The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Pitch Meeting

Step inside the pitch meeting that led to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier!
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After the release of WandaVision, Disney is continuing their onslaught of streaming series taking place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe being released on Disney Plus with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, starring Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier definitely raises some questions. Like what exactly is going on with the Flag Smashers are why are their plans so vague? What did John Walker expect to accomplish with that non-vibranium shield? Why would Disney cast the same actress from Solo: A Star Wars Story for pretty much the exact same role? Was that Power Broker thing meant to be a big twist? Are we supposed to think that Karli is NOT evil? Why isn’t the top of Sam’s head protected at all?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  1. Harmless Potato

    Harmless Potato

    27 perccel

    Thank got we got to see zemo dance

  2. Dead Skin Rippers

    Dead Skin Rippers


    Broke back falcon!

  3. Chris



    Got bored and quit watching halfway through the second episode. But this, as always, was entertaining!

  4. james staggs

    james staggs

    14 órája

    Yeah it's the definition of terrorism until a certain politcal sect and the large tech companies decide to change it, kind of like they did with the words racism and fascism.

  5. Robin Anwaldt

    Robin Anwaldt

    16 órája

    One thing that bothered me about the whole topic of black heroes apparently not being accepted by America as their symbol... *Did they just forget about Rhodey being the Iron Patriot?! His character literally appears in the show!*

  6. E White

    E White

    18 órája

    Super easy, barely an inconvenience. 🙂

  7. Trik Stari

    Trik Stari

    18 órája

    Lol the show is poorly disguised pro blm/antifa propaganda. Because they know what blm/antifa are. Terrorists. They're terrorists. Sam's rant at the end amounts to telling rape victims to dress more unattractively.

  8. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike

    18 órája

    The flag smashers: "okay guys lets go get it done"

  9. Leo Flaherty

    Leo Flaherty


    Sam's point was not that he had a magic solution; it was that there was no magic solution and that the people who would be affected should have representatives in the room arguing their corner when decisions that affect them get made. The GRC was full of people who wouldn't be affected by the GRC plan one way or another, and that's a recipe for callous decision-making. No deportation without representation.

  10. Eliška Z

    Eliška Z


    Maybe some Stephen King’s novel?

  11. MichaelK



    Ohh so it’s not terrorism and murder if you have well meaning intentions. Gotcha.

  12. 10Redbluff



    "Blade Runner:2049" ---- PLEASE DO THIS NEXT!!!!!!!

  13. MR GT Modern Retro Gaming Tech

    MR GT Modern Retro Gaming Tech

    2 napja

    Nah... Another WOKE crap...

  14. Burning of the Ice Phoenix

    Burning of the Ice Phoenix

    2 napja

    Sorta wanna see a Django Unchained Pitch Meeting lol

  15. Wisnu Wardhana Here

    Wisnu Wardhana Here

    2 napja

    I love Marvel but can't shake the feeling that Sam's speech doesn't make any sense.

  16. Wolf Treetruck

    Wolf Treetruck

    2 napja

    7:01 You forgot that this "Getting Told" of Isaiah's story is by literally hiding one plaque and statue behind a practically hidden door off another exhibit that no one would ever go into because it seems like it isn't for visitors.

  17. Sam Biancheri

    Sam Biancheri

    2 napja

    I love how producer guy just reacts to screenwriter guy's pitches like he's just telling him about something that happened in the news

  18. Sam Biancheri

    Sam Biancheri

    2 napja

    I love how producer guy just reacts to screenwriter guy's pitches like he's just telling him about something that happened in the news

  19. Just Me

    Just Me

    2 napja

    Watching Ryans Pitches at 4am is tight.

  20. Guyshu


    2 napja

    Also after Sam and Bucky fought John, Sam was done with being Falcon. Torres told Sam he forgot his wings and Sam said "Don't worry about it", and that was even why he went back to the port and helped Sarah fix the boat. If he was done with being Falcon, why would he accept being Captain America, even if Bucky made the Dora Milage make the suit for him?

  21. Natalia Claudio

    Natalia Claudio

    2 napja

    Totally unrelated but... Please do an Arrested Development Pitch Meeting!

