The Most Expensive Order Ever #shorts

bro I was stressin when I got this order


  1. That M3talhead

    That M3talhead

    15 órája

    Jersey Mike's employee we have a 100 sub order for Friday

  2. Davy Game On

    Davy Game On


    Love this video!!! 🥰😍🤗😃

  3. Aces Da Pug

    Aces Da Pug


    I had a protein bowl where a dude got double meat and EVERY MEAT. I had to fill a 2nd bowl up of the rest of the meat because it wouldn’t fit. It costed him like $76

  4. :} Daddy 21

    :} Daddy 21

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    Have u ever trying to get robbed or did get robbed?

  5. Grease Sum

    Grease Sum

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    I thought you had socks

  6. Bashir Aar

    Bashir Aar

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    In all

  7. Bashir Aar

    Bashir Aar

    3 napja

    How much karens have you incointered

  8. Time after Time

    Time after Time

    3 napja

    Wats sub u making

  9. Dan Jack

    Dan Jack

    3 napja

    I bought a 30 dollar sub I got every meat doubled with jalapeños and spicy mustard

  10. Zamasu GOD

    Zamasu GOD

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    This sounds like the same story that Theodds1out had but it’s still cool

  11. turning hits

    turning hits

    4 napja

    Bro I was on a school field trip with 150 kids and everyone got 2 half a foot longs. The employees probably wanted to quit their job after that

  12. Samuel Stephenson

    Samuel Stephenson

    4 napja

    Your good at making sandwiches

  13. Max Buff

    Max Buff

    4 napja

    Plot twist this guy is the odd ones out

  14. Darius Obretin

    Darius Obretin

    4 napja

    What is the weirdest thing someone odered

  15. Jenefer Follero

    Jenefer Follero

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  16. Jenefer Follero

    Jenefer Follero

    5 napja

    Dat my dad?

  17. Ltagames


    5 napja orders are like 40 bucks

  18. Shane Simpson

    Shane Simpson

    5 napja

    Chicken cubes and cheese toasted with nap sauce? That’s cheap af and disgusting

  19. Machiel de Fockert

    Machiel de Fockert

    5 napja

    Did you ever get an order that looks soo good that you later tried it yourself?

  20. Ponyboy Banshee

    Ponyboy Banshee

    5 napja

    I've gone to subway and ordered a sandwich with all the meats. Except for tuna and meatballs.

  21. Mangalats


    5 napja

    does anyone order bread only?

  22. Mason Estrada

    Mason Estrada

    5 napja

    What was the longest order you got?

  23. Bunny Crewmate

    Bunny Crewmate

    5 napja

    A pro tip: watch movie at flixzone SIKE DON'T

  24. Alex Play

    Alex Play

    5 napja

    I never tryed subway but I might now because when I watch your videos the food looks good

  25. Dante Weyer

    Dante Weyer

    5 napja

    And the recording is from the Tony hawk video where you make his favorite sandwich right?

  26. القرآن الكريم

    القرآن الكريم

    5 napja

    I love you

  27. Nanu Nanu

    Nanu Nanu

    5 napja

    That man is me tbh

  28. NeverEndingPepper


    5 napja

    You good bro you sound kinda congested

  29. Morino Hisagi

    Morino Hisagi

    5 napja

    Ngl I wouldn't mind having this as a part-time job

  30. Bob Bobby

    Bob Bobby

    5 napja

    What is the sandwich that has the most fun for you to make

  31. mr_rob0t


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    Жи есть

  32. Siera D

    Siera D

    5 napja

    i don’t know the total but i took over an order for a guy he had a foot long so 2 chicken patties, tuna which is 4 small scoops, double bacon, and i want to say he had cold cut meat in it too. plus all the veggies. THE SANDWICH WOULDNT CLOSE he wanted double scoops of everything

  33. WSP UNIT


    5 napja

    Am I the only person who thinks subway is over rated and over priced?

