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The Best Mac I've Ever Reviewed!

The highest rating I've ever given a product 🐶
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  1. Ferris Gopaul

    Ferris Gopaul


    This deserves 1 million likes 👍😃

  2. Ferris Gopaul

    Ferris Gopaul


    🤣 no screen protector? I was so confused at 1st. Pair of microphones. Battery life is only ok? 🤣 there is no USB port. I checked ✔🤣😂😆💀 wireless charging. Man how did I miss this review. I want one

  3. Melvin Trap BRW

    Melvin Trap BRW

    6 órája

    That dog so lucky

  4. The Br0thers

    The Br0thers

    11 órája

    You just have to love that dog.

  5. usual suspect

    usual suspect

    17 órája

    It literally took me about 2 minutes before I caught on. Lol. Great video sir!!! Also the best video I've commented on.

  6. Josh Reuben Bezuidenhout

    Josh Reuben Bezuidenhout


    Love this!!

  7. Debopriyo Basu

    Debopriyo Basu


    What about Mac Pro?

  8. Rushil Raja

    Rushil Raja


    Omgggg I saw this after April 1st and genuinely thought it was a robot

  9. avi pathak

    avi pathak


    best engineering ever

  10. astrophonia.



    Wait is this about the dog

  11. KidAloha87



    pretty "ruff" sizing model... gawsh

  12. Walter



    Has he coverd the accsesories yet

  13. Fabian Durr

    Fabian Durr


    Samsung was quite after apple realeased this

  14. BakedCanadian420



    This man explained how doggos work from an technological point of view.

  15. LostChances


    2 napja

    dBrand skin for this mac?

  16. Evann Av

    Evann Av

    2 napja

    incredible wow,how did you not start to laugh x)

  17. TBH Zanex

    TBH Zanex

    3 napja

    It took me a while to get it lol this review is so funny I need to get me a mac

  18. anonymous


    3 napja

    It took me a while to realize that he was talking about the dog

  19. mariwut


    3 napja

    Cutest prank ever!

  20. Ray


    3 napja

    Evolve them? Like Pokemon?

  21. Aedan Holmes

    Aedan Holmes

    4 napja

    Can we know the serial number? Or the model name?

  22. Tudor Petre

    Tudor Petre

    4 napja

    what mac is it tho

  23. i p

    i p

    4 napja

    Next year he should review a piece of technology like it's living

  24. i p

    i p

    4 napja

    The software looks very soft

  25. Dan Fehrer

    Dan Fehrer

    4 napja

    Very cool. Bet you have a bunch of bloopers...

  26. Nick Delamora

    Nick Delamora

    4 napja

    *Starts tripping.....o.O O.o............glances at date. April fools! lmao you had me for like 45 seconds. got a feeling in the pit of my stomach like....yo that's creepy

  27. Pinu


    4 napja

    Looks almost exactly like a dog. Can't believe how far AI has come.

  28. untouchable Alishy Gamez

    untouchable Alishy Gamez

    4 napja

    It’s a dog 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  29. L


    4 napja

    My girlfriend wondered why you didnt mention the problem with the waste products these things produce. Obviously a paid review!

  30. Shroper


    4 napja

    Guys trust me he looked

  31. Shroper


    4 napja

    Is he talking about the dog?

  32. vsxn


    5 napja

    Where do i buy this?

  33. SkyWorks


    5 napja

    This totally was the cutest pun ever 🐶😄

  34. SkyWorks


    5 napja

    *Dog Reveal!* 🤩

  35. SkyWorks


    5 napja

    The thumbnail was.... *Convincing*

  36. Non Scientist Tries Science

    Non Scientist Tries Science

    5 napja

    Best ever!🤣🤣🤣

  37. queenie lixo

    queenie lixo

    5 napja

    Mac OS Doge

  38. HoneySal


    5 napja

    Watching this on May 3rd, and i've been officially bamboozled. took me a solid 2 minutes to realize that something was wrong lol

  39. DANNYonPC


    5 napja

    Perfect video to watch in may

  40. Amna -

    Amna -

    6 napja

    love this 😆💕🐶

  41. Miguel V.

    Miguel V.