  22. TheWinterStorm


    2 napja

    I really hated when I saw the title at the end of the show and it still said the Winter Soldier. That title traumatized him, why still use it when it was clear he didn't want it used. Saying Captain America and the White Wolf would have been okay because the white wolf title was given afterwards and was a title given by his friends. Idk why but that moment just hit me the wrong way. The show showed change in both of them so why did only one of them get the title change they deserved.

  23. Sebasgl1


    3 napja

    I liked the series, but also is kinda interesting how Sam is trying so hard to de-escalate the situation with a unredeemable terrorist. Sam:"Oh yeah, she has killed a lot of people, but she can get worse"... Dude, that's why you have to stop her, detain her, kill her not convince her, wtf. If it was possible to talk to her, then any other conflict in the MCU could be solved like that too

  24. Jackie Bunton

    Jackie Bunton

    3 napja

    About halfway through the show I asked my husband, “What’s the flagsmashers’ goal again? I can’t remember what they’re trying to do.” He couldn’t tell me.

  25. Charles Henry

    Charles Henry

    3 napja

    RYAN GEORGE ROCKS! "It's super easy barely an inconvenience"

  26. Lyciesmad


    3 napja

    If the trump bots could gtfo of the comment section, I’d like to ruthlessly make fun of Disney’s shitty screenwriting in peace 😂

  27. Lyciesmad


    3 napja

    See that’s the reason I didn’t like the show I never understood what the flag smashers were even trying to accomplish and everyone kept being like “YOU DONT HAVE TO DO THIS CARLY!” And I was like “WHAT?? WHAT IS SHE DOING?” Lol the plan was unclear and it was kind of a clusterfuck and usually you need a really dynamic villain to make a superhero movie really good

  28. Bossk77


    3 napja

    Sounds like this show was a hot disaster......glad i didnt waste my time on it.

  29. TheLast IntelligentHuman

    TheLast IntelligentHuman

    3 napja

    Ok I don’t know about everybody else, but I actually felt bad for John walker. Like yeah, he wasn’t Steve, and he want a perfect Captain America, but he didn’t deserve the treatment and stuff that happened to him.

  30. Binxy Boo

    Binxy Boo

    3 napja

    Nice, a Hawke & Frosty pitch meeting!

  31. Lauren Eras

    Lauren Eras

    3 napja

    How was this the show that made no sense and NOT Wanda Vision.

  32. Fake Name

    Fake Name

    3 napja

    Did you guys know Sam is black?

  33. Vinyl Rabbit Hole

    Vinyl Rabbit Hole

    3 napja

    This Pitch Meeting was infinitely more watchable than Falcon and Winter Soldier.

  34. Clouded Journey

    Clouded Journey

    4 napja

    When Woke writers try to write espionage..

  35. jasonpwilson01XFORCE


    4 napja

    Falcons and the winter soldier was an absolutely terrible series.

  36. You Cant Handle The Truth!

    You Cant Handle The Truth!

    4 napja

    B L M L O L

  37. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama

    4 napja

    Wait, they shoe horn modern leftist racial talking points into this series? Hard pass.

  38. Manic


    4 napja

    The show was woke trash

  39. Patrick Chouinard

    Patrick Chouinard

    4 napja

    Protecting everything but your brain cage is tight !!! Lol

  40. Michelle Doughty

    Michelle Doughty

    4 napja

    Please do Titanic!

  41. Dice Strike

    Dice Strike

    5 napja

    Bully Zeno dancing off this frustration by the door.

  42. Michael Watkins

    Michael Watkins

    5 napja

    So Disney supports the terrorist group Antifa.

    • Samarth Gour

      Samarth Gour

      4 napja


    • Ichigo Kurosaki

      Ichigo Kurosaki

      5 napja


  43. Sagar Shajimon

    Sagar Shajimon

    5 napja

    I watched the whole show just to see how Bucky explains to Yuuri, why he killed his son.

  44. D'Sar The Darkstar

    D'Sar The Darkstar

    5 napja

    When will you do Kick-ass, the Kingsman and the Boys?

