The Legend Of The Ice Hound (Clash Of Clans)

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From rage-­filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.
PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans is free to download and play, however some game items can also be purchased for real money
Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Clash of Clans.
A network connection is also required.
- Build your village into an unbeatable fortress
- Raise your own army of Barbarians, Archers, Hog Riders, Wizards, Dragons and other mighty fighters
- Battle with players worldwide and take their Trophies
- Join together with other players to form the ultimate Clan
- Fight against rival Clans in epic Clan Wars
- Build 18 unique units with multiple levels of upgrades
- Discover your favorite attacking army from countless combinations of troops, spells, Heroes and Clan reinforcements
- Defend your village with a multitude of Cannons, Towers, Mortars, Bombs, Traps and Walls
- Fight against the Goblin King in a campaign through the realm
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  1. Imperador Chin

    Imperador Chin

    4 órája

    how to boost wizard into super wizard?

  2. khalid Ashour

    khalid Ashour

    5 órája


  3. GarRusLan Gaming

    GarRusLan Gaming

    8 órája

    I don't regret playing this game for 5 years

  4. Herry Tong

    Herry Tong

    9 órája

    To be honest if supercell make a full movie of COC they could compete with Disney for real!! The animations are so smooth tho

  5. Rosaiah Sunke

    Rosaiah Sunke

    10 órája

    Every wizard is a gangsta untill PEKKA shows up

  6. Sylo


    12 órája

    what are you doing step wizard -villager

  7. A God Damn Onion

    A God Damn Onion

    14 órája

    sorry fbi i had to do it

  8. asep M406

    asep M406

    14 órája

    Buat film full movie nya

  9. Aminul Islam chy

    Aminul Islam chy

    15 órája

    My need some diamond

  10. Anmol Singh

    Anmol Singh

    15 órája

    Builder: *This is fine*

  11. artistic raj baba

    artistic raj baba

    16 órája

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 last moment was epic

  12. Squallycellar 25

    Squallycellar 25

    16 órája

    More MORE

  13. 440 Nabeel Bin Khalid

    440 Nabeel Bin Khalid

    17 órája

    0:54 Me to Gravity : You had one job

  14. ben ten

    ben ten

    18 órája

    Villager is so cute

  15. Gamer Samraat

    Gamer Samraat

    18 órája

    0:52 Hey you're stealing my credit, I had aaaaa swooooooorddddddddd . 🤕

  16. Nveenn


    19 órája

    Lollll the twist got me xD

  17. Gopika M

    Gopika M

    19 órája

    1:24 el prmio some one copied my pose

  18. Xavier


    21 órája

    We wants a New hero : Wizard😄

  19. Lyerox



    0:03 Butterfly! P.E.K.K.A: I want that!!! B.U.T.T.E.R..F.L.Y

  20. oyosuki ‘

    oyosuki ‘


    only ogs remember the last lava pup

  21. 7K ROYAL

    7K ROYAL


    We need coc movie💀🥶🥶🔥

  22. Andrew the Guide

    Andrew the Guide


    Why do they drink elixir? I mean do we eat blood? NO.

  23. Mohamad Q

    Mohamad Q



  24. Reee Lord

    Reee Lord


    Supercell: *Makes 3D Animaition* Also Supercell: *Draws Weird Animaition*

  25. sukh chain singh

    sukh chain singh


    wizard osm




    I think the animations are better than the coc updates😅

  27. Umar Munir

    Umar Munir


    0:44 what wizard said she sounded like 1:19 how she actually speaks

  28. Umar Munir

    Umar Munir


    0:54 it's freezing outside but Princess is still not wearing pants




    0:56 It was too close to reveal 😍

  30. Subline_Funtime



    0:55 1 frame of villager dump truck

  31. PotatoSacGaming



    At 0:54 as she gets launched. ._. Edit: Try 0.25x If you can’t get it

  32. lesly Reséndiz

    lesly Reséndiz


    Nesesito más clash a raya! Es una buena serie

  33. Aissu YT

    Aissu YT


    Villager kinda bad though

  34. KXtreme



    This thing is powerful af I destroyed like 4 th 13 max with it

  35. Aspiring Mane

    Aspiring Mane

    2 napja

    We need a whole movie. COC if you want a storyline hit me up.

