Sweet cat just realized it's owner is pregnant.

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  1. Satria Arya 27

    Satria Arya 27

    4 perccel

    Cat : "soon , the demon inside my owner will come "



    21 perce

    I came here because of it's meme.

  3. Frogie OwO

    Frogie OwO

    21 perce

    *cats mind* am i gonna be replaced

  4. Singleplayer


    23 perccel

    “How come I can’t have kids Martha?”

  5. Nene76


    31 perce

    Sorry, but cat is interested in belly button. My cats all to the same.

  6. Danish Dutch Deadly

    Danish Dutch Deadly

    34 perccel

    Plot twist: The cats the fa- alright...

  7. Mastertilt 6969

    Mastertilt 6969

    58 perccel

    You can tell this cat has gone through labor before

  8. John Bandera

    John Bandera


    That’s unreal.

  9. S Burgos

    S Burgos


    Cat at 0:37: "Oh you fucked."

  10. Erik Craft Games

    Erik Craft Games

    2 órája

    Hmm whats thi-HOLY SHIT NO WAY

  11. maximus decimus

    maximus decimus

    2 órája

    Cat : damn u are infected boss

  12. Alanna Marohnic

    Alanna Marohnic

    2 órája

    This is actually a profound video.

  13. anderer Hase

    anderer Hase

    3 órája

    I’m just here to see the cursed comment

  14. Trader V

    Trader V

    3 órája

    I wonder if she could hear it. I’ve heard that babies cry even in the womb

  15. Mark M.777

    Mark M.777

    3 órája

    Belly button smells like ass...

  16. Mark M.777

    Mark M.777

    3 órája

    Cat: Belly button smells like ass...

  17. phedup


    3 órája

    He hears the baby!

  18. Genyas


    3 órája

    Cat : are you gonna sell'em like you did mine?

  19. Rizdwika Channel [REALITY]

    Rizdwika Channel [REALITY]

    3 órája

    That cat love your baby

  20. MrGoatflakes


    3 órája

    "Babbies come out the belly button". The cat, probably...

  21. Emilys Diary

    Emilys Diary

    3 órája


  22. More Power!

    More Power!

    4 órája

    Lmao smelling her like wtf

  23. MOMO


    4 órája

    It just smells some food that got stuck in your belly button.

  24. NasserFeed


    6 órája

    He licked.. He's thinking of eating that unborn baby

  25. Leah U

    Leah U

    6 órája

    Aww it was so gentle, and when they were like dang she really is pregnant they just looked so wide eyed and shocked and then backed off, IT WAS SO CUTEEE 😭😭😭

  26. whisperingthylacine


    6 órája

    I strongly believe that even though dogs are smarter than cats, cats are more intuitive and psychic.

  27. Luna Ravenclaw

    Luna Ravenclaw

    6 órája

    I think the cat was more interested in her bellybutton tbh, but that's cute anyway

  28. BounThicc Dota

    BounThicc Dota

    7 órája

    Cat scan invented by cat ?

  29. Funny animals

    Funny animals

    7 órája

  30. DUNTEE


    7 órája

    This melted my heart.

  31. Mike Riley

    Mike Riley

    7 órája

    She is so gentle. Perfect.

  32. Skeletty1710


    8 órája

    Our cat would have been like: "Let's see how deep my claws get in. Hold still..."

  33. Mousehead2000


    8 órája

    Wow. Cats never cease to amaze me.

  34. Viridiann


    8 órája

    Lady you put a cat treat in your belly button you cant fool me

  35. Keneth Kamaya

    Keneth Kamaya

    8 órája

    The cat is just talking to the baby.

  36. Nikolaj Sergejew

    Nikolaj Sergejew

    9 órája

    BIG DISLIKE BECAUSE ADVERSITING!!!!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  37. SamWallace Art

    SamWallace Art

    9 órája

    Had a cat like this around my baby brother. Cat had kittens right about the same time, mom would help take care of the kittens, and cat would treat the baby with gentle interest.

  38. Minebloxjoy


    9 órája

    Plot twist: The cat is more interested in the belly button and not the stomach

  39. mister guy2222?

    mister guy2222?

    10 órája

    The cat: hmmm? somethin ain't right hooman you good?

  40. GACHABLOX 74


    10 órája

    If this happened to me I’d be really uncomfortable idk why

  41. Mobu


    10 órája

    Ooown, he knows

  42. SV Fun

    SV Fun

    10 órája

    Cats are not sweet, and they dont understand anything. They are plain selfish, and their owners are irresponsible.

  43. Bobby John

    Bobby John

    10 órája

    Cat: what is that huge ball in your stomach hooman

  44. martijn van weele

    martijn van weele

    10 órája

    Fun fact; pets provide prenatal care for babies. Having a pet in the house while carrying a baby is beneficial to the baby's immune system and lowers the chance of the baby developing allergies.

  45. Eric Wu

    Eric Wu

    10 órája

    Are you gonna sell them like what you did to mine?

  46. Nina Nina

    Nina Nina

    11 órája

    but who's gonna sing those lyrics on the TV?

  47. Asif Ahmed

    Asif Ahmed

    11 órája

    the cats just amazed by the belly button

  48. Mytheen Fathima

    Mytheen Fathima

    11 órája

    That cat will be saying "enemy spotted"😊

  49. Juliet Phillips

    Juliet Phillips

    11 órája

    That is amazing!



