The Best Free Game You Never Played

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  1. Pyrocynical


    2 hónapja

    Go to or use code "pyrocynical" to get a 2-year plan plus 1 additional month with a huge discount! 🥺 👉👈 pretty please

    • Humter


      3 napja


    • THAT one guy

      THAT one guy

      28 napja


    • Clear



      great video man

    • Steezy Patuz

      Steezy Patuz



    • sumango




  2. Krystalis Oaksword

    Krystalis Oaksword

    44 perccel

    Is it a review or a walkthrough? I'm confuse...

  3. David Sch

    David Sch

    50 perccel

    dude I love cry of fear

  4. Cotton_candy_the_ Wolf

    Cotton_candy_the_ Wolf


    Ah yes hating the French beat quality game 😀👍

  5. Booper Dooper

    Booper Dooper


    Maby it’s a metaphor for him losing his mind mentally while the baby’s litaraly lose there minds

  6. Reii


    2 órája

    This video is secretly petscop 2

  7. David Huan

    David Huan

    4 órája

    A mimir😴

  8. Teddy


    4 órája

    I've watched this video for the sixth times now. Always good to watch when doing something or just bored :)

  9. grizz


    5 órája

    too much bladee

  10. Glitchy


    5 órája

    draaaaain gaaaang

  11. Brogyn


    5 órája

    At 38:02 the clock tower looks like its smiling

  12. BeeTheImmortal


    6 órája

    This isn't the Petscop 2 we want, but it is the Petscop 2 we need

  13. Mr.Pigeon


    6 órája

    I wonder if far cry 2 is next i really hope i far cry 2.

  14. Zak Saturday

    Zak Saturday

    7 órája

    Wow I can't believe it. 25:00 That music is the investigation theme from World of Horror, I knew I heard that song from fucking somewhere. Driving me mad, Pyro

  15. Landon Grove

    Landon Grove

    10 órája

    I remember when I first played this many years ago, definitely a good one.

  16. Hansen Han

    Hansen Han

    12 órája

    It was the first game my friends told me to get when I got Steam in 2013. Never actually played more than 20mins, I was 13 and terrified of horror games, but played it nevertheless.

  17. Dice


    13 órája

    good video, Pyro.

  18. Apple Beverage

    Apple Beverage

    14 órája

    Anyone know the keyboard name at 11:23?

  19. jarleyz


    15 órája

    I love the use of the silent hill soundtrack it really fits ambient horror games like this

  20. Wyatt Hill

    Wyatt Hill

    20 órája

    Much better than the fever dream of MLG teletubbubo.

  21. Alter


    20 órája

    better than fat cry 3 in my opinion

  22. Kellen Lafountain

    Kellen Lafountain

    21 órája

    Bro wtf is that song at 1:25

  23. SomeRandom Boy09

    SomeRandom Boy09

    22 órája

    at 1:33:32 it gets really deep

  24. Kaizir


    22 órája

    I watched this whole video in one sitting with my grandmother, and she loved it. Whether you choose to believe me or not, you can't argue with the fact that this video is fantastic.

  25. Tony Suda

    Tony Suda

    23 órája

    (Pewdiepie) Just making this comment a substitute comment for the pewdie pie comment as it got that many replies so any comments for that comment go here

    • Tony Suda

      Tony Suda

      23 órája

      I made it this far through the comments 👇 👇

  26. Bushmastr Ashton

    Bushmastr Ashton


    Everyone watch ‘knock knock’ on netflix. It is kianu reeves masterpiece, 10/10 cannot believe this didn’t win an Oscar

  27. CH1 RH0

    CH1 RH0


    Good stuff mate, love your long vids, the first being the Platform. GG, nice review script.

  28. Tuxedo Gaming

    Tuxedo Gaming


    I really love the breaking bad edits!

  29. Kliment Georgiev

    Kliment Georgiev


    I knew the existence of this game but never played it, i didn't think it was interesting. Guess i was wrong. Probably if someone like kojima remade this, it could be a nice AAA game.

  30. Dani 160

    Dani 160


    4:13 how tf did pyro find that clip

  31. Time Out

    Time Out


    Petscop 2 please

  32. Tristan Durr

    Tristan Durr


    Didnt Pyrocynical do a bad thing? lol I ain't watching this, bad HUeye why recommend D:

  33. Nuclear Hornetz

    Nuclear Hornetz


    Fun fact: in the saw runner part in the forest, your actually meant to turn of your lantern so saw runner can't see you. You then slowly crouch and navigate your way to the door using that arrow on the cardboard to guide your way.

  34. Subhan



    Pyro, you make the best videos on youtube. I will reclaim the title once im worthy again.

