The ℌệ𝔫𝔱ằ𝔦 Episode | Trash Taste #25

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  1. Niru - Kun

    Niru - Kun



  2. Bellie - Boo

    Bellie - Boo

    4 órája

    Blue hair girl is lolli those ppl used to bait predictors lol😂

  3. Bellie - Boo

    Bellie - Boo

    4 órája

    10:21 to like 10:35? Conner is just so relatable! That is also a tag in ecchi stuff I don’t like. Preach the good sermon CDawgVA!

  4. Naman Kumar

    Naman Kumar

    9 órája

    Dark skin elfs are called Dark Elfs you less cultured people

  5. Naman Kumar

    Naman Kumar

    10 órája

    I paused the video to watch shaga of the dark. Man ending song is pure love

  6. RARE!


    22 órája

    Why do I think Connor faked it through a lot of these conversations. Everything he added was non specific 😂

  7. Mr. Gamgee

    Mr. Gamgee


    Joey, Garnt, and Connor: "We didn't want to pick ones that everyone has heard of." Me, a 20-something male anime fan: "Hentai have names???"

  8. Анастасия Агапитова

    Анастасия Агапитова


    Wait, is someone really watching the storyline in hentai? Really?

  9. Vikram Ree

    Vikram Ree


    I want to imagine that one girl that is mad because she thinks "but I did self insert in kuroinu..."

  10. Rena Lee

    Rena Lee


    this is the one garnt;s recommended lol

  11. AlmostSober


    2 napja

    I want the UnScented version lol

  12. psychicberry


    2 napja

    Dude this shit is so relatable and enjoyable, if I wasn't so poor, I'd pateron sub. I'm also not the only who wants to hang out with the boys

  13. Shin Walford

    Shin Walford

    2 napja

    so is anyone gonna draw a cursed hentai monopoly man, or should i do it

  14. Shin Walford

    Shin Walford

    2 napja

    yoooo that's meee

  15. Nate Wright

    Nate Wright

    2 napja

    Imagine being at a point in life where you’re getting paid to talk about hentai with the boys.

  16. Terina Andrews

    Terina Andrews

    2 napja

    I actually agree w Connor about everything in this ep 🥴

  17. CJ Legend89

    CJ Legend89

    3 napja

    Can someone please list the hentai series these guys are mentioning?

    • 앤디 Andy

      앤디 Andy

      22 perccel

      if you go to their subreddit, someone made a playlist of all the hentai that talked about!

  18. Jorge Caballero

    Jorge Caballero

    3 napja

    About the top hat, Abraham Lincoln wore a top hat, boom

  19. Shinsuke Daddy

    Shinsuke Daddy

    3 napja

    alternative title: 3 guys arguing about their taste in hentai for 2 hours 16 mins

  20. The Morgan Riley Show

    The Morgan Riley Show

    3 napja

    I don't know if it counts but I am obsessed with Seikon No Qwaser.

  21. DeviouSmile


    3 napja

    from now on we need to rename vanilla ice cream to connor ice cream

  22. water


    4 napja

    He said Kuroino and I was like *clap* "YES"



    4 napja

    just a 12 yo man of culture here😀

  24. james bucag

    james bucag

    4 napja

    Especially how queen bee fucked Muramata san no himitsu

  25. Taña Nii

    Taña Nii

    4 napja

    It's like they never heard of people with a rape/"forced" fetish lol

  26. Taña Nii

    Taña Nii

    4 napja

    I find it really strange how people can talk about not liking loli hentai, yet most of hentai is Teenage characters or milfs. Like there's no in between

  27. Syamil Choo

    Syamil Choo

    5 napja

    anyone have the list?

  28. GureGuru


    5 napja

    damn how did i miss masterpiece all these years

  29. Franki Fletcher

    Franki Fletcher

    5 napja

    Joey is a man of culture

  30. Basement Dweller Cosplay

    Basement Dweller Cosplay

    5 napja

    Connor: WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO FUCK ORCS Monster Fuckers:.... Are you serious

  31. Shadows Step

    Shadows Step

    5 napja

    Overflow may be a turn off, BUT it's ed is really catchy. Like holy shit is it good.

  32. Chaingale !

    Chaingale !

