Call of Duty: Warzone is the best free COD game ever, but even after a ton of cool updates, there's a lot that makes no sense! So I went on twitter and asked you what made no sense, and here are your best answers! Enjoy!
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  1. Macro


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    campers don’t follow me on twitter don’t be a camper, you know what to do @theMacroShow

    • Kelsi Munean

      Kelsi Munean


      Phoenix for nubs(valorant)

    • Huzaiffa Junejo

      Huzaiffa Junejo


      Congrats on 1 million brotherrr

    • William wood

      William wood

      3 napja

      Can you play VR I think you will like it

    • divinity


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      Home depot sells unbreakable subs

    • Lilliam Rosado

      Lilliam Rosado

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      So close to 1 million subs just 6k to go keep it up macro

  2. Nick


    2 órája

    You cant swim because your allergic to water

  3. Shanavas A

    Shanavas A

    3 órája

    congrats on mil ya noob

  4. TG Rampagexviper2

    TG Rampagexviper2

    3 órája

    do a minecraft makes no sense again

  5. meowsquad forever

    meowsquad forever

    5 órája

    Cmon we need morw subs more content

  6. Swagbucks Gay

    Swagbucks Gay

    8 órája

    Happy one mil I’ve been here since 378k luv ya

  7. Parker Gautier

    Parker Gautier

    10 órája

    It’s funny how all these questions can be answered with “it’s a video game it ain’t that deep 😐”

  8. Ifgoro yt

    Ifgoro yt

    10 órája

    1 mill yay🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  9. T1ck


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  10. Gnar Gaming

    Gnar Gaming

    19 órája

    The question about how ghost is still alive is simple. This game is a reboot. It is not connected to the old mw universe at all. Because if u play campaign and finish it. There is a cutscene with price just starting the 141 task force. The ending of this game is the beginning of the old mw universe.

  11. Lars Dejonckheere

    Lars Dejonckheere

    19 órája

    If you reload your kar98k whitout a sniper scope equiped and you have 1 bullet left in total where do the other bullets come from in the reload animation?

  12. Lieutenant Ghost

    Lieutenant Ghost

    20 órája

    The armour takes damage in the eye because it was made at Home depot

  13. Kahan Hinglokwala

    Kahan Hinglokwala

    21 órája

    Apex is the most unique and confusing game in a way because its a very futuristic br game that we haven't seen before. To my eyes, Warzone is a lot better and more popular because it's a cod br game and cod is very popular. At least Apex isn't as bad as Fall Guys.

  14. DrMoneyz


    22 órája

    congrats on 1 mil macro

  15. _shul33s_jxyden_


    23 órája

    any 1 else wondering how we can slide uphills and how we cant even slide down the whole hill while going down????

  16. GamerSoft 516

    GamerSoft 516


    Wait why did they make it seasone 2 it makes no sense

  17. simp epidemiologist

    simp epidemiologist


    About 1 hundred partroopers can jump from a plane

  18. FaZe JFK

    FaZe JFK


    Yo the dog takedown was from this vid hueye.info/home/vide/goqjp956z5BrqrQ.html at 5:48

  19. NoVa_Iwarrior



    No way, the dog execution clip is from @Gibbles and I'm the one being executed 😭

  20. Arvie Pedrocha

    Arvie Pedrocha


    And you doesn’t even make sense




    When did battle royales make any sense?

  22. FarhanMrgame89 YT

    FarhanMrgame89 YT


    Its a Video game

  23. itchytwitchymanguydude guy

    itchytwitchymanguydude guy


    eww lowes

  24. drake remillard

    drake remillard


    Good job on 1 mill.

  25. Neekothegamer XXX1

    Neekothegamer XXX1



  26. tiburciogaming5




  27. Eli Feil

    Eli Feil


    WARZONE=CAMP simple mathematics

  28. Oddz Kosmic

    Oddz Kosmic


    I liked as soon as you said the CAMPfire joke

  29. Corey



    Aha god hahahaha

  30. Dragos Necula

    Dragos Necula


    Could someone pls give me the name of the intro?

  31. Philip Jacinto

    Philip Jacinto

    2 napja

    You probably can't swim in warzone because of weight of gear. Well he said it anyways and I said it too early.

