The Legendary Power Of Tommy Morrison

BLTV takes a closer look at the career of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison.


  1. Trinidad Martinez

    Trinidad Martinez

    25 perccel

    This guy is the true representation of a humble and respectful fighter. He always commented on how he learned from his fights and had some improvement for his next one. Love this energy

  2. Mr.fukkU InAss

    Mr.fukkU InAss


    You can literally see the lack of roids in the end

  3. eyesonthey



    Well he had a hard time getting out of Rocky's shadow, and the way George Washington Duke used him really got to him.

  4. c Schamby

    c Schamby


    Cool video. Nice job.

  5. Advocate for peace

    Advocate for peace


    2:48-49: Holy SH*T, those teeth flying out like a geyser during the uppercut! I ain't never seen no sh*t like that happen in the real world! That's some Mortal Kombat sh*t!

  6. Mitchell Velardes

    Mitchell Velardes

    2 órája

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  7. Bret Linden

    Bret Linden

    2 órája

    Thanks for putting this video together. Morrison wasn't cut out to be a champion. A champion does whatever it takes, in and out of the ring, to win...including keeping his focus on fights and not on drinking and women.

  8. Bret Linden

    Bret Linden

    2 órája

    Arkansan? Are you sure he's not from Oklahoma?

  9. jungan lee

    jungan lee

    2 órája

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    3 órája

    Great video. Thanks!

  11. zackishere1


    3 órája

    Didnt even show the best of the highlights of foreman vs Tommy. Tommy threw every thing he had every combo was landing and still couldn't knock out that big George Foreman. Respect to both

  12. JT


    3 órája

    I'm impressed at what you did to the footage. It looks great.

  13. Paul Davidson

    Paul Davidson

    3 órája

    I love when after getting up from a knockdown when the ref asks if they want to continue the fight Tommy's opponents mouths say "yes" but every other part of them, especially their eyes say " get me out of here please!"

  14. DFS57


    3 órája

    What was Morrison's best victory/best opponent?

  15. Lang Lang

    Lang Lang

    3 órája

    Anybody know the song at 6:20?

  16. bro boss

    bro boss

    4 órája

    goddamn theyre kncoking the fucking sweat off their body jesus

  17. jonki leshi

    jonki leshi

    4 órája

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  18. Federico Gränel Fausto

    Federico Gränel Fausto

    4 órája

    theres a lot of good black boxing fighers but theres only one blonde beast.

  19. Joey D.

    Joey D.

    5 órája

    Him vs Tyson woulda been EPIC

  20. Jack Krauser

    Jack Krauser

    5 órája

    The battlefield soundtrack on this vid is classy 👍👍👍

  21. Daniel Zajac jr

    Daniel Zajac jr

    5 órája

    Tillis gave Tyson all he could handle and tommy wrecked tillis in 1 rd.

  22. Jack Krauser

    Jack Krauser

    5 órája


  23. Jack Krauser

    Jack Krauser

    5 órája

    It’s crazy how these videos still get so many views even though this shit happened nearly 30 YEARS AGO!!!!

  24. Scot Hays

    Scot Hays

    5 órája

    It's too bad that he had too many "cling-ons". Once his fame and money ran out, he was left homeless and all of his so called friends had nothing to do with him. He was living the high life up in Johnson County... but the moochers didn't care about him. Just his fame and money. He was living in his car here in Wichita before he passed away.

  25. Asukablyat


    5 órája

    There once was a man named Enis

  26. Stavros K.

    Stavros K.

    5 órája

    Impressive. As a boxer. As a MAN. Wow....

  27. Kitty McRatSlayer

    Kitty McRatSlayer

    6 órája

    "I was fartin' in the ring!" Now we know how Ray defeated him, lol. Gassed him out and then dropped him.

  28. nerk23


    6 órája

    ..good collage 👍..

  29. MAGA_2020


    6 órája

    Tommy "The Duke" Morrison's biggest KO would come outside the ring, he had so much talent but so little time. He was on the juice no doubt, knocking contenders out bout after bout...Must've been the Orange juice that made him so tough! 🥊🥊 Now had he touched'em up with Iron Mike as planned, he'd have to land one LUCKY quick left hook & even that wouldn't be a guaranteed win, Mike Tyson was known to take solid shot after shot & still come @ you like a mad man back in the day.

