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Superhero Wannabe | SCP-2241 Cameron The Crusader (SCP Animation)

TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-2241 Animation.
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SCP 2241, also known as Cameron The Crusader, is a seven-year-old, brown-haired male humanoid which has a minor telekinetic ability and is showing signs of a latent reality bending ability.
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  1. bullet proof cheese

    bullet proof cheese

    3 órája

    Ahhhhhhh idk why this is interesting and fun to watch

  2. Suraj Pandey

    Suraj Pandey

    5 órája

    Ahh why that doctor is with rubber always

  3. Guest Oof

    Guest Oof

    10 órája

    When I heard Cameron say Shield like the avengers I IMMIDEATLY THOUGHT HE WAS A CLONE OF A HERO

  4. LiK


    11 órája

    X-men-inspired SCP

  5. Brock Gear

    Brock Gear

    11 órája

    Wannabe no HE IS

  6. Suigetsu


    11 órája

    ayo thats my name

  7. Marquisee Mthembuu

    Marquisee Mthembuu

    21 órája

    "We some kinda Suicide Squad"

  8. C Mikhail

    C Mikhail

    21 órája

    WHy the fuck are 3000+ scp seem to feature depressed people turned into scp

  9. Nicholas 14 Carter

    Nicholas 14 Carter


    Sounds like quicksilver's sister

  10. Âstrø_Gāmíñg



    Wanabe gay?

  11. Tallis Brown

    Tallis Brown


    wait, the scp foundation has an ethics committee? i just realized something... there is cameron the crusader there is the young girl there is the witch lady and there is the children. something aint right.

  12. Megan Bermudez

    Megan Bermudez



  13. Acei Gmail

    Acei Gmail


    you think his parents are looking for him the hole time he is at the scp-foundation

  14. Daequan Hendricks

    Daequan Hendricks


    So comic looking




    Cameron the Crusader, the Master of Monkey Poses

  16. Eric Amaya

    Eric Amaya

    2 napja

    5:31 is funny lol ngl

  17. Reenz


    2 napja

    Is this Wiccan? *Scarlet Witch's son*

  18. Edrian Thomas Tom

    Edrian Thomas Tom

    2 napja

    "Like the avengers" yes we have to send one prisoner down to the bottom to to die so we can keep something contained

  19. bengerman yearesley

    bengerman yearesley

    2 napja

    6:00 well at least it was just a bomb it could’ve been worse

  20. Rei Ryghts

    Rei Ryghts

    2 napja

    wait until he finds out about the experiments

  21. the ricing rice

    the ricing rice

    4 napja

    Sounds like some anime fight at first

  22. Ish


    4 napja

    Perfect opportunity missed imo. Could have guaranteed his cooperation, test, and use him more efficiently. Tell him he's an employee like SHIELD as they did to entice him, then treat him like one. Tell him the foundation has Villians (SCPs) captured with no way to be eliminated and are a constant risk, and they believe and hope he can defeat them. This satisfies 2241, then the foundation can tell him he needs to train (run tests) to control and hone his powers, train his thinking etc. Could potentially even use him for real at some point to terminate dangerous SCPs or even assist the MTF squads.

  23. M200 Da Pōtætō

    M200 Da Pōtætō

    4 napja

    Achievement unlocked : “ *Return to sender* “ And he is not a Crusader if he does not wish to retake the holy land and scream “DEUS VULT” every time Jerusalem is mentioned

  24. Shades Kakashi

    Shades Kakashi

    4 napja

    oh i thought its seven from little nightmares

  25. Gerald Ballinger

    Gerald Ballinger

    5 napja

    0:35 why do i feel like i'm gonna have a good time? (underfell sans says good time instead of bad time)

  26. CrowN Kool

    CrowN Kool

    5 napja

    My name is Cameron and I am angy

  27. :D


    5 napja

    I want to give him a hug :')

  28. Somebody


    5 napja

    If I had these powers everything would turn into nerf gun darts until I'm 76

  29. janice vizco

    janice vizco

    5 napja

    Scarlet witch lost son ahhaha

  30. Kosmic


    6 napja

    There should be a score movie

  31. Λгktuгus_425


    6 napja

    This feels awkward cuz my name is Cameron as well...