  45. Nadia J

    Nadia J

    5 napja

    Basically the show: Everyone is just misunderstood

  46. Summer-Skye Wilson

    Summer-Skye Wilson

    5 napja

    i want to see a pitch meeting for the land before time

  47. Dre Grant

    Dre Grant

    5 napja

    "This part of the scene was they scattered" 🤣🤣🤣

  48. Dimp LeFreak

    Dimp LeFreak

    5 napja


  49. UltimateWarrior206


    5 napja

    Wonder why Walker is a bad person when he kills one person but Falcon kills loads in the first scene. Zemo is bad and hardly kills anyone but Karli who kills and sets buses of people on fire is just misunderstood 🤔 Worried about Disney logic right now. 🤔

  50. Dusk Debonair

    Dusk Debonair

    6 napja

    Anyone else find Sam’s speech at the end rather bad?

    • Alexandre Gagne

      Alexandre Gagne

      5 napja

      It's awful!

  51. Potato Patato

    Potato Patato

    6 napja

    The Power Broker I card comically pops in at exactly the right moment

  52. Anon Ymoose

    Anon Ymoose

    6 napja

    Is this on CW? Where is Killer Frost? Savitar? Martian Manhunter? Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

  53. Birthquake Records

    Birthquake Records

    6 napja

    Why isn’t ANYONE making fun of Zemo’s awful looking CGI mask?????

  54. Mabroor Ahmad

    Mabroor Ahmad

    6 napja

    Watching the show and then come here to make a laugh is tight!

  55. Eric Marley

    Eric Marley

    6 napja

    Bravo, good sir, bravo.

  56. Christian


    6 napja

    I somehow managed to keep away from spoilers for Wandavision and Falcon and the Winter Soldier until I was able to get Disney + and watch it IDK how

  57. ben ivinson

    ben ivinson

    7 napja

    The fact the show tries to paint flag smashers (which I assume is supposed to be a reference to ANTIFA and BLM) as misunderstood activists even though they are literal terrorists just shows that marvel has bent the knee to woke culture

    • Ichigo Kurosaki

      Ichigo Kurosaki

      5 napja

      It’s unfortunate

  58. Héctor Cañas

    Héctor Cañas

    7 napja

    00:54 I'm CAPtivated... LOL

  59. Samuel Hanman

    Samuel Hanman

    7 napja

    Karli is basically Edelgard in Crimson Flower

  60. Luke Colombero

    Luke Colombero

    7 napja

    John Walker: kills one terrorist with his shield, stripped of his title and publicly shamed. Falcon: BLOWS UP A BUNCH OF HELICOPTERS FULL OF TERRORISTS IN THE FIRST 10 MINUTES OF THE SHOW TO RESCUE ONE GUY, doesn't get a loan. Logique

  61. William Cortelyou

    William Cortelyou

    7 napja

    I love original Cap, but didnt he pick up an assault rifle, and kill a bunch of innocent shield agents that were mind controlled by Loki when they attackerthe Hell Carrier in the first Avenegers movie? That seems worse then the new cap killing a dude who was a terrorist basically.

  62. Agatha Harkness

    Agatha Harkness

    7 napja

    So...Sharon is DEFINITELY a skrull...right?👀

  63. Liam Black

    Liam Black

    7 napja

    Could you imagine if it ended with “captain America and the white wolf”

  64. Kit Rocks

    Kit Rocks

    7 napja

    Disney’s political bullshit totally ruined the show and thank God IGN was at least able to make a joke about it instead of just agreeing

  65. Anon Seller

    Anon Seller

    7 napja

    Wowwowwow wow.

  66. Downhour Productions

    Downhour Productions

    7 napja

    How about a community pitch meeting? That would be fun, especially now that it’s on netflix

  67. Bobby Perrin

    Bobby Perrin

    7 napja

    Yeah, we don't question the physics of Cap's shield.

  68. andika hilman

    andika hilman

    7 napja

    This is so accurate lol I like the series tho

  69. Christopher Walsh

    Christopher Walsh

    7 napja

    I'm glad I didn't watch the show... This sounds awful.

  70. GamerHatesNew52


    7 napja

    "Is it Mephestio?!"

  71. Bryans Salazar

    Bryans Salazar

    8 napja

    This is probably the best of your videos xD the producer had all my feelings over there 🤣🤣

  72. Vince


    8 napja

    "cause this part of the scene is over"....whatever you get paid isn't enough. lmao

  73. Johnson McSandwhich

    Johnson McSandwhich

    8 napja

    and they're gonna talk about racism too....

