The Engoodening of No Man's Sky

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Something something No Man's Sky redemption story.
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Shoutout to ya boi Alicia who I forgot to add in the credits.
The table of things fulfilled/unfulfilled:
Dangerous - Kevin MacLeod
Percussion Show - Igor Khainskyi
Roman Senyk Music - Epic Cinematic Dramatic Adventure Trailer
Summertime Love - Lakey Inspired
Spaceship - jlsmrl
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  1. Internet Historian

    Internet Historian

    Évvel New-ish video on the Second Channel. It is also sponsored by that game everyone thinks is good.

    • stormy penguin

      stormy penguin

      5 órája

      450 comment

    • Hypox


      3 napja

      I watch this video every 4 months. So fucking amazing quality. Great interesting content and really funny :D

    • Paul Master Gaming

      Paul Master Gaming

      6 napja

      Not everyone thinks its good

    • Diar


      14 napja


    • tfs202


      16 napja

      Your sense of sarcasm and humor is absolute Top Notch! I havent played a video game since 1992, but every video, even ads......Hilarious!

  2. Patrick Hamos

    Patrick Hamos

    3 órája

    come on man what is the music at 52:40 - 53:01 ?? please?

  3. Tyler Brey

    Tyler Brey

    3 órája

    *yes women’s land 10/10* 🤣😭💀

  4. G. W.

    G. W.

    5 órája

    34:18 - Shout out for that Pete's Dragon clip. Brings back some memories.

  5. Geert


    8 órája

    It is absolutely disgusting to see how many ReAcTiOniSts upload 1 hour long videos reacting to this.

  6. Eddie Brock

    Eddie Brock

    10 órája

    Let it burn

  7. Demogan


    12 órája

    "No man's sky, more like NO GUY BUY." -dunkey

  8. Triple Toilet

    Triple Toilet

    14 órája

    Cyberpunk Collector's Edition: That one didn't age quite so well

  9. mario yu

    mario yu

    20 órája

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  10. Mike Tang

    Mike Tang

    20 órája

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  11. theraque1


    22 órája

    No man's guy.

  12. Achilles Trojan

    Achilles Trojan

    22 órája

    Very emotional. Still a trash game tho

  13. JCE3000GT



    I was one of those who bought the hype and pre-ordered then cancelled my pre-order once I learned about the missing features coming. I didn't fuel the hate online but I just sat back and watched. I figured it would go cheap and I'd buy it and play it someday hoping for mods. Well in 2018 I started playing it since my brother had it and liked it--it was a cheap purchase. Boy was it a totally different game than I remembered and it was a blast. To this day I've bought it on all three platforms and between the PS4 and PC I have almost 2,000 hours in to it. It has now entered my small shrine of "games I keep coming back to no matter what" which is a huge honor. The fact that they really do listen to the players and continue to release such quality FREE content is amazing. I always tell people you CAN be redeemed after a mistake and this proves it. FYI, in case anyone cares, doubtful, the other games on my "games I keep coming back to" list are; Oblivion, Skyrim, Borderlands 2 and Fallout 4. Fallout 76 would almost reach that list if it had an offline mode and without the stupid atom shop bullshit.

    • Cy Cy

      Cy Cy



  14. Tyler Brassfield

    Tyler Brassfield


    My LIFE for Ner'zhul.

  15. Rose



    I just got a car commercial on the vedio... It went "no man's land is every man's land somthing something get the Mazda... skip add,"

  16. DavidH0777



    The No Man’s Sky fiasco has made me realize just how important PR is.

  17. Big bad Jo

    Big bad Jo


    This is genuinely inspiring.

  18. Dexieboui



    Me skipping the sponsor so my opinion of you doesn't diminish

    • Potato management ಠ_ಠ

      Potato management ಠ_ಠ

      16 órája

      Ah yes because his reputation is worse because he needs money?

    • Cy Cy

      Cy Cy


      but the sponsors are the best part

  19. tito hotrod

    tito hotrod


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  20. Davry Hwang

    Davry Hwang


    The one thing I can't wrap my head around is the claim of having multiplayer, albeit unlikely, came straight from the horses mouth. Was that some potential feature that got scrapped? Or was that a straight up lie? And the demo that was completely unscripted, what was that all about?