  30. Brandon High

    Brandon High

    7 órája

    B honest with the people media 👌

  31. Tom Campanale

    Tom Campanale

    7 órája

    Da Cokie took him out

  32. AJS Hutchison

    AJS Hutchison

    7 órája

    White Hope...he was half or quarter American Indian wasn't he? Always been my favourite HW boxer. Great style. :-)

  33. Dietmar Engelmaier

    Dietmar Engelmaier

    7 órája

    thats the mike dyson in white!!!!!::::::::::::::

  34. Brandon High

    Brandon High

    7 órája

    Media why do u have 2 lie? Do I make u insecure or something the name brandon has no relation 2 white or black or brown if that were the case so would Bryan Bryant Brent or Brock and u know there's not so stop trying 2 minipulate people's minds and heads what about 🌞 bright so thin 2 think about 😆

  35. Christopher Nix

    Christopher Nix

    7 órája

    Rocky five? we don't talk about that...

  36. infinity ma

    infinity ma

    8 órája

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  37. Marvin Schumacher

    Marvin Schumacher

    8 órája


  38. Harpoon2theRescue


    8 órája

    Morrison and Tyson would've been interesting to see but in the end Tyson would've been too much for him.



    8 órája

    BF1942 theme. Nice.

  40. GUTHRIE #1

    GUTHRIE #1

    8 órája

    Why have I never heard of this man? Respect.

  41. Benjamin Falzon

    Benjamin Falzon

    8 órája

    Steroids power.

  42. fare tole

    fare tole

    8 órája

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  43. trillrif axegrindor

    trillrif axegrindor

    9 órája

    hit like a fucking sledgehammer

  44. Jacob Baranowski

    Jacob Baranowski

    9 órája


  45. Steven Arneson

    Steven Arneson

    9 órája

    I just love George foreman ,

  46. Omar Tahirović

    Omar Tahirović

    10 órája

    The women killed him. Nothing much else to say

  47. Hello World

    Hello World

    11 órája

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  48. Foxtrot Mike Lima

    Foxtrot Mike Lima

    11 órája

    I want to dislike him, but he fights well and shows respect. RIP

  49. tomitstube


    12 órája

    morrison was groomed as the next great white hope, padding his record with nobodies and getting a title shot when he didn't deserve it. you know, because he was white.

  50. modusop8


    12 órája

    He was big he was fast he was a bad boy . What was there not to like ! My Man !!

  51. m 88

    m 88

    12 órája

    tommy vs mike would have been awesome. altough i think mike would win without a doubdt, but in fighting you never know...

  52. Jisoo Nguyen

    Jisoo Nguyen

    12 órája

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  53. jibba jABBA

    jibba jABBA

    12 órája

    didnt this dude take a bunch of steroids for these fights?

  54. gracilism


    12 órája

    So many boxers had huge power when working bags, but it didnt translate into fights. It translated with Morrison.

  55. 中川伸


    13 órája

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  56. mi nguyen

    mi nguyen

    13 órája

    Golly Mexican fighters are so hard to KO

  57. GazAce


    15 órája

    Been so looking for a channel like this for ages, thankyou brother 👌

  58. Greg Scott

    Greg Scott

    15 órája

    Doing gods work saving all these tapes and converting them to digital while remastering.. thank you sir!

  59. trxp tub

    trxp tub

    16 órája

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  60. Ashur Daniel

    Ashur Daniel

    16 órája

    RIP Tommy💯✝️🙏🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸Great fighter 👍🏼 Hey Tommy you knocked him down, why don’t you try knocking me down lol Rocky!!!💯

  61. Deepak Morar

    Deepak Morar

    17 órája

    Enjoyed your show. Keep up your good work

  62. Minase Taki

    Minase Taki

    18 órája

    tommy gun

  63. Jaybird 8411 Houston Rep

    Jaybird 8411 Houston Rep

    18 órája

    Image if him and Tyson got it on.....

