the everything sub (1m subscriber special)

thank you guys so much for everything, you all changed my life whether you know it or not


  1. BeeseChurmger


    13 napja

    Milad after closing time: "Reality can be whatever I want"

    • Valerie Brevet

      Valerie Brevet

      4 napja


    • nico costalot

      nico costalot

      4 napja


    • Miller Chiang

      Miller Chiang

      6 napja

      @North Florida Rail Videography LOL

    • EL gourdo

      EL gourdo

      9 napja

      He has so much power

    • Andrew C

      Andrew C

      9 napja

      Id eat that sandwich

  2. Adam M

    Adam M



  3. TelPoGaming




  4. Jared Cent

    Jared Cent



  5. Julie Dixon

    Julie Dixon


    dats thic with 5 more cs thicccccc

  6. Vøid9MCOC




  7. Oliver Kay

    Oliver Kay


    This man is a massive success story

  8. Zandy Man

    Zandy Man

    2 órája

    Milad loves from the bottom of his heart but I love from the top of mine get out done kid

  9. Akhil Babu

    Akhil Babu

    2 órája

    Let's go, Milad! 10 Million's next

  10. Khadir Chafika

    Khadir Chafika

    3 órája

    I love your videos so much

  11. JV Lint

    JV Lint

    3 órája


  12. Darko Hanusic

    Darko Hanusic

    4 órája

    Damn that looks more like the death sandwich from regular show than the sandwich in the show

  13. Romash Shoni

    Romash Shoni

    4 órája

    love from Nepal🇳🇵

  14. [WOF]BruhMoment PG3D

    [WOF]BruhMoment PG3D

    4 órája

    u just gained 300 k in less then 2 week WoW

  15. Omar Qureshi

    Omar Qureshi

    4 órája

    Thanks Milan FOR ALL THE OP AND ADDICTIVE CONTENT always makes my day

  16. Elliot Kluken

    Elliot Kluken

    4 órája

    Bruh I’m applying at subway

  17. Abdullah Shahzad

    Abdullah Shahzad

    4 órája

    Milad mirg: Get more than 330 thousand subs in a week. I be like: t f

  18. YYahyaZ


    4 órája

    Jake Paul: Who's this Milad dude, I want to Box him now.

  19. Aleksander


    5 órája

    bruh :)

  20. Ren Afton

    Ren Afton

    5 órája

    *Intense bored*

  21. Noah Watkinselmore

    Noah Watkinselmore

    5 órája

    You will pick this comment 🔔♥️

  22. Slimilix 23

    Slimilix 23

    5 órája

    You should give this to matt stonie

  23. Arlo Ziolkowski

    Arlo Ziolkowski

    5 órája

    Who won

  24. poopoo peepee

    poopoo peepee

    5 órája

    h gib money

  25. abdul rehman

    abdul rehman

    5 órája

    love u bro

  26. Plsma Thicc

    Plsma Thicc

    6 órája

    heloo i am plsma

  27. Aleesha Iram

    Aleesha Iram

    6 órája

    This man really is a legend

  28. Mohammed Azhir

    Mohammed Azhir

    7 órája

    Hey.. your videos are too hilarious😂😂❤️❤️ keep up the good work

  29. BountyDragon


    7 órája

    Nice vid xd

  30. Rocco Eppendörfer

    Rocco Eppendörfer

    7 órája

    Milad: what do you want in your Sandwich ? Customer: yes

  31. Julia Jane

    Julia Jane

    8 órája

    You’re the best

  32. George erridge

    George erridge

    8 órája

    Miles ur a monster bro

  33. pooja singh

    pooja singh

    8 órája

    You should have cut it horizontally, so it would have become two subs

  34. Tamjeed Anam

    Tamjeed Anam

    8 órája

    U put bacon in there too?

  35. Lucky Dragon

    Lucky Dragon

    8 órája

    Congrats on one mil!

  36. Mir Jarral

    Mir Jarral

    8 órája

    I have to try that

  37. Dragon’s Flame

    Dragon’s Flame

    8 órája


  38. Mark Bloom

    Mark Bloom

    9 órája

    Big cheesecake burger

  39. Paw Pi

    Paw Pi

    9 órája

    You make really good work. You deserve this one milion

  40. FREESTAR 89 gaming

    FREESTAR 89 gaming

    9 órája

    Odd1sout be like : my descendants are inevitable!

  41. Cindy Desjardins

    Cindy Desjardins

    10 órája

    Subway needs to sponsor you!! 😂👍🏼 That was probably the subject of their DM 😏

  42. SteveHufngel


    10 órája

    Legendary sandwich

  43. CornQueen


    11 órája

    Why would you ever do that

  44. Vivaan karde 74-39

    Vivaan karde 74-39

    11 órája


  45. Conner Anderson

    Conner Anderson

    11 órája

    I'd eat it

  46. Pablo Attenborough In search for WILDLIFE

    Pablo Attenborough In search for WILDLIFE

    11 órája

    Duck soup

  47. Jack Hughes

    Jack Hughes

    11 órája

    That does look pretty good

  48. reaper x

    reaper x

    11 órája

    Christ that was a massive sandwich I could maybe eat to rn

  49. Abdulrahmsn Albanna

    Abdulrahmsn Albanna

    12 órája

    I flying 12 hours to buy the everything sub

  50. Abdulrahmsn Albanna

    Abdulrahmsn Albanna

    12 órája

    Where the cookies where the chips where the drinks

  51. Apurv Shinde

    Apurv Shinde

    12 órája

    Your Voice is Soothing and Would love to try the Everything Sub❤️🔥🎉

  52. Shubham Kumar

    Shubham Kumar

    12 órája

    Subway is best

  53. Patrick Yang

    Patrick Yang

    12 órája

    Thiccc sandwich and lol your videos give me a reason to exist

  54. blah


    12 órája

    Anything you want

  55. Yusuf Salifu

    Yusuf Salifu

    12 órája


  56. Senchi3


    12 órája

    I love your videos, sadly Subway is too expensive in my country :

