The Onision documentary is so trash that I gave up after Ep 1

but what did i expect?
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  1. D'Angelo Wallace

    D'Angelo Wallace

    28 napja

    the only way i got through this was because I was simultaneously forcing everyone on stream to watch it with me! i volunteer all of you for sacrifice during tomorrow's stream:

    • Joe Rodriguez

      Joe Rodriguez

      12 napja

      Angelo is an example of the Short Attention Span in Youth

    • Christina


      21 napja

      That honestly looks like trash. I’m surprised that Discovery would allow something like that to air on their platform. It’s not done in a professional manner.

    • ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神

      23 napja




      24 napja


    • Shahar 19

      Shahar 19

      25 napja

      The documentary editing reminds me of Shane dawson

  2. Mands


    51 perce

    Wow I am so disgusted by HUeye and Discovery's allowance and provocation of pedophilia, hatred and abuse toward others, promotion of drug and substance abuse, beastiality, plus MANY MORE I've learned about only because youtube's been removing the shit out of my content so much so that I don't even want to UPLOAD on HUeye - HUeye IS SO DUPLICIT in their allowances 010010 I am literally disgusted by HUeye and the way they allow this shit. THERE IS NO EXCUSE WHEN IT IS REPEATEDLY IN THEIR FACES WITH MILLIONS OF VIEWS and THEY have the POWER to REMOVE these channels videos and even channels.... I don't see them with age-restriction on their vids.... just continuous abuse toward our communities. HUeye must be held more accountable.

  3. Landon Bubb

    Landon Bubb

    10 órája

    I'm shocked you didn't fact check "he was the cutest little boy" with a childhood video of you looking cuter

  4. Brian Barajas

    Brian Barajas

    18 órája

    Damn that's crazy

  5. Dafydd Roff

    Dafydd Roff

    18 órája

    4:44 Chris Hansen about to drop a hot slam poem.

  6. joana



    if anyone is struggling with an eating disorder, or gets triggered easily on grooming,sexual assault(etc..) please do not watch the video!!

  7. Vee Tangri

    Vee Tangri


    Ok I’m really sorry this is a v serious topic but his father looks like jack black

  8. Yaboi Savvy

    Yaboi Savvy


    I still think they should get arid of MiniLadd.

  9. huff huffington

    huff huffington

    2 napja

    The fact that people were okay with him practically bullying a women with an eating disorder is kinda wild. Like I remember when he first made the videos he sounded concerned but then he talked about how he made her famous and then that skit... Like who does that?!?

  10. Bored Nerd

    Bored Nerd

    2 napja

    As a filmmaker can I also say this documentary is edited horribly

  11. Peach Bandit

    Peach Bandit

    2 napja

    he looks exactly like shane dawson - are they supposed to be different people or...

  12. HonexArt


    2 napja

    when i went to watch it they had temporarily removed ep 1 but 2 and 3 kinna bang

  13. Cryptic Gaming

    Cryptic Gaming

    3 napja

    I've been watching some Onision vids, if his debunking vids are to be believed then, we were wrong, way wrong, about him. His stuff is pretty convincing.

  14. Pozorrogo


    3 napja

    I dont know how this became a thing on DISCOVERY CHANNEL next to the TRUE CRIME section, they have the Onision documentary right next to the Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy documentaries. What the hell lol

  15. dshaw566


    3 napja

    I was thinking about watching this documentary...thankfully I don't have to now

  16. M K

    M K

    3 napja

    “I have an ego but that’s just next level.” 😂😂👌

  17. Jada Michelle

    Jada Michelle

    3 napja

    The only thing im thinking why did they choose this to make a documentary about,i mean they could have chose anyone else.

  18. Ebenezer Sam

    Ebenezer Sam

    3 napja

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  19. courtney baker

    courtney baker

    3 napja

    The only good Onision ever did was come out and openly speak about the cruelty of male mutilation in America. He is one of the many reasons why I made sure nobody mutilated my son. That’s some thing that more HUeyers should start doing.

  20. Lena Maria Langer

    Lena Maria Langer

    3 napja

    Where can I stream it?

  21. Wonderwoman d

    Wonderwoman d

    4 napja

    I clicked this video and... just didn't expect that

  22. Amy qb

    Amy qb

    4 napja

    OMG you were homeschooled! Can you please share your experiences! I am strongly considering a mix between homeschooling and other educational programs (for a number of reasons).