  35. YeetMiezter



    The babies with the spikes that come out of their heads can represent the bad migraines and headaches that severe depression can cause.

  36. FOVoid



    19:03 he is wasting the entire magazine, not clip.

  37. shofu is the boss

    shofu is the boss


    18:53 that is so mean towards Norwegians lol

  38. shofu is the boss

    shofu is the boss


    Welp I played it back then....

  39. JeriLolCat



    L86 LSW

  40. Skelly fingers

    Skelly fingers


    1:55:04 that's a good ending

  41. Cheg Beg

    Cheg Beg


    I was in a discord call with Andreas Ronnberg, he said he loved your video and liked all the memes. The remake of cry of fear is coming out 2023-2025 on the unreal engine

  42. Pcssfc



    I like how Simon killed Parnell *with his legs*

  43. PAJ018 YTUBESux

    PAJ018 YTUBESux


    What was I doing when I was 12 years old? I was busy taking over the world! Mwaaahaahaha!

  44. Sapphire Splash

    Sapphire Splash


    I loved hearing silent hill music as your background music. Maternal is such a good part of the ost

  45. Loaf of FUCK

    Loaf of FUCK


    whats the song at 1:55:15 ? edit: found it in desc nvm lol

  46. Woof



    Wheres the pewdiepie comment

    • Tony Suda

      Tony Suda

      23 órája


  47. U-Trance



    Accidentally played the whole game on french because the language change was only on the main menu and i didnt see it smh

  48. картошка


    2 napja

    "M15 assault rifle" *screams in agony*

  49. U-Trance


    2 napja

    Also not sure if you noticed but i tried to jump over the car barriers twice and instadied both times

  50. Daniel B.

    Daniel B.

    2 napja

    They wouldn't even need to justify why the enemies look the way they do. I mean, when you start seeing things and being unable to sleep, you brain is in constant alert and every stimilus feels different, more dangerous, to the point your head starts to think about distorted figures menacing you and all kind of twisted stuff. Mix this with Simon's dark thougths and there you got it. Anyway, the babies could be explained by Simon thinking at some point he probably won't start a family anytime soon, thus dying alone, unlike Sophie.

  51. U-Trance


    2 napja

    Unpopular oppinion, this was better than petscop

  52. U-Trance


    2 napja

    Played the whole game because of this video and now im watching it again after finishing it, it was a lot of fun!

  53. Mst. Taslima

    Mst. Taslima

    2 napja

    Far cry 2 review where

  54. Lord Dripp

    Lord Dripp

    2 napja

    I love these long videos to listen to while I play some video games. They have rewatch value and overrall are very entertaining!

  55. Liam Moran

    Liam Moran

    2 napja

    The scattered test analogically weigh because crow concomitantly fetch till a invincible report. hapless, auspicious self

  56. Sun Dew

    Sun Dew

    2 napja

    “You can sprint for about 5 seconds which is PITIFUL for most games” *Shows all the halo games that didn’t have sprint*

  57. D0S81


    2 napja

    When I was twelve, I was beating stuff too...but it wasn't a piñata. It was videogames, I used see if I could beat a lot of single player games, single player is where it was at back then. Nothing beats sitting in your room, joystick in hand, playing with yourself.

  58. Scott Casimir

    Scott Casimir

    2 napja

    5:04 Im a swedish boy. Lets transalate: Hej Kompis, vill du ha lite knark? Jag behöver kronor till tåget U just had some bad spelling i think

  59. Someone Someone

    Someone Someone

    2 napja

    I watched 20 minutes then clicked on the screen and saw that its 2 hours long

  60. Mayo_


    2 napja

    Man dude, why'd you have to remind me DSP exists

  61. icosahedron 3458

    icosahedron 3458

    2 napja

    What a nice video to watch at 1:35 am

  62. chiffmonkey


    2 napja

    2:13 No skyrim joke? really?

  63. Filip Binderup

    Filip Binderup

    2 napja

    What if you shoot the gun till it's out of ammo before giving it to the doctor?

  64. VSS Vintorez AS Val

    VSS Vintorez AS Val

    2 napja

    This is really the best horror game we never played 😍😍😍

  65. SsodiumV2


    2 napja

    There's a video in your ads

  66. animefurriesweebs are trash

    animefurriesweebs are trash

    2 napja

    good edits, except the parts you put in that furry cringe crap. stop being a furry BOI

  67. cheeto


    2 napja

    29:02 that's german for "goodbye" right?

    • Anas Mamdouh

      Anas Mamdouh

      2 napja

      @cheeto While the woman is screaming there is a fart noise toward the end..

