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  1. Andrew Pickett

    Andrew Pickett

    6 órája

    If you haven't seen dragon ball you should do the first episode of dragon ball, and the last episode of dragon ball super!!!

  2. Haylee S

    Haylee S

    6 órája

    I know you don’t take recommendations but doing this with the 100 would be absolutely hilarious

  3. Giovanna Pucci

    Giovanna Pucci

    7 órája

    Please do coco (Disney movie)

  4. Lacey Loo

    Lacey Loo

    9 órája

    does anyone else think he looks like Waldo from the little rascels

  5. Charlotte Jacqueline

    Charlotte Jacqueline

    11 órája

    Him talking about Finneas is just hilarious

  6. Hailey Wilson

    Hailey Wilson

    15 órája

    “He’s dating Quinn Febreze okay” I can’t😭

  7. Reality’s A Construct

    Reality’s A Construct

    16 órája

    You should do the series “Awkward.” next

  8. Kaley Deveaux

    Kaley Deveaux

    18 órája

    Quinn fabreeze 💀✋🏼

  9. Amie Daniel

    Amie Daniel

    18 órája

    And I have never laughed so hard in a video

  10. Amie Daniel

    Amie Daniel

    18 órája

    The warm up scales really got me😁😁

  11. Talissa Correa

    Talissa Correa

    20 órája

    Please do Bridgerton ❤❤

  12. Meg B

    Meg B

    20 órája


  13. Albert Johnson

    Albert Johnson

    20 órája

    "He's a children" 😭🖐

  14. Macarthy Monteith

    Macarthy