  36. MR. FRESH


    2 napja

    1:16 c'mon boiz...she pretty cute

  37. Lamin Nabam

    Lamin Nabam

    2 napja

    *Petition for Supercell to make COC movie*

  38. SPYGO


    2 napja

    What the heck guys stop about villager this is why coc removed global chat because of dirtiness and so friendly chats

  39. Эрхан Токторбеков

    Эрхан Токторбеков

    2 napja

    Калдун 10 лвл

  40. DARKERS Op


    2 napja

    😂😂🤣it was funny

  41. RankGray


    2 napja

    omg is this a new animation series i stepped into by accident

  42. Sreenidhi Sree

    Sreenidhi Sree

    2 napja

    What about coc movie💕

  43. Queen Farjana

    Queen Farjana

    2 napja


  44. Brandon Hood

    Brandon Hood

    3 napja

    Bruh is no one going to talk about how the troops are drinking their own blood?

  45. Mohsen4ever


    3 napja

    Why does Wizard sound like Peter Griffin so much??

  46. Honar Palani

    Honar Palani

    3 napja

    Clash of Clans: *Age rating +9* Also Clash of Clans: 0:54

  47. Grizzly


    3 napja


  48. Антон Шадян

    Антон Шадян

    3 napja

    Im love the legend of magma hound

  49. Range Rover

    Range Rover

    3 napja

    What is the music in the end of video?

  50. Sapthagiri SAM

    Sapthagiri SAM

    3 napja

    We need more of animated videos like dis plz

  51. Raphael Pecoraro

    Raphael Pecoraro

    3 napja

    0:41 Valkyrie origin???

  52. Clash Royale Master

    Clash Royale Master

    3 napja

    Its even good in 2x speed. Noice. Well done Supercell👏👏

  53. Utkarsh Mishra

    Utkarsh Mishra

    3 napja

    They should make a movie series using these characters.. 😍😍

  54. Shiladitya Mandal

    Shiladitya Mandal

    3 napja

    I wonder what the other female characters would look 😂

  55. Fiqri27


    3 napja

    1:26 WaW

  56. Steven Thompson

    Steven Thompson

    3 napja

    You... simp...

  57. YouTube Mart

    YouTube Mart

    3 napja


  58. YouTube Mart

    YouTube Mart

    3 napja


  59. Muhammet Cakir

    Muhammet Cakir

    4 napja

    kotzt nurnoch an 5jahre immernoch nicht full build schnekt mal lieber was ihr trottel

  60. Henrique II

    Henrique II

    4 napja

    00:53 parece o dragão rei de "como treinar seu dragão" no final do filme

  61. حسين العكيلي

    حسين العكيلي

    4 napja

    روعه حلو

  62. Angela GAMING GAMING


    4 napja

    The guardian of coc girl is the most cute

  63. John Nierva

    John Nierva

    4 napja

    i thought gravity existed why in 0:54 gravity lied

  64. Deadline Bold

    Deadline Bold

    4 napja

    "Saveee us wizad". 😂😂 So funny

  65. A Sobble With Internet Access

    A Sobble With Internet Access

    5 napja

    Fun fact: this was posted 2 days after the Fort Worth Pileup, responsible for the death of 6 people and 100+ cars wrecked.

  66. The Immortal Gamer 678

    The Immortal Gamer 678

    5 napja

    The dislikes are the ice hounds that got killed by the wizards

    • Mr Rainbrow

      Mr Rainbrow

      11 órája

      They can't, they're dead

  67. حسن البصري

    حسن البصري

    5 napja


  68. حسام ابوحمودي

    حسام ابوحمودي

    5 napja

    احلى لايك 👍👍👍👍🇮🇶👍

  69. Bunsoy Suan

    Bunsoy Suan

    5 napja

    0:50 the Wizard entered Avatar State.