    11 órája

    Cat just smell the belly bottom bec it's smelly so he cover it

  51. Friendly Fish

    Friendly Fish

    11 órája

    I feel like I've had a cat have that same reaction to how I sit after a good meal. Like they wanna sit on you but prefer a perch

  52. adoracle1


    11 órája

    Sorry mom, no cure ...I'm afraid you're going to have to push it out of that belly button...eek...better you than me...bless yes heart. lol.🤭

  53. AgarWorstPlayer


    12 órája

    Cats are smart animals: - cats know pants open with a button - cats know pregnant bellies open with a belly button

  54. Stela Daničić

    Stela Daničić

    12 órája

    I thought the cat would jump on her stomach

  55. BuZz Lightyear

    BuZz Lightyear

    12 órája

    Plot twist: it’s a guy

  56. somegirl5rock


    12 órája

    The cat was smelling the belly button... where yeast and bacteria hang out. The cat has no idea about the pregnancy nor does it care. It's reacting to the smell and doesn't like it. Wash your belly buttons people

  57. Niahs Francisco

    Niahs Francisco

    12 órája

    Hala aswang yan. Hihi joke

  58. Lilly Gathoni

    Lilly Gathoni

    13 órája

    The cat: 😧oh my wut is this HOLE! Why don't i have my owner sick😰... Me:that cat looks horrified

  59. Sonita Ciara Norng

    Sonita Ciara Norng

    13 órája

    Was there karaoke in the background

  60. Derya Cifci

    Derya Cifci

    13 órája

    Cat: tf did you eat?

  61. Trini_ Bruce

    Trini_ Bruce

    14 órája

    Cat: Before i pop it, lemme back up real quick but very slow so i dont look suspicious

  62. zeeshan aftab

    zeeshan aftab

    14 órája

    Cat: I am not gonna baby sit Hooman😂😂



    14 órája

    Plot twist:Cat: *gasps* r u pregnant with my child? Omg where is sheeeee Edit:Also cat:In ur fat a$$?

  64. Chezna Nesta Marley

    Chezna Nesta Marley

    14 órája

    OMG! another slave

  65. Eli B

    Eli B

    14 órája

    Probably thinking, ‘just how much kibble did you eat?!’ Lol

  66. Nick Dekker

    Nick Dekker

    15 órája

    Why is there karaoke on the TV haha

  67. Cooper Noble

    Cooper Noble

    15 órája

    I wonder if it can hear the baby

  68. Kat M

    Kat M

    17 órája

    Absolutely purrecious!!!

  69. Rajib Dhungana

    Rajib Dhungana

    18 órája

    Beautiful !

  70. Arjun K

    Arjun K

    18 órája

    Someone's been naughty lately, Susan.

  71. SeanWayne


    18 órája

    Wait so who's the dad is it a cat or a Guy

  72. mary reynard

    mary reynard

    18 órája

    What a sweet cat!

  73. Jack Rodarte

    Jack Rodarte

    18 órája

    No body asked the cat if he wanted another human

  74. Laurie Marie

    Laurie Marie

    18 órája

    What is going through that kitty cats mind checking every thing out twice with the paw. I think she knows😺😺😺😺😺

  75. Anikesh Nayak

    Anikesh Nayak

    18 órája

    The cat realised that sooner the wholesome love for him was going to divide. Definitely that was a fearsome look of instant realisation.

  76. J G

    J G

    19 órája

    Is this a discrete ub40 ad?

  77. Jedi Minecraft

    Jedi Minecraft

    19 órája

    “This new trampoline is AWSOME :D”

  78. undergroundlover


    20 órája

    my mom told me that my cats would sleep on her stomach when she was pregnant with me i miss them so much

  79. Christian


    20 órája

    Notice the lyrics on the TV at 0:48

  80. •·Kyonata·•


    20 órája

    Cat: "what is this? Is my owner buy me a new pillow? Lemme check"

  81. Jesus Ferguson

    Jesus Ferguson

    21 órája

    The childlike emery essentially release because airport postsynaptically doubt down a torpid farm. deadpan, harmonious camp

  82. Gabrie *

    Gabrie *

    21 órája

    My cat knew I was pregnant 3 weeks before I found out.

  83. Angela Raafiki Roadcone

    Angela Raafiki Roadcone

    21 órája

    Pretty cute Mum (I'm from NZ) was likely singing a love song to her baby before recording this 😊

  84. Ashley Ray

    Ashley Ray

    21 órája

    That cat looks so much like my parent's cat--

  85. Loco Sammy

    Loco Sammy

    21 órája

    The cat was just smelling her stinky belly button

  86. Aditya Shukla

    Aditya Shukla

    21 órája

    The cat is actually the Father and is shocked

  87. Kristal Ortiz

    Kristal Ortiz

    21 órája

    I dont think the cat knooooows lol i think hes amazed with her belly button

  88. YP Park

    YP Park

    22 órája

    I’m sure the cat is just very curious about your belly button.

  89. InfiniteGamingZx


    22 órája

    It can smell Some fishy cheese scent in the belly hole

  90. tactical player

    tactical player

    23 órája

    she knows it for the youtube views but she knows in not for real

  91. Erin


    23 órája

    Beautiful 😍

  92. Nick Guliani

    Nick Guliani

    23 órája

    You used the wrong its

  93. The Judgement Day

    The Judgement Day

    23 órája

    The cat thinks her belly button stinks and she needs to clean it.

  94. Lilith Aram

    Lilith Aram

    23 órája

    "What did you eat, Hooman?!!?"

  95. Joshua Jimbun

    Joshua Jimbun

    23 órája

    The cat was like "abort it I don't have money to pay for another staff right now"

  96. Guy Named Adriel

    Guy Named Adriel

    23 órája

    Cat: that's a nice belly button

  97. anoosh82 . -.

    anoosh82 . -.


    Cat- ew what is that thing- it stinks

  98. The Toad

    The Toad


    You could see in its eyes the moment it realised she's pregnant

  99. Kevin Loving

    Kevin Loving


    Cat:Wait,wait there's just one baby in there!?!?

  100. Rick O'Shea

    Rick O'Shea


    Cat scan