The Story Of League of Legends 'Perfect' Champion | Complete History of Jhin ft. @I Keep It Taco

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Today, let's talk about the story of the champion that people call the best designed in the game, everyone's choice for Riot's best work... League of Legends 'Perfect Champ'... this is the complete history of Jhin!
Special thank you to my long time friend Kyle who helped out with editing some parts of this video! _kylekiss_
0:00 - Intro
3:20 - A New Breed
8:25 - Development
17:28 - Release
26:23 - The Bad Years
32:20 - Rageblade
34:42 - Return To Form
40:40 - Conclusion
44:44 - FOUR
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  2. Samuel Chavarría

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    In conclusion: he is the perfect champion because he gets good buffs.

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    "no one can stay good for ever" Yasuo and Fizz, have been in the mid lane S or OP tier for years

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    Great video. I play dota but your videos have made me appreciate league more. In dota we have a hero named “sniper” who fills a similar role, but I feel Jhin looks much more interesting to play.

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    "Punished" Venom Cake

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    sadly lol doesnt care about good champion design anymore, they focus only on selling skin with a female humanoid

  20. Demon of Despair

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    Wow I started playing him because I just liked his lore but I guess I should keep playing him because he’s good or something

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    ure a master man u literally made a perfect story of jhin in exacly 44:44

  25. Vinci 31

    Vinci 31

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    I never knew jhin before until wild rift. But I knew there was something about him that made him special from all the ADC roster. Now I know why. Thanks exil.

  26. Roa'Ktor Nokar Bloom Z

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    23:31 Aphelios T-pose is just..... Perfect



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    Fun fact: sneaky was also who invented Hurricane Kalista

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    I'm staring lovingly at my Jhin figure. I'm pretty bad at ADC'ing, but Jhin makes it fun, and watching other players use him always makes me happy. He's simply perfect. Especially Blood Moon Jhin :>

  35. Pure Yt Youtube

    Pure Yt Youtube

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    These are the sort of videos that inspire me to push trough all the toxicity and main Champs I really love like Jhin. Thank you a lot

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    I wish my game looked like your cinematic shots. the white FOW and the darker look to everything. there has to be a resource pack for this but I can’t find it. I wish my game looked like that so bad.

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  56. Hey Fell!

    Hey Fell!

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    Oriana is a poor champ cause her kit doesnt fit the new age of LOL. Her kit when there was like 100 champs in the game with "slower" less gap closing multi-faceted champs was decent. But now her dmg , range , mana pool and even visuals make her very underwhelming. aside from fixing that, her ball needs to be more of a "part" of her, she needs to be able to throw that ball around and have qucker interchangeable utitilty *dmg, shild, slow * while also providing her some sort of buff/passive connection when its attatched to her. All in all she needs a rework. Shes really soft.

  59. Giuseppe Fiorenza

    Giuseppe Fiorenza

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    I still don't get why there still is this voice about Viego being broken. What is broken about the champ? Jhin is a cool champ.

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  77. Gustav Jonsson

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    Vi, Jinx, Ekko and Gnar is a pretty solid crew! Vi has been well balanced pretty much since release, Jinx is one of the best designed champions imo, Ekko is one of the funniest champions in the game (although broken sometimes with item changes), and Gnar is a cool and unique champion that has clear strengths and weaknesses. And Jhin on top of that! Hats off to this August fella.

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  99. Infra - Eye

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    Not a lot of people will see that but I left League in the end of 2019 just 'cause Riot was indirectly nerfing Jhin. Taco literally said hew as thinking about the nerfs 'cause they were coming. He said "it was still enjoyable but...". I am sure he wasn't satisfied as he was back then. Maining champion is like your spiritual animal. For Taco, it's the reason he is sticking to the game and the reason he hypes in this broken game :))

  100. Infra - Eye

    Infra - Eye

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    Taco is not the Jhin OTP from NA, Taco is Jhin :)