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The Galactic Trial

They shall be tried for their crimes against The Galactic Federation.
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  1. Joel Haver

    Joel Haver


    Hey everyone! Here's a playlist of all the sci-fi animations so far - The original Galactic Emperor was the first animation I did in this style, one of my favorite things to do is go back and tie things together. Hope you enjoy! As always thanks for watching

    • lemonborn


      19 napja


    • Anau Naga

      Anau Naga

      27 napja

      I love watching the animations, they somehow feel addicting. It would be cool to maybe do one with the rebels, or maybe you tie together the bounty hunter or the asteroid belt video with one of the other videos. Theres so much freedom with this, thank you for making these.

    • Enrique Coronado

      Enrique Coronado


      Heres an Idea for the next one, have the evil green minion attempt to assasinate the Galactic Emperor, but either the rebels stop the attack with their weaponised hand holding (When they hold hands they charge a laser beam and shoots it from their other free hand) or the Emperor and everyone just leaves with the evil minion sitting on a lonely throne.

    • Rawr Dino

      Rawr Dino



    • Farid Kemyakov

      Farid Kemyakov


      @Joel Haver I just thought that aside from using tool: Ebsynth, additionally for better quality\faster workflow you can use Runway Green Screen, or Adobe After Effects Beta Roto Brush 2. Just saw that Corridor Crew using those tools :)

  2. Groyper Diego

    Groyper Diego

    30 perccel

    Dude I’m bugging that’s wild

  3. Seth Newburgh

    Seth Newburgh


    this could be a whole tv series

  4. Baby Truci

    Baby Truci


    Honestly ngl the first 3 seconds sounded like nazi zombies in black ops

  5. Cynical Anon

    Cynical Anon


    that Galactic Emperor is such a chill dude.

  6. Maxwell Morrison

    Maxwell Morrison

    16 órája

    Please for the love of god give this man a show on adult swim

  7. Eric Yamaguti Nunes

    Eric Yamaguti Nunes

    17 órája

    Wait a sec....why did the galactic emperor cut his hair? He had 80s long hair when he was nominated...this should have an severe punishment!!!

  8. P.M. Seymour

    P.M. Seymour


    I see the emperor is not that corrupt either

  9. John Rowley

    John Rowley

    2 napja

    Jonesin' for the next instalment Joel

  10. Rou Zah

    Rou Zah

    4 napja

    2:52 lol this look! A hidden gem!

  11. SiLeNCel2


    4 napja

    "Oh yeah, right. You are rebells, aren't you?" xD

  12. Cragmortis


    4 napja

    Green guy sitting there like I can't believe this is happening..

  13. What Breaks The Silence

    What Breaks The Silence

    5 napja

    I’d pay to watch a full feature movie out of this... who’s with me? What’s not to like... a chill stoner galactic emperor who quickly realizes dumb shit and fixes them... A captain who’s obsessed with holding hands and uses it to solve any problems... Man... I’d be down watching a movie where every character be chillin talking about random shit for 50% of the movie

  14. Wally


    5 napja

    Loool "Dude, I'm bugging. Get outta here."

  15. Simbach Vazo

    Simbach Vazo

    6 napja

    This is the new Emperor, the last one was assassinated by some rebels who blew up a star station.

  16. kidd kool

    kidd kool

    6 napja

    ayyy thats how its done

  17. c88.rex


    7 napja

    I thought the crime was not shooting down an enemy of the federation.



      5 napja

      And also holding hands, which is forbidden according to one of the oldest galactic laws.

  18. Walshy


    7 napja

    Imagine the Judge just going to the criminal like “Y..You guys want that law abolished?”

  19. Salzar 350

    Salzar 350

    7 napja

    Man, the Emperor's really fed up with his job...

  20. AncientSeed


    7 napja

    If world leaders got high.

  21. Ludwig Van Normayenn

    Ludwig Van Normayenn

    7 napja

    still here :D

  22. Darren V

    Darren V

    8 napja

    purple guy's baked

  23. Kevin Daniel

    Kevin Daniel

    8 napja

    i love how the green guy is just sitting on the floor .

  24. TerenKanan


    8 napja

    I need more of this Galactic Emperor, that character is fucking great.

