SKINS - A Movie So Painfully Weird It's Almost Unwatchable

seriously wtf is this movie
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you guys already know I used banjo kazooie music in this
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  1. Elvis The Alien

    Elvis The Alien

    11 napja

    note: this movie wasn't released in 2020, rather it was popularized by Netflix in 2020, that's why I said it was the weirdest movie of 2020 Also new merch let's gooo!! :

    • Alex Bajus

      Alex Bajus


      Pls do 'Aladdin and the Death Lamp' next

    • dont be dumb

      dont be dumb


      You gotta do monsturd its amazing 🤣. Its free on youtube. Its about a turd monster. Simply brilliant I say.

    • Donut eater

      Donut eater


      A great movie to react to is "Ghostland"

    • Benito Productions

      Benito Productions

      2 napja

      Pls do escape from tomorrow

    • ChanCeNecK


      2 napja

      Reminds me of the human centipede...

  2. Enrique Vezeau-D

    Enrique Vezeau-D


    ok i've seen a lot of weird spanish movies *but this has simply gone too far*

  3. Koz



    Please check out Taxidermia if you want something weird!

  4. Lil' Peach

    Lil' Peach


    "humans are weird....which is why im gonna be a mermaid"

  5. birbo


    3 órája

    that mini jschlatt scene lmaoo

  6. Dorian Issock

    Dorian Issock

    5 órája

    Thanks for spoiling key information for Border, without any warning. Jerk.

  7. Mercedes


    6 órája

    dammit the jschlatt quote really hit me

  8. Fer blancart

    Fer blancart

    7 órája

    Spanish here, this movie cost to the taxpayer 1 million euros in subsidies becouse 'investment in culture' but in reality is a sort of clientelism, the gov pay 'artist' for theese thigs and the artists supoort the government. disgusting, as the movie

  9. Konrad V

    Konrad V

    7 órája

    Your Shop Support doesnt answer

  10. Spear Of Targon

    Spear Of Targon

    7 órája

    A review of Dogtooth would be great

  11. Robert Moses Cabreta

    Robert Moses Cabreta

    7 órája

    1 word WTF

  12. EOD 423

    EOD 423

    9 órája

    You still need to review Tammy and the T-rex

  13. A Crazy Sheep Dog

    A Crazy Sheep Dog

    9 órája

    Please review Attack of the Killer Doughnuts, I’m begging on my knees, o’ holy Elvis! 🙏

  14. Isabel Lorena

    Isabel Lorena

    10 órája

    Why does it say that the F

  15. Artur Miller

    Artur Miller

    11 órája

    4 sec into the video and i already wanna cry

  16. Drew Fox

    Drew Fox

    12 órája

    Need to check out the movie The house that Jack built.

  17. DatB0i0 95

    DatB0i0 95

    13 órája

    Review willys wonderland

  18. hhris C

    hhris C

    13 órája

    I can't finish watching this

  19. hhris C

    hhris C

    13 órája


  20. John Conlin

    John Conlin

    13 órája

    If you have Disney+, you should do a review of Secret Society of Second-born Royals, it's god awful but I think you can easily make a hilarious review about it.

  21. Raven definitelyover18

    Raven definitelyover18

    13 órája

    Honestly this seems like a film I’d enjoy

  22. Soviet Family Guy

    Soviet Family Guy

    14 órája

    You need to do Willys wonderland it’s the best Nick Cage movie since color out of space

  23. Steve Shand

    Steve Shand

    15 órája

    You need to watch "the creature below" on amazon.... Whoahhh we've got all the terrible acting terrible audio a character who's basically getting off with a giant squid creature

  24. DoodleDog Productions

    DoodleDog Productions

    16 órája

    Good job I'm not even 5 seconds in and I'm already interested Also, this (15:06) also implies that her digestive system is flipped upside down........

  25. Lenny Anderson

    Lenny Anderson

    16 órája

    Truly disgusting, that “some” people would do such a horrible thing

  26. Carl Wheezer

    Carl Wheezer

    19 órája

    You should watch moontrap target earth the effects are so bad its funny

  27. Trivedam


    21 órája

    3:37 A WHAT?!??

  28. Levi Leal

    Levi Leal

    22 órája

    Ok, you gotta review "A Serbian Film Movie"

  29. cailin daigle

    cailin daigle

    23 órája


  30. Dawa -Brawl Stars

    Dawa -Brawl Stars

    23 órája

    Can u do the movie willys wonder land

  31. BMT115



    Martyrs is still more fucked up to me...

  32. billy jenna

    billy jenna


    this Mac & Me sequel is wild.

