The Russian Revolution - OverSimplified (Part 1)

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    • Asfand Khan

      Asfand Khan

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      Where are you,where is the next video. 🤔🤔😥😥🤕🤕🤕

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      Ahem I recommend add 1 more and I will get nordpvn

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      Amazing amazing maza aagya

  2. RadMaster20


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    Is no one gonna talk about the history of the world reference

  3. Gooby Pls

    Gooby Pls

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    This guy is so annoying

    • Gooby Pls

      Gooby Pls

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      @Pangolin Pro joke after joke, I just wanted to know about the topic I didn’t watch past 2 mins

    • Pangolin Pro

      Pangolin Pro

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      Y are you watching him then and he isn’t annoying

  4. George Scotti

    George Scotti


    Did anyone else find waldo?

  5. Sain Ji Sarkar Faqeer Sain

    Sain Ji Sarkar Faqeer Sain


    Hey bro,i was reading a novel "And quite flows the down" so i came to youtube to have some know how about Russian revolution and luckily i came across your videos,the way they explain the history is beyond amazing,you're matchless,love from Pakistan

  6. spess wizard

    spess wizard

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    Who dislikes this?

  7. StarBurst Flame

    StarBurst Flame

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    8:15 Alright. Who wants to give this communism thing another go?



    5 órája

    8:15 hey, that was so not cool

  9. Commie Boi

    Commie Boi

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    Lenin and I have the same birthday of 4/22 this is so cool guys lmao

  10. Jonathan Powell

    Jonathan Powell

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    14:10 Dude! Uncool!

  11. Takdel


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    "...and where even people like YOU could get a girlfriend" dude... ... ... uncool

  12. Lemon cat

    Lemon cat

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    Nicholas: 😂🎉😂🎉😂👍 The country:🔥🔥💥🔥💥

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    Megalosaurus 2 Electric boogaloo

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    All I can imagine now is father gapon looking like a homoerotic stripper priest

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    cooltrooper -13DT4

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    Poor father Gapon

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    Austin Curtis

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    “I’m scared” Some kid

  17. Victor Reznov_360

    Victor Reznov_360

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    Please make a Vietnam war video!

  18. GL1TCH_Leopard


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    0:40 the entire plot of pokemon

  19. Dtt159



    Czar Or Tsar

  20. Dtt159



    I laughed so hard for yesterday when I watch that video about russia revolution.

  21. Kimone Gaynor

    Kimone Gaynor


    I like how he advertises its fun simple and welcome

  22. Бутирашка Злобный

    Бутирашка Злобный


    Lenin got foundrising from Stalin?Rubbish!Stalin cold steal few rubles no more.And he was not an important figure at all.Unlike Trotsky.This was a celebrity guy.And had a lot of jewish(american jewish mostly)money.Also He had some european comrades donations.But realy a lot of money he started to recieve in time of world war.From Keiser's secret service.From british secret service.From all guys who was interested in destructon of Russia.

  23. royla4



    I just rewatch this video and u found a waldo in 5:42

  24. KarlCantSpell



    Day seven of asking oversimplified to make a video about the straw hat riots of 1922

  25. MrOrangeSlime



    5:45did anyone notice that wheres wally character on the top left you can't miss it

  26. Vishal .v

    Vishal .v


    Can you please make something on indian history

  27. Brandon Agnew

    Brandon Agnew


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  30. Toby Keith

    Toby Keith


    UhhHh fact check the train victory belongs to the Scottish

  31. yeet yeet

    yeet yeet


    He needs to make one on Vietnam

  32. Виктор Добробаба

    Виктор Добробаба



  33. Adam Frazer

    Adam Frazer


    All forms of government look workable on paper - the problem is always us, humans haven't evolved enough to not succumb to greed, paranoia and all the other fine qualities we see on display constantly in our 'leaders' and governments.

  34. Adam Frazer

    Adam Frazer


    This Channel represents that tiny slice of YT that is actually worth your time, and does it with a style and wit all it's own. Damn fine work 👍🍻

  35. Cinamon Roll Snek

    Cinamon Roll Snek


    Did I just watch history, without being told to? NOOOOUUUUU

  36. Khent's Gaming

    Khent's Gaming


    Can you put phillips next

  37. King Multiverse

    King Multiverse

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    9:45 I just realized thats not blue hair

  38. 7Superball75 Super

    7Superball75 Super

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    Karl Marx: writes the Communist Manifesto Russian Monarchy: OoOoooOOoh NooOooOo

  39. 7Superball75 Super

    7Superball75 Super

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    for a little extra detail, the policeman was an assassin, who was a policeman

  40. Snowy


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    Damn russia honestly has a terrible history. So many autocrats

  41. Daemein Lanier

    Daemein Lanier

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    I love this channel

  42. Travis Newton

    Travis Newton

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    Want to start a revolution? There's a tax for that.

  43. Lorenzo Ciaramaglia

    Lorenzo Ciaramaglia

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    Tired of being spied on by the secret police? Use north vpn!

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    5:42 Waldo On the left

  45. Drawing Angel

    Drawing Angel

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    I found Waldo :]

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    Never got the difference between serf and slave

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  48. Areithy


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    "See! The people love! me they're throwing flowers, confetti, and high graded explosives?!?" **Boom** "Ok, Nicholas your grandfather mild case of being blown up by a terrorist and he's not looking to hot so we're going" to "say our goodbyes ok?" "Noo it will be too scary for him" "Nonsense it won't be too scary ready?" "**BOY** LOOK AT ME" Eyes gets big.

