Oh where do I begin, this makeup experience was so bad, I had to walk out midway through the makeup process because I couldn't take it anymore. When I tell you this is the absolute worst reviewed makeup artist, it really is. I can't belive how rude and disrespectful these people are.

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  1. The Boylans

    The Boylans

    9 perccel

    Where the Hell is this place !! They should be Shut down !!! The vile makeup & dirty cheep brushes , god in times of COVID-19 I hope your going to be OK!! And don't get sick from the place x

  2. Amy McLean

    Amy McLean

    10 perccel

    Your editing is so engaging. Love it!

  3. The Kind Journey

    The Kind Journey

    57 perccel

    Probably a front for something

    • The Kind Journey

      The Kind Journey

      57 perccel

      No way they’re staying in business otherwise

  4. Auro Gold

    Auro Gold


    That “beauty salon” has the worst tools in all the planet , and then that brushes could cause some alergy in the skin pr some dermatologic sickness , omg what a horrible place , the brush very used and dirty jajaja i can’t believe that some people doesn’t feel any shame , first for they’re job (terrible job ) and then for this poors values , and at the end the make up look very old , maybe could be pirate mmmm 🧐🧐🧐 the worst place the worst “muas” everything’s bad there 😖😖😖😖😖

  5. Dead_beat Bunny

    Dead_beat Bunny

    2 órája

    As soon as I saw those nasty ass brushes I would have walked. Do not put that dirty shit anywhere near me.

  6. TheStyleCity


    3 órája

    Yooooooo the sound effects have absolutely SENT me 😂😂😂😂

  7. Jøhnny b o y

    Jøhnny b o y

    3 órája


  8. Catalina Orjuela

    Catalina Orjuela

    4 órája

    hi! I want to know... How much did the makeup cost?

  9. Rag Doll

    Rag Doll

    4 órája

    I’ve never seen you so mad girl and I’ve never been this mad watching a video myself. Honestly, you seemed really exasperated I really wanted the video to stop for your own good lmao and the fact that your brother stood for you at the end of the video is really sweet like those guys literally stole money from you. And the fact that the makeup artist clearly know that what she’s doing isn’t good at all and that they’ll probably laugh at you when you’re gone makes my blood boil 🕳🤸🏼

  10. S


    5 órája

    Judy's furious face when she talks...

  11. helguci 0764

    helguci 0764

    6 órája


  12. Jasmine Art

    Jasmine Art

    6 órája

    This is the worst ever wake up place I've ever seen. Not to stop but it was not very clean. I don't know what type of brushes they be using but it doesn't see very hygenic. They could easily have Buy cheap disposable Make up brushes instead of paint brushes. And we're did thay learn to do makeup.... it just seemed that got hired on the spot with out a Education or portfolio pieces

  13. Violeta Martinez

    Violeta Martinez

    6 órája

    This video literally triggered me omg!! So many wrongs things for example the bridal look is suppose to be a soft glam as a mua she is suppose to know what to do and not even ask. The dirty brushes as well like girl....

  14. Joy Vanegas

    Joy Vanegas

    7 órája

    Omg the brushes look like toy brushes😱😱😱😱 dollar brushes

  15. Alex Torres

    Alex Torres

    7 órája

    Omg got me mad 😡 jaja

  16. Kat Glitters

    Kat Glitters

    7 órája

    Heres the deal. You NEVER tell someone they cant be blonde because of race. You TONE the blonde so that it is still bright, but flatters their skin with a warm tone if they're warm, or a neutral if they're nuetral. It's called c o s m e t o l o g y

  17. Lorena Lopez

    Lorena Lopez

    7 órája

    son hispanos/latinos sin vergüenzas

  18. Chrissy Beaver

    Chrissy Beaver

    7 órája

    Oh my gosh they did a horrible job! The foundation didn’t match your skin, they didn’t even blend it and your eyeshadow was brown, not pink like in the picture!! I would’ve cried, you did great without losing your cool!

  19. Fhanny Reyes

    Fhanny Reyes

    8 órája

    I know like 2 things about makeup and none of them were here, they don’t even have common sense OMG 😭

  20. Ellie


    8 órája

    Ain’t NOBODY gonna tape my face I would’ve walked out right there 😭💀

  21. Bears Bears Bears

    Bears Bears Bears

    8 órája

    Your other dress option clip made me laugh so hard I cantttt

  22. Shawna Milenkoff

    Shawna Milenkoff

    8 órája

    Omg!! I can do my makeup so much better in only 30 mins, over 2 hours for that! What!