  33. Tehya Whelan

    Tehya Whelan


    i watched this film when i was 11 thinking i was about to watch the tv skins ( not that it was much more age appropriate than this but still) and i think i’m still processing it

  34. chata w tatrach

    chata w tatrach



  35. TechnoMaster*



    I am so glad this movie is monetized one week later

  36. foreign swagger

    foreign swagger


    wtf is this movie

  37. Noah Anders

    Noah Anders


    Elvis I would love to see your opinion and thought on Willy Wonderland another wonky Nick cage movie

  38. Brutus228



    Dont know how to feel, when ever i play Banjo and hear this song now im going to remember this movie. Thanks. I hate it.

  39. Prajwal AM

    Prajwal AM


    Would you review "the babysitter" I mean you musta seen it!!

  40. Narcissus



    It's definitely not her first time a...

  41. Hollis Ledlow

    Hollis Ledlow


    heyo elvis, I recommend the movie “Bad Taste” , Peter Jackson’s first movie! The same guy who made Lord of the Rings!

  42. David Konevky

    David Konevky


    I literally have just seen 10 seconds of this video and I'm already terrified of the rest

  43. Kiana melen

    Kiana melen


    Are we not gonna talk about the random picture of schlatt

  44. Tammy Watt

    Tammy Watt


    7:29 schlatt?

  45. Maisha Broski

    Maisha Broski


    *i need to watch this movie to fuel my obsession with horrible movies*

  46. Stitch



    I just started this and I swear to god if there is a scene where she is shitting out of her face I’m done

  47. Michael Gray

    Michael Gray


    Yo jschlatt my mans called u out lmao😂

  48. Clodbusting1987



    I think they put a pedophile in this movie is not because they are comparing pedophilia to people with disabilities, but they created a character that is a pedophile that is ashamed of the fact that he is one. Him being a pedophile inevitably causes suffering for his family, then which causes hatred for himself. No matter what happens, there will always be suffering in that situation. This is something that is very real and very depressing to sone families in real life. If a director wanted to properly put this scenario in real life life and create a depressing movie about humanity, then they would create a similar story, but one which was less weird and more depicting of a real life scenario. Also, I would take this movie much more seriously if Samantha actually had a physical deformity that someone could have in real life and not a butthole mouth. I do see an opportunity of a movie that is a more realistic representation of several people who have struggles in life that interact with each other.

  49. Chemical




  50. Ayden Hoople

    Ayden Hoople


    Can you do divergent

  51. Mr WeEb

    Mr WeEb



  52. I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom

    I'm not a regular mom I'm a cool mom


    I was trying to eat my cup of noodles 🍜 😩

  53. WhatPlantsCrave2006



    Please review "Dracula: 3000", which has zero connection to the "Dracula: 2000" franchise.

  54. Adrian May

    Adrian May


    Pls make people ruin everything. pls here some youtubers,call of duty, harry potty,fall guys and the amazing world of gumball.

  55. Mista JC

    Mista JC


    Elvis is pretty hot.

  56. MKF30



    Preacher already beat this movie with the "assmouth" lol one of the main characters tried killing himself with a shotgun, messed up his face and literally left with a Ahole mouth lol. But yeah this movie looks weird...

  57. Taiyo Renai

    Taiyo Renai


    I 100% thought the thumbnail was edited as a joke, and those weren’t actual shots from the movie, but this movie is just that much of a joke

  58. Funky Student

    Funky Student


    DO NOT eat while watching this. You will heavily regret it.

  59. Kali Bee

    Kali Bee


    Haven't watched this review for more than 5 minutes and my brain is like help over seeing butt mouths xD

  60. Gabrielle Redmond

    Gabrielle Redmond


    Did anyone else ever see the isolated clip of butthole mouth girl at the restaurant taking a mouth dukey on the menu after the waitress laughed at her? I waited for that scene when I finally watched thre movie and when it didnt happen, I got serious Mandela effect

  61. txr



    And I had to pay for this with my taxes, because no one will watch this on their own volition, and therefore subsidies, because is _’’’culture_’’’ ...Thanks Ministerio de Cultura y Educación, I hate it

  62. xd Bardock0381

    xd Bardock0381

    2 napja

    I cant even look at the screen

  63. Dylaye


    2 napja

    Elvis is my cool uncle from this day on

  64. Muddy Muz

    Muddy Muz

    2 napja

    Straight out of the left's playbook, including normalising pedophilia.

  65. siwap


    2 napja

    3:37 she looks like Gordon from Agents of SHIELD S2

  66. JarlBalgruuf


    2 napja

    What the fuck? Why does it exist? What's wrong with the person who created it? Why are we here? Just to suffer...