  23. Just A Moth

    Just A Moth

    4 napja

    Kinda reminds me of how some gacha kids say “I’m depressed” and then blame it on that when they do something really bad. (Not all gacha kids did this, it’s just what came to mind)

  24. Justin Hamilton

    Justin Hamilton

    4 napja

    Bro Chris Hansen is such a hack I thought he was gonna like help get the FBI to lock up that perv but he just made a crap documentary and dipped

  25. yeet


    4 napja

    god i used to watch that asshole when i was 13.... i dont know why i did but worst decision of my life.....

  26. Abigail Bryant

    Abigail Bryant

    4 napja

    7:18 while Onision was bragging about views he had the audacity to, in a way, MIMIC HITLER, and do a Nazi salute. Pretty mad no one noticed that, as someone who’s Jewish and great grandparents families had to go through hell, I’m pissed Onision even exists.

  27. Shaggy Ahuja

    Shaggy Ahuja

    5 napja

    Comment - "D'Angelo is like that guy who is friends with everyone in school" D'Angelo - " Yes, I am that guy, but I was homeschooled" Me - So you were friends with everyone in your family? I find it hard to believe, you look like a guy who has the manner and intelligence of a proud African American mother and the mischief of your sassy and funny father, and you were whooped one too many times into being the lovely sarcastic person that you are.

  28. Bella B

    Bella B

    5 napja

    Is it a coincidence that two of the sickest most pychotic youtubers look almost identical? Onision and Shane Dawson.

  29. pimpin


    5 napja

    you should do dahvie vanity

  30. Clara Nadine

    Clara Nadine

    5 napja

    D'Angelo was homeschooled? Awesome 😂 homeschool gang ✌️

  31. Dark Entries

    Dark Entries

    5 napja

    Shilo can go eat her own foot. I don't care

  32. Brooklyn Hall

    Brooklyn Hall

    5 napja

    I would love to see you review the hotel cecil documentary on netflix.

  33. Alpha 6 Games

    Alpha 6 Games

    5 napja

    Bro lol. That zing. “ absolutely true, also I was homeschooled” dead 🤣

  34. Teresa Koehler

    Teresa Koehler

    6 napja

    This is such a hack job that I'm honestly surprised they didn't include Blair White. I feel like this was right up her alley.

  35. meg _nut

    meg _nut

    6 napja

    How is this guy ANY different than Shane Dawson? I see the SAME person in every aspect.

  36. Moonlight Cosmetics

    Moonlight Cosmetics

    6 napja

    What he did to Shiloh is unforgivable watch her interview with Chris Hanson so heartbreaking

  37. Flaming Iceberg

    Flaming Iceberg

    6 napja

    The coolest homeschooled kid

  38. Jessica Smith

    Jessica Smith

    6 napja

    Y'all actually support someone who abused and ruin many people? 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ God forbid anyone get called out for the manipulative and toxic behaviour..

  39. Dumb


    6 napja

    why this make me think of R kelly

  40. Kai ohhai

    Kai ohhai

    6 napja

    In 2010 my sister and I would get into fights with Onision in his comments section because we despised him so much. People have had issues with him for yyeeearrrrrsss. We were not the only ones who hated him.

  41. Dem


    6 napja

    D+ couldnt even get a D- grade.

  42. ahnjiy


    6 napja

    i never watched onision thank god

  43. silhouette


    7 napja

    a lot of views is not equal to good publicity

  44. hayley monique

    hayley monique

    7 napja

    The cruel menu simultaneously grab because size opportunely applaud through a calm lamb. disturbed, cute august

  45. kaitlyn 🌻

    kaitlyn 🌻

    7 napja

    hmu with a netflix documentary that can do it right

  46. trixie mahmod

    trixie mahmod

    7 napja


  47. Alex Silverstein

    Alex Silverstein

    7 napja

    d'angelo is being humble. they emailed him because he has clout now.