  34. Brett Long

    Brett Long

    5 napja

    sandwhich is called “The Feast” its an old subway sandwich, very real but they no longer have it on the menu and over half of the employees have not worked at subway long enough to know about it. But its the ONLY sandwich i ever get. DEFINITELY recommend “The Feast”. Look it up and try it

  35. Jorge Beauregard

    Jorge Beauregard

    5 napja

    I work at a deli I had to make 74 hoagies for an order it was around 170$

  36. Sep Hosseiny

    Sep Hosseiny

    5 napja

    Embrace your culture make a farsi video, be proud

  37. Sep Hosseiny

    Sep Hosseiny

    5 napja

    Dash milad khobi aziz

  38. MGucciE


    5 napja

    Customer: why are you wearing GoPro and making my sandwich

  39. Gray Dart

    Gray Dart

    5 napja

    What happen to roast beef

  40. Landon Ontiveros

    Landon Ontiveros

    5 napja

    Do people ever wonder why you are recording their food

  41. Joe Tantillo

    Joe Tantillo

    5 napja

    Sandwich looks like a Chicken Pizziola! Used to be a $5 foot long like 10+ years ago and only the real OG subway workers know what it is

  42. MrAnders9000


    5 napja

    Use your inside voice dude

  43. Mr jeon jungkooks wife

    Mr jeon jungkooks wife

    5 napja


  44. Logan


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    Bro your videos are so good you make my day and not only are they interesting to watch they just got a happy mood

  45. MrPhillips


    5 napja

    I love how he adds a lot of things into the sandwitch when he's recording, but when you come to buy a sandwitch and when the camera is not rolling, you'll get 1/4 of that.

  46. Paige H

    Paige H

    5 napja

    Double double spicy Italian was prob on of the top. Had 40 pepperoni and 40 salami on it. That and one order was 19 English muffins... when we only typically kept 4 thawed at a time. That was fun

  47. Dawn


    5 napja

    The man was probably my dad 😂

  48. Amira Salim

    Amira Salim

    5 napja

    i disliked

  49. Dylan Andrade

    Dylan Andrade

    5 napja

    How is this interesting. Man just works at a sub shop

  50. Chocolate Disco

    Chocolate Disco

    5 napja

    This man has single-handedly made me crave Subway again. I've gotten 4 subs in the past week and a half

  51. Ahnaf Jamil

    Ahnaf Jamil

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  52. Albin Nibu

    Albin Nibu

    5 napja

    Do it with only cheese and the homies got u with 1m likes ;)

  53. Martha Wight

    Martha Wight

    5 napja

    Has a Karen ever gotten really mad and left?

  54. Top Knotch cat

    Top Knotch cat

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    Don't pin me

  55. Shyamala Devi Posham

    Shyamala Devi Posham

    6 napja

    Who just randomly found this guy in on ur youtube shorts and start watching him everyday since it is kinda cool 🆒😎😎

  56. Yancy Perez

    Yancy Perez

    6 napja

    I'm so dumb at typing

  57. Yancy Perez

    Yancy Perez

    6 napja

    What did I just straight-up say

  58. Yancy Perez

    Yancy Perez

    6 napja

    This video gave me more like

  59. Black Beast

    Black Beast

    6 napja

    What was the scariest moment in your subway

  60. Brilly Ashby Slebold

    Brilly Ashby Slebold

    6 napja

    Mine Was Like 27$ Almost I Had Guac And Bacon

  61. Sarita kakhani

    Sarita kakhani

    6 napja

    What is your favourite sub🤔🤔

  62. Must love Frogs

    Must love Frogs

    6 napja

    What is the most sandwiches you've ever made and what were they

  63. Clov3r FN

    Clov3r FN

    6 napja

    What’s the biggest order you have gotten

  64. B TV

    B TV

    7 napja

    Hey do people actually eat fresh?

  65. Rohiel Shah

    Rohiel Shah

    7 napja

    Why is your voice so annoying and why the constant upward inflections like a california valley girl?

    • Adam Tourgeman

      Adam Tourgeman

      6 napja

      Someone woke up on the wrong side of HUeye.

