The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen

The Most Perfect Wood Recycling Idea Ever // A Table Is Sure You Have Never Seen
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  1. Prajwal Gurung

    Prajwal Gurung

    3 órája

    Khara jasto cha

  2. knowledge Group With N SINGH

    knowledge Group With N SINGH

    3 órája

    Knowledge group

  3. Overlord Alfredo

    Overlord Alfredo

    3 órája

    Given the amount of time and work that went into this to have a table that is so very fragile it was not worth it at all... That table would not last a single week of regular work. Also the used wood is hardly recycled wood, all the bars are straight and have a proper length. The work done was very good, but more efforts towards stability would have been a good idea

  4. ScOtT cLiNt Co

    ScOtT cLiNt Co

    4 órája

    Those are some cool hand machines bro. I wish we had em at school, they would be sooooo useful

  5. Lilian Vassallo

    Lilian Vassallo

    4 órája

    Lindo para saber las medidas de los cortes !!! El trabajo buenísimo 10 puntos

  6. Egyptian Gypsy

    Egyptian Gypsy

    5 órája 🥳 😋 🤗 🥰 🙈

  7. Usman Ginting

    Usman Ginting

    5 órája

    Sukses terus

  8. Limon Morol

    Limon Morol

    5 órája


  9. Ribeiro Moura

    Ribeiro Moura

    6 órája


  10. Vince D'Souza

    Vince D'Souza

    6 órája

    The stump looks like shit!

  11. Matt


    7 órája

    What are you spraying on the wood?

  12. Mohammad Islam

    Mohammad Islam

    7 órája

    If someone follows your idea and realise his/her dream, could make happy his/ her love one! Surely they create paradise in the family!!!!

  13. Siddiq Khan

    Siddiq Khan

    8 órája

    Oye love u.ur work is love u

  14. Luca Pierucci

    Luca Pierucci

    8 órája

    Very good job ,nice table

  15. The Diecast Photographer

    The Diecast Photographer

    8 órája

    This is called perfection

  16. Kamden Johnson

    Kamden Johnson

    8 órája

    I just clicked on it wasn't planning to watch for all 18 min. But it was too satisfying.

  17. D.K Breeling

    D.K Breeling

    9 órája


  18. Jill Keen

    Jill Keen

    9 órája

    I have a frame for sale new one

  19. Ismo Tara

    Ismo Tara

    9 órája

    Royal Bed Design Decorate House Wood Curving With Amazing Design Idea Perfect Creative Bed Design

  20. Minh Anh

    Minh Anh

    9 órája

    Made VIỆT NAM

  21. A Man In A Hat

    A Man In A Hat

    9 órája

    That's actually quite stylish and well built.

  22. Ubaldino Reyna

    Ubaldino Reyna

    10 órája

    Super nice

  23. Steven Noble

    Steven Noble

    10 órája

    I hope HUeye adds a 4x soon

  24. Marsha Mercer

    Marsha Mercer

    11 órája

    I liked the tabtop the way it was before he rounded it.

  25. Oruguнал Ariginal

    Oruguнал Ariginal

    11 órája

    Good job

  26. Adrian ian

    Adrian ian

    11 órája

    You lost me when you trim the table.

  27. Benny Munoz

    Benny Munoz

    12 órája

    You are very talented. Thanksss

  28. TheWoodFly


    13 órája

    Nice job young man.

  29. Kritikopedo


    13 órája

    Is there a vet over there? Seems like both your dogs have flees or ticks and that’s why they are always scratching. Might want to get some medication for them....

  30. Leandro Cabral

    Leandro Cabral

    13 órája

    Man give your dogs a bath...freaken things are disturbed by fleas and flyes.....Nice wood work!

  31. Mario Enrique Opazo Gonzalez

    Mario Enrique Opazo Gonzalez

    13 órája

    Que lindooo🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰🥰😘

  32. Kassius oatesfan

    Kassius oatesfan

    14 órája

    Very cool. Please get your dogs some Revolution.

  33. Gerardo Gonzalez

    Gerardo Gonzalez

    14 órája

    Muy chimba la mesa❤️💯👌

  34. Boyd Skaggs

    Boyd Skaggs

    14 órája

    6:09 YOU'RE A MONSTER!!!

