Songs that get Europeans TURNT!

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Songs that get Europeans TURNT!
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  1. Saturninha


    7 perccel

    now joel HAS to do an eurovision songs video

  2. Noëlle de Vree

    Noëlle de Vree


    What we learned today is that all Europeans except Joel get turnt to Stromae 😂

  3. Dinosaur Gamer

    Dinosaur Gamer

    3 órája

    I'm Canadian and most of these songs got me turnt

  4. Burçak Büşra Yayla

    Burçak Büşra Yayla

    5 órája

    Omg 3 turkish songs wowa

  5. Немного Странный

    Немного Странный

    6 órája

    10:18 omg YES!!! I was waiting and hoping for Roomie finally finds out about Maitre Gims !!! 😍😍😍 (yeah, english not my strongest, sorry 😂 )

  6. Немного Странный

    Немного Странный

    6 órája

    Roomie not knowing Coco Jambo kinda cringe bro 😂

  7. Nadia Corpataux

    Nadia Corpataux

    9 órája

    It's really really really humiliating to have this version of Bella Ciao

  8. Rohan Nalawade

    Rohan Nalawade

    13 órája

    How doesn't Sofia go into ??. This is outrageous.

  9. Rohan Nalawade

    Rohan Nalawade

    14 órája

    Bruhhh listen to Sofia. It's sooo good. All of Alvaro Soler's songs are. Definitely turnt

  10. Pines


    15 órája

    I recently made myself a playlist filled with nostalgia songs and this video had a few I had forgotten to add, thanks!

  11. Twyla Proctor

    Twyla Proctor

    16 órája


  12. Aluna Shepard

    Aluna Shepard

    18 órája

    Hey, I STILL get crunk to that rapid fire section of the chorus in La Tortura

  13. Miki gamer pro

    Miki gamer pro

    20 órája

    The first song is Romanian and I am Romanian it's cool that you like the song :)

  14. Janko Leovic

    Janko Leovic

    21 órája

    It honestly depends from country to country...

  15. vurhur


    21 órája

    a few of the songs in the question mark category were Albanian. I would love if you could check out some Albanian songs, there are a lot of good ones. ^^ Some of my favourites artists rn are dafina zeqiri and yll limani much love from a fellow european

  16. Tiffy


    23 órája

    Me, an American: the first half of this list: TURN AF the second half of this list: wut even are these songs?

  17. shubham sharma

    shubham sharma

    23 órája

    Our choice in music is basically the same 😂

  18. stan ateez

    stan ateez


    Please he said no to some of my favs 💀

  19. Devil Bird

    Devil Bird


    Did his editors move too or did he get new ones

  20. mons jodi

    mons jodi



  21. Sophie Lafarque

    Sophie Lafarque


    Joel saying that Stromae doesnt turn him made me sad but bc he said "alors on danse" with his accent i mean ok i forgive you lol

  22. Clémentine Deplace

    Clémentine Deplace


    Ne me dites pas qu'il a aimé Maître Gims et PAS Stromae ?!?

  23. Mr GoSsIP

    Mr GoSsIP



  24. Ivy Doll

    Ivy Doll


    Joel disrespecting 'The Final Countdown' isn't acceptable 😔🤦🏻‍♀️😂 planning to have it played at my death bed 💀

  25. CSOCSO



    Never heard of coco jumbo??? what? how?

  26. maria guerrero

    maria guerrero


    Im from mexico and some of them i do

  27. Traduzindo Crochê 'Geovana'

    Traduzindo Crochê 'Geovana'


    I need this playlist 🙏🏽 thank you

  28. Vivia Waag

    Vivia Waag


    Just realized that Wham has a Choose Life shirt. I love that! Anti-suicide, anti-drugs, anti-abortion... just a pro-life movement, that is still going on. Just means alot to me, since I suffered from suicidal depression, for almost ten years.

  29. Cristina Crissa

    Cristina Crissa


    Why do I know every song here!?

  30. Cristina Crissa

    Cristina Crissa


    4/5 Romanian songs and you didn't like Inna?! Can't believe it..

  31. Silentsky


    2 napja

    How come you don't know coco jambo?

  32. Yaren Aksoy

    Yaren Aksoy

    2 napja

    holy shit the way you imitate Tarkan lol i love it

  33. Didi adityawarman

    Didi adityawarman

    2 napja


  34. Samantha Charlton

    Samantha Charlton

    2 napja

    No cinnamon buns down here, people???

  35. Samantha Charlton

    Samantha Charlton

    2 napja

    Is this the happiest I've ever seen him??

  36. Whimsical Glory

    Whimsical Glory

    2 napja

    I disagree with some of the songs but yes

  37. Natalia Vesga

    Natalia Vesga

    2 napja

    Im latina and still Iget turnt to so many of this It's awsome

  38. Julie Walsh

    Julie Walsh

    2 napja

    Erm, TURNT!!!!!!! ....

