The Lizard Tier List

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Eyewitness cover by @Ludi


  1. B Bogg

    B Bogg


    This is such a great channel! Video games and nature! Definitely got a new sub from me !

  2. doot doot

    doot doot

    37 perccel

    I think komodo dragons and crocodiles are OP, god needs to nerf them

  3. Lorie Heagerty

    Lorie Heagerty


    Bro your channel is so unique AND well executed

  4. BigPapa N.G

    BigPapa N.G


    You know you've reached top tier when you got DK track backing you.

  5. Bea Stephenson

    Bea Stephenson

    2 órája

    Um...chameleons aren’t lizards...there just a different type of reptile it’s like calling a crocodile a lizard

    • Alek Loureiro

      Alek Loureiro


      Chameleons are indeed lizards. Not sure where you heard otherwise but I'm correcting you now.

  6. Adam Lee

    Adam Lee

    2 órája

    That Squirrel staring down the Gila Monster is S Tier.

  7. Peter Barendt

    Peter Barendt

    3 órája

    Anole is pronounced anul not anolee

  8. Jiberry Tm

    Jiberry Tm

    5 órája

    i love the zelda music throughout 💀

  9. Logan Humphries

    Logan Humphries

    6 órája

    Aww agamids shouldve been mentioned

  10. Bread_ man010

    Bread_ man010

    6 órája

    But I've rarly list my tail

  11. Bread_ man010

    Bread_ man010

    6 órája

    Me as a player can relate

  12. Pablo Lens-Gallardo

    Pablo Lens-Gallardo

    10 órája

    For a second I thought it was a Cr1tikal video

  13. LaBos The Alchemist

    LaBos The Alchemist

    10 órája

    SCP 683: *IT'S SHOWTIME*

  14. Bernard Sampepajung

    Bernard Sampepajung

    11 órája

    song name for 6:23 ?

    • Alek Loureiro

      Alek Loureiro


      Something from Mario lol. I'll get back to you if I remember

  15. Spongejeezy


    13 órája

    you put an anoli lizar don here and no bearder dragons? wow

  16. Alfian Fahmi

    Alfian Fahmi

    14 órája

    The fact that Mosasaurs were from monitor lizard group proved that monitor lizards are pretty OP for a lizard class despite being simpler than other lizards.

  17. Garbo Dude

    Garbo Dude

    18 órája

    God those Battlefront noises with the Chameleon sent me right back to 2004, thanks for the nostalgia trip

  18. Thorium 232

    Thorium 232

    20 órája

    Where did you find that video of that cat defending it's kittens from a python?

  19. TerraMerc 73

    TerraMerc 73

    21 órája

    0:04 i like ya cut g

  20. SuperiorLobster 888

    SuperiorLobster 888

    22 órája

    Where is Zucc?

  21. Lennon



    I wished there was a realistic game with gameplay like these vids

  22. daniel fearnley

    daniel fearnley


    The Yoshi noises make the video so much better

  23. AnonymousUser



    6:51 Are they mating?

  24. chairy



    Where bearded dragon

  25. Skullkan6



    Thank you for this. Komodo Dragons have been my favorite animal since I did a diorama on them in middleschool as a endangered species.

  26. Andy Parrish

    Andy Parrish


    This was funny several hundred videos ago. As for a whole channel not so much.

  27. NikolajCold



    Not to be a prick but the clip you used at 2:59 is from the channel Wildlife Kh. He puts normal house animals out in the wild, just for he's, own snake to attack them for views. :/

  28. sockmonkey6666



    Imagine if monitors speced into the thagomizer trait. Now that's OP.

  29. ElNico56



    Now, why did you kill those farmers?

  30. Eduardo Da Silva roque

    Eduardo Da Silva roque


    Uhm Motivational lizard is the best

  31. A8gis08



    Any ideas where bearded dragons would fit

  32. Zedicuz Zu'l Zorander

    Zedicuz Zu'l Zorander


    I subscribed because I enjoyed watching your videos

  33. Zyvo2



    All the Yoshi Sounds

  34. Stealthyshadow56



    Didn’t even mention the fact that iguanas tail whip can break human bone, they can get 4-5 feet long, weigh up to 20 pounds, and their tail just kills stuff

  35. Logical Lion

    Logical Lion


    There was a study done by a snake scientist who found out that ALL lizards have venom, just in tiny or inconsequential amounts in pretty much all of them except Gila's and Komodo's (as in their venom was useful).

  36. Batata Acelerada

    Batata Acelerada


    Bull in komodo: *chillin* Komodo dragon: *appears* Bull: why do I hear boss music

  37. Will E

    Will E


    Sand skink tho???

  38. Tien Cong Minh

    Tien Cong Minh


    I mean it has "dragon" in the name. Definitely OP

  39. oilimE Noruega

    oilimE Noruega


    Komodo Dragons have been my favorite animal ever since I was a kid. Primarily because I loved dragons

  40. JS - 07RJ 853950 Green Glade Sr PS

    JS - 07RJ 853950 Green Glade Sr PS


    you earned yourself a sub

  41. JS - 07RJ 853950 Green Glade Sr PS

    JS - 07RJ 853950 Green Glade Sr PS


    THis guy is awesome keep up the great work!