  74. rifz42


    8 napja

    We need a Screen Rant budget meeting: Let's spend millions on stunts and effects and everything else, and then we only have $10 left over for a script..

  75. FangOfDrknss


    8 napja

    That deleted scene is so Spider-Man 3.

  76. Matthew Taylor

    Matthew Taylor

    8 napja

    Pretty glad I never watched any of that garbage.

  77. Douglas Johnson

    Douglas Johnson

    8 napja

    Absolutely great! Lotta laughs paired with an incisive analysis of a story's weak points. This is like a screenwriting class with excellent jokes. Bravo! I'm saying this having enjoyed "Falcon and The Winter Soldier" very much, but it's also fun to study the mechanics of it's screenplay.

  78. Jean-Luc Martel

    Jean-Luc Martel

    8 napja

    world repatriation counsel AKA the Covid Economic Planning Council.

  79. Walkingcedar2006


    8 napja

    "Listen, Sir, they have a vague plan. I'm gonna need ya to get all the way off my back about what it is!" (hahahahahaha!!)

  80. Daniel Karta

    Daniel Karta

    8 napja

    Karli was a bad writing character & cast. She doesn't have enough charisma & her face so happy everytime.

  81. John Vickers

    John Vickers

    8 napja

    Flag smashers = Antifa, pretty obviously

  82. Pete LeBlaireau

    Pete LeBlaireau

    8 napja

    2020-21 marvel's shows look boring AF.

  83. Photosounder


    8 napja

    2:15 you missed a button on your shirt

  84. The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger

    The Random Thoughts Of An Insignificant Stranger

    9 napja

    I just realized that forcibly painting the flag smashers in a sympathetic light is propaganda supporting Antifa

  85. nesenda


    9 napja

    "but i'm CAPtivated" i see what u did there.

  86. joex


    9 napja

    Do an invincible pitch meeting

  87. Hernan Ladores

    Hernan Ladores

    9 napja

    Wow. Who ever knew pitch meetings can be this entertaining.

  88. buryitdeep


    9 napja

    Another Disney trainwreck

  89. Dennis Anderson

    Dennis Anderson

    9 napja

    OG Captain America's ricochet-ing shield: Per the first story (origin), the super soldier serum advance Rogers' brain as well as his musculature, et al. His superhuman mental capacity, in the midst of combat, instantly calculates the exact force and angle at which he needs to hurl the shield so that it strikes what he needs it to and then return. Yes: Simon and Kirby made him *that* awesome of a superhuman!

  90. nrsrymj


    9 napja

    no but really how were the flag smashers going to kill billions of people again? A plot thinner than the paper the script was written on.

  91. Evelyn and Jocelyn's Caterpillar Corner

    Evelyn and Jocelyn's Caterpillar Corner

    9 napja

    "And while they're there their gonna meet Sharon Carter." *"sHeS fRoM tHe MoViEs!"*

  92. The QLC Experience

    The QLC Experience

    9 napja

    Please do a pitch meeting for HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother) please. It would be legen... wait for it... dary! Legendary!

  93. A Time For Wolves

    A Time For Wolves

    9 napja

    When the senator asks Sam does he actually know anything about the logistics or how complexity of the situation and Sam acts like not actually knowing is a positive. "Yeah, just do things better. I don't have any actual solutions but do it better."

  94. Cordelya Haynes

    Cordelya Haynes

    9 napja

    🌞...super soldier serum-say that 10x fast...okay🤗

  95. Aye Forgot

    Aye Forgot

    9 napja

    🎶 Who's been messing up everything? I guess it was Sharon all along 😕 🎶

  96. Spytfyre13


    9 napja

    Anybody else feel like the MCU has taken a massive step back into cruise control and political nonsense that no one cares about since endgame?

  97. A Fine And Pleasant Misery

    A Fine And Pleasant Misery

    9 napja

    So true! You nailed every gripe I had with this show.

  98. AlphaCentauri24


    9 napja

    These Marvel web show writers are some of the shittiest.

  99. Cornetto MSc

    Cornetto MSc

    9 napja

    „I‘m captivated“ I see what you did there

  100. Sean Peters

    Sean Peters

    9 napja

    “Except the top of his head where his brain is!” 💀