  39. Mohd Kumail

    Mohd Kumail

    3 napja

    He is baised...he hate Enrique n pitbull...because ur jealous of them

  40. Maria Robitu

    Maria Robitu

    3 napja

    So many songs by Romanian artists, I am happy right now 😁😁.

  41. Elisabeth ARMSTRONG

    Elisabeth ARMSTRONG

    3 napja

    I love how all the french songs in the compilation are songs that I, a french person, either hate or used to vibe to in elementary...

  42. Dilan Uslan

    Dilan Uslan

    3 napja

    Tarkan, Reynmen, Mahmut Orhan and Mustafa Sandal taking place in a video! Wow I got chills and also the song Lost In Istanbul.. Man, this video made my day :D

  43. Amanda Carolina Rodrigues

    Amanda Carolina Rodrigues

    3 napja

    No for Anitta and Gustavo Lima. Already love you. ♥️

  44. kolim jone

    kolim jone

    3 napja

    Apple bottom jeans, boots with the jeans, with the jeans!, got the whole club looking at jeans

  45. ZenPriestRandom


    3 napja

    Turkey isn't in Europe, fight me!

  46. loner games

    loner games

    3 napja

    Where the sh!t is Alan walker

  47. Robin Fancey

    Robin Fancey

    3 napja

    Stromae fans unite!

  48. Robin Fancey

    Robin Fancey

    3 napja

    How do you not like Papaoutai?? And Indila? might like Parle à ta tête

  49. Karla Paredes

    Karla Paredes

    3 napja

    Tengo, tengo la camisa negraa porque negra tengo el almaa yo por ti perdí la calma y casi pierdo hasta mi cama, cama cama cmon baby te digo con disimuloo que tengo la camisa negra y debajo tengo el difunto Nah temazo

    • ñaña ñaña

      ñaña ñaña


      el comentario en español que no sabia que necesitaba

  50. Kelsie Carpenter

    Kelsie Carpenter

    3 napja

    I’m American and I got thrown back to getting hyped on some of these with my friends ( the few I had at the time 😂)

  51. J.R. Swish

    J.R. Swish

    3 napja

    This should be called "what Americans think Europeans listen to but it's just what they listened to 15 years ago"

  52. cafekkoXoX


    3 napja

    I think the songs we get turnt are those we went crazy too while drunk... even when they're not good. Alcohol makes you connect with songs that will never ever leave you xD

  53. MA_DD


    4 napja

    Coco jambo is the greatest song wym!?! Low musical culture

  54. Georgia Arnaouti

    Georgia Arnaouti

    4 napja

    I think every single one of the Spanish songs I have heard of them and they're all sick af! We really do love songs that makes us dance

  55. Tova Söderberg

    Tova Söderberg

    4 napja


  56. Robert Janus

    Robert Janus

    4 napja

    And when you say "YESSSSS" to Rihanna

  57. thewitchbasket


    4 napja

    This is just the "Songs that get white people turnt" playlist but with slightly more Latin music

  58. Florencia Miguel Peñaranda

    Florencia Miguel Peñaranda

    4 napja

    So, apparently I'm European...

  59. Amaiur Puente

    Amaiur Puente

    4 napja

    cotton eyed joe, the final countdown, papaoutai and balada hurt

  60. bouytt guyt

    bouytt guyt

    4 napja

    Guys the original Bella Ciao is an Italian song but the Vitaa version is also French. She sings in French. That’s why Joel said it was in French.

  61. Nobleit


    4 napja

    Now I know I'm pure European

  62. Alina Gonçalves

    Alina Gonçalves

    4 napja

    Joel not passing "The Final Countdown" by the SWEDISH band Europe hurts my soul

  63. Blue Cain

    Blue Cain

    4 napja

    Cotton Eyed Joe deserved better sksksk Also, disappointed at the lack of greek songs in this mix, their catchy pop is everything

  64. Olivia


    4 napja

    All these songs just warm my heart. My whole childhood summer in Europe

  65. DJ Dav

    DJ Dav

    4 napja


  66. Mo oh

    Mo oh

    4 napja

    A French song that turnt any French person is L'aventurier by Indochine !

  67. Kunoichi4ever


    4 napja

    Yeah as a European I can cosign that they killed it with the first half of the songs but went into a very weird territory with the second half of the songs.

  68. Ana Isabel Santos

    Ana Isabel Santos

    4 napja

    31 nooooooo, am I not european after all?

  69. Stacy's Grape Soda

    Stacy's Grape Soda

    5 napja

    Finally some turkish songs that are not Tarkan in this channel! 😂😂😂

  70. Lezl0r Letztlich

    Lezl0r Letztlich

    5 napja

    I love La Camisa Negra!!

  71. _gamma


    5 napja

    STROMAE! I love him! Shame he's retired. PS: Stromae is a form of French slang, it's Maestro except with the syllables swapped :)

    • _gamma


      3 napja

      @Robin Fancey that's it!

