Son, buy a Roomba
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  1. Bread Boys

    Bread Boys


    The pizza box was a coffin

    • Infinite Vlogs

      Infinite Vlogs

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      @Dr Krab the bread boys are insane

    • Dr Krab

      Dr Krab

      7 napja

      please tell me where to get a crusader outfit I really want one lmao

    • Gravestone999


      15 napja

      @TheChosenTwo I'm the 783rd.

    • Łeøň Sām

      Łeøň Sām

      16 napja

      @Seek Spike I'm th 727th person to like this

    • Luke Mullis-Rollwage

      Luke Mullis-Rollwage

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  2. PanzerKampfWagen VI Tiger

    PanzerKampfWagen VI Tiger


    "Time to commit mass genocide."

  3. Epic Pancake

    Epic Pancake

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    1:01 lolol

  4. Demir Cem Studios Official

    Demir Cem Studios Official

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    This was posted on my birthday

  5. Emfroggy01


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    Holy shit he put a dent in the trashcan

  6. Wireless Heirloom127

    Wireless Heirloom127

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    father, your helmet is rusty

  7. Bernie Ezlopez

    Bernie Ezlopez

    5 napja

    Maybe it’s a premium package 😂

  8. : IaMaweSOMe :

    : IaMaweSOMe :

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    I'm still wondering why they burnt two more matchsticks and threw it on the half-burnt pizza box as if it's gonna make a difference.

  9. Glacias was the best Webcomic

    Glacias was the best Webcomic

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    “Time to commit mass genocide” Me too buddy, me too

  10. tbsnιPer➆➀


    6 napja

    Been watching semis the first episode

  11. C0NM4N 1132

    C0NM4N 1132

    6 napja

    My dad in a nutshell.

  12. Damien Tiefenauer

    Damien Tiefenauer

    6 napja

    He escaped

  13. Fernando Rogério de Souza Candelária Filho

    Fernando Rogério de Souza Candelária Filho

    7 napja

    Tem brasileiro que é fa deles alem de min

  14. Luciano Rubio Pineda

    Luciano Rubio Pineda

    8 napja

    He is the perfect father

  15. Hello


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    The roomba is the quiet kid: “All I feel is pain, now you will too” “Time to commit mass genocide



    9 napja

    Son,buy a bread And then,a bread comes and it is *EXPIRED*

  17. Beau Heikkinen Holden Is King

    Beau Heikkinen Holden Is King

    9 napja

    father has a gun, wtfff



    9 napja

    And than it come back on a scary night

  19. wanna yasser

    wanna yasser

    10 napja

    He was watching ceeday btw

  20. HemoryX


    10 napja

    But as they look closer... Its just a box they burned, and at that moment they knew they -fucked- up

  21. Prabhu Prasad

    Prabhu Prasad

    10 napja

    Always remember, the chances of getting killed by a roomba is low but never zero.

  22. Roman Broggi

    Roman Broggi

    11 napja

    me : *stands on couch* the roomba : BRUH

  23. alpha_nice


    11 napja

    fortnite no pls



    11 napja

    Dad has someone superior *thing

  25. Un Juan Cualquiera

    Un Juan Cualquiera

    11 napja

    We're is the holy shotgun when they need it?

  26. Ali Yar

    Ali Yar

    11 napja

    1 anormal day

  27. Jordan Nunes

    Jordan Nunes

    11 napja

    0:50-1:10 These are literally my 2 dogs.

  28. Cynical Savior

    Cynical Savior

    11 napja

    Ey ceeday you got good taste my dude

  29. Mxcurrie X

    Mxcurrie X

    12 napja

    Me when I started the video drinking water *CHOKES ON WATER* HOLY SHIT 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Salvador


    12 napja

    Damn, did father just made a dent on the trash can?

  31. Lilyanna Autumn

    Lilyanna Autumn

    12 napja

    Swaggersouls should do a video with Bread Boys.

  32. Some Asian Dude

    Some Asian Dude

    13 napja

    but to this day we still dont know what happened to the camera man

  33. leo Messi

    leo Messi

    14 napja

    Sounds like zombies in black ops 1:09

  34. Original Name

    Original Name

    14 napja

    I know what that video was at the start, it was a Ceesay video, specifically the 5 heavy sniper one

  35. 2026-Justus Brabo

    2026-Justus Brabo

    14 napja

    a doomba

  36. Glenda Worsham

    Glenda Worsham

    15 napja

    Dad: BUY A ROOMBA Computer: BUY A ROOMBA

  37. Corrupted X

    Corrupted X

    15 napja

    Was this that one youtuber’s roomba? The one that swears?

  38. Moral


    15 napja

    0:08 Father; Son what are you doing? Son; I'm watching Ceeday Father; Cool CLEAN THE ROOM AND BY A ROOMBA!

  39. Oofinity


    15 napja

    "I will commit mass genocide" -A Roomba

  40. Elodia Miranda

    Elodia Miranda

    15 napja

    Was he watching ceeday

  41. Sebass


    15 napja


  42. jobobian


    16 napja

    is he watching cringe fortnite? cringe

    • Never gonna give u up

      Never gonna give u up

      16 napja

      He’s watching ceeday.

  43. dimensional 95

    dimensional 95

    16 napja

    The over the top shouting makes me laugh soo much 😅

  44. Luke Mullis-Rollwage

    Luke Mullis-Rollwage

    16 napja


  45. KınG Baldan

    KınG Baldan

    16 napja

    None warriors Bread Boys

  46. Vimal Soma

    Vimal Soma

    16 napja

    0:33 "is it suppose to come with a knife" me: yes its pain-bot

  47. CainGamerTV 2.0

    CainGamerTV 2.0

    16 napja

    *I will commit mass genocide*

  48. Dope Empire

    Dope Empire

    16 napja

    Ummm why do u have soo many guns ???