  49. Areithy


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    "Well my life just Sucks!" -Tsar Nicholas

  50. yourgreatgramps


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    Well Im back again for my daily watch of this video

  51. David Sarney kuma

    David Sarney kuma

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    Hello Good evening, I want to talk about Salvation. Romans 3:23:All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God When we sin we cause a huge gap between ourselves and God, and when we distance ourselves and God and when we distance ourselves from him we won't get his glory, whatever bad we do we get punished anytime we disobey the rules of the Father there is a Punishment which is Death I want you to know God loves us so much that he even demonstrated his own love towards us by his so, to come and die for us see how much he loves us it we want to be saved, we should confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in Our heart that God raised him from the dead Romans 10:9 I want to ask you are you Saved? Let's pray I confess my sins, cleanse me from all sin, I believed you were raised from the dead and come and take over my life Thank you for accepting me into your family Amen'"'"

  52. J Cook

    J Cook

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    Are we just not gonna talk about that transition into the ad... 😂

  53. Timmy Corini

    Timmy Corini

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    what jewish bolshevik history book did you read this all from?

  54. Timmy Corini

    Timmy Corini

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    keking to the bolshevik terrorists is gæ

  55. Timmy Corini

    Timmy Corini

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  56. Angel Guzman

    Angel Guzman

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    Do you mean the same stalin from world war ll or world war 1

    • Jonas Savimbi

      Jonas Savimbi


      Same Stalin from WW2. He took over after Lenin died

  57. Peyton Jackson

    Peyton Jackson

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    Pssst hey @Oversimplified I need to ask you somn cmere

  58. Dina Roslina

    Dina Roslina

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    19:30 hahahahahahahahahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 "Mamamia"

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    Ryan Hannigan

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  60. Jimmy and Timmy

    Jimmy and Timmy

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    The dislikes are from Rasputin's magical infinite alt accounts.

  61. Eli Big Broke

    Eli Big Broke

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    the views this guy pulls in reminds me of dream

  62. Mehak Verma

    Mehak Verma

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    19:23 Actually Nicolas' wife was German and was the descendant of Queen Victoria and so her bloodline had hemophilia, it was genetic. Nicolas and his wife were not related, and because she was German, a lot of people looked down on his marriage. That the crown prince was marrying someone who could not even speak Russian.

  63. Liviu12


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    This seems very biased and I'm not a russophile.

    • God Of All

      God Of All

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      No it isn’t

  64. Brandon Pavokovic

    Brandon Pavokovic

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    Bolsheviks were evil, long live the Tsars and God bless Russia!

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    Bernard Gena

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    leila santos lopes

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    5:45 I found Wally!

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    Nicholas Chand

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    11:50 (look my name)

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    oh yeah your mother in law is coming to stay ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  69. Jeong Ah Lee

    Jeong Ah Lee

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    nice humor

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    Liam Valois-Reilly

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    5:48 where's Waldo?

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    Neon #SHOW TIME

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    I just love how the island Sakhalin becomes a part of Asia,and as I think nobody just spotted that)))

  73. Baldua Inc

    Baldua Inc

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    The only think communist civilians forget is that the power is up to the government’s

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    Iron Knight Cinema

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    I just now noticed that Waldo is in the crowed. 5:44

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    Russian in csgo #

  76. Loofy Gaming

    Loofy Gaming

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    Make a Russian revolution video in csgo i am big Dimitri come interview me ill tell you everything you need

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    What is Spagetti Jeff's Middle name?????????????????????????? notice me...

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    Army of the republic of vietnam

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    The German fool

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    3:31 We'll be right back

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    I found Waldo

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    Poland 2021

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    I would love the napoleonic wars

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    Never thought I’d hear: “get your Russian revolution merch”

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    Miksu 7077

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    4:01 Where are the finnish people?!

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      MSM 09

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      @Miksu 7077 idk lol

    • Miksu 7077

      Miksu 7077

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      @MSM 09 Why are the ukrainians there then? I believe they were a bigger minority than the finnish

    • MSM 09

      MSM 09

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      @Miksu 7077 Finnish wasn't the minority they were THE majority

    • Miksu 7077

      Miksu 7077

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      @MSM 09 but it says minorities, not tribes

    • MSM 09

      MSM 09

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      Finnish isn't a tribe

  90. ACB IXI


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    A chonga

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    Everybody in the live stream chat: TrUmP 2020 bIdEn 2020

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    Vietnam war next plz

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    5:42 where is Waldo Ps have it paused

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    thanks for uploading great videos :)

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    Ariadne Biza

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    We want a video of Greek revolution and Otto of Greece's reign

  96. Jgyu Juj

    Jgyu Juj

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    country of alcoholism , poverty , corruption , and falsification of history (in real life Moskvá/Moscow was founded by Khan Mengu Timur , and son of Alexander Nevsky because of order of Timur bacame a first prince of this sity ; in 1721 Peter the Great renamed Moskovia/Muskovy into Russia . After in 1917 was a Red Revolution in 1922 found of USSR(Soviet Union) when Ukrainian Peoples Republic and Belarusian Peoples Republic was occupated by Bolsheviks . in 1930-1939 - Stalin's terror + in 1932-33 Holodomor in Ukraine because of unreal procurement of bread , 8 million people in Ukraine died in 1941-1945 - Great Patriotic war in 1953 death of Yosef Stalin later time of Khrushev in 1982 death of Leonid Bryezhnev in 1985 became of Perestroika (Rebilding) by Gorbachev in 1991 collapse of USSR in 1993 RSFSR was renamed into RF in 2000 Putin became the president. "russians" (moskovites) are not slavic

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    If it was 69% I would do it, but I think I still would use NordVPN to get little rat hacker-man

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    Так оскорбить русскую историю и правителей надо уметь. Сразу видно стереотипное мышление и незнание истории России. Потом из-за подобных видеороликов у европейцев/американцев появляются ложные представления о России и русских

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    OverSimplified are commies?