    6 napja

    took me a sec. He's awesome!

  42. Connor Furlough

    Connor Furlough

    6 napja

    This is my second HUeye comment. That being said this is the most adorable thing ever

  43. Jude Tarkoh

    Jude Tarkoh

    6 napja

    I love it!

  44. 37 6

    37 6

    6 napja

    I almost focused on the cute dog. What did the man say? Did he mentioned anything about Mac?? XD

  45. WesPo


    6 napja


  46. Vince Bay

    Vince Bay

    6 napja

    I was dead ass think for 2 seconds. “Is that a fucking robot dog??!” Until I read the comment “thousands of years from now they’ll think this was an actual AI dog and that we were geniuses.” Made me feel so dumb lol

  47. Bao Phan

    Bao Phan

    6 napja

    I was listening to this while doing my stuff without looking at the screen. I thought wow such a nice piece of tech....until I look at my phone and realize its a doggo

  48. Aisling O'Leary

    Aisling O'Leary

    7 napja

    This is so sweet.

  49. StrayBats


    7 napja

    Why... did my notifications bury this. I’M A MONTH LATE

  50. Fiifi Welsing-Jones

    Fiifi Welsing-Jones

    7 napja

    Hahaha ngl the had me in the first second

  51. Victor Machimana

    Victor Machimana

    7 napja

    It's just a dog😂

  52. TheSiemek


    7 napja

    That’s 14/10 absolutely. Steve Jobs would be jealous.

  53. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez

    7 napja

    you are the best bro. gangsta ass dog

  54. Bruce Parrish

    Bruce Parrish

    7 napja

    Well I love dogs and Mac looks like a sweetheart.

  55. Billy V

    Billy V

    7 napja

    5 min in I'm still like when is he gon show the Imac?

  56. cinqo7


    7 napja

    At 6:14 employee of the month. The one that always has to smile at the boss children or pets...

  57. -Andrea- Jaylσкε

    -Andrea- Jaylσкε

    7 napja

    Watching this video a month later without checking the date of publication before surely made me question for a few seconds if “Mac” could be something else than a computer.

  58. Frans Bester

    Frans Bester

    8 napja

    Wtf man,

  59. Some Loser

    Some Loser

    8 napja

    I can't believe the original owner left that mac

  60. Mang Vel Khai

    Mang Vel Khai

    8 napja

    Tim Cooks: "Write it down! Write it down!"

  61. Ben W

    Ben W

    8 napja

    Marques, all kidding aside, this was an awesome video, and thanks for promoting adopt-don't-shop. I've had cats since I was a kid, but I grew up with my mom's sweet mama dog, so I always love dogs too. -- Given that funky-looking Japanese robot dog from a few years ago, it wouldn't surprise me if someday they come out with do droids, sorta like Blade Runner. (I would still prefer a cat or dog then.) Great April Fool's prank, and what a great dog. Definitely gets a wags-up like and a howl or two. :D

  62. Ben W

    Ben W

    8 napja

    I'm running too slow. It took a minute for me to catch up. So, is the CAT model the Linux version? If so, then what is the Windows version? How many giga-fleas does this Ultra-Canine dog'OS handle? :D Is there a Frisbee Jump limit? :D (Hey, I think I'm gettin' the hang of it now....) Awesome. I could go for the base color black-and-tan dog'OS Ultra Canine, but I'd like an extra W.A.G. bowser interface, please. I usually use the cat'OS Hyper-Feline model, with the extensive mega-purr engine and the mrowr audio.....

  63. Prem Shah

    Prem Shah

    8 napja

    What breed is that?

  64. Glenn Wilson

    Glenn Wilson

    8 napja

    How could anyone click dislike.... WOW!