  49. Wolf


    16 napja

    My man did bot just dent a metal trash can

  50. soprolo


    16 napja

    Let’s take a moment to realize that he kicked the trash can and dented it

  51. Ethan Meeks

    Ethan Meeks

    16 napja

    Nice helmets you were guys

  52. AFK 740

    AFK 740

    17 napja

    No se ingles pero esta cargado

  53. Kevin Mitchell

    Kevin Mitchell

    17 napja

    My man's was watching Ceeday

  54. Baby Yoda do do do

    Baby Yoda do do do

    17 napja

    The battle roomba is defeated

  55. Akshit Bedi

    Akshit Bedi

    17 napja

    Is that the outfit of Templar Knights of europe >?😕

  56. Sponser eagle

    Sponser eagle

    17 napja

    Headset is cool btw

  57. Euclid


    17 napja

    A premium package

  58. Lei Chrysler

    Lei Chrysler

    17 napja

    Breadboys play castle crashers

  59. RokiRoki


    18 napja

    The camera man has some shiny plot armor

  60. Kanna


    18 napja

    0:00 holy shit its genshin impact

  61. Taylor Brown

    Taylor Brown

    18 napja

    wait hold on just a minute i saw rust on father's helmet... is he aging?

  62. The soviet gamer

    The soviet gamer

    19 napja

    Alt title: 2 crusaders threatened by a small succ boi with a knife



    19 napja

    Plot twist : the shotgun is actually the fathers wife

  64. Call of duty Wow

    Call of duty Wow

    19 napja

    There scared of a roomba

  65. Rain Tardado

    Rain Tardado

    20 napja

    0:06 "agora não dá" Eu fui o único que ouvi isso? '-'

  66. Daxy LF

    Daxy LF

    20 napja

    0:48 is so funny

  67. Supreme Lix

    Supreme Lix

    20 napja

    Is father your actual father

  68. GDGoldi


    21 napja

    I like how Father is slowly becoming a good father

  69. Robertstay 2k

    Robertstay 2k

    21 napja

    Anyone else thing of micheal reeves

  70. PartOfTheNight


    21 napja

    Roomba go BRRRRRRRR

  71. ROG_ Rager

    ROG_ Rager

    22 napja

    What's your fn

  72. Adriaan Albertyn

    Adriaan Albertyn

    22 napja

    We bought one last week and when we turned it on for a few minutes it sucked one of the Christmas presents 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  73. The Geeky Preacher

    The Geeky Preacher

    22 napja

    You know, I kind of just want more skits like this one! The Bread Boys just having random hijinks going on instead of just Son getting shot for being a weeb!

  74. Aaron Barnes

    Aaron Barnes

    22 napja

    Why is he watching Ceedays old video

  75. Kevin’Z 0_o

    Kevin’Z 0_o

    22 napja

    Roomba is iRobot

  76. EmilianoFics


    23 napja

    ijuesupinshe mare

  77. Dominik Šamánek

    Dominik Šamánek

    23 napja

    Templars Is best knight ever,do you hate ?

  78. OsamaGX


    23 napja

    I understand now why assassin's hate templars

  79. Damir Jelic

    Damir Jelic

    23 napja

    I think fathers helmet is getting a lio Rusty. I would reccomend WD 40 every 10,20 days

  80. XXX Iruku

    XXX Iruku

    23 napja

    In the beginning, the guy using the computer was watching ceeday

  81. SlightMonster27


    23 napja

    Robots are evil...

  82. PurpleHeartE54


    23 napja

    Is nobody gonna talk about Son having Genshin Impact as his wallpaper?

  83. Sean Taggart

    Sean Taggart

    23 napja

    Me: i have a bobi *that's turned off*

  84. Winston Reddit

    Winston Reddit

    24 napja

    He’s playing heresy

  85. OOF


    24 napja

    when chuckie is a robot

  86. Gabriel Bitencourt

    Gabriel Bitencourt

    24 napja

    Ah yes inquisition

  87. Anton Hartman

    Anton Hartman

    24 napja

    Buy old roomba, just pull pin and viola. You can't die anyway...

  88. TB-26


    25 napja

    Why man, the roomba would be a great ally to help conquest Jerusalem

  89. Holden Hicks

    Holden Hicks

    25 napja

    Why burn a dominos pizza?

  90. Guardian Sentry

    Guardian Sentry

    25 napja

    When they said is that the roomba I heard is that a supra? Even though I've seen this before. BRAIN WHY YOU DO THIS!?!?

  91. Christopher Contreras Aguilar

    Christopher Contreras Aguilar

    26 napja

    The new killer weapon for war we need it for WW3

  92. XdeadpoolX1800


    26 napja

    I saw that ceeday on the computer

  93. RMS Titanic

    RMS Titanic

    26 napja

    *imma commit a mass geniside*

  94. Nethra Anandan

    Nethra Anandan

    26 napja

    I am scared of my roomba now 😟

  95. R N Jeebus

    R N Jeebus

    26 napja

    0:33 When you say Clean the room and the roomba autocorrects to clear the room:

  96. Frank AutiWele

    Frank AutiWele

    26 napja

    Roomba sounds like an egirl brr.

  97. Rashto 69

    Rashto 69

    26 napja

    are ya watching Ceeday son?

  98. Rosa Teodora CAHUANA HUAMAN

    Rosa Teodora CAHUANA HUAMAN

    27 napja

    RIP Roomba 2020-2020

  99. Goodygoodiegood


    27 napja


  100. The Game of the Play Gaming

    The Game of the Play Gaming

    27 napja

    for some reason a Roomba with a knife or no knife taped on it is the best and cutest thing I’ve seen, *I don’t know why*