  23. Evalina César Cassule

    Evalina César Cassule

    8 órája

    OH MY GOOD 😱😱😱😱

  24. maria carolina Carrillo

    maria carolina Carrillo

    8 órája

    When she said: "Un teipecito blanco" I ALREADY KNEW WHERE SHE WAS FROM DANG :( that's too bad

  25. Elyssa Acosta

    Elyssa Acosta

    9 órája

    I don’t wear makeup or even know how to apply it but THE PLACING OF THE CONTOUR WAS SO PAINFUL EVEN I KNOW WHERE IT GOES

  26. hua ailin

    hua ailin

    9 órája

    I feel mad for you! Watching this video before bed made me unable to sleep I was so angry on your behalf. I have totally had similar experiences before.

  27. Kim Harper

    Kim Harper

    9 órája

    That doesn’t look bad

  28. Danielle Tellier

    Danielle Tellier

    9 órája

    i loveeeeee your accent!!!

  29. ro


    10 órája

    Where was this? Like the country

  30. Dee Dee

    Dee Dee

    10 órája

    You should have asked for a refund !

  31. Nina Love

    Nina Love

    10 órája

    Can u imagine if it was someone who was actually getting married?! This place was trash- if your going to have a front for ur shady business, be more prepared😵

  32. Miss Molly

    Miss Molly

    11 órája

    This experience seemed awful in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY. Holy crap. D:

  33. The Squiggy Cheika

    The Squiggy Cheika

    11 órája

    Ew i hope this place isnt still running. Talk about bad buisness. Glad you shared this

  34. kirston scott-holley

    kirston scott-holley

    11 órája

    I think you walked into an undercover brothel.

  35. Destiny Wright

    Destiny Wright

    12 órája

    you were brave brave

  36. MalMaui


    12 órája

    Dear God Almighty! I am so glad you walked out! And them were paint brushes. I can't believe all those dirty brushes she pulled out at the beginning. And did this girl not have make-up on her self? I mean how can a "make-up artist" put make up on themselves but then do SUCH a bad job on another person. I'd think it would be easier since you are facing your "palette" ....go wash that face woman who knows what's on them dirty paint brushes.

  37. Ruth Barrett

    Ruth Barrett

    12 órája

    I would have just left once they asked if they make you 💰 first.

  38. MIsolda CedilloT

    MIsolda CedilloT

    12 órája

    Pobre de ti!!!

  39. L P

    L P

    12 órája

    i was mad watching this

  40. Sara


    12 órája

    Vengo del Vídeo de Pamela y enserio, que paciencia de Judy y de su hermano, da rabia ver cómo criticaban a espaldas de sus clientes de una manera grosera. Espero y tengan su merecido.

  41. Lesly Portillo

    Lesly Portillo

    13 órája

    Oh god 😭

  42. D.R.'s Creation

    D.R.'s Creation

    13 órája

    no lipstick literally oohkkkk ohhhkkkk

  43. V Victoria

    V Victoria

    13 órája

    My little sister can do better makeup than her .

  44. Sincha Sin

    Sincha Sin

    14 órája

    Even if it’s real it’s not hygenic. I don’t believe they wash brushes and all that

  45. Sincha Sin

    Sincha Sin

    14 órája

    This must be a setup. Not real. No one does that

  46. Victoria Nava

    Victoria Nava

    14 órája

    Literally you have so much patience because I would have been like I thought all you had to do was lipstick why are you still working on my eyes and why is my foundation the color my contour should be and why this this this why why why why why why why why why why

  47. Eva St

    Eva St

    14 órája

    You were to kind for them omg im pissed☠🤬

  48. Rachel Jackson

    Rachel Jackson

    14 órája

    I can do better than that in 5 minutes

  49. Bryancita De Amadeus

    Bryancita De Amadeus

    15 órája

    Does anyone know if the people in this place already know they were exposed for their lousy service?

  50. Britteney Edwards

    Britteney Edwards

    15 órája

    Naaa they sell drugs lol they don’t do makeup 😂😂😂😂😂

  51. Britteney Edwards

    Britteney Edwards

    15 órája

    People get on my nerves 🙄🙄

  52. D J E L L Z A A

    D J E L L Z A A

    15 órája

    poor girl😨

  53. Cyndi Gomez

    Cyndi Gomez

    15 órája

    Omg what the hell is that you could of done it by yourself that is horrible makeup!!! I would of called management on them honestly !!! She made you look like an umpa lumpa!!!!