  42. Ausar Alexander

    Ausar Alexander


    The CGI Lizard documentary was a joy as a kid,wish I knew what it was called

  43. JackgarPrime


    2 napja

    There's a good reason why Komodo gets the "Dragon" surname.

  44. Atticus Jordan

    Atticus Jordan

    2 napja

    Why is this cringey asf 😬

    • Alek Loureiro

      Alek Loureiro


      I think you're the cringe one 😬

  45. xxzvdogxx


    2 napja

    Komodo better be S tier

  46. Solid Stake

    Solid Stake

    2 napja

    So basicallyt Godzilal is Pay2Win Lizard class

  47. HungryHawk YT

    HungryHawk YT

    2 napja

    Tier 1 my bearded dragon that sits in my bedroom

  48. Hydro The Astronaut

    Hydro The Astronaut

    2 napja

    Where do I buy this game?

    • Hydro The Astronaut

      Hydro The Astronaut

      2 napja

      @Mr. L it was a joke lol

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      @Mohamed Jacobs This human player has a low intelligence stat.

    • Mohamed Jacobs

      Mohamed Jacobs

      2 napja

      you are already in it

  49. MR COD TROLL Fortnite troll

    MR COD TROLL Fortnite troll

    2 napja

    SCP 682: pathetic

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      That's surprisingly less scary then every other scp I've seen

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      That's surprisingly less scary then every other scp I've seen

  50. Sean Breen

    Sean Breen

    2 napja

    This man really just forgot the Draco genus of lizards, it's easily a more unique genus of lizards.

    • Alek Loureiro

      Alek Loureiro


      The flying ones??? Total missed opportunity

  51. Optidorf


    2 napja

    The Basilisk outclasses them all. It's no coincidence that he's named after God.

  52. Noyce Gaming

    Noyce Gaming

    2 napja

    How did my recommendations know that I like tier lists and that one based on animal would make me watch it?!

  53. Rory Davidson

    Rory Davidson

    2 napja

    This would actually be a sick game

  54. KraveHD


    2 napja

    I wanna be the guy who corrects the teacher and say anole is pronounced ah-nowl not ah-no-lee

  55. Liam Peeples

    Liam Peeples

    2 napja

    As an Iguana main love that thing. Great for starters but harder late game. And AMAZING in the water servers. Ive also picked up Tegu and that thing is also really good. Harder for newer players and better late game. Perfect for players who have played more or people who dont like pvp. Komodo Dragons are super fun and feel like playing a god. Super strong and able to beat up anything other than a real dinosaur. (maybe)

  56. Maciej


    2 napja

    Just discovered this channel. I think it's pure gold and this is how future generations will see every part of our life. Tier lists and meta builds. :D

  57. Fabian BRANDT-HANSEN


    2 napja

    I love geckos :)

  58. DragonsREpic


    2 napja

    Blk/wht tegu FTW

  59. Talon Td

    Talon Td

    2 napja

    Loved the gaming references

  60. Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination

    Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination

    2 napja

    Looking to spec into magica on my wizard class, need help grinding XP for fire breath in the dragon class.

    • Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination

      Issei Diablos Dragon God Emperor Of Domination


      @Mr. L Sorry, like overlord, I'm unable to divulge such important and guarded secrets. It wouldn't be meta if everyone knew about the steps to unlock it.

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      How on did you unlock the dragon? Is it only for a small percentage of players because I've never actually seen one. Does it fair well in the meta? I don't know where it lives so I don't know where it is in it's ecosystem tier list. Also I've never heard of this magica stat. Is it exculsive to only dragon mains or is it just a hidden stat?

  61. Hunter C767

    Hunter C767

    2 napja

    The original video with the egg shell lizards was this video

  62. Cobalt King

    Cobalt King

    2 napja

    What's the song used for the Gila monster segment?

    • Johny Glockeater

      Johny Glockeater

      2 napja

      Gerudo Valley LoZ

  63. gryphon provenzano

    gryphon provenzano

    2 napja

    Wait you had a Komodo dragon in the intro where does that fit into the tier list?

  64. Jason Santos

    Jason Santos

    2 napja

    Big lizard 🦎 get win

  65. ConfirmedGabriel


    2 napja

    Wait so crocodiles and gators aren’t lizards? -Noted

    • AnomalyINC


      9 órája

      I learned that just last year myself! Apparently, they are closer to birds than lizards. Go figure.

  66. DimondNinjaX55


    2 napja

    im going duo human, anyone want to join

  67. Mayonaisse


    2 napja

    "Can we go on water?" "NOO" "why?" "THE SUN IS A DEADLY LASER!" "oh ok"

  68. Muslim - One who submits to God

    Muslim - One who submits to God

    3 napja

    Someone make a TierZoo video game.

  69. Brandon Martinez

    Brandon Martinez

    3 napja

    TierZoo: Talking about geckos Gecko: *_lick lick lick lick lick m l e m_*

  70. Lux 01

    Lux 01

    3 napja

    awesome video

  71. Kate Hucks

    Kate Hucks

    3 napja

    For future reference, Anole rhymes with “a mole”, not “cannoli”!

