The Chess Tournament Arc | Trash Taste Special

We couldn't find a good chess anime... so we made our own.
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  1. TheAngryOwl


    4 órája

    Sydney yelling "eff you Connor" while flashing the bird after Garnt won made me laugh hard.

  2. Vsona Colby

    Vsona Colby


    The problem with Connor being the Villian is he's too likeable I ended up rooting for him in all his matches

  3. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple


    these guys can make anything entertaining.

  4. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple


    Trash Taste goes big brain

  5. AnimeToonS HD

    AnimeToonS HD


    I learned how to play chess just to understand this video

  6. M Lane

    M Lane


    We need a trash taste dark tournament arc

  7. Verfolger


    2 napja

    It's so fucking great.

  8. Chetanya Sharma

    Chetanya Sharma

    2 napja

    Connor after losing: Oooaahh my REPUTATION!

  9. Desk


    2 napja

    46:38 LOL Loreal commercial

  10. Sensei Nonsense

    Sensei Nonsense

    3 napja

    This is actually entertaining

  11. lity fity

    lity fity

    3 napja

    This is the perfect anime ending to Conner's chess life

  12. Call Meh Danny

    Call Meh Danny

    3 napja

    I have no idea what’s happening

  13. lity fity

    lity fity

    3 napja

    bruh i don't give a single fuck about chess and this was the most entertaining thing i have ever seen

  14. Nottheoldbv


    3 napja

    Rewatched this. 33:15 perfect cut.

  15. Zhooves Z

    Zhooves Z

    4 napja

    I don't think I've ever been as entertained, or hyped over time from anything chess ever, holy crap!

  16. Pwnanite


    4 napja

    I'd take a season 2.

  17. Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    5 napja

    Ever since I binge-watched that Chess show on Netflix a few months ago, this was a very entertaining video to watch! I can't wait to see the next chess match up you guys play! :D

  18. KALASHi


    5 napja

    I love how for the intense moments they used Code Geass' soundtrack

  19. Muda Shroud

    Muda Shroud

    5 napja

    Ayo when Season 2?

  20. JAMACKL productions

    JAMACKL productions

    5 napja

    Technically High school DxD is a Chess anime if you think about it

  21. Jose Ortiz

    Jose Ortiz

    6 napja

    Soooooo Garnt the protagonist Connor the main villain Joey the rival/ best friend And Sydney at the end became the main girl/ love interest of the protagonist Everyone else were secondary characters or new villains that appeared one after another

  22. Tails 322

    Tails 322

    6 napja

    Am I the only impressed by Syd? True she didn't win against rustage but for someone who basically learned to play overnight (at least by comparison. Everyone else had some basic knowledge before training) she really did very well

  23. Ta aD

    Ta aD

    6 napja

    The only trashtaste special where Connor didnt destroyed anything other than his chances of winning

  24. AidanB


    7 napja

    That was fucking awesome and I hate that I missed the stream.

  25. Emmee


    8 napja

    I guess the protagonist does prevail

  26. blupengu


    8 napja

    i enjoyed this chess tournament arc way more than i thought i would lmao

  27. just a red bird

    just a red bird

    9 napja

    Animate this NOW

  28. Duckling Chief

    Duckling Chief

    9 napja

    Eyepatch is like that one friend of the protagonist that is very weak that got beaten up by the antagonist and the protagonist must avenge him

  29. King Of Ants 2.0

    King Of Ants 2.0

    9 napja

    Why did you edit it like this so hard to follow

  30. Ertril Pitcher

    Ertril Pitcher

    9 napja

    Fuck yes s2

  31. xSilverMC


    10 napja

    "Luckily this game, I haven't fucked up royally" *proceeds to get checkmated*

  32. Yama S

    Yama S

    10 napja

    I'm sweating watching this.

  33. a Bizarre jojo

    a Bizarre jojo

    10 napja

    I love that cdawg plays the code geass music whenever he’s winning

  34. Captain Dirtbeard

    Captain Dirtbeard

    10 napja

    If fighting is to result in victory then you must fight! -sun tzu

  35. ColdChili


    10 napja

    Did no one tell connor the final boss never wins?

  36. Dominic Do

    Dominic Do

    11 napja

    Sydney saying "Fuck you Connor" is so on brand

  37. Anime Loves

    Anime Loves

    11 napja

    Anybody else extremely distracted by them thighs the giguks background

  38. Emma Grace

    Emma Grace

    11 napja

    I can officially say I don't know what the hell is going on

  39. Xanxus


    11 napja

    Garnt probably has an arrow painted on his forehead during his monk period.