  32. Raekwon williams

    Raekwon williams

    2 napja

    Bro stop this is very offensive

  33. Liam Logan

    Liam Logan

    2 napja

    Actually ghost is still alive because warzone takes place before the sad events of MW 2

  34. big f

    big f

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  35. BolttTron 2007

    BolttTron 2007

    2 napja

    In call of duty mobile you deal 20 damage of fall damage

  36. Defaultyy


    2 napja

    makes no sense but its fun

  37. Cucumber King

    Cucumber King

    2 napja

    Scavenger makes no sense how can you pick up ammo from a pistol and then use it in your assault rifle that makes no sense

  38. TomerPlays


    2 napja

    plz gta 5 online next (Grand theft auto)

  39. Jaecerako RBLX

    Jaecerako RBLX

    2 napja

    In cod mobile there are no fall damage

  40. Byron Avalos

    Byron Avalos

    2 napja

    I was gonna dislike but this made me laugh to much

  41. Dinamicguywarhp


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    Hey its the guy from the grub hub ad

  42. wolfy


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    999k subscribers lol



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  44. Commander Helicopter

    Commander Helicopter

    2 napja

    0:55 its called season one cause not because its a new game but its because a new year, codm did that too with season 12.

  45. SlurredPrey


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    10% Macro 40% Warzone 50% Nonsense 100% Home Depot Commercial

  46. Fridge10


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    999k sub

  47. Dibin Liao

    Dibin Liao

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    999k subs

  48. Syndrium R

    Syndrium R

    2 napja

    is it just me or is this guy the real life adaptation of the grubhub dad

  49. Liam Stroud

    Liam Stroud

    2 napja

    Car not running out of gas:oil was made by home depo P.t.w it is true home depo is stronger than Lowe’s product

  50. Cedric Policarpio

    Cedric Policarpio

    2 napja

    also there is no driver in the plane...

  51. Max Wu

    Max Wu

    2 napja

    How do you have so many parachutes

  52. Christina Behar

    Christina Behar

    2 napja

    when you get shot in the stomach, were your plates are you dont take health damage it does body armor damage right. so HOW thE HELL DOES BLOOD COME OUT OF YOU THEN

  53. Christina Behar

    Christina Behar

    2 napja

    max fall height is 15 meters

  54. flying turtle

    flying turtle

    2 napja

    i subbed a long time ago you are epik

  55. Christina Behar

    Christina Behar

    2 napja

    when you get hit like 500 times you can just run full speed and take cover NO SENSE!

  56. optimum


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  57. Trans Gaming

    Trans Gaming

    2 napja

    Am i a spesiel girl 🥺

  58. Giovanny Hernandez

    Giovanny Hernandez

    2 napja

    On the ghost question I didn't get it he is alive in Modern Warfare 2 or 4 he didn't get shot and one of his important bones

  59. the boys

    the boys

    2 napja

    You sound annoying

  60. olaivito


    2 napja

    Why you keep the armor plates that are damaged and then put new ones on the ones that are damaged instead of just removing the already damaged one and replace it with a brand new I mean how big is your thing wherever you keep the armory plates I still don't understand where do you keep them I guess in the mess on your clothes, bags, bullet belts, more bags and magazines (I think there's more Lol)

  61. nico gaming 191

    nico gaming 191

    2 napja

    How bout warzone for NOOBS

  62. Fuze Ul Qadir

    Fuze Ul Qadir

    2 napja

    the sequel to my favourite makes no sense

  63. Spot Dark

    Spot Dark

    2 napja

    Um Use to play apex then I switched to war zone because apex has a black screen problem

  64. SGT Stark

    SGT Stark

    2 napja

    Hey macro can I ask how you made your profile pic

  65. Jacob Ward

    Jacob Ward

    2 napja

    There's a reason I'm not subscribed

  66. Jacob Ward

    Jacob Ward

    2 napja

    Never in any call of duty multiplayer has there ever been building destruction so get nae naed

  67. Vincent Wei

    Vincent Wei

    2 napja

    How doers get more done

  68. Jace Bleattler

    Jace Bleattler

    2 napja

    what i think about ghost is that its not just him and that there are other ghosts the same as him