  25. Minoxio the Third

    Minoxio the Third

    8 napja


  26. Umph


    9 napja

    This is the best thing on the internet right now.

  27. 2660016A


    9 napja

    I wish I could figure out what it is about the green dude’s voice and enunciation that I find so addictive😂

  28. ChillingTiger90


    10 napja

    Oh shit what the got me 😂😂

  29. Frostarmy N7

    Frostarmy N7

    10 napja

    Does the order apply when you hold your own hands as the emperor did?

  30. Fixed Face

    Fixed Face

    10 napja

    the green alien has a beautiful set of pearls

  31. Elijah Costilla

    Elijah Costilla

    10 napja

    Holy shit part 2

  32. Jermeys World!

    Jermeys World!

    10 napja

    They used the galactic fed from rick at morty.

  33. 黒月城黒鋼


    11 napja

    Very nice retro style animations! I really like these a lot!✌️😁

  34. Miðgarðsormr Apophis

    Miðgarðsormr Apophis

    11 napja

    The virgin Rian Johnson "I'm going to subvert your expectation for star wars by making all of the characters incompetent" vs The chad Joel Haver: "I'm buggin man. Get outta here."

  35. Chris Ramos

    Chris Ramos

    11 napja

    Accurate representation of Emperor Constantine stopping the persecutions of Christians in the empire

  36. Real Paranormal Videos

    Real Paranormal Videos

    11 napja

    best video every mad for internits

  37. Diego Riveros Pineda

    Diego Riveros Pineda

    11 napja

    We need more Emperors like him

  38. freddy04123


    11 napja

    What a shitty way to credit patreon supporters

  39. Your Local Degenerate

    Your Local Degenerate

    12 napja

    *h o l d*

  40. show omniscience

    show omniscience

    12 napja

    This is one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Hahah

  41. Internet Wanderer

    Internet Wanderer

    12 napja

    Alana Solo be like:

  42. cAsuAl


    12 napja

    "am kinda tired of thinking" I FELT THAT!

  43. JTR


    12 napja

    the leader we need

  44. Henry Goodbar

    Henry Goodbar

    12 napja

    I like the green dude

  45. Corey Shaughnessy

    Corey Shaughnessy

    12 napja

    Man, I would love to see Joel do a whole movie of this. Such a brilliant premise! Just somehow interlocking the stories of all the space-themed skits would be hilarious.

  46. TheKaein


    13 napja

    Love the stoned galactic emperor. He's like one of the most wholesome and also hilarious characters.

  47. bar363363


    13 napja

    2:50 lol

  48. Dizzle Berry

    Dizzle Berry

    13 napja

    Calling the Rebel "Cell". love it.

  49. James Nope

    James Nope

    13 napja

    The galactic emperor gives me the same vibes as joe rogan

  50. Dpuma117


    13 napja

    Wearing no shirt is one of the oldest galactic laws.

  51. Aaron Bell

    Aaron Bell

    13 napja

    Are you both the captain and the green guy, Joel? 😄

  52. Shaun Valentines

    Shaun Valentines

    13 napja

    Galactic emperor said gay rights

  53. 25th Ming

    25th Ming

    13 napja


  54. CuteFuzzyWeasel


    13 napja

    I'm buggin, this is wild.

  55. ANGELiki1992


    14 napja




    14 napja

    I'm wondering, how does he win the Galactic Election?

  57. E-Man5805


    14 napja

    You kind of see why rulers have massive flowing robes or raiments. It' because seeing a dude sitting on a big chair with pants on is kinda awkward and unimpressive.

  58. Andrew Stewart

    Andrew Stewart

    14 napja

    The deep galactic state would never allow such a fair minded emperor to take power. They control the galactic banks, own 90% of galactic media, yet only make up less than 2% of the population in the entire galaxy. They control every imperial senator and candidate for galactic rule. If they do not like a galactic emperor they will either assassinate him, or commit massive fraud in the next galactic election to remain in control of the multiplanetary economy.

  59. SJ Scrubs

    SJ Scrubs

    14 napja

    2:40 Poor guy has to go to the bathroom real bad, and everyone's telling him to hold!

  60. Mark Cross

    Mark Cross

    14 napja

    This emperor is high as hell!