  48. Tanner Teichreb

    Tanner Teichreb

    7 napja

    Never use your bad childhood as an excuse like wtf yea i had a traumatizing childhood too but im not hitting on people younger then me, like if your having those type of thoughts please ask for help , its not ok to think that

  49. Hannah Manning

    Hannah Manning

    7 napja

    Also isn’t it a thing that he literally killed animals as a teen... Correct me if i’m wrong. I just thought that i heard that

  50. presentation micheal

    presentation micheal

    7 napja

    Im genuinely confused, not about the documentary. I get everything. I'm confused since why did this man get famous by dancing in a banana suit and annoying his ex-wife? I know its a skit probably, but if it was real imagine how annoyed Skye/Sky would be. And also Onision is the CEO of corny pick up lines.

  51. luveila


    7 napja

    Lord I am very sorry for singing his “I’m a banana song” when i was very young. I didn’t understand what he did.

  52. stink rat

    stink rat

    7 napja

    Cecil Mcfly made a better documentary than the Discovery channel.

  53. Ilma Tuka

    Ilma Tuka

    7 napja

    Ik this is like so so stupid as an observation, but, at 4:46 you litteraly cannot convince me that Hansen is just staying frozen in that pose because he doesn't think he looks good in that angle🤣🤣

  54. Sydney


    7 napja

    It's sick that the D+ is profiting from this monster. Just put him in jail and forget about him.

  55. Lana S

    Lana S

    7 napja

    This gives me real 'my son should be excused from messing with that girl because he plays in the baseball team'

  56. SophieDrachen


    7 napja

    Yikes, after all he's done... why is he not arrested? Also, why the hell is he doing the raised arm/N*zi salute at 7:17... urgh, is he trying to be offensive because it sure as hell rubs me up the wrong way. (Why on earth has Discovery Plus and Chris Hansen made such of a pig's ear of executing the documentary... I mean, it's Chris Hansen... should I be surprised?)

  57. Angelica Illingworth

    Angelica Illingworth

    7 napja

    Omg why are we even giving him attention at this point

  58. Rick Love

    Rick Love

    7 napja

    Dude's a creep. Thank you for the heads up, D'Angelo.

  59. Turtle


    7 napja

    I wasnt retarded at 17 tbh

  60. Atheris Hispida

    Atheris Hispida

    8 napja

    What are the chances of you doing a video on E C and the damage she's doing to her young impressionable viewers? Or the peeds she has for Twitch mods? Or the ana fet supporters that she panders to? She needs to be de-platformed and forced to get help before she drops dead on stream. :( There's a petition floating around that goes into greater detail.

  61. 守lower


    8 napja

    Yes Mr Wallace you can do so much better ! Consider making us an epic in depth biography of Onision

  62. Meggsie


    8 napja

    The divorce excuse is really weird because when Chris Hansen was stirring the pot on youtube, it seemed like anyone who knew about his home life suspected that Onision was molested and/or abused by at least one of his parents. So maybe they're weighing in on the divorce to make themselves seem more innocent?

  63. Rosa April

    Rosa April

    8 napja

    You should do a longer video like the Shane Dawson video

  64. Kris Anderson

    Kris Anderson

    8 napja

    I give the movie....a D+ a heh

  65. Demonetized Speech

    Demonetized Speech

    9 napja

    i just realized your the irl version of kaz kaan.

  66. v z

    v z

    9 napja

    I really don't like how they focus on the "positives" of who he was, instead of what he's done.

  67. panic! at the everywhere

    panic! at the everywhere

    9 napja

    my dad watches documentaries like the one d+ made and the ad for it kept showing up on TV and he asked me if we should watch it. i said absolutely not lol theres better ones made on youtube

  68. Jamafly


    9 napja

    Seriously, something needs to be done about all these child groomers running around now because they think "if I get caught, at least I'll have other fans to carry me though." no they need to be taken off before they can hurt more ppl.

  69. Annabelle


    9 napja

    “Also I was homeschooled “ 🤣🤣🤣

  70. whaler_


    9 napja

    I kinda feel real op as a kid that I didn't like him ever

  71. kiyo-chan


    9 napja

    I thought Greg's father was a sexual predator, how did they got him to be in this doc

  72. Pinkito Burrito

    Pinkito Burrito

    9 napja

    I was looking for the singer and now im here, awesome, ill enjoy my stay

  73. tiramisu


    9 napja

    im sorry but "d+" sounds cursed and I can't explain why

  74. Rebecca M

    Rebecca M

    9 napja

    that trashy jumping around with the editing reminds me of shanes shitty conspiracy vids

  75. Miss_MarissaS


    9 napja

    Onision is creepy AF. And whether the documentary sucks or not, it IS a big message that needs to be put out there in the world to help girls avoid ending up being a victim to any of these online groomers.