  32. Goat Monster Jas

    Goat Monster Jas

    6 napja

    Cameron the crusader.....sounds like every deviantart overpowered Mary Sue in one bullshit SCP

  33. nosac


    6 napja

    2:32 we got a tom riddle case here

  34. Missy Miami

    Missy Miami

    6 napja

    The kid is about to do a crusade on the bad guys

  35. Mark Saemo

    Mark Saemo

    6 napja

    He's Kinda Cute 😳

  36. Spadeboi


    6 napja

    Genderswapped wanda maximoff

  37. zeroOgden Enzo

    zeroOgden Enzo

    6 napja


  38. SanF


    6 napja

    6:55 why did you repeat the thing we already saw?

  39. GD joogie

    GD joogie

    7 napja


  40. Ayaskant Mahapatra

    Ayaskant Mahapatra

    7 napja

    So can SCP-2241 defeat SCP-076 or SCP-096 or SCP-173?

  41. julya elya

    julya elya

    7 napja

    It should be cruth crusader

  42. Jay Manuel berrey

    Jay Manuel berrey

    7 napja

    She could stop scp 2399

    • Niño Angelo T. Castillo

      Niño Angelo T. Castillo

      7 napja

      your'e basically right

  43. Jedi Ottsel

    Jedi Ottsel

    7 napja

    Will he’s no Jedi but his Abilities wii get stronger with time.

  44. Faze lightboy

    Faze lightboy

    7 napja

    What scp are you

  45. Tiffany Yvette

    Tiffany Yvette

    7 napja


  46. Carl Frederick

    Carl Frederick

    7 napja

    Interviewer: Why not run and call the police? Me: Cus he aint no bitch!

  47. April Latham

    April Latham

    7 napja

    “Anime wannabe” should be its real name

  48. Dawn ScLim

    Dawn ScLim

    8 napja

    Somehow this wasn't themeil classed ,still cool , anyway make more vids!

  49. Timothy beryl sibuea

    Timothy beryl sibuea

    8 napja

    I want to bee 2241 pls scp staff

  50. Jaleel Shamsuddin

    Jaleel Shamsuddin

    8 napja

    Bruh. If just 1 of any of these SCPs went haywire we'd be so fucked

  51. D Class

    D Class

    8 napja

    What a sweetheart- Honestly, I wouldn't mind being sent to talk to this SCP!

  52. Judd Barrientos

    Judd Barrientos

    8 napja


  53. Daniel Regnard

    Daniel Regnard

    8 napja

    A super powered child being raised in an containment/ lab environment. Why am I'm being reminded of Homelander here???

  54. Gul Eyy

    Gul Eyy

    8 napja

    Bruh he is the alternate version of Scarlet Witch

  55. Adian Pleho

    Adian Pleho

    8 napja

    But... Can he beat goku? 😅😅

  56. the hated_ chip

    the hated_ chip

    8 napja

    My name is kameran but spelled waaaay differently

    • the hated_ chip

      the hated_ chip

      8 napja

      how i spell my name is how you spell mine

  57. Dragonator 2009

    Dragonator 2009

    8 napja

    This kid is billy from wandvison

  58. Josh sim

    Josh sim

    8 napja

    Soooo mlitida but even more powerful and a is boy

  59. luminous dragon

    luminous dragon

    8 napja

    How MHA is gonna start Let's hope Cameron starts a family and they also get abilities

    • luminous dragon

      luminous dragon

      3 napja


    • Kaguya Otsutsuki

      Kaguya Otsutsuki

      4 napja


  60. Stella183 Galaxy

    Stella183 Galaxy

    8 napja

    This kinda reminds me of my hero academia

  61. Bryan Doles

    Bryan Doles

    9 napja

    Reality bending events are common during containment breaches of this magnitude... During containment breaches of this magnitude... DURING CONTAINMENT BREACHES OF THIS MAGNITUDE.... DO NOT TRUST YOUR SENSES

  62. Tow Khan

    Tow Khan

    9 napja

    Why does Cameron looks like Mono from Little Nightmares 2

  63. Miraculous Crew

    Miraculous Crew

    9 napja

    I had custom SCPs of my own does anyone wanna hear them?