    • Potato management ಠ_ಠ

      Potato management ಠ_ಠ

      16 órája

      I think the multi-player was going to be added, until they got into a contract with Sony and had to release it in 2016, which made them have to cut tons of promises

  21. O2_Breathless



    The story of the game is so good anyone’s child could go like “I’m so bad at everything I’m never gonna become successful” and all the parent would need to do is say “sit down child and let me tell you the story of the game called No Man’s Sky”

  22. ITzGio XD

    ITzGio XD


    Sean had to be high as fuck when making no mans sky

  23. Jacob C

    Jacob C


    Rule 34 is a blursed thing.

  24. Sander Jin

    Sander Jin


    Engoodening of Fallout 76 when?

  25. Lazbotable



    whats the music that starts playing at 19:26?

  26. ANGST



    Isn't No Man's Sky just a copy of Spore: Galactic Adventures? How could this shit be hyped in the first place

  27. Zcurridor _q_r_td

    Zcurridor _q_r_td


    since when does this video have like 15 ads on it? I just got an ad in the raid ad section.

  28. Caleb Smith

    Caleb Smith

    2 napja

    As a ksp player I am very disappointed that planets dont rotate around the sun and even more disappointed stars dont slowly orbit the center of the galaxy

    • Caleb Smith

      Caleb Smith

      2 napja

      I enjoy flying my ssto If you know what an ssto is dont tell the filthy uneducated who dont even know orbital mechanics and delta v

  29. Roger Kalaris

    Roger Kalaris

    2 napja

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  30. G4Tanas


    2 napja

    I've been playing some No Man's Sky on my own and with friends and it has been some of the most fun I've had in recent memory. Im really impressed that Hello Games stuck with their game.

  31. Monty Mont

    Monty Mont

    2 napja

    Where is the next video on the continued positive and well done updates from No Man's Sky??

  32. hhris C

    hhris C

    2 napja

    Lmao. I wonder if knudson knows he's gonna be in these videos before he arches them?

  33. Despair


    2 napja

    The media is the worst enemy of man. Just ask Donald Trump. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Despair


      2 napja

      @Cedric Bassman He talks like a normal person. He's not as refined as your normal politician. Most of what the media calls "lies" are satiric comments. It's not my fault that people are so st*pid that take some of what he says seriously. 😂😂😂 For example: When he said that coyotes were bringing kids across the border, people actually took it literally. LMAO!

    • Cedric Bassman

      Cedric Bassman

      2 napja

      @Despair Misinterpreting, really? There are dozens, maybe hundreds of tweets, video footage of him flat out lying or talking straight up bullshit with literally zero chance to understand anything wrong. So either the News have access to next level deepfake tech or well, Trump really is the shithead he presented himself to be all those years.

    • Despair


      2 napja

      @Cedric Bassman Misinterpreting what someone says is not "good" my guy. Sorry but the media fooled you. 🤣🤣🤣

    • Cedric Bassman

      Cedric Bassman

      2 napja

      Donald Trump is probably one of the few examples where, in an M. Night Shyamalan worthy plot twist, the Media is actually the good guy.

  34. Francis Goin

    Francis Goin

    2 napja


  35. A User of YouTube.

    A User of YouTube.

    2 napja

    I’m concerned that you linked in an NSFW fanfic in the description

  36. Samy Sardi

    Samy Sardi

    2 napja

    I’ve never seen so many ads

  37. Vyacheslav


    3 napja

    Thanks for making me clear my HUeye watch history.

  38. Ahobaka


    3 napja

    47:34 moment of redemption.. imagine what the team would've felt when they saw the billboards... I m crying right now. Sean murray and hello games team you guys are absolute legends.. thank u for not giving up. You earned all this love...

  39. TeddyBot11


    3 napja

    this video gave me new hope for the games industry

  40. Gift Horse

    Gift Horse

    3 napja

    Wtf was that ending?!!! XD

  41. TreyZept


    3 napja

    What's the music in the background at 20:00 ?

  42. Pauly Shore

    Pauly Shore

    3 napja

    So he’s Jesus? He took all of the burden upon himself and did the right things? Who knew that would work. Maybe Jesus. I’m an atheist and I hate that I see the comparison.

  43. Alexis Almanza Meza

    Alexis Almanza Meza

    3 napja

    23:23 is that a fucking MAGA cap?

    • Jack G.

      Jack G.