  72. Zach Saris

    Zach Saris

    3 napja

    Ok cute alert When he mentioned geckos my leopard gecko woke up and started looking at me

  73. Kowbi XD

    Kowbi XD

    3 napja

    i love how how talks about them like pokemon XD

  74. Phoenix


    3 napja

    Kamodo dragons don't inject the venom it gets pushed out from glands insides of the mouth and mixes in with their saliva iirc plus the amount of bacteria that they have in their mouth makes its very deadly infection wise if the prey lives through the poison.

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      So they inject it?

  75. dudeguy24 1123

    dudeguy24 1123

    3 napja

    Me an idiot: are frogs lizards

  76. Ruiner Nergigante

    Ruiner Nergigante

    3 napja

    Ayyyy walking with monsters I loved that show!

  77. Jordanory


    3 napja

    Great video, very helpful. Been thinking about starting a new frog build, any tiers n tips on what skillsets I could try?

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      I've never played the frog before but you should probably play the poison dart frog as it's the only s tier one. Try specing into mobility defense and hp so other players have a hard time killing you and when they do they will die.

  78. raccoon lord

    raccoon lord

    3 napja

    Where would the bearded dragon be please tell me

  79. FunnyMonkay


    3 napja

    Skink in D-tier? But they’re so cute :(

  80. Bootleg Shima

    Bootleg Shima

    3 napja

    Would you ever consider making a vid on builds with gliding abilities? I think they’re pretty interesting

  81. trash panda

    trash panda

    3 napja

    one thing u forgot is that komodo dragons don't have venom it's bacteria tho they class it as venom in the game it works slightly different especially since the human faction heal it

  82. Charles Calvin

    Charles Calvin

    3 napja

    The fact he keeps talking like the world is some kind of survival evolution rpg thing is something i like

  83. luke jaquet

    luke jaquet

    3 napja

    This guy should make a card game out of his youtube videos.

  84. Lauren Peterson

    Lauren Peterson

    3 napja

    Gecko :)

  85. OverTrvst Lord

    OverTrvst Lord

    3 napja

    Is it just me or does tegu lizard look like giga chad skink?

  86. TheShinblast


    3 napja

    Is Komodo actually a Dragon? I want one as my Pokémon

  87. DuoVersal Games

    DuoVersal Games

    3 napja

    Can you make a squid tier list

  88. Robert Quinn

    Robert Quinn

    3 napja

    You forgot Komodo dragons

  89. William le suisse

    William le suisse

    3 napja

    Doesn’t the gecko that help against the snake count as a social intelligence? I had no idea they could help each other’s !

  90. Mr. Goblin

    Mr. Goblin

    3 napja

    Ok so if i find a komodo at the beach and its going to try to attack me but i run to my house then i fall asleep and then i wake up there is a chance that it might break into my house... WELL I GUESS I'M GOING TO SLEEP WITH A GUN

    • Mr. L

      Mr. L

      2 napja

      I doubt one would try to get into your house especially since humans gain a buff in their territory. A gun is the most powerful thing in the meta so only use it if you're aiming to kill. If you want to spare it and just make it run away I recommend trying to intimidate it using the gun to shoot near it.

  91. dark glow

    dark glow

    3 napja

    is cuteness a stat too?

  92. Blurple


    3 napja

    first time watching this the komodo dragon better be in S tier edit: FUCK YEAAAAAAAAHHHHHH

  93. Samuel Kristan

    Samuel Kristan

    3 napja

    whats the song starting at 7:36? Its very familiar but I cant put a name to it

  94. David Bakke

    David Bakke

    3 napja

    3:05 my heart skipped a beat when I thought that kitten was going to be killed

  95. Daid Zych

    Daid Zych

    3 napja

    I think it's safe to say this guy was a Pokemon kid and has some experience with dungeons and dragons

  96. Blazing Productions

    Blazing Productions

    3 napja

    essentially, what you are saying is that lizards are mostly a utility kinda class. like that one pokemon in your team with a billion different typed attacks. just having abilities that allow for use in as many situations as possible

  97. 〚SXZ – Sîr'Jαmes – 986〛

    〚SXZ – Sîr'Jαmes – 986〛

    3 napja

    Komodo-Dragons A·K·A Oversized reptiles are my and many others favorite reptilian lizard class. Just throwing that out there~ (✡・ิ︿・ิ)👍 (For some reason they kinda remind me of raptor doggos, which makes me like em even more~)

  98. Sandra Wong

    Sandra Wong

    3 napja

    My country is the home of varanus salvator

  99. J M

    J M

    3 napja

    imagine being the first person to encounter a komodo dragon

  100. André Benites

    André Benites

    3 napja

    I'm pretty sure Komodo Dragon don't have venom bites. The "venom" is actually bacteria supports that infects their prey and make it die in minutes. Pretty dope. A lot of people think it is venom, but there is no chemicals, it is just a dirty mouth. Edit: Nevermind. That was the theory up untill 2009, but they have discovered it has indeed a venom. My bad.