  35. Edgar Garcia

    Edgar Garcia

    14 órája

    Música ingratitud

  36. Paul Cooper

    Paul Cooper

    14 órája

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing 🇨🇦

  37. Robert johnson

    Robert johnson

    15 órája

    Assuming, I have enough capital I would have love to have a furniture company. It's beautiful

    • Robert johnson

      Robert johnson

      14 órája

      @Meg-Sophia Baker thanks for the info. I'll message ASAP . I'm grateful

    • Meg-Sophia Baker

      Meg-Sophia Baker

      14 órája

      Seantanthony5 gmail com

    • Mac Howard

      Mac Howard

      14 órája

      He's amazing. I'm shock to see one of his Investor here

    • Meg-Sophia Baker

      Meg-Sophia Baker

      14 órája

      You can contact him directly through his email or other platforms

    • Robert johnson

      Robert johnson

      14 órája

      Please how can I reach out to this Professional expert Mr Sean. I'm from Netherlands

  38. La grandota Del pais

    La grandota Del pais

    15 órája

  39. La grandota Del pais

    La grandota Del pais

    15 órája

    Mas lnformación

  40. La grandota Del pais

    La grandota Del pais

    15 órája

  41. lee bowyer

    lee bowyer

    15 órája

    Wood tops are stunning, awesome work and excellent eye to detail.

  42. CMiqbal507


    15 órája


  43. Orlando Persani

    Orlando Persani

    15 órája


  44. sergio saravia

    sergio saravia

    16 órája

    Very skilled dude! but for me the table is awful....

  45. ale hougan

    ale hougan

    16 órája

    Una p0r0ng4

  46. Maria do Carmo Campos

    Maria do Carmo Campos

    17 órája

    Se tivesse me perguntado, eu diria pra deixar do jeito que foi feito, sem serrar com a tico-tico pra deixá-la circular. Mas mesmo assi eu gostei👏👏👏👏👏

  47. ジョン万次郎


    17 órája


  48. ASMR Queen

    ASMR Queen

    17 órája

    So pretty

  49. yankeechief2713


    17 órája

    Are you sure the table is really sure?



    18 órája


  51. Jimmy Clarke

    Jimmy Clarke

    18 órája

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Hebrews 9:27) The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9) I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish. (Luke 13:5) And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent: (Acts 17:30)

  52. David Watson

    David Watson

    19 órája

    Awesome 👌

  53. ThePhan7em


    19 órája

    I think your dog has fleas...



    20 órája

    Dust from grinder is very harmful for you and your pets, were good filter mask please

  55. حسين الحيمي

    حسين الحيمي

    20 órája

    حسين حسين محمد البدوي

  56. حسين الحيمي

    حسين الحيمي

    20 órája

    قد لي شهر وانا بين اسابق ولا قعلي حاجه



    20 órája

    If it was mine i would keep the egdes

  58. Sheryl Hopkins

    Sheryl Hopkins

    20 órája

    What brand of saw are you using to cut the base of the table...the tree trunk? I havent seen that kind before and I would like to get one. Thank you

  59. the best game

    the best game

    20 órája


  60. Danny Villa

    Danny Villa

    21 órája

    Woody Woodpecker aint got nothing on this guy!!!!

  61. robert bentley

    robert bentley

    21 órája

    If you have the tools, time, and talent great . during lockdown I have the time. I'm out.

  62. Shane Sims

    Shane Sims

    21 órája

    Great job👍👍👍

  63. Chuck Robinette

    Chuck Robinette

    21 órája

    Lb MH Mmm Km k I’ll MNk

  64. José Nildo

    José Nildo

    21 órája


  65. Max Interview

    Max Interview

    21 órája

    The ONLY video on HUeye w/o music!!! :))))))))

  66. Francisco Ayala

    Francisco Ayala

    22 órája

    Very cool project. Thanks for sharing and greetings from Germany. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  67. Polat Saparbayew

    Polat Saparbayew

    22 órája

    Отличное моладец

  68. Traxxas Super X

    Traxxas Super X

    22 órája

    Nur MiCKY Maue NÜLL.

  69. Traxxas Super X

    Traxxas Super X

    22 órája

    Warum Läuft das Video sooooooo Schnell ich komme da gar nicht mit. Langsamer stellen geht auch nicht ??????????