  57. Sean Dolan

    Sean Dolan

    12 órája

    bro shoulda got Matt Stonie to come up in this bitch and devour that thing

  58. THREE Ways of Life

    THREE Ways of Life

    13 órája

    I love subway steak and cheese

  59. Joshua Beach

    Joshua Beach

    13 órája


  60. Gabe Martinez

    Gabe Martinez

    13 órája

    Subway Eat Fresh

  61. Ahlam Damtew Vlogs

    Ahlam Damtew Vlogs

    13 órája

    And honestly I really like your channel because it's usually just shorts and not long videos and watching you make Subway sandwiches is really satisfying

  62. Ahlam Damtew Vlogs

    Ahlam Damtew Vlogs

    13 órája

    It's amazing how you get 1 million sub and when I first started watching you you're like 25k sub and I started watching your videos like a few weeks ago I maybe say 3 weeks or 4 weeks its just so incredible

  63. Dawood Ahmed

    Dawood Ahmed

    13 órája

    Congratulations Milad!!!! You totally deserved it. I enjoy your videos a lot 🤩🤩

  64. Jack Dean

    Jack Dean

    14 órája

    I would’ve eaten it😂

  65. Mark Jayzee Ortega

    Mark Jayzee Ortega

    14 órája

    can you make monster sized sandwich? that would be tasty. i am not in the us. sorry about that, i live at a different country

    • Mark Jayzee Ortega

      Mark Jayzee Ortega

      14 órája

      that sandwich bro 🥪🥪🥪

  66. Aaron Dively

    Aaron Dively

    15 órája

    I want that 100$!!

  67. Aaron Dively

    Aaron Dively

    15 órája

    I love Subway!!! I eat Subway when I am hunting.

  68. SSBGOGETA 66


    15 órája

    Hi Enter me please XD

  69. kirby


    16 órája

    Oh yeah poor local subway it's gonna go down

  70. orangemellow828


    16 órája

    Anything you want

  71. Emily that girl Who sings

    Emily that girl Who sings

    17 órája

    Wow yummmm

  72. Thunder Playz

    Thunder Playz

    17 órája


  73. Elijah Noor

    Elijah Noor

    17 órája

    Milad I love watching your videos like it’s just sooooo...... satisfying¿?

  74. 18 órája

    Beep bop

  75. Gravy


    18 órája

    LA beast should eat that

  76. SlipperyBlock


    18 órája

    Introducing the schmeat sub

  77. NotGunna LyXx

    NotGunna LyXx

    18 órája

    I was the one mill sub

  78. izhaan irfan

    izhaan irfan

    19 órája

    Love you bro excellent work your content never bores me

  79. Kirb


    19 órája


  80. Steven


    20 órája

    That sandwich actually looks fire, although it probably tastes like diarrhea

  81. James m

    James m

    20 órája

    Anything I want is my comment

  82. Leo James

    Leo James

    20 órája

    We love you milad

  83. NotRottn


    21 órája


  84. Tanner Broyles

    Tanner Broyles

    21 órája

    So you’re saying there’s a chance?

  85. Tad


    21 órája

    That looks pretty good

  86. Jack Duncan

    Jack Duncan

    21 órája

    Man, I want to work at subway.

  87. eel lol

    eel lol

    21 órája

    I know it's a bit late but I believe that I could win 100 dollars lol

  88. Alexander home Ramage

    Alexander home Ramage

    22 órája


  89. ꧁Mushroom Cow꧂

    ꧁Mushroom Cow꧂

    22 órája

    I̥ͦm̥ͦ s̥ͦc̥ͦḁͦr̥ͦe̥ͦd̥ͦ

  90. lomo18fb


    22 órája

    How did it taste

  91. Prometheus


    23 órája

    Legendary video Milad

  92. Ryan


    23 órája

    Since watching these videos literally for 3 days, I want to franchise a Subway lmao.

  93. StefkeZ


    23 órája

    Matt Stonie be like: imma finish this in 35,2 seconds

  94. My Name Is Adam

    My Name Is Adam

    23 órája


  95. Ashe king

    Ashe king

    23 órája

    And ur really funny keep grining

  96. Ananos


    23 órája

    Love you Milad

  97. Tess And Ace

    Tess And Ace

    23 órája

    This is so cool! Although half of these subs you make I can't eat, I have a lot of intolerances. But all these stories are really cool!

  98. ZeMagical


    23 órája

    anything you want

  99. Karim Hany

    Karim Hany


    You have the best videos

  100. Santtu