  76. Le4che


    9 napja

    They broke up shilo’s story with justification on why he’s trash so when she jumped into “I was 17” it wouldn’t shock everyone as much. Disgusting

  77. Katy Russo

    Katy Russo

    10 napja

    I loove The Right Opinion, everything I know about onision is from that video

  78. Levar Hicks

    Levar Hicks

    10 napja

    Discovery ➕ was hyping the s**t out of this damn documentary. 😆

  79. Senior In a golf cart

    Senior In a golf cart

    10 napja

    I will never understand how like leafyishere got banned for harassment and bullying and Onision didn’t get banned for that for the videos he made about Eugenia which are soo bad. Like I don’t support Leafy but what the fuck? You can’t even say abusive without getting demonetized on HUeye but onision can post gross shit about how black peoples hair is dirty and get paid.

  80. Senior In a golf cart

    Senior In a golf cart

    10 napja

    Damnnn savage that his own parents went on the documentary.

  81. Emma Lucile

    Emma Lucile

    10 napja

    "Poor Greg was such good boy, such sweet boy but parents make him BAD 😩🥺" Uhhhh sorry but with all the mental and psychological abuse and manipulation I suffered through growing up SOMEHOW I managed not to become a child abuser! Wow crazy am I right guys?

  82. Just some Crappy youtube account

    Just some Crappy youtube account

    11 napja

    so bad it physically pains me

  83. Michelle Sunny Latham

    Michelle Sunny Latham

    11 napja

    The Onision Doc Ads are running on your videos 🤣

  84. Taryn Smith

    Taryn Smith

    11 napja

    D'angelo. you are the best person on this platform.

  85. emma rose

    emma rose

    11 napja

    not only did they condense the whole decline of onision into one sentence, but they also put the blame of his downfall on to the victims by saying that them coming forward was the reason people hate him.

  86. Deana's art corner

    Deana's art corner

    12 napja

    I find it funny that they're making "true crime" documentary about Onision while it even looks like Onision didn't got deplatformed or any other punishment thanks to this kind of behaviour. I am here so confused lmao. :D

  87. Ellie is Done

    Ellie is Done

    12 napja

    Nah man, I started to despise onision when he mocked the death of Christina grimmer in 2016. She was my favorite singer.

  88. jekyll


    12 napja

    I never liked him, I dont get why he was so popular

  89. Devon Kennedy

    Devon Kennedy

    12 napja

    Literally they made it just for profit

  90. seraphina


    12 napja

    tbh i’m surprised that brands aren’t afraid of asking for a sponsorship with d’angelo

  91. Jasmine Copeland

    Jasmine Copeland

    12 napja

    This might sound weird but you're really pretty

  92. Emma Berley

    Emma Berley

    12 napja

    I'm just glad the world knows what a SCUMBAG he is!

  93. Dom Sow

    Dom Sow

    12 napja

    I think there is some importance in trying to figure out why people do what they do. Partly because people often think the blame falls on the parents, that their actions can be excused because it's not their fault. Now the explanation should not shadow or try to excuse their actions. But I do agree with the idea that ultimately it doesn't matter why they did whatever, holding them accountable takes top importance.

  94. Rii Nii

    Rii Nii

    12 napja

    The narrator sounds so much like Onion boy. It's so weird.

  95. Stephen Carlson

    Stephen Carlson

    12 napja

    Bro needs a pop filter

  96. izzy chan Nyan Cat

    izzy chan Nyan Cat

    12 napja

    I had watched the trailor, well was forced to via ads, and forgot who he was until this video when they mentioned I'm a banana ;-;

  97. Matt Michel

    Matt Michel

    13 napja

    blaming underage teen predatory behaviour in an adult because of DIVORCE!? forget mental gymnastics, this is reaching for the stars

  98. Myah Joslin

    Myah Joslin

    13 napja

    I just got a add onison the documentary wow 🙄

  99. sky aiko

    sky aiko

    13 napja

    its so sweet that the chat told us that there is trigger warnings🥺🥺

  100. tumato tahmato

    tumato tahmato

    13 napja

    I got a ridiculous amount of onision ads