    5 napja

    ugh... I never forget plots unfortunetaly

  33. Anthony Guerrero

    Anthony Guerrero

    5 napja

    Man connor has shit taste in anime and hen

  34. Barry Lu

    Barry Lu

    5 napja

    *unanimously agrees rape is shit* *puts kuroinu thumbnail*

  35. Hans Peter

    Hans Peter

    5 napja

    Watching this with post nut clarity is weird

  36. Hans Peter

    Hans Peter

    5 napja

    1:41:07 That's what she said

  37. Splashmachine33


    5 napja

    i've watched all of the trash taste episode now, and im fucking sure that im connor's sibling in some twisted way, we have the SAME thoughts wtf

  38. Calvinosaurus


    5 napja

    Watching this feels like being at a human zoo.

  39. lity fity

    lity fity

    5 napja


  40. Ameko Sada

    Ameko Sada

    5 napja

    best scene: 1:47:12

    • Just A PsYcHo

      Just A PsYcHo

      5 napja

      Totally agree with ya

  41. Calvinosaurus


    5 napja

    The top hat was indeed invented in England

  42. Will Da Pensive Penguin Dood

    Will Da Pensive Penguin Dood

    5 napja

    Can someone make a complete list of all the things they spoke about

  43. Kerenday G

    Kerenday G

    5 napja

    I love 'I read the original source material' as an intelectual quote

  44. Snifey 76

    Snifey 76

    6 napja

    the milky mascot that sometimes appears on the intro, is like the leftover budget that they found in their budget fund after they finish the hentai like 3 months ago and man the mascot is unfinished and terrific. IDK if other milky hentai's intros appear with the mascot but ye, sometimes i have a nightmare about the unfinished product of their label

  45. Infilit


    6 napja


  46. Infilit


    6 napja

    Wagiyano liliana-san 21:16

  47. Son Colung

    Son Colung

    6 napja

    Is that the disclaimer song?

  48. Ellis Pedersen

    Ellis Pedersen

    6 napja

    As much as they shit on Connor, at least his kinks arent morally and legally ambiguous.

  49. Infilit


    6 napja


  50. Timothy Alexzander Carthan II

    Timothy Alexzander Carthan II

    6 napja

    Stainless Night anybody?

  51. jimhsan1


    7 napja

    LMFAO this ep, and #23. I've only read one hentai, "Tentacle Training", and I loved it.

  52. Hecatrice


    7 napja

    13:58 right in front of my top hat?

  53. Joms Olsen

    Joms Olsen

    7 napja


  54. The Bamcast

    The Bamcast

    7 napja

    I had no idea so much hentai existed lol 😂

  55. 八神こう


    7 napja

    I didnt think Id have to say this but there is also women who dig the.. "orc gang bang" hentai I havent meet any men that into it but I met a girl at a party who liked Insect bestiality and I dated a girl who kinda enjoyed some of the orc porn so either, men are to scared to say it or the demographic, is a little more feminine idk what the answer is, but honestly I think its a little of both

    • Karim Clarke

      Karim Clarke


      I think it's an equal split. As you said men are less likely to admit it since it'll make people uncomfortable so they just act like they don't.

    • Lazy Boy Vega

      Lazy Boy Vega

      6 napja

      Your right it shouldn’t have to be said, there are women who dig the “orc gang bang” hentai. Like you I dated someone who had rape fantasies.

  56. Scooter.Newt


    7 napja

    I watched this video and had several thoughts before the 15min mark. 1. Grookey even had to look away from this shit in the background. 2. The subtle G-Fuel Marketing made me spend $40 on beverages I already had.

  57. Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    7 napja

    LOL I'd love to watch a video of their girlfriends watching this video and see their reactions! LOL

  58. Xenai Oaks

    Xenai Oaks

    7 napja

    45:08 My favourite line from Connor. Love it!