  69. DjoleGamer99


    2 napja

    The true answer to ghost being alive is.. This is taking place BEFORE mw1 and mw2 and also of course mw3

  70. SyncedStriker


    2 napja

    Almost 1M let’s go

  71. Tyler Sweeney

    Tyler Sweeney

    3 napja

    No sense: when you are prone, then downed, you flip back, even if you are shot in the back

  72. Hector Vega IV

    Hector Vega IV

    3 napja

    Why isnt Macro at 1 mil subs yet. Now THAT makes no sense

  73. DizokoMew!


    3 napja

    The dislikes are the campers.

  74. Ronan


    3 napja

    If you get shot in the eye theres a very low but possible chance it could ricochet of your skull which will deflect it side ways buddy a women was shot 5 times in the head and survived and this guy put 2 more in her head to kill her finally

  75. Swifty 665

    Swifty 665

    3 napja

    The fact that people get so annoyed when you miss a shot LIKE BRO STFU



    3 napja

    6:02 its easy the operator’s just have OCD they need everything to be perfect

  77. Mask Man

    Mask Man

    3 napja

    Dude I remember your apex and over watch makes no sense

  78. Spico


    3 napja

    Anthony Vera? More like, Anthony Vera-fied

  79. Henry Thomas

    Henry Thomas

    3 napja

    Macro do a battlefield makes no sense

  80. SaltedCheesePizza


    3 napja

    What I learned from this video: Always buy your wood from Home Depot.

  81. Garrett Harrison

    Garrett Harrison

    3 napja

    How is it that you can break Kevlar plates of armor built to withstand a bullet impact with your knuckles? And without suffering a scratch to yourself?

  82. AV Games

    AV Games

    3 napja

    Do you have new mic?

  83. KrazyShariff


    3 napja

    How man man?

  84. Kitten_143


    3 napja

    My theory that ghost is not dead because he is dead hes actualy a ghost hes not atually there cuase hes a ghost but players can still see him

  85. Joseph De Leon

    Joseph De Leon

    3 napja

    I got a question, why does VERDANSK have like 50 missiles in like a few 1000 miles of each other

  86. Sowlander07


    3 napja

    The game is placed before mw2

    • Sowlander07


      3 napja

      @Rice Man Yeah true

    • Rice Man

      Rice Man

      3 napja

      Different universe

  87. Blueish Bacon

    Blueish Bacon

    3 napja

    The grub hub man made me do it

  88. bonzi buddy

    bonzi buddy

    3 napja

    When you shoot someone in a head with a pistol it’s more then 1 shot but in the stay frosty execution it’s 1 shot?

  89. AznX Johnny boi

    AznX Johnny boi

    3 napja

    4K more subs to 1 mill

  90. Bruh soun d effect

    Bruh soun d effect

    3 napja

    5:28 cod mw 2019 (war zone included) takes place 5 years before mw 2

    • Rice Man

      Rice Man

      3 napja

      Different universe

  91. The Ideal Show

    The Ideal Show

    3 napja

    I can see you got a new mic I like it

  92. Misterious Gamr

    Misterious Gamr

    3 napja

    Dog: gotta go ghost

  93. No No

    No No

    3 napja

    Yes Yes

  94. Sir Generic

    Sir Generic

    3 napja

    Ghost is already dead. He has been dead his whole life. That'd why hen called ghost

  95. Angel Zuniga

    Angel Zuniga

    3 napja

    Macro do an other one of these for warzone again

  96. Santiago Jimenez

    Santiago Jimenez

    3 napja

    You can swim in call of duty mobile

  97. Thuds


    3 napja

    8:20 ah yes 360 noscope while scoping truly impressive

  98. Ishaan 1576 COD pro

    Ishaan 1576 COD pro

    3 napja

    Another thing that makes no sense is that you can blow a helicopter with the c4 but not the train

  99. Photo_freak


    3 napja

    You know it doesn't make sense about warzone why are there so many campers??????

  100. William wood

    William wood

    3 napja

    My first vid I watched was do not buy call of duty wwll