    • Clash Royale Master

      Clash Royale Master

      3 napja




    5 napja

    0:23 Creature Of The Night: That's Illegal

    • Loba


      5 napja

      How Dare You!

  71. Nathan Maverick Cambaling

    Nathan Maverick Cambaling

    5 napja

    Is this the super wizard

  72. Withered Bonnie

    Withered Bonnie

    6 napja

    Do they drink elixir?

  73. Eccentric Wind

    Eccentric Wind

    6 napja

    Me : not playing clash of clans for the last 6 years ( not even once ) YT : oh look at this ice hound thingy its so cool !!!

  74. Platinum


    6 napja

    it just looks like a reskin of the lava hound lol

  75. علي ابو الحسن

    علي ابو الحسن

    6 napja


  76. Catalanic Surya

    Catalanic Surya

    6 napja

    Don't blame gravity for 0.54 please, everything would have been clearly visible if the view was in ice hounds angle, But I am sure she's not wearing any undies. Ice hound is kinda foolish to attack super wizard, instead he could stop to have a nice view from the top...

  77. وعد وعد

    وعد وعد

    6 napja

    احلي إلا يك

  78. Milad Mohammadi

    Milad Mohammadi

    6 napja

    الله ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  79. Noir Corne

    Noir Corne

    6 napja

    NSFW artists do ya thang

  80. Tapil Daju

    Tapil Daju

    6 napja

    OMG I can not stope ......haha.........

  81. Isaias Salve

    Isaias Salve

    6 napja

    She so pretty

  82. Yosf_pls


    6 napja


  83. WS Gaming

    WS Gaming

    6 napja

    Crushed by the villager 😍🥰

  84. YuriPlays


    6 napja

    10/10 epic story lol

  85. Sonic GamezZ

    Sonic GamezZ

    6 napja

    Wow what a qualitty

  86. JayTVStudios


    6 napja

    The villager's voice sounds familiar but I can't put my hand on it

  87. Cluster Waffles

    Cluster Waffles

    7 napja

    It took him a month to present day

  88. Francis sr Agustin

    Francis sr Agustin

    7 napja

    Our old acc is useless now the spells are not balance u make the lightning so power ever an upgraded air defence of 10 is useless i have to unstall my other acc

    • Omar Zeitoun

      Omar Zeitoun

      6 napja

      Then say that while rating it not saying it on HUeye bruh

  89. Fat Penguin

    Fat Penguin

    7 napja

    Woman: plays minecraf The boys bout to steal her exp and stuff: 0:54

  90. Raging Peenoise

    Raging Peenoise

    7 napja

    You don't fail to smile us. Thank you💜

  91. Farzane Peiman

    Farzane Peiman

    7 napja

    super wizad coming out of cc

  92. ورود عادل الدليميه

    ورود عادل الدليميه

    7 napja

    I like foot pools and the water

  93. Venom Manni

    Venom Manni

    7 napja

    i need the full story of p.e.k.k.a

  94. KWASM


    7 napja

    The personality of the Villager was really cool, This shows promise for a larger scale project in the future.

    • Пёс


      3 napja

      For r34 like

  95. burhan danagoz

    burhan danagoz

    7 napja

    veri nat good

  96. subrat behera

    subrat behera

    7 napja


  97. H AM Z A

    H AM Z A

    7 napja

    Yıl olmus 2021 ben haylandaha izliyom 👉I'love Clash Of Clans 💓

  98. Azlina Ali

    Azlina Ali

    7 napja

    Yi hu

  99. Utkarsh 027

    Utkarsh 027

    7 napja

    Ghani bakchodi hoti h ye sab to ham jab offline hote hai. Tab hota hai😂😂

  100. Sebastian Uriel Lara Aguilar

    Sebastian Uriel Lara Aguilar

    7 napja

    Que malo XD