  67. Jasmine_Plum


    2 napja

    Yo try reviewing Willy's Wonderland

  68. Odin


    2 napja

    You should review Frankenfish! It was my top worst movie for many years 😂

  69. Davalin Jones

    Davalin Jones

    2 napja

    S C H L A T T

  70. Irenej Michaľák

    Irenej Michaľák

    2 napja

    Can you watch this TV show named "Premiér" it's so painful for us from Slovakia and Czech Rep. hope you have fun watching. It's rating on ČSFD is 0.2%.🙂

  71. Salty Syren

    Salty Syren

    2 napja


  72. Kuro Neko28

    Kuro Neko28

    2 napja

    Is Samantha drinks from her mouth thats in her but that means all of her organs are like upsidedown....which considering how normal her body shape is and good health shes in just wouldnt possibley work

  73. The Beautiful Psyche

    The Beautiful Psyche

    2 napja

    Hey could you talk about how That Vegan Teacher is upset because she can’t say a racial slur. She also made a video by putting a black doll next to encouraging words but the words are an anagram for N****r.

  74. DerpiDyno


    2 napja

    I didn't know you were How To Basics, nice

  75. mepic animations

    mepic animations

    2 napja

    You should review one of these: rubber ( about a killer tire), or killer piniata (self explanatory),

  76. Janine Manning

    Janine Manning

    2 napja

    potty mouth

  77. Bolt Manectric

    Bolt Manectric

    2 napja

    Okay but why does the multi-main character thing and also the pink bear mascot remind me of Paranoia Agent.

  78. Snoopy Bollox

    Snoopy Bollox

    2 napja

    There's a shiiiit show called skins in the UK it can't be worse than that...



    2 napja

    The more terrifying thing about this video is a cutting from a picture with a woman with an asshole for a mouth and seeing Nick Cage standing there smiling 😂

  80. Wolfe


    2 napja

    Hey elvis, you should review the 2019 horror film, The Evil Down The Street. It’s pretty bad.

  81. Cavalier-13


    2 napja

    The title is...accurate

  82. Mah B

    Mah B

    2 napja

    But this movie is not from 2020

  83. paula carmona

    paula carmona

    2 napja

    I felt so bad watching this movie, because almost all of the actors are very well known and extremely good at their job, and this movie does them SO dirty

  84. paula carmona

    paula carmona

    2 napja

    I’m Spanish, and as a representative of the Hispanic and Spanish community I want to make sure I let every single one of you that we DON’T claim Eduardo, thank you very much.

  85. Ali Z.

    Ali Z.

    2 napja

    the story of the girl with the skin over her eyes and the waitress was... strangely sweet. That's the only real good highlight of this movie, honestly.

  86. Okay then

    Okay then

    2 napja

    5:51 those guys are arseholes

  87. christopher daniel

    christopher daniel

    2 napja

    I'm not a perv, but this film makes me curious. I'll probably check it out, even if causes me trauma & brings about contempt & ridicule.

  88. Lizi Emma

    Lizi Emma

    2 napja

    the schlatt reference my god

  89. Jasper van Son

    Jasper van Son

    2 napja

    Do a review of "Destruction Los Angles". It's just really bad

  90. ChanCeNecK


    2 napja

    The Ring Thing is still worse...

  91. Mohammed 176 Egypt

    Mohammed 176 Egypt

    2 napja

    Can you do ‘mosquito’ pls?

  92. tortellini


    2 napja

    this movie would have an assault scene, I’m not sure how to explain it, it just gives off those vibes



    2 napja

    If you want to see some gory shit... The Human Centipede 2 and A Serbian Film are my too best cards. Trust me you are not prepared for those ones

  94. Roberto Quintana

    Roberto Quintana

    2 napja

    You should do “Willy’s wonderland”

  95. Hello There

    Hello There

    2 napja

    Can u review [rec1]?

  96. Satan


    2 napja


  97. joe mamma

    joe mamma

    2 napja

    wait so when she takes a dump that means she has to... NOPE, NO WE ARE NOT GOING THERE

  98. shaun humphreys

    shaun humphreys

    3 napja

    I just love that nicholas cage lifesize standup behind you. that's when i started watching your videos, pre nic cage standup, no....please do another nicholas cage movie, or another of those terrible shark movies.

  99. Iroquois Plisken

    Iroquois Plisken

    3 napja

    please do a review on willy wonderland

  100. Skip Cox

    Skip Cox

    3 napja

    reviw the horror movie: The Hunt please please please