  70. Fernando Carrillo A.

    Fernando Carrillo A.

    23 órája

    What a beautiful work! Greetings from México 🇲🇽

  71. Marie marcelin moumni

    Marie marcelin moumni

    23 órája

    Quand on est adroit de ses mains et volontaire on réalise de très belles choses

  72. Jam Alahi bux

    Jam Alahi bux

    23 órája




    23 órája

    U can make from one or 2 pc waste also, no need so much hard work, believe in smart work is better..

  74. Andry And

    Andry And

    23 órája

    нахрена тебе маска? ббольной что ли?

  75. Harry Madison

    Harry Madison

    23 órája

    Well Done, Well Done Brotherman !

  76. Val Rr

    Val Rr

    23 órája

    il est possible de réutiliser à condition d’avoir tout l’outillage à disposition et être bricoleur. Peut être possible pour certains 😉



    23 órája

    Surprisingly the angle grinder sander was the tool that impressed me the most

  78. Jo ker

    Jo ker


    Noce idea

  79. fikret özkaya

    fikret özkaya


    Elinize sağlık sizden ricam kullandığınız malzeme listesi ve masanın kesim ölçüleri iç kısımların ölçülerini yazabilir misiniz sıralı bir şekilde doğru ölçü

  80. Yacine Rayhane

    Yacine Rayhane


    رائع ، من الجزائر .

  81. BackcountryHonda



    Why was he wearing a medical mask?

  82. Cpt crook_deejay

    Cpt crook_deejay


    1:56 that rooster though🤣

  83. The Rhins Ranger

    The Rhins Ranger


    Nice but you should of routered/chamfered/rounded off/tapered etc those square edged supports you cross lapped and dropped into the tree base. It just seems a shame to do all that work then leave sharp edges underneath the table

  84. Johannes Rony

    Johannes Rony



  85. Talent Khopdi

    Talent Khopdi


    Beautiful .....!!!

  86. Kevin Pheiffer

    Kevin Pheiffer


    This guy's dogs really love him!

  87. Nicolae Ianc

    Nicolae Ianc


    I see only one mistake. The fact that he should cut only 2 legs to make the stand as verticaly as possible and then level with The machine. He cut All 3 legs and The incline remain. Beside that this man îs an artist. I forgot.....that chainsaw is useless 😂😂😂

  88. marc trossbach

    marc trossbach


    Awesome job

  89. FreeSoftware



    08:24 Wanna know more about that *cute* chain saw? not the same model, I know.. but anyway. 11:43 *No* mallet around :-(( we use a bat today.. Alright, chief. 13:55 Damn it. That was fast. Is there a *world championship for half lap joinery* ? 16:20 OMG! That beautiful octagonal shape, boss. As for *me* - I would survive drinking my coffee *not* on a rounded table. But - it's *your* masterpiece.

  90. Fakir Tv

    Fakir Tv


    Daha Fazlası Tüm detayları FAKİR TV kanalımızdan izleyebilirsiniz

  91. Mohammad Farhat

    Mohammad Farhat


    Focus on this beautiful work❌ Focus on what the dogs are doing✅

  92. Von X

    Von X


    Just clamp up blanks and miter them in 1 shot on a sliding miter box on the table saw

  93. Mohammad Farhat

    Mohammad Farhat


    You forgot to write don’t try this at home 😂

  94. Niza Ramadani

    Niza Ramadani



  95. Samit Fernandes

    Samit Fernandes


    So satisfying 😀👍🏻

  96. Kamlesh chandra Meena

    Kamlesh chandra Meena


    Sir plz give me your number 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  97. G D

    G D


    How is the table so certain?

  98. jigglestumps



    Goes perfectly on your fake grass.......... Honestly, I would have given this video a like if it wasn't for the fake grass. One of the worst environmental additions that you can have in a home. Ready made microplastics.

  99. Surf Widow

    Surf Widow


    13:02 Dog legs it! OK for a kids play table (they can pretend they are fairies! Or Gnomes :)) but too small for adults.

  100. Eliyah : BibleMiracle.wordpress

    Eliyah : BibleMiracle.wordpress


    A) Click on the picture left. B) Then : View channel. C) Page : About. A) Cliquez sur l'image à gauche. B) View channel. C) Page : About....