Singers' Most Popular vs Most Critically Acclaimed Songs

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Singers' Most Popular vs Most Critically Acclaimed Songs
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  1. RoomieOfficial


    9 napja

    Saw this requested for so long, happy to make it! :D Also "Worth it", the song from the other day, is now up on the Roomie Spotify!

    • Haiat Hammad

      Haiat Hammad

      2 napja

      Can you make a react to Taylor swift acoustics?🥺❤️🙏

    • Lynx Storm

      Lynx Storm

      2 napja

      Lets gooo

    • Haiat Hammad

      Haiat Hammad

      5 napja

      React Taylor swift live vs acoustic please 🥺🙏❤️❤️

    • Queen Chill

      Queen Chill

      6 napja

      What about all too well by Taylor Swift instead of Blank Space

    • joeydamisfit Gaming

      joeydamisfit Gaming

      6 napja

      Fantano is kinda an idiot

  2. Adryanna Mataele

    Adryanna Mataele

    6 órája

    Calling Mirrors MESSY was so disrespectful and I took it personally. I’m also a new subscriber 🤣

  3. b a r b y

    b a r b y

    6 órája


  4. Andrea


    9 órája

    How fricken cute is this guy?!

  5. Rilwan Lawal

    Rilwan Lawal

    10 órája

    Ryan Tedder wrote Halo. He’s awesome 👏

  6. Andrea Rolher

    Andrea Rolher

    11 órája

    Well i agreed with you in everything except Justin Timberlake, im so tired of Can't stop the feeling



    11 órája

    Maybe most popular vs fan favorites for a video idea

  8. xNovar


    17 órája

    15:25 the word song sounds so weird haha

  9. Nancy Pom

    Nancy Pom

    18 órája

    I loooooooove Mirror !! Come on Roomie :)

  10. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    19 órája

    Ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from listening to Marvin Gaye

  11. Ben Smith

    Ben Smith

    19 órája

    Roomie grow a beard it’s coming already!

  12. Mythicalthings


    19 órája

    I like both blinding lights and can't feel my face but Fuck that chorus in can't feel my face ruins the song for me. It's a tone shift that I think is too different. Blinding Lights feels like it stays consistently good throughout the whole thing.

  13. egliukas


    21 órája

    Im 1 week late beat that

  14. egliukas


    21 órája

    U dhould listen to songs The Roop makes its in eurovisian

  15. Jeffson178



    yay.... im a pleb!

  16. Lynn For Le Win

    Lynn For Le Win


    -Good song with good beat- Joel: Those donuts look good I’m just teasing

  17. whitney hill

    whitney hill


    Blinding lights was a better song... fight me about it.

  18. Michelle Zhang

    Michelle Zhang


    “She looks sad” Me: oh wow hard to tell lol

  19. CallMeLee



    drake hasnt made a good rap song since 2011. He went pop, and dumbed down. Not bad, but I personally liked him better when he was Hip Hop

  20. Lina



    The Weekend and Michael Jackson have similar voices? What?! SINCE WHEN?

  21. Jamie King Games

    Jamie King Games


    Can't stop the feeling is so annoying, and what contributes to that is that my class had to learn it for some unknown reason and because of that it was on 7 times in 5 and a half hours, so my opinion I hate it because of school

  22. Jahneika Playz

    Jahneika Playz


    My sister lied on me Me heyyeayeayeayea

  23. Karlee Rogers

    Karlee Rogers


    Did no one notice how Dark Horse from Katy Perry’s music video was cultural appropriation??

  24. Monkey Banana Monkey

    Monkey Banana Monkey


    The melon should have given mbdtf a 10

  25. Kenneth Chambers

    Kenneth Chambers


    This is why no one likes you 2:41

  26. Sophie Doolan

    Sophie Doolan


    From an epileptic fan, the strobe lights on the jay-z song made me feel pretty unwell. A warning would have been appreciated. Thank you x

  27. ItsSohanNotSohana Q

    ItsSohanNotSohana Q


    Rating national anthem #3 rate: Belgium, Germany but from the channel duke of canada and Bosnia Herzegovina

    • ItsSohanNotSohana Q

      ItsSohanNotSohana Q


      And more!

  28. Maiden DE

    Maiden DE


    Starboy is the best The Weeknd song by far IMO.

  29. Pander-Monium Studios

    Pander-Monium Studios

    2 napja

    Oh, an thanks for bleeping it out you are so nice 🥰

  30. Pander-Monium Studios

    Pander-Monium Studios

    2 napja

    Why yes, Blinded by the lights is my 5th favorite song lol

  31. Mariana Tarcia

    Mariana Tarcia

    2 napja


  32. dracopalidine


    2 napja

    I'm just not convinced spotify plays are the best indication of popularity. That could have just been like you heard it on tik tok or something and wanted to check out the song once. Maybe I'd go for singles bought and downloaded?