      3 napja


  44. Dave Suggs

    Dave Suggs

    3 napja

    Jesus Christ I have never laughed so hard... Who... WHO writes fanfic like that?!? 😂🤣😂🤣😵‍💫

  45. Aggro-H


    3 napja

    *There is a movie in your AD* Lol seriously guys use youtube vanced.

  46. Super_crazyman9


    3 napja

    No mans sky would have literally one the most improved

  47. Modie


    3 napja

    While I do agree with most of the things you say in this video, I have to say that I feel that some specific part was a bit too sugar coated. I can see Shaun making promises that they can't fulfill, but they want to. But what isn't possible for him is to not know that the demo planet they showed was not randomized. And to be honest, that should be criticised very hard, because it questions all the other moments where we would give him the benefit of the doubt. If Shaun would not admit that the planet was scripted in several interviews and even make it worse by saying "they could have used a scripted event to make it more appealing, but they didn't want to because they didn't want to give a false expectation of the game", then I am sorry, but this is just lying. And there is no way around it. Yes, the story has to be seen from both sides, but if this was a larger developer, this would be a very important point where we at least question to give them the benefit of the doubt for the other things they said.

  48. Yaroslav Bukhta

    Yaroslav Bukhta

    3 napja


  49. TheWatermelon3


    3 napja

    compulsive liar, yes-man or underperforming overachiever. take your pick

  50. xXInfinityDiesXx


    3 napja

    I dont know why but the part about multiplayer (44:17) always makes me so emotional. Like I legit tear up everytime

  51. CannedCherry


    3 napja

    turned into no mans sky to no mans ass, or yes mans ass for that matter.

  52. Igor


    4 napja

    That personal complain handling plan is a legit move to be honest

  53. Xenomorphs


    4 napja

    16 modrole ads go on

  54. Captain Depresso

    Captain Depresso

    4 napja

    As someone going through college to get a degree for game design, this story will always simultaneously inspire great existential dread at the start and then overwhelming hope by the end. Who am I kidding I’m fucked lol

    • Bartholomew Jenkins

      Bartholomew Jenkins


      You might be fucked, if you plan on selling your house to fund your all-or-nothing game development career, lol. As long as you’re taking care of yourself, you can do whatever you want from there. And don’t sell yourself short - Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  55. David Armando

    David Armando

    4 napja

    Fantastic video.

  56. 6393shane


    4 napja

    Do a cyberpunk version 😂😂😂

  57. R R

    R R

    4 napja

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  58. Suna Koha'ri

    Suna Koha'ri

    4 napja

    Still way better than any fifa game.

  59. Darth Vader

    Darth Vader

    4 napja

    They messed up big time, but they made it right and they did a dang good job to make it right. I wish them all the best. Truly good devs these ones

  60. Franco Panigaia

    Franco Panigaia

    4 napja

    Proud to have bought 2 copies. Great people at hello games who will make more great games.

  61. John Michael Haines

    John Michael Haines

    4 napja

    Am I the only one thinks his ads are the funniest parts of his videos?

  62. Jason Simmons

    Jason Simmons

    4 napja

    The Hype was driven by bullshit misrepresented by games media.

  63. Saharian


    4 napja

    I blame the pressure that came from being brought in under Sony's wings, player hype, the building up of the wrong expectations, Hello Games not hiring PR and just the sheer amount of responsability for such a small studio. They were never the bad guys. It was just the spot they were put in that was.

  64. Davide Di Matteo

    Davide Di Matteo

    4 napja

    best living journalist

  65. Critical Tick

    Critical Tick

    5 napja

    rewatching this again bc they dropped YET ANOTHER massive update, sean please calm down lmao

  66. Alan Ho

    Alan Ho

    5 napja

    ah yes modern-day shitpost documentary

  67. RichMenace_94


    5 napja

    Am I the only one who noticed the MAGA hat at 23:24

  68. ibladesi


    5 napja

    Got a raid shadow legends ad in the middle of the raid shadow legends ad. Is anything real?

  69. Francisco Garay

    Francisco Garay

    5 napja

    This was... uncomfortably hilarious to watch... lol.



    5 napja

    idek know if I wana play the game but I know I wana buy it. A man like that is tougher than nails and more noble than anyone I know. This story brings a tear to my eye, literally. That is special, doesn't happen often and so it means what Sean has done here is made a massive mistake and then redeemed himself several times over.