  64. your average AL4N

    your average AL4N

    9 napja

    *“Superhero wannabe”* hol up

  65. Adriána Zubáková

    Adriána Zubáková

    9 napja


  66. Rexfor Toast

    Rexfor Toast

    10 napja

    So basically John Walker Captain America but instead of Captain America it’s Scarlett Witch?

  67. CamJam


    10 napja

    3:40 what did he say

  68. CamJam


    10 napja

    The only thing I wannabe is someone that friend sand family can rely on.

  69. Marisa Whelan

    Marisa Whelan

    10 napja

    Why is Cameron so cute

  70. Wayne Newcomer

    Wayne Newcomer

    10 napja

    I love sheld

  71. Gabored18


    10 napja

    Thats not a power is a stand

  72. dog girl lush

    dog girl lush

    10 napja

    The scarlet witch

  73. A G

    A G

    11 napja

    Cameron maximof

  74. leefamilyfashion


    11 napja

    post SCP-5167 PLLSS?!

  75. Michael Rodriguez

    Michael Rodriguez

    11 napja

    I get that morality and ethics are secondary concerns for SCPF to put it mildly, but treating this innocent child like some object to exploit is just evil.

  76. Cuevas Tristan

    Cuevas Tristan

    11 napja

    Soooo He's Wanda But A Boy

  77. Bruh Man

    Bruh Man

    11 napja

    Bro if I saw him I would give him my switch

  78. GachaClubMemesandChallenge


    11 napja

    Cool power

  79. kartuuse


    12 napja

    I fiel bad for him

  80. Thia Apostol

    Thia Apostol

    12 napja

    i wish i have powers like that

  81. aybeerkseker


    12 napja

    He is basickly Wanda Maximoff

  82. Dark Lazzes • 11 years ago

    Dark Lazzes • 11 years ago

    12 napja

    It's all fun untill the SCP foundation revel they are real

  83. BigBroBrain


    12 napja

    its like spiderman, just different.

  84. peek


    12 napja

    History says are wise

  85. Taghan


    12 napja

    Is he like scarlet witch

  86. kawaiirenzokun


    12 napja

    Suprise! Another child of Dr. Clef. Lol!

  87. Madara - san

    Madara - san

    12 napja

    B n h a

  88. Lúk Deathrage

    Lúk Deathrage

    12 napja

    Cameron is such a bean xD

  89. Nobilis Vaga

    Nobilis Vaga

    13 napja

    Why don't you train him to be his own task force directly under the 05

  90. Yohan Rellama

    Yohan Rellama

    13 napja

    5:34 whats dat face it's so funny

  91. Jarvo Kaddie

    Jarvo Kaddie

    13 napja

    yooo this cameron legit looks like my nephue cameron ngl

  92. Dave


    13 napja

    Homelander 2.0

  93. Naruto Uzumaki vs gacha yt

    Naruto Uzumaki vs gacha yt

    14 napja

    Why all scps are girls?

  94. Igo's Studios

    Igo's Studios

    14 napja

    Cameron's Parent Is Realtable Here

  95. red flare

    red flare

    14 napja

    I like the Valdez interview felt like he was talking to a child and being like thats cool

  96. 「ShadowX」


    14 napja

    0:32 SHARINGAN

  97. nikos nikos

    nikos nikos

    14 napja

    So he is basicly a male Scarlet Witch from wandavision

  98. Joaquin Tampos

    Joaquin Tampos

    14 napja

    Some guys all the things

  99. Matthew Rogers

    Matthew Rogers

    14 napja

    i think the reason he stole is because his rebellious stage

  100. claudio Givone

    claudio Givone

    14 napja

    8:40 why they want to neutralize good scps but a lot of times they keep Alive bad scp that can easly be neutralized?