  33. Aby Harm

    Aby Harm

    2 napja

    Dark horse is the most popular because it’s a famous tik tok song

  34. Jonathan Christen

    Jonathan Christen

    2 napja

    Who else is pissed that he didn’t listen to all of what’s goin on

  35. Dawson Syvrud

    Dawson Syvrud

    2 napja

    Roomie when he listens to all of blonde 😢😢😢

  36. Elle S.

    Elle S.

    2 napja

    Roomie is the only person who doesn't make me feel bad for having a Katy Perry obsession at 9 lmao

  37. Abby Gail

    Abby Gail

    2 napja

    14:04 pretty sure Hotline Bling isn't by Frank Ocean....

  38. The Agamer

    The Agamer

    2 napja

    Blank space was for a time my favorite song

  39. LittleSwiftie girliSUPERFAN

    LittleSwiftie girliSUPERFAN

    2 napja

    Long Story Short, My Tears Ricochet when he said Blank space is most critically acclaimed coz it's acc all too well You will only properly get this if you're a true swiftie 😉😉

  40. Eliza Wolf

    Eliza Wolf

    2 napja

    When you said she looks sad you sounded like SpongeBob 😂😂😂

  41. Abigail Warhurst

    Abigail Warhurst

    3 napja

    When I was listening to Frank Oceans Thinkin' Bout You all I could hear was "a potato flew around my room before you came"!!!

  42. Marine BlzPrh

    Marine BlzPrh

    3 napja

    Wow the clip of What's going on gave me chills. It was so powerful and fragile at the same time.

  43. Andrea Erdely

    Andrea Erdely

    3 napja

    Whenever I forget about total bops, and want to make a new playlist to ~vibe~ to, I watch your "vs" videos.

  44. MI Mashups

    MI Mashups

    3 napja

    The way I was about to say I'm surprised I agree with you on everything and then you did Mirrors dirty lmao

  45. Odd Eyes94

    Odd Eyes94

    3 napja

    With Katy Perry, my favorites are Firework, In Another Life, and E.T.

  46. Sonal Sharma

    Sonal Sharma

    3 napja

    In my pOV I would say that some of these "critically acclaimed" songs aren't even really critically acclaimed. I thought thay Blank Space is Taylor swift's most popular song at first but yes Can't Feel my face definitely has a Michael Jackson vibe to it so yes I prefer it over blinding lights but still bliding lights is still a great song infact you can just HATE a song becuz I mean like HATE is kinda a strong word to some of these but yes everyone has their own choice of taste so have a good day:)))

  47. Kine AG Hoff

    Kine AG Hoff

    3 napja

    WooOW!!! Who Could See THAT COMING? FACE Full Of FIST !!! Is Jonas Upset With Joel today?

  48. Cheyanne Bannister

    Cheyanne Bannister

    3 napja

    Joel doesnt actually come up with the list his editors do... I think... I hope 😬😬

  49. Malachi A

    Malachi A

    3 napja

    I like the more faux-retro-sounding music tbh, I prefer Blinding Lights over Can't Feel My Face.

  50. MacGamer Media

    MacGamer Media

    3 napja

    You defined the singer’s most popular song by listens on Spotify? Why? Why not use multiple platforms like Spotify and HUeye? Using Spotify alone was probably the worst way you could’ve gauged this.

  51. Nathan Wilbrink

    Nathan Wilbrink

    3 napja

    Roomie is a critic

  52. diorjiu


    3 napja

    joel, mirrors is about justin’s late grandparents 🥺

  53. Asya Patil

    Asya Patil

    3 napja

    I agree

  54. Adib mishra

    Adib mishra

    3 napja

    Am I the only one who just learnt that you can drag songs into playlists on Spotify?

  55. Luciano Benjamin Cadin

    Luciano Benjamin Cadin

    3 napja

    petition for Joel to review Frank Ocean music

  56. Roudha Mohammad

    Roudha Mohammad

    4 napja

    Me:not knowing what critically acclaimed songs mean ;-; Everyone:ye I agree it is everyone again:NO NO I DONT AGREE AITH THAT SONG CANT FEEL MY FACE me:still doesn’t know what critically acclaimed means ;-;...

  57. attack fleed

    attack fleed

    4 napja

    Who critiques the critique?

  58. william cecil

    william cecil

    4 napja

    I love the weeknd new music so much better

  59. marvin daroy

    marvin daroy

    4 napja

    Mirror hits different for me. One of my fave songs ever.

  60. FutureMe


    4 napja

    Taylors biggest song should be "look what you made me do"!

  61. Tashfin Khan

    Tashfin Khan

    4 napja

    Am I the only one who thinks this man kinda looks like cole sprous??

  62. ManKid Rides

    ManKid Rides

    4 napja

    I'd really like the melody of blinded by the lights, but after seeing it first with the video it infuriates me that someone is popularising driving and reckless behaviour in conjunction with drugs and alcohol. So incredibly irresponsible to set such an example to impressionable young adults >_

  63. Andy Thefoodguy

    Andy Thefoodguy

    4 napja

    Wait what? Surely Marvin's most famous song is, let's get it on? I mean I know the statistics don't lie, but I'm really surprised.