  71. Dylan Hunter

    Dylan Hunter

    5 napja

    can you do a Doom documentary

  72. Matthew Porter

    Matthew Porter

    5 napja

    This is art

  73. Space Cadet Silver Boots

    Space Cadet Silver Boots

    5 napja

    Why am I crying at the redemption

  74. layo m

    layo m

    5 napja

    What's that song at the 32 minute mark

  75. 17 GDPR

    17 GDPR

    5 napja

    My favourite redemption arc in gaming

  76. ukaslekelvin


    5 napja

    Why was Alin Tudik at you’re wife’s funeral

  77. user 88 91

    user 88 91

    5 napja

    Cyperpunk is yet to have it's redemption ark and yet it's featured in this video 32:09 as one of them AAA-titles that have huge expectations. Foreshadowing anyone?

  78. Kuroi Ryu

    Kuroi Ryu

    5 napja

    This came up again on my recommendations and at 32:09 he says people expect AAA quality for the $60 price tag & one of the sample images is for the collectors edition of Cyberpunk. Holy shit time has made that into a brilliant prophetic joke.

  79. Yes Please

    Yes Please

    5 napja

    The redundant needle karunagappally land because stop interestedly spare toward a groovy cotton. mysterious, shaggy rayon

  80. Paul Quehl

    Paul Quehl

    5 napja

    i tried to sit through the novel 5 times ...mission failed, again

  81. Christoph Becker

    Christoph Becker

    5 napja

    Hmm, Guildford? So that's why they didn't panic - and they had towels, of course. :)

  82. Paul Quehl

    Paul Quehl

    5 napja

    thx to lord heelix, sending us Internet we might stand a chance against perfect bidoof

  83. Corfex


    5 napja


  84. Robert


    5 napja

    this is just 2 vids in 1

  85. S H

    S H

    6 napja

    Nice to get a break from the commercials with a few seconds of video. Monetize more ass hole.

  86. IMP Fenris

    IMP Fenris

    6 napja

    All this and it still got a game award

    • TheEpicGamer


      5 napja

      it deserved it

  87. Jonathan Shaw

    Jonathan Shaw

    6 napja

    All this tells me is we need to cut out journalism entirely from the news source and get company webpages for franchises as the main source of news.

  88. station992


    6 napja

    RedProjekt are doing the same road... and it will be a god of a game

  89. Tacocat04


    6 napja

    Proof that hype ruins games

  90. Inessa


    6 napja

    While anger and disappointment are very much justified, I feel very bad for Sean and the rest of the team. Their intention was never to scam anyone and run off with dirty-earned cash - they just couldn't keep their heads above water, and they're still paying dearly. I wish them the absolute best.

  91. 태선우TaeSunWoo


    6 napja

    32:09 I hope he remembers this in the Cyberpunk 2077 vid

  92. Buzzy Gaming

    Buzzy Gaming

    6 napja

    at 5:06 the "hype" train was actually a BR A1 class named "tornado", search it up

  93. Vojta Piskáček

    Vojta Piskáček

    6 napja

    Honestly imma go try and play some

  94. Zach Quintana

    Zach Quintana

    6 napja

    youre my favorite editor on this whole site

  95. Sven K

    Sven K

    6 napja

    i wanna play minecraft 18+

    • Eratic


      6 napja


  96. Giriath1


    6 napja

    I mean if you try to sell your kid and claim he's Jesus when you know he's just some kid you adopted a year ago that's fraud

  97. ThEcLoStRoBiDi


    7 napja

    Hello Games, can you please give some advises to CDPR? Or can you fix the Cyberpunk also please? Thanks

    • David


      6 napja

      In the end hello Games handled the situation in a better way

  98. Sexy Toaster

    Sexy Toaster

    7 napja

    I felt like shit because I jumped on the bandwagon of hating the game. And I didn't even bother doing any research myself or playing it. And continues to dump on the game for.. really no reason. I might buy it to try it.

  99. Solsun


    7 napja

    I know this is such a minor thing but it’s so crazy that Sky sues companies for the use of ‘sky’? Its like Apple suing high street greengrocers for selling fruit?¿?

    • Some One

      Some One

      4 napja

      And it’s not a minor thing, at least it shouldn’t be. It’s pretty fucking sad and infuriating.

    • Some One

      Some One

      4 napja

      This is usually called patent trolling, and while this is still super bad it’s probably not even the worst example of this.

  100. Der Technologe

    Der Technologe

    7 napja

    I didnt cared, that the game was Bad. I fellt sorry for them.