    • Robin Fancey

      Robin Fancey

      3 napja

      Verlan :)

  72. Less Jin

    Less Jin

    5 napja

    Please, appreciate Russian music!

  73. Choucheeeenn


    5 napja

    You're comment on Europe - Final Countdown :'( so rude to remind people how old they are

  74. yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    5 napja

    Apple bottom jeans, boots with the jeans, with the jeans!, got the whole club looking at jeans

  75. Karman Studio

    Karman Studio

    5 napja

    Ok where is Despacito and This time for africa. You play those among eutopeans and all of them will be turnt.

  76. André Fourie

    André Fourie

    5 napja

    "Feuer frei" - Rammstein

  77. Gabriela Andrea Ortiz Barreto

    Gabriela Andrea Ortiz Barreto

    5 napja

    I love there was many Puertorican artist songs in this ^w^

    • yasio bolo

      yasio bolo

      5 napja

      please react to the most popular latino songs (sorry for the english my native language is portuguese)

  78. Salty Korekiyo kin

    Salty Korekiyo kin

    5 napja

    me just here, waiting to see if anything by The Orion Experience comes up.

  79. Prasanna K M

    Prasanna K M

    5 napja

    WEEEEEEEEEEE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD JOOOOELLL'SSS GNOME LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Mateus Babireski

    Mateus Babireski

    5 napja

    Mó vacilo n gostar do gustavo lima kkkkkk

  81. traversaguilar


    5 napja

    Mexican here 👋🏻 and I did get turnt by almost the same ones as you

  82. Maria


    5 napja

    I'm surprised Joel dislikes many of Shakira's Spanish songs, like ??!?!?!!!? are you tasteless or ??? Just listen to them, they're really catchy, and it's just... IT'S JUST SHAKIRA, I MEAN ?? THE LATINOAMERICANA GODDESS ????? pls listen to them carefully, you won't regret it.

  83. Enrique Parisca

    Enrique Parisca

    5 napja

    Its the tongue smile at 2:03 for me

  84. Turtle


    5 napja

    Roomie: There is a lot of French songs. Also him: saying it on a Italian song.

  85. Nelly BAE

    Nelly BAE

    5 napja

    Nothing from Aya Nakamura?

  86. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    5 napja

    i love his laugh

  87. Florentine Nice

    Florentine Nice

    6 napja

    Sofia / coco Jambo Like you NEVER heard of those? Wtf?

  88. Zighi 15

    Zighi 15

    6 napja

    Roomie : Bella Ciao is a French song

  89. MEduarda FiumaS

    MEduarda FiumaS

    6 napja

    Poor Gustavo LIma he's such an sertanejo icon here in Brazil

  90. MEduarda FiumaS

    MEduarda FiumaS

    6 napja

    Joel react to latino music please, I'm brazilian and the only music that is from my region that you saw was "Ai se eu te pego" by Michel Teló and I realy dont like that song so please react to the most popular latino songs (sorry for the english my native language is portuguese)

    • sehhi vooty

      sehhi vooty

      5 napja

      5:33 what you are saying is that you like the ”beverly hills cop” theme. wich is fair enough cus its fantastic. :)

  91. MEduarda FiumaS

    MEduarda FiumaS

    6 napja

    Joel please react to latino music

  92. Mari San

    Mari San

    6 napja

    I know it's not a "dancing song", but if you're going to show Vitaa we all know French would get fucking turnt to "Confessions Nocturnes"

  93. Petit Sam

    Petit Sam

    6 napja

    I love watching this as a French

  94. jordan favre

    jordan favre

    6 napja

    1,2,3,4 = shit / 5 = yeah /6 =shit / 7 = yeah / 8,9 = shit / 10 = yeah / 11,12,13,14 = shit / 15 = yeah / 16 = shit / 17 = yeah / 18 =shit / 19 = meme / 20,21,22 = shit / 23 = yeah / 24 = shit / 25 = yeah / 26,27,28 = shit / 29,30 = yeah / 31,32,33,34,35,36,37 = shit / 38 = yeah / 39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57 = shit / so 46 shitty song (not turnt), 10 good song (turnt) and 1 meme song (?)

  95. Bunco


    6 napja

    My ex liked to play sandstorm on his ocarina and it's just stuck forever in my mind it was amazing

  96. Avoq_cado UwU

    Avoq_cado UwU

    6 napja

    lol im australian and i love all of these

  97. Lea Ka

    Lea Ka

    6 napja

    Whaaaat?!?! You haven't heard of Alvaro solers Sofia?!?! Whuuuut?😂

  98. Dareos1988


    6 napja

    Indilas song would have turnt you if you would have waited for the rest of the band joining. Actually has a nice groove I personally like.

  99. Xephy


    6 napja

    I don't usually listen to songs like this but I cannot disagree with absolute most of them