    • cheeto


      2 napja

      @Anas Mamdouh what

    • Anas Mamdouh

      Anas Mamdouh

      2 napja

      @cheeto Out of context but something super funny. Did you realise the lady farting at #12:47? it made me cry from laughing!

    • cheeto


      2 napja

      @Anas Mamdouh i've recently been trying to learn german and when i saw "auf" i recognized it

    • Anas Mamdouh

      Anas Mamdouh

      2 napja


  68. Almost Unknown

    Almost Unknown

    2 napja

    an entertaining sponsorship... what the hell happened

  69. felix


    2 napja


  70. Anas Mamdouh

    Anas Mamdouh

    2 napja

    The women farting at #12:47 was super unexpected for me and made me laugh for hours

  71. Shit Post

    Shit Post

    3 napja

    stalker anomaly?

  72. Ashton Johnson

    Ashton Johnson

    3 napja

    Probably my favorite video ever that I watched I watch it off and on.

  73. Dzeividz


    3 napja

    I played it...

  74. men


    3 napja

    47:24 i am mad now

  75. Akmac


    3 napja

    *Tf2 music intensifies*

  76. Red was not the impostor

    Red was not the impostor

    3 napja

    why am I crying hearing about this game lore

  77. Nathan Biro

    Nathan Biro

    3 napja

    The minor captain fortunately analyse because particle interestingly suffer down a nonchalant november. unable, waggish humidity

    • ouniasgounias


      3 napja


  78. E.E.


    3 napja

    Simon loosing his bag could mean how he lost half his body too. In a way.

  79. Alex Lundy

    Alex Lundy

    3 napja

    pyro mate, i love the amount of effort that you put into this video well done :)

  80. SantaSloth


    3 napja


  81. FBI boy

    FBI boy

    3 napja

    This is what's called good content?

  82. weapse


    3 napja

    what if this game was actually made by The Real Cost- TO SHOW YOU HOW SCARY THAT IS, WE TORTURED A SUICIDAL PERSON THATS *METAL IN YA LUNGS*

  83. Ko so

    Ko so

    3 napja

    1:14:09 gonna save this checkpoint

  84. Bread Employee

    Bread Employee

    3 napja

    1:55:14 I revisit this video sometimes for this alone.

  85. Bread Employee

    Bread Employee

    3 napja

    1:56:51 My God This little sequence is so damn well done.

  86. The Random Dickhead

    The Random Dickhead

    3 napja

    1:55:00 for the perfect montage could be the trailer honestly watched it more than a couple times now

  87. theReeBOI


    3 napja

    Det här är Helvete bra. Det här Sverige för fan

  88. Naivka Animak

    Naivka Animak

    3 napja

    57:40 - its not a game bug, it's just half-life's gamplay mechanic to crowl into the vents etc.

  89. Waxed Lightly Weathered Cut Copper Stairs

    Waxed Lightly Weathered Cut Copper Stairs

    3 napja

    Correction:Best horror game I NOW have played and have also fallen deeply in love with.

  90. Mareep


    3 napja

    That MV is a poggers

  91. Ninth Doctor

    Ninth Doctor

    3 napja

    if anyone is wondering,the name of simon's phone is a Sony Ericsson W610i

  92. braveheart the commentor

    braveheart the commentor

    4 napja

    If you turn your phone sideways you can see space for at least another couple of adverts

  93. Lentho


    4 napja

    You cant really make a single video without a Breaking Bad refference can you Pyro?

  94. Manuel Barro

    Manuel Barro

    4 napja

    I never understood why this game got so much hatred. It's a master piece. Dude, it has a lot of content and even tho it's old and running on Source Gold, it's so well pushed. Great game, specially the story. There was so much effort put here and little to be asked for. I remember watching this asshole called "Gmanlives" talk shit about it... but hey, if it's not Doom, everything is shit to him. I highly recommend this game... and it has Coop!

  95. MrAwesomeVlogs


    4 napja

    i am sacare scaced scared of this game !!!!!!

  96. ian


    4 napja

    1:25 what song is this

  97. feri :D

    feri :D

    4 napja

    petscop 2 be like imma head out

  98. ThetaMeta


    4 napja

    Literally our grandfathers telling us how they used to get back from school

    • Tony Suda

      Tony Suda

      23 órája

      Should make a game 'that ol chestnut' aim is to recreate them old grandpa stories so kinda like a survivor game but then evolving to Sims and starting a family just to tell the story of the survival part with a recap like a Facebook photo memory collage as a finish

  99. The Random Dickhead

    The Random Dickhead

    4 napja

    Clip *CLIP* *Cry of Gnut*

  100. Yani Alvarez

    Yani Alvarez

    4 napja

    You gay