  59. Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    7 napja

    31:50 I agree...I want my hentai to be better quality than my anime!! I want my hentai to look good. I don't want it to look like shit. Milky hentai ....ahhh, 懐かし! 43:10 Bible Black WAS my bible back then! omfg I've lost count of how many times I've jaked off to the bible black series. The 2nd volume wasn't too bad, the third one sucked - plot-wise. 46:00 YES! I much prefer where it's one episode dedicated to each girl. This way, you have time to appreciate each of them and you can actually get off at least once per episode :P 49:40 I kinda agree with them. I prefer when the girls are fighting for the guy's attention and trying to get the guy to themselves! :D 50:48 omg I wish there was hentai of Shokugeki no Souma. Those girls are so hot! 52:20 Yes, I want hentai that looks good. I don't really care about the story as much. 54:35 I agree with Connor - I'm sick of jerking off to eroge manga. I want it to move. I don't want to stop jerking off to scroll down (I'm right-handed) while reading 18+ manga. 1:01:18 YES! I agree, that's the same thing... 1:11:22 WTF did Joey say? Omfg that was too fast to write down in google! :( 1:17:17 lol I'm like that too. I love the brother/sister hentai series! Must be because I wish I had a hot stepsister to look at when chilling at home on hot summer days :P 1:22:45 lol...I spent a minute looking up "shoot your goo my dude" on google and found the title on reddit! LMFAO...if only I had waited a few seconds more. 1:25:03 lol Connor looks like he wants to cry as they laugh about the plot. 1:59:05 NTR is basically cuckolding. The guy is there watching how "it's done right" and is being embarrassed that he can't satisfy her so she gets it somewhere else! ;) 2:01:30 Group sex = multiple couples or 1/2 guys and 1/2 girls. Gangbang is multiple guys taking turns fucking the same 1-2 girls. 2:04:15 Yes! HD hentai...I'm sick of 480/720p quality hentai...that was fine in the early 2000s but not anymore! HD or GTFO! 2:07:52 Here is the comment you wanted Connor - Mother Knows Breast had HORRIBLE animation and for that alone, I wouldn't watch it...HD hentai or GTFO!! 2:08:05 I looked it up and NOPE...shitty animation. No thanks. 2:10:30 I think what he was trying to say is "Connor has the most boring taste in hentai..."!! 2:13:10 My fav setting for sex in hentai is sex at school/university or at work/public. Ok I gave in and just subbed to your Patreon so I can watch this again - Uncensored! :D

  60. Callah Tintacals

    Callah Tintacals

    7 napja

    Orc lover here LOL

  61. Man Of Culture

    Man Of Culture

    7 napja

    Is it sad that I know exactly the hentai the thumbnail is from? It was good shit.

  62. Maulik Pandya

    Maulik Pandya

    7 napja

    The Russian one is his sister in law

  63. Sky Le Pancake

    Sky Le Pancake

    8 napja

    The spotted trowel obviously glow because sleet undesirably peel aside a faint fair chord. worthless, chilly garlic

  64. Billy But Better

    Billy But Better

    8 napja

    i can't believe Garnt went from monk to talking about HENTAI

    • The V

      The V

      5 napja

      The man has his priorities straight

    • Snifey 76

      Snifey 76

      6 napja

      I @Ayush Vardhan

    • Ayush Vardhan

      Ayush Vardhan

      7 napja


  65. deathllamas117


    8 napja

    What Shippuden episode

  66. Metawraith


    8 napja

    lol FUCK! Now, I feel personally attacked by Connor at 1:36:50! XD

  67. Metawraith


    8 napja

    Very offended by Connor's comment at 1:32:26. XD lol

  68. RageDasher


    8 napja

    I was watching Kansen Sodom while listening to the podcast. I NEED AN EPISODE 2! WTF IF THAT ENDING?

  69. Zero 169

    Zero 169

    9 napja

    I need a list of the ones they all mentioned! I cant type the stuff they say in Japanese in a search

  70. Kamden Davis

    Kamden Davis

    9 napja

    When they explained the b-plot to Harem Time, it made me realize that I had already read it.

  71. Dom Anthony

    Dom Anthony

    9 napja

    So, I just went to watch Kuroino to see where I fell. I couldn't get over the first bit with the ogres. In my head was the guy from Cinema Sins going "she's dead now" when the ogre enters.

  72. l33t9r0u93


    9 napja

    4:00 I on the other hand published on the main discord server of a friend my entire hentai collection. Otherwise I am a rather normal member of society considering how my last job ended and every single person personally said their goodbyes to me. also random 3 from me. the first Taimanin Asagi (because Murakami is insane with his "camera" works), Bakunyuu Maid Kari, Ano Danchi no Tsuma-tachi wa also enjoyably insane 3 Daiakuji the xena buster, pigeon blood, milk money 23:20 they are several hentai sites where you can block certain stags 1:30:05 Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Ruvyrias - 02 'nuff said

  73. Dom Anthony

    Dom Anthony

    9 napja

    1:11:23 My guy... That ain't helping me, fam... At least link in the description!

  74. minidiamant l

    minidiamant l

    9 napja

    I just listened to 2 hours of people talking about hentai

  75. Ray uwu

    Ray uwu

    9 napja

    They’re arguing with culture

  76. Ben Kusnierz

    Ben Kusnierz

    9 napja

    "You don't think bath scene's are hot? Come on, you don't have to clean up shit!" An interesting window into Connor's psyche.