  65. HoodieGhoul


    8 napja

    i was so confused while watching this

  66. Msd SadeeshKumar

    Msd SadeeshKumar

    8 napja

    Who all are the dislikers MF 🤫

  67. Sotiris Kaniras

    Sotiris Kaniras

    8 napja

    Easily your best video yet!!!!!!

  68. Ndidi1st


    8 napja

    I’m honestly embarrassed to say that it took me a little minute to figure out what the hell was going on here!!! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️😂

    • Ndidi1st



      @Innocent Ngalu Right!!!😂😂

    • Innocent Ngalu

      Innocent Ngalu

      2 napja

      I was so confused too like where's the Mac??? Why is the camera still on the dog

  69. János Bukovics

    János Bukovics

    8 napja

    I love this videó.

  70. Vid Suhadolc

    Vid Suhadolc

    8 napja

    Wait a minute that’s a dog

  71. Utsav Ratti

    Utsav Ratti

    8 napja

    You did that so well! Brilliant!

  72. kotheri studio

    kotheri studio

    8 napja

    is it value for money😆

  73. Ruben Suarez

    Ruben Suarez

    8 napja

    I'm high asf watching these about s month after april fool's laughing my ass off. Why is youtube recommending this now? Lollllllll

  74. Sovin Sunny

    Sovin Sunny

    8 napja

    Apple still gonna remove the charger

  75. BlckbeautyBarbi3


    8 napja

    So cute and creative

  76. ERAY


    8 napja

    It was 2 minutes into the video that I had realised he was talking about the dog

  77. OoglyDes


    8 napja


  78. Felipe Almeida

    Felipe Almeida

    8 napja

    My eyes refuse to see this video. Absurd levels of irony, just perfect! LOL

  79. dtvfan24


    8 napja

    Cutested video ever

  80. Terrapin


    8 napja

    The Mac is a “unique” dog- I mean tech.

  81. The Atlas of Safe Shores

    The Atlas of Safe Shores

    8 napja

    I wonder how many times he just burst out laughing halfway through the script. 😅

  82. Sten Gilles

    Sten Gilles

    8 napja


  83. 87 Seconds Education

    87 Seconds Education

    8 napja

    Cutest Mac ever designed 😍

  84. i jonazy

    i jonazy

    9 napja

    I got the same Mac, luckily I got all the features you mentioned plus mine is Water resistant :)

  85. Marley Barrett

    Marley Barrett

    9 napja

    You need a better intro between the starting b roll and your main a roll. Choppy rn

  86. bea


    9 napja


  87. Vlad Ilkevich

    Vlad Ilkevich

    9 napja

    this was fantastic and heartwarming

  88. Kay U

    Kay U

    9 napja

    I bought two of them. Fabulous

  89. The Immortal Sun-kun

    The Immortal Sun-kun

    9 napja

    2:39 Pretty _ruff_ sizing model!

  90. Benjamin's Life

    Benjamin's Life

    9 napja

    Good one best one yet.

  91. Luca Costa

    Luca Costa

    9 napja

    Best video review ever!

  92. V.S.M.O CH

    V.S.M.O CH

    9 napja

    Mkbhd so hilarious!

  93. V.S.M.O CH

    V.S.M.O CH

    9 napja

    Cute thumbnail.

  94. Se Nyo

    Se Nyo

    9 napja


  95. Raj Motwani

    Raj Motwani

    9 napja

    Does this comes with a 🎧 jack? 😅

  96. Wolf


    9 napja

    What breed is this?

  97. Khak Thui

    Khak Thui

    9 napja

    Jacksfilms vibes right there

  98. Cheryl M

    Cheryl M

    9 napja

    This is the most clever thing I've seen since... well, I don't know how long, but a long time. Well done! P.S. I have a very similar model who I'd also rate 11/10.

  99. Sarath Chand

    Sarath Chand

    9 napja

    Best review ever 😃

  100. Dkota


    9 napja