  40. Galactecis glasius

    Galactecis glasius

    11 napja

    When I saw this my mind just went like there are 16 - 18 thousand people all over the world competing in this tournament hosted by MrBeast. And conner will be in practice months before announcement so he could be the bad guy. And when the top 128 will be come we see conner and his 11 secret henchmen join(part of the 128) and he has special power being the bad guy. Like whenever he loses he just takes the spot of on of his secret henchmen. Or talking to the opponent directly or having the power to come back after being defeated in the final rounds and always being the first to go and such. And he makes such a big deal of him being the bad guy everyone will know him. And when he wins he takes the top 3 prizes out of the top 5 and do something good and something chaotic with it. And somehow that prodigy from that whealthy school and background which you defeated comes back in the semifinals or finals and be conners ultimate enemy.

  41. Kim Jong-Un

    Kim Jong-Un

    12 napja

    when super eyepatch wolf knows he fucked up the FUUUU was so funny

  42. xMack


    13 napja

    You guys have been the best podcast ever! I've been watching every episode from the first one (around 1-2 per week) and it's always so fucking enjoyable. To be honest it feels like you're the "anime friends" me and probably many others watching were hoping to meet someday. Also this video was, so far one of the fucking best so far (although, like Garnt, I'm a sucker for tournament arcs haha). I don't know if you guys are still checking out comments on old viedeos but keep at it! ^^ Also this is the first podcast (and so far the only one) that I've ever actively watched/listened to. PS.: This video made me realise that my friday night entertainment is just Thrash Taste, so I finally supported you guys on patreon! To all the viewers, if you guys, also feel the same enthusiasm as me to watch these boys' podcast, then go support them on patreon if you can ;)

  43. ryekun1212


    13 napja

    Connor: "no cheating not if anyone of us could" *me seeing the bike special first before this*

  44. Ariobot Gaming

    Ariobot Gaming

    14 napja

    Imagine wearing a suit to the finals just to loose😂

  45. Isaac Herrera Monge

    Isaac Herrera Monge

    14 napja

    Trash Taste episode 69, I'll wait for it

  46. DeadGuyWith9Souls


    15 napja

    damn i really like the antagonist in this anime

  47. John Benedict Dela Cruz

    John Benedict Dela Cruz

    15 napja

    Gigguk: I don't know which role I am playing CDawg: I am the Antagonist, the last boss Gigguk: guess I'll be the protagonist that climbs to the top what an epic arc,

  48. Chillin Cherri

    Chillin Cherri

    17 napja

    Off topic Connor looks good in a suit

  49. Vinny Falzarano

    Vinny Falzarano

    17 napja

    It is only fit that gigguk is the protagonist of his own underdog tournament arc.

  50. Zex Grayson

    Zex Grayson

    17 napja

    wow what an amazing anime right here ggs Garnt the hero

  51. fauzitechno


    18 napja

    Damn youtube algorithm

  52. Swaroop Ajit

    Swaroop Ajit

    18 napja

    This is 100% Haikyuu! but chess.

  53. Nelson Oke

    Nelson Oke

    18 napja

    I wish this anime had an opening

  54. Nelson Oke

    Nelson Oke

    18 napja

    Connor is easily the antagonist of this anime tournament arc

  55. azinope


    18 napja

    Scrabble tournament when?

  56. Grey Bear

    Grey Bear

    18 napja

    Wait, how is there NOT a chess anime??

  57. Angie Bledsoe

    Angie Bledsoe

    19 napja

    the world is so against connor its not funny

  58. AvatarTTfan


    19 napja

    Connor was the villain all along!!!!