  64. Nav


    4 napja

    Joel acting like he didn't put "pp" on purpose for the "most popular"

  65. x xLoser126x x

    x xLoser126x x

    4 napja

    I honestly knew that blinding lights was the weekends most popular song

  66. Epic Beats

    Epic Beats

    4 napja

    Dude roomie actually got me mad😒

  67. Martina A

    Martina A

    4 napja

    A potato flew around my room before you came- RIP vine 💔🖤

  68. Arman Mahmood

    Arman Mahmood

    4 napja


  69. Sasuke Uchiha

    Sasuke Uchiha

    4 napja

    Roomie I suggest checking out Aaron Smith's song called: Dancin' (Krono Remix) it's better than the original song (if you have seen it)

  70. Dunny King

    Dunny King

    4 napja

    Him saying ayy is just weird

  71. Trini Suarez De La Llosa

    Trini Suarez De La Llosa

    4 napja

    I NEED you to rate Little Mix

  72. Cecilia Sosa

    Cecilia Sosa

    4 napja

    Martin garrix is Dutch

  73. Julian Vizcaino

    Julian Vizcaino

    4 napja

    You have the best voice😍😍😍

  74. Ika Fonseca

    Ika Fonseca

    4 napja

    Mirrors sounds just like Cry Me a River

  75. R4NDOM K1D

    R4NDOM K1D

    4 napja

    wtf at 15:25

  76. Alex Kier

    Alex Kier

    4 napja

    I think the reason you agree most with the critics is because you're a produces so you see the music by their face value, technical production, etc., unlike the general public that listens to music because of the lyrical story, the "feeling" or simply because it's easy/fun to listen to.

  77. Levin Konstantin

    Levin Konstantin

    4 napja

    5:02 Im dying ahahahahahaha

  78. David Robinson

    David Robinson

    4 napja

    Starbucks anyone after listening to Blank Space? ;)

  79. julia catherine

    julia catherine

    5 napja

    Mad you weren’t vibing to “what’s going on”. That one is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL melody. And that Mirror diss???? Joel just loves upbeat pop. Not hating at all just disagree lol loved this video

    • marvin daroy

      marvin daroy

      4 napja

      Maybe because Roomie can't sing ballad🤣🤣🤣. He only appreciates upbeat songs.

  80. Alif Hussaini

    Alif Hussaini

    5 napja

    Bey most acclaimed song is formation...

  81. sprayhere


    5 napja

    I get taron egerton vibes aka little eggsy from kingsman when roomie has his glasses on

  82. Sara Powell

    Sara Powell

    5 napja

    I think Katy's song Dark Horse soared to her most popular because of TikTok lol, it's everywhere!

  83. Brian Doroteo

    Brian Doroteo

    5 napja

    Sir could you react to JESSICA VILLARUBIN'S "I SURRENDER"?🤣🤣

  84. Zeynep Bozkurt

    Zeynep Bozkurt

    5 napja

    aaaaah maybe 🤷‍♀️

  85. Ester Silva

    Ester Silva

    5 napja


  86. FoOls GoLd

    FoOls GoLd

    5 napja

    tbh i agree with roomie 100%

  87. Tyler Medley

    Tyler Medley

    5 napja

    6:31 why does he always make these sad af

  88. Breezy Big Boy

    Breezy Big Boy

    5 napja

    I can just imagine Joel struggling to draw those bubble letters in the beginning

  89. Combio


    5 napja

    i thought this guy knew music, but then he said that he haven't heard either of Pyramids and Thinkin Bout You by Frank Ocean.

  90. Eledramel


    5 napja

    I am the 39.369th Like :D

  91. 彡[ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]彡

    彡[ᴅᴇᴀᴅ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ]彡

    5 napja


  92. brickinthewall86


    5 napja

    You should listen to random songs and guess how old they are. Doing this everyday at work and i am often shook how wrong i am

  93. Abbie Casey

    Abbie Casey

    5 napja

    the person that kept on recommending this must be so happy rn

  94. N Da Payne

    N Da Payne

    5 napja

    me: **listening to a song** HUeye cc: **MOOSIK** me: THE- WH- HUeye: what now? me: call the police HUeye: **bans me** Me: **screaming** NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP

  95. game corner 101

    game corner 101

    5 napja

    Omg thank you for putting U2 in a vid

  96. Treble Games

    Treble Games

    5 napja

    I always thought it was potato and not tornado

  97. Jonáš Junek

    Jonáš Junek

    5 napja

    This video was sponsered by: Singer celebrities critiques

  98. Heyimabean


    5 napja

    All I can think of when I hear blank space is technoblades remix Blitz lol

  99. Coconut ScienceGirl92

    Coconut ScienceGirl92

    5 napja

    To be fair, children shouldn’t listen to the weekend 😂😂

  100. Марат Солодкий

    Марат Солодкий

    5 napja

    Max Martin did both songs of Weeknd...