon do not in pokemon 😂

  34. Florensia Gustaman

    Florensia Gustaman

    3 napja

    That intro is pokemon but that exgutor is dont have that three eyes in the medle

  35. 谢伦琛


    3 napja

    The nondescript step-brother spectroscopically interrupt because squid simultaneously mine after a fluffy chin. domineering, addicted cylinder

  36. Rachana Jadhav

    Rachana Jadhav

    3 napja

    1:51 I think so I know this meme

  37. Rachana Jadhav

    Rachana Jadhav

    3 napja

    Scp 457 is like heatblast in Ben 10

  38. DNF King

    DNF King

    3 napja

    Bro he’s just decimating Pokémon with SCPs

  39. Lorenzo Martin

    Lorenzo Martin

    3 napja

    1:52 lmao Spider-Man reference

  40. DayBroken


    4 napja

    he had to speedrun pokemon lol

  41. Mark Bas

    Mark Bas

    4 napja

    Rip exxegutour

  42. Onnel Francis A. Monares

    Onnel Francis A. Monares

    4 napja

    theRubber has a burning theRubber

  43. Arnold Gabriel Baquial

    Arnold Gabriel Baquial

    4 napja

    He should have brought one pokemon with him.

  44. Eleanor Peralta

    Eleanor Peralta

    4 napja

    its TheFireRubber 2:19

  45. powerful games

    powerful games

    4 napja

    Pokemon go

  46. KGK Skull

    KGK Skull

    4 napja

    This is just a Digimon, it’s demimeramon digivolving to Meramon

  47. Chill trop

    Chill trop

    4 napja

    I'm just thinking of seeing the scp right now



    5 napja

    "Return, Sherman! Go! Johnny!' "HEEERE'S JOHNNY!

  49. Night Paralysis

    Night Paralysis

    5 napja

    so we had the pokemon start and then the spider man meme

  50. Tj Mantle

    Tj Mantle

    5 napja

    Go Johnny. Johnny used Flame on

  51. xx-Rainbow-xx


    5 napja

    Pokemon gotta get em all

  52. Ultimate Duck

    Ultimate Duck

    5 napja

    Pokemon wicht this scary music is the best

  53. XylanHarrisAgno


    5 napja


  54. Vincent Prajogo

    Vincent Prajogo

    5 napja

    since when could you catch Charmander on route 1

  55. Sydney James Lau

    Sydney James Lau

    5 napja

    Anyone gonna talk about the spider holding up a d-class?

  56. Cyclops Clown

    Cyclops Clown

    5 napja

    Video: Viewer discretion is advised. Also Video: *shows a pokemon battle*

  57. Elena Duran

    Elena Duran

    5 napja

    Siren head next video

  58. Dorf_1


    5 napja

    Pokemon ?

  59. dokimaaa


    5 napja

    Plot twist: Reality has become a Pokémon game

  60. Gemma Kelley X

    Gemma Kelley X

    5 napja

    1:52 does anyone remember the meme scene with the 3 spidermen or is it just me?😞

  61. jassim abdulrhman

    jassim abdulrhman

    5 napja

    1:53 HE DID! HE DID THE THING! *air horn*

  62. K-LEANE


    5 napja

    Can you do SCP 54? (Water nymph)

  63. Mahir Rajkumar

    Mahir Rajkumar

    5 napja

    Me: all the Pokemon in the Pokemon league are shiniesss!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. matt andrei taparan

    matt andrei taparan

    5 napja

    The word "I am here " reminded me of allmight from mha manga

  65. IsSnakes Playz

    IsSnakes Playz

    6 napja

    Just learned about a new SCP yay

  66. Nigel Carl Adrian S ,dimacat Dimasacat

    Nigel Carl Adrian S ,dimacat Dimasacat

    6 napja

    and its so legendary

  67. Nigel Carl Adrian S ,dimacat Dimasacat

    Nigel Carl Adrian S ,dimacat Dimasacat

    6 napja

    I want to have that pokemon

  68. Daniel Harrington

    Daniel Harrington

    6 napja

    Top 5 greatest anime battle

  69. Angel Velasquez

    Angel Velasquez

    6 napja

    Who's that pokemon? Its the scp XD

  70. Faze Edits

    Faze Edits

    6 napja

    I’m never lighting a torch again

  71. Minecraft5882


    6 napja

    I like the intro because I’m a big fan of Pokemon, please do more intros like that

  72. 2bpppy


    6 napja

    Red and white spheres BRUH ITS A POKEBALL

  73. bbbuster


    6 napja

    Go johnny go go go

  74. dirty deeds done dirt cheap funny valentine

    dirty deeds done dirt cheap funny valentine

    6 napja

    Whose their scp numbers

  75. You are loved

    You are loved

    6 napja

    SCP’s: me Pokémon The foundation: you shall not be released to trainers

  76. Neptune _?

    Neptune _?

    6 napja

    Everyone: My favorite Pokémon Me: *Goku Black?*

  77. Mary Ann Dallatore

    Mary Ann Dallatore

    6 napja


  78. Ivancarias Gaming123

    Ivancarias Gaming123

    6 napja

    The ultimate crossover

  79. Victini PKXPRT

    Victini PKXPRT

    7 napja

    These SCPokemon battles were so nicely drawn and accurate. Thank you for that amazing video 🥲

  80. Ali Aro

    Ali Aro

    7 napja


  81. Kermit gamingdoekoe

    Kermit gamingdoekoe

    7 napja

    Thats a pokemon that tree

  82. Windo81 Games

    Windo81 Games

    7 napja

    Bridge:You 457:You Bridge:Can't 457:Can't Bridge:Have 457:Have Bridge:Fuel! 457:I wan't fuel!

  83. Windo81 Games

    Windo81 Games

    7 napja

    1:27 all might?

  84. Tom chen

    Tom chen

    7 napja

    Pokemon gotta catch em all

  85. Samudra Al Fatih

    Samudra Al Fatih

    7 napja

    My favourite pokemon is vilepume

  86. angelic demons

    angelic demons

    7 napja

    I love how most of this video is a pokemon and scp crossover

  87. The spange YT

    The spange YT

    7 napja

    Spider man meme: 1:50

  88. Jensen Pandili

    Jensen Pandili

    7 napja

    Scp 426381 Anime Portal🤣🤣🙂🤣

  89. brix valian

    brix valian

    7 napja

    His not euvlid silly😂😂😂

  90. Jason Le

    Jason Le

    7 napja

    Is this about Pokémon or the scp

  91. Texan Cowboy Cheese

    Texan Cowboy Cheese

    7 napja

    burning boi

  92. Puletua Letuli

    Puletua Letuli

    7 napja

    So you mean this SCP is nice

  93. zxexdf XD

    zxexdf XD

    7 napja

    Isnt this a pokemon

  94. Alberto Diaz

    Alberto Diaz

    7 napja

    Now I want a scp fighting game

  95. Ellie /cats

    Ellie /cats

    7 napja

    hey the burning man looks kinda *”hot”*

  96. Sumit Chand

    Sumit Chand

    7 napja

    जय श्री राम

  97. Sumit Chand

    Sumit Chand

    7 napja

    Jai Shri Ram

  98. Sarah Conn

    Sarah Conn

    7 napja

    I like this scp. Its smart

  99. KIRO


    7 napja

    SCPokémon burning man i choose you me:wait WHAT THATS ELLIGAL.

    • KIRO


      7 napja

      New game is born SCPEMON. When you start HO GOD

  100. angel bert curiano

    angel bert curiano

    7 napja

    You play pokemon