  61. Gush Gaming

    Gush Gaming

    15 napja

    The urge to smoke when the emperor is on screen is unimaginable

  62. Some S7IC

    Some S7IC

    15 napja

    I like how no one questioned how the blue dude was even able to contact the rebels just like that.

  63. DoctorScienceMan


    15 napja

    "Yeah we need some rebels around here if we got stupid laws like that... are you kidding me?" This is non-ironically one of my favorite quotes of all time now.

  64. Eric Staples

    Eric Staples

    15 napja

    200 I.Q. The rebels can't be rebels if it's legal to hold hands. They will have to choose.

  65. aedann


    15 napja

    i love this series

  66. Christopher Wyse

    Christopher Wyse

    16 napja

    Dude these videos are straight gold, I’m rollin over here

  67. Holbrook Stark

    Holbrook Stark

    16 napja

    Thumbs up if it's your 5th time watching this. Fuck 4thers and 6thers. *This post brought to you by 5th viewing gang*



    16 napja

    The green guy is awesome. SIRE! 😬

  69. Nathan


    16 napja

    Best Sci-Fi trilogy of this century.

  70. Trevor O'Rear

    Trevor O'Rear

    16 napja

    Palpatine after hitting 3 deathsticks

  71. mat tripodi

    mat tripodi

    16 napja




    16 napja

    my mans high as shit

  73. meyoudodo


    16 napja

    he will ruin it this one wee diiiges ths not bety of the cak eo f mine

  74. meyoudodo


    16 napja

    int he of pipei will neve r die

  75. meyoudodo


    16 napja


  76. meyoudodo


    16 napja

    hawt we made ues a neet indisur and shr bunbr toit like this that es nubb

  77. meyoudodo


    16 napja

    that emberstier of germss reall hig guy

  78. meyoudodo


    16 napja

    and teh air ma n tha not of the eath man i a we was no lik e like hands abot no toying they saiwe the would expolge here lit germs

  79. MoonshineBlack


    17 napja


  80. Rou Zah

    Rou Zah

    17 napja

    2:52 lol why does his look crack you up?! lmao!

  81. Kira Moazaka

    Kira Moazaka

    17 napja


  82. Garratt Marius

    Garratt Marius

    17 napja

    I'm so invested in this space saga

  83. Craig Robbins

    Craig Robbins

    17 napja

    If this was a feature length film I would have been captivated the whole time.

  84. Cyril Gigee

    Cyril Gigee

    17 napja

    I wouldn't mind living under the rule of a Galactic Dictator if it was someone like this.

  85. James Brooks

    James Brooks

    17 napja

    i don't think there's enough appreciation for the blue dude who's just chill with whatever

  86. Alexander Finlayson

    Alexander Finlayson

    17 napja

    Honestly I keep coming back and watching this, I think these characters are brilliant!!

  87. Crilled Gheese

    Crilled Gheese

    18 napja

    Man this green dude needs a day off, maybe he's good people and jst having a hard time ya know?

  88. Benjamin KayEight

    Benjamin KayEight

    18 napja


  89. Connor Norris

    Connor Norris

    18 napja

    imagine if our president was this guy. it'd be a handholding utopia baby

  90. Joe


    18 napja

    Time for my weekly binging of Joel Haver vids!

  91. Hara Juku

    Hara Juku

    18 napja

    if they had santa he would be going ho ho hold

  92. Bush Wizard

    Bush Wizard

    18 napja


  93. liu nemo

    liu nemo

    18 napja


  94. Chewy Chew

    Chewy Chew

    18 napja

    I don't know how I got here but what the fuck?

  95. GPU LV 99

    GPU LV 99

    18 napja


  96. kelroy2121


    18 napja

    Id subscribe but I'm already subscribed Should I unsubscribe to resubscribe or just hold?

  97. Bryan Naing

    Bryan Naing

    19 napja

    And so, with the abolishment of the hand-holding law, the citizens of the universe were free to hold hands, spreading forth the space parasite freely amongst each other. It seemed the history books were incapable of reminding the people why hand-holding as an action was criminalised and the universe fell once more under threat.

  98. Ky1i3


    19 napja

    That dude is trippin' balls

  99. Uriel Yukimori

    Uriel Yukimori

    19 napja


  100. jayvin marisilino

    jayvin marisilino

    19 napja

    hold 👍