  59. 磷酸Dream


    19 napja

    Garnt deserve to be the protagonist

  60. MrTaikobo


    19 napja

    Currently watching the video and I'm looking forward to the games, but quick question. In Garnt's room, that poster of the girl on the wall...who is that? I saw it and I was like "wow...that this THICC" lol

  61. the wormsalad

    the wormsalad

    19 napja

    Sidneys reaction xD

  62. wilson klingelhofer

    wilson klingelhofer

    19 napja

    That was the most anime shit ever

  63. Hakudan2


    19 napja

    Tales of earthsea isn't bad, so he totally owned that L for saying that lol

  64. Frablo


    20 napja

    Get Scamboli Reviews for season 2

  65. plr_hightower


    20 napja

    chess x sis

  66. ChuanHao T

    ChuanHao T

    20 napja

    watching this is hilarious when conor lost

  67. hsihdbs sbcj tzksk

    hsihdbs sbcj tzksk

    20 napja

    You know, after the whole bike thing, I am starting to think that Gigguk really has some sort of good luck plot armour stuff going on. How much good karma did he get while being a monk...

    • Chill Sodaa

      Chill Sodaa

      17 napja

      Too much good karma ??😂

  68. legition


    20 napja

    I hope, you will do SHOGI Tournament some day. All of you will be on the same level and that would be fun!

  69. Cain


    20 napja

    Who else got a chess ad asking if you eat to get good at chess

  70. OptimalOwl


    21 napja

    Tournament Arc is best Arc. You guys should do one every few months.

  71. Jeksun


    22 napja


  72. Joshua Frazier

    Joshua Frazier

    22 napja

    Rustage as in anime rapper rustage

  73. BlackQuest


    23 napja


  74. georgy ekimov

    georgy ekimov

    23 napja

    thats is actually an interesting turnier arc

  75. Wesley klien

    Wesley klien

    23 napja

    The broad window prudently embarrass because hemp worrisomely trick modulo a disgusted children. free, opposite number

  76. escala 85

    escala 85

    23 napja

    and the hero defeats the big villain by learning mid tournament. simply impresive.

  77. Tyler DOE

    Tyler DOE

    24 napja

    My favorite Anituber: Geegook.

  78. Timothy Desierto

    Timothy Desierto

    24 napja

    them: "we couldn't find any good chess anime" Highschoool DXD: "crying in the corner"

    • l33t9r0u93


      19 napja

      it's more about chest than chess really

  79. Jossef Youcef

    Jossef Youcef

    24 napja

    6 months already, damn time flies.

  80. lovely anime gacha

    lovely anime gacha

    25 napja

    Wheres season 2?!

  81. DragonWarriorFreak


    26 napja

    Connor was the overconfident antagonist that made himself lose. Garnt was the protagonist. And Joey was the rival the protagonist fought in the semis that jobbed but still got third place.

  82. Sybato


    26 napja

    I was so hyped for Gigguk, truly the protagonist (he even did the en passant moment they joked about in the original podcast where they talked about chess)

  83. Sybato


    26 napja

    My favorite part is the skin on the commentator view that gives the Knights two ears makes the back ear look like a unicorn horn

  84. jakatsu


    26 napja

    this was actually fun to watch learned a lot

  85. M2tO


    26 napja

    Connor wearing a suit makes him the villain. He is literally Light. I take this piece ... and move it!

  86. Jake King

    Jake King

    27 napja

    Man, when I saw Garnt get that dub against Connor, I yelled like I was watching the battle between Todoroki and Midoriya

  87. Angelicwings1


    27 napja

    I wanna see season 2

  88. Zayyaki


    28 napja

    58:38 "Gave up a piece and blew out my eardrums" LLMAAOO

  89. Robin Stewart

    Robin Stewart

    28 napja

    I just got a chess ad

  90. Crisostomo Ibarra

    Crisostomo Ibarra

    28 napja

    second season?

  91. juanm


    29 napja

    i hate how they are able to have the best anime merch

  92. Ciemnyi


    29 napja

    i was too distracted on gigguk's match cause of this fuking thigh. Btw who is that on the poster ?

  93. Tenshied


    29 napja


  94. Moe


    29 napja

    lmao the lo'real commercial

  95. Moe


    29 napja

    yall don't have the full games uploaded anywhere? Is there a VOD somewhere on twitch?

  96. Moe


    29 napja

    At least one of you guys has to participate in the next PogChamps tourney seriously

  97. hailgod



    ELO numbers should have been hidden imo. 300 mmr vs 1.1k is quite obvious

  98. Jeremiah McGowan

    Jeremiah McGowan


    "I haven't f****d up royally" lol

  99. MJ Wu

    MJ Wu


    Win by repetition is so classic "the protagonist is not powerful enough for a head on clash so he used his brain to win in a clever way" hahahahah

  100. Kuro Oda

    Kuro Oda


    I mean Gikkuk is Asian.