  64. Fish Zom

    Fish Zom

    19 órája

    I'm sure he was a good fighter, but his list of opponents is a list of famous people who were on their way DOWN, not UP. Not one of his fights was the comment "both of these fighters are up-n-coming, and hungry". Most were "XXX was once a noted boxer with XXX belts, trying to stay in the game." His coach was keeping him safe, but giving him spotlight bouts and fights.

  65. Free Vortex

    Free Vortex

    19 órája

    Great fighter and conducted himself with quality

  66. Mr Biggs

    Mr Biggs

    19 órája

    The DUKE!

  67. Troy Meredith

    Troy Meredith

    20 órája

    Very modest man ,what a great trash talk either ,much respect.RIP

  68. Flow Baby

    Flow Baby

    21 órája

    Why is canelo on the thumbnail

  69. Sanyam Jain

    Sanyam Jain

    22 órája

    I remember watching Tommy's matches ~14 years back. Though he had a fall from grace, he is and always will be legendary nevertheless.

  70. Seal


    23 órája

    Tommy Gunn

  71. Nikky Relihan

    Nikky Relihan

    23 órája

    He was awesome, great power, humble, better chin than people give him credit for, technically sound, his stamina was his negative, but regardless of how you rate him-he left a fantastic legacy

  72. Tim Jackson

    Tim Jackson


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  73. Evil Napkin plus

    Evil Napkin plus


    You know I really like these vids. But what about putting their losses in? For Tommy it'd be nice to see what Mercer did and have some commentary on why Tommy lost. And to see the rebound afterwards I think would have bigger impact. Regardless I'm enjoying the vids!

  74. Dorian Serna

    Dorian Serna



    • Larry M

      Larry M

      15 órája





    His left hook was as devastating as Tyson’s left.

  76. per Bulen

    per Bulen


    Rocky teached this one well..

  77. Sean Chambes

    Sean Chambes


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  78. amejaremy



    Great presentation 👏

  79. Brian Boe

    Brian Boe


    I remember that wind up grunt , bone crunching at its best

  80. Bill Leonard

    Bill Leonard


    Probably the most powerful left hand in boxing history! Wish I could have seen a Tommy Morrison vs Andrew Golota contest!!

  81. GCloud Apps

    GCloud Apps


    9:28 does this dude seem like a pro?

  82. Mauricio Pinto

    Mauricio Pinto


    Great video! First time ever watching Tommy, thanks for that!

  83. Cantas



    you show only he wlns what happened when lose

  84. pete chau

    pete chau


    Look at his traps the dude was on steroids also was very entertaining as a fighter.

  85. Dr Croissant

    Dr Croissant


    Wonder if hes related to Zack Morrison.

  86. Thomas Smialek

    Thomas Smialek


    I’ll never forgive him for what he did to rocky. Rip thoz

  87. Ben Lee

    Ben Lee


    He had the best combos I've ever seen.

  88. S P

    S P


    The Duke was special. He had a fast, loud, heavy body punch that took a lot out of guys with every shot. His left hook was better than smokin' Joe's. One of the greatest of all time.

  89. L T

    L T



  90. yamnuska1



    Tommy was the man. It's too bad people abandoned him and he abandoned himself as life progressed. True talent and future. A life and experience lost. We will miss you. It's too bad few will remember or know his potential 😉😉

  91. Randall Bair

    Randall Bair


    White tyson just for the record mike is better

  92. korn bread

    korn bread


    “He vowed to put a beatdown on every man that defeated his brother”

  93. ma james

    ma james


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  94. rogue



    Won a fight with a broken jaw. The ultimate badass.

  95. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog


    Just another flash in the pan . He fought Golden Gloves in K.C.

  96. rogue



    Tommy was the white Mike Tyson.

  97. Samuel Ibrahimovic

    Samuel Ibrahimovic


    17:45 What is Mike Tyson sayin here ?

  98. Victor Ortega

    Victor Ortega


    aprende canelo aprende

  99. david li

    david li


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  100. Coconut Chalice

    Coconut Chalice


    Great job Champ. You were loved even by the men asleep on the ground