  77. Akshayaa Ganesh

    Akshayaa Ganesh

    9 napja

    I really relate to Connor in this episode, I a almost agreed on everything he said

  78. Joseph O'yek

    Joseph O'yek

    9 napja

    *Why these guys talk about pregnant porn as if it's bad??*

  79. David Fallon

    David Fallon

    10 napja

    Connor: MILFs Joey: Harem Grant: Spice (Kinks)

  80. andyhm


    10 napja

    Thumbnail sauce bois juz for a school project ;)

  81. Hidden Meaning

    Hidden Meaning

    11 napja

    Hey guys, look hentai "Drop out"!



    11 napja

    I can not imagine a person listening to this in the car

  83. a Bizarre jojo

    a Bizarre jojo

    11 napja

    Just a couple of dudes talking about hentai for 2 hours

  84. Nick Lafr

    Nick Lafr

    11 napja

    watchin g hentai is weird to me so i prefer doujinns

  85. bonzay0


    11 napja

    Imagine Connor's reaction if Garnt or Joey would've recommended: "Dokidoki Little Ooyasan"...

  86. Dually


    11 napja

    Isn't there websites that have auto page turn for manga/doujinshi?

  87. Mind blowing

    Mind blowing

    12 napja

    As a man of culture who slightly behind I demand a listing in description cuz you know..

  88. Dp Animates

    Dp Animates

    12 napja

    whats reverse rape rape is rape no matter who you rape reverse rape would be having consequential sex

  89. Kunia Veas

    Kunia Veas

    13 napja

    1:01:58 This is why phones have a 'Do not disturb' button.

  90. Yudan


    13 napja

    kuroinu is a banger

  91. FrontLine Airis

    FrontLine Airis

    13 napja

    Neither Euphoria, nor Princess Knight Catua, nor Viper GTS ... Not even Drop Out! Well, at least there is Kuroinu. Joey, high five)) But I can tell you more about the funny thing. There are ugly bastards, with a character where they are active, in the Black Dog they are spineless, but only the characteristics of the race, this is not repulsive. Yes, the proportionality of the orc and the elf is peculiar, but sometimes it is good in this, because you realize that what is shown is unreal. And you can enjoy it. Again, I quite understand the culture of interracial exchange. This is the same as when mentioning black elves. I perfectly understand that: 1. They will not break. 2. They will have a gap of mind in the transition to euphoric great desire. Yes, I didn't like the fourth episode, where insects were added, it's terrible. For a better understanding of the situation, see Princess Knight Katya. Yes, at first there are ugly monsters, I do not argue, but there are many poses, many options, psychological breakdown, then the Milf will actively plow. But it is the destruction of the mind and the transformation of the girl that works very interestingly. While I can't watch netorare. They can sometimes be overly realistic. And I don't want to know what I would do if my wife cheated on me and i will find some dvd's of this sex, when i will have son or daughter. Or imagine there is a hentai about a special amusement park where you can have sex with anyone, but you can't fall in love. It is forbidden by the rules for the first rule to be executed. Now imagine it in real life. Honestly, with my perverted brains, I understand that, in general, there are enough non-perverts, young people with fragile brains too, and in theory all this is possible. But at the same time, the concept of love, normal relationships collapses. The whole world is turning into a swinger party. Wedding and family? Fuck they gave up, we have a park of endless fun open to everyone. So I'd rather look at something unrealistic, but at the same time I can immerse myself in such a world with its rules and jerk off to it if I like it.

  92. MrMeoow91


    13 napja

    Kuroinu is for the meme

  93. Sukuna's Finger

    Sukuna's Finger

    14 napja

    I like how they confess that they busted a nut to them

  94. Cooking Kids

    Cooking Kids

    14 napja

    Masterpiece, was a literal masterpiece.

  95. fariz fasha

    fariz fasha

    14 napja

    This is, straight up, the most graphic discussion about porn I've heard in my life

  96. Robert Gebo

    Robert Gebo

    15 napja

    You have to pay

  97. Ryota Suzui

    Ryota Suzui

    15 napja

    Can't wait for part 2 on episode 50

  98. Misael Doy

    Misael Doy

    15 napja

    I usually come back here to watch all the most liked comment culture recommendation

  99. LDogSmiles


    16 napja

    Speaking of H shows with good animation, Kite and Mezzo Forte needs to be mentioned

  100. ISH


    16 napja

    me: relaxing, eating blueberries garnt: 1:48:10