  66. Vijetha Rao

    Vijetha Rao

    7 napja

    What's the most cheap order u got? Love from india



    7 napja

    One time I was all alone and WE got a platter order 😂😅

  68. Bill Mack

    Bill Mack

    8 napja

    So what I heard is its only 20ish for a five meat sandwich. Cool beans.

  69. Alida Leeann Spence

    Alida Leeann Spence

    8 napja

    Him and his fake chicken squares.

  70. vhulenda phaswana

    vhulenda phaswana

    8 napja

    I need to order a new sandwich

  71. Brian Krisztina

    Brian Krisztina

    8 napja

    Whats the most biggest order ever

  72. Max Farnam

    Max Farnam

    8 napja

    What is the craziest thing that has happened at your job?

  73. Dakota Ensign

    Dakota Ensign

    8 napja

    What’s the grossest order that you got

  74. isabel.m.


    8 napja

    I could go for a meatball sub rn

  75. JaySea0h •

    JaySea0h •

    8 napja

    What was the weirdest order you got?

  76. Neon Reptar

    Neon Reptar

    8 napja

    Everytime I go to sub way chances are I’m getting subs for my whole family and it always comes out to like 40 bucks

  77. U Haul

    U Haul

    8 napja

    Furious Pete got a $100.00 1, which would b $75.00 USD.

  78. Dewayne Jeremy

    Dewayne Jeremy

    8 napja

    That looks so delicious I want to eat it so bad

  79. blue scout

    blue scout

    8 napja

    Thank you that was my sister's order she got married that weekend and my dad order that for her 5/5 stars

  80. Big Crow

    Big Crow

    8 napja

    One time I made 3 thousand subs for American Airlines it sucked

  81. Exray Vision

    Exray Vision

    8 napja

    What’s the most grossest sandwich you have in subway

  82. Shawn Nichol

    Shawn Nichol

    8 napja


  83. MarcLloydz


    8 napja

    How you gonna say you got most expensive order but don't even say how much it was.

  84. Grace Sharp

    Grace Sharp

    8 napja

    What was the most boring gross and cheapest order someone wanted

  85. Candyrx


    8 napja

    Who walked in, nikocado?

  86. Matthew Boon

    Matthew Boon

    8 napja

    What's the weirdest order u got?

  87. Johannes Maritz

    Johannes Maritz

    8 napja

    Wait wait wait, do u live in Nassau ??

  88. Riley Ball

    Riley Ball

    8 napja

    50 dollar sub mate. I was working and this guy comes in. Every meat. Every cheese. X2 plus more cheese and fullaful and another couple hits of pepperoni

  89. ScottFree 702

    ScottFree 702

    8 napja

    It’s funny that you got no shoes but have ur socks on😂

  90. Charlie and Victoria Radermacher

    Charlie and Victoria Radermacher

    8 napja

    Grossest order you’ve gotton

  91. Charlie and Victoria Radermacher

    Charlie and Victoria Radermacher

    8 napja

    What’s the

  92. Caden Buiting

    Caden Buiting

    8 napja

    Went to subway at my local amusement park and a 6” turkey, bacon and American cheese sub was $24🤦‍♂️

  93. Sara Hussain

    Sara Hussain

    9 napja

    Instead of doing replies of tik tok comments, do videos of HUeye comments, like please

  94. Csyk


    9 napja

    I iaed to get the chicken pizziola with meatballs, bacon and as much black olives as that spongy cake napkin could handle.

  95. Nadine Obeid

    Nadine Obeid

    9 napja

    I watched this 4 times

  96. notmrbeastbic gaming

    notmrbeastbic gaming

    9 napja

    Whats the most vegies youve put in a sub

  97. Ethan Greenlee

    Ethan Greenlee

    9 napja

    Why does everything at subway taste the same no matter what you get?

  98. Can 1905

    Can 1905

    9 napja

    bro if u lived in switzerland you would know how thats standard😂

  99. Storm Sinclair

    Storm Sinclair

    9 napja

    Whats the meanest costeomer u have ever got

  100. Bread Without bread

    Bread Without bread

    9 napja

    Now what the most cheapest order u had?