  54. Jazmin Maniac

    Jazmin Maniac

    15 órája

    Esa 'maquillista' nisiquiera tiene una buena forma de tomar las brochas

  55. Maria Giordano

    Maria Giordano

    15 órája

    I need Judy and Rebal in my familyy!! Besitos from Italyyy💕

  56. sarah lynn

    sarah lynn

    15 órája

    This has to be fake. It was really bad...

  57. shay


    16 órája

    my mouth dropped when she did the foundation

  58. Darkskynet1


    16 órája

    After all that and the make up is real bad lol!

  59. Jessica Gregory

    Jessica Gregory

    16 órája

    You looked better b4 she touched you😭

  60. Arenas Moreno María Fernanda

    Arenas Moreno María Fernanda

    16 órája

    So stressful even to watch

  61. Phazen


    17 órája

    Even I would've done better.

  62. Shelly Shellins

    Shelly Shellins

    17 órája

    how do you keep so composed when you open your eyes and see the shade of foundation..

  63. Jessica Giron Castellanos

    Jessica Giron Castellanos

    17 órája

    Lmao the sound effects kill me

  64. Naro Kichu

    Naro Kichu

    17 órája

    You look like aaaaaaa wat to say 😑😑😑😑

  65. happyxhaley


    17 órája

    The foundation looks like a fricken Oompa loompa

  66. Claire Trow

    Claire Trow

    18 órája

    Take your coat off!!!

  67. alex rose

    alex rose

    18 órája

    This must be fake... I don't believe it happen for real...

  68. Mariana Paz

    Mariana Paz

    18 órája

    Where is this place? What country? I’m new to the channel.

  69. **kAwAii SuNsEt SaFaRi**

    **kAwAii SuNsEt SaFaRi**

    18 órája

    She looks like she was literally annoyed and she did her make not a bride a emo goth queen -

  70. Geovanna Narciso

    Geovanna Narciso

    18 órája

    I would've asked my money back!!!

  71. Aiko_YT


    18 órája

    I would do even worst then her but MAN that is horrible for a salon.

  72. Jon A

    Jon A

    20 órája

    Probably because she knew what you were there for ? I see how you treat people and make fun of them and sometimes people are very nice to you. Let them work in peace if you don’t like their work then move on and find one that does. Oh wait you are making money by intentionally going to beauty salons with low rating knowing they might not give you what you want. For starters it’s very hard to work with your face since you don’t have the most appealing eyes or complexion. And your eyes are very hooded so any eye makeup on your eyes won’t look anything close to the picture to show the stylist. If you want more views go to a surgeon with low rating and get a nose job, face lift and a few adjustments

  73. Stephanie Nicole

    Stephanie Nicole

    20 órája

    This literally cannot be real. NO WAY.

  74. Judith Payne

    Judith Payne

    20 órája


  75. holly gallapoo

    holly gallapoo

    21 órája

    Is this real???? This is the most fucked up makeup job I ever see and I don't get in to make up like that and I can see this.

  76. SpooderGwen


    21 órája

    I don´t wear make-up and don´t understanding it at all. Yet this cringes me so hard!

  77. Ain nur Niea alia

    Ain nur Niea alia

    22 órája

    Thats why she said pay first.. because she doesn't know how to make up 😉😉 sorry..i fail really ² sorry

  78. Helena Wheeler

    Helena Wheeler

    22 órája

    Let PAMELA SEGURA do your makeup 😍😍😍

  79. T y

    T y

    22 órája

    I guess I now know where to find Trump 😂

  80. Marilou O.

    Marilou O.


    Yo wtf is this??? I swear I could do a better makeup look for you and I'm not even a professional 🤦🏻‍♀️

  81. Laurel Munshaw

    Laurel Munshaw


    Thats terrible.

  82. Manon Tissier

    Manon Tissier


    I don't normally leave comments on videos but I literally COULD NOT not comment on this... girl.. get ready for an essay.... as someone who has been a makeup artist for over a decade this is absolutely horrifying to see.. props to you for even staying when you saw her 'clean' those horrendously dirty makeup brushes in the palm of her hand.... I doubt she even washed her hands or used sanitiser before starting!.... You shouldn't need to pay for an appointment before the appointment even takes place... at most I would say it's definitely acceptable to pay a deposit to secure your appointment which is then deducted from the final cost of the service.. This would normally be non-refundable in case you don't show up unless its under special circumstances which is then usually at the discretion of the artist... as for the actual application... WHERE DO I BEGIN.. I think the only thing she did alright on was your eyebrow... however the tools she chose to use for each part of your makeup application annoyed the hell out of me! the fact that non of them were sanitary is shocking... the WHOLE thing was disgustingly unprofessional! I can't believe she didn't put a gown on you to protect your clothing especially because you were wearing white!! Every makeup artist should have their kits neatly and cleanly laid out ready to use or at least have full knowledge of there their products are... As for the actually application.... she should have never just repeatedly stuck and removed that tape from your eye.. its the most delicate part of the face and can cause pain and irritation if not applied and removed properly... and GOD knows what that yellow base was that she put on the lid... then to use a wipe to remove part of the eyeshadow... any makeup artist knows that eyeshadow will never blend well on a previously damp surface.. she should have just removed the eye makeup completely or try to salvage what she had already done... moving onto the face makeup..... well..... the fact that she did not colour match you at all, I'm so baffled as to the reason she thought she could put that shade of foundation on you and AT THE VERY LEAST not even blend it beyond the jaw line and down onto the neck, ears and into the hairline... and if you're going to contour then you also been to highlight.. the placement of the contour wasn't overly offending but defo could have been better, however It also depends on how heavy the client asks the makeup to be.. a simple powder contour or even just some bronzer would have done the trick... This entire makeup look should have taken no more than an hour and a half INCLUDING LASHES AND LIPSTICK!!... As you were going in for a bridal consultation she should have spoken to you about exactly what you wanted.. how long you expected the makeup to last on the wedding day, what kind of coverage you want, what kind of skin type you have to determine what kind of foundation products to use (matte, dewy, full coverage, light coverage)... she should have asked you if you had any allergies especially with potentially using lash glue (if you had agreed on lashes) and then discussing the type of lipstick you wanted as well as the colour... And all of this should have been recorded on a record card or a face chart so that if you HAD agreed on the final makeup look the makeup artist would be able to recreate it perfectly on the day of the wedding... The comments that were said behind you were awful and the fact that the mua kept asking Rebal to pass her the makeup.... AND NO LIPSTICK??.... god.. I doubt they are even properly insured... I'm really sorry you had to go through all of that and I'm sure there is a lot more that I could comment on but I've already given you a lot to read ahah.. I hope you washed your face as soon as you had the chance and that you didn't suffer with any irritation from the products and tools that were used! They should not be practicing makeup on any paying client!.. ok.. end of rant haha.

  83. Catherine Agro

    Catherine Agro


    Girl, you sacrificing yourself should be worth something... expose this salon and save others from going there. This was horrifying.

  84. Rosie Pear

    Rosie Pear


    I just wonder how TF people see the difference between the foundation and her skin tone and think, Perfect! It matches! She legit looked like she was starting oompa loompa cosplay!

  85. gypsy jean

    gypsy jean


    Omg she legit used her personal Fondation shade on you

  86. Kim Taehyung

    Kim Taehyung



  87. σταυρουλα ασλαμπαλογλου

    σταυρουλα ασλαμπαλογλου



  88. Purphura



    @worldcmakeup.ecuador it's the salon

  89. MarzipanChuwu



    As a Latina, we don’t claim them. Disgusting

  90. Hannah Rose

    Hannah Rose


    And the fact her brushes and makeup was so unhygienic,the brushes weren’t even washed and she wiped one brush on her hand.🤮🤮

  91. K Brose

    K Brose


    Deberían enseñar el lugar ,para que la gente ya no vaya y tenga que pasar por este tipo de cosas !

  92. kmarshirley



    Id love to watch you try to recreate some of your worst makeup looks on yourself. Mostly the eye look. You might have to invest in a few pallettes but I'd love to watch it.

  93. Laura Beldin

    Laura Beldin


    This is absolutely rediculous!! I would have refused to pay until my makeup was done or no business for them!! I'm also spanish speaking as an american that loves mexican people they really let u down with this shop how sad

  94. Lissette Diaz

    Lissette Diaz


    Damn girl I feel soooooooooo sory for u. @ least ur letting ppl know to watch for the places that they cant do their job right. Girl ur brave n patient. But other women cus they can flip like a pancake!

  95. Emdo Mitch

    Emdo Mitch


    Omg this is mentallllllll!

  96. Amber johnson

    Amber johnson


    Please quit letting them put nasty brushes and stuff on your face love.

  97. Gsm - Official

    Gsm - Official


  98. Spookay It's Me

    Spookay It's Me


    Those brushes are ridiculously old, they were dirty as fck! You should be grateful that you didn't get an infection!!

  99. Spookay It's Me

    Spookay It's Me


    Name & Shame!! This is baaaaaaad

  100. Valerya Tabares

    Valerya Tabares


    I thought the thumbnail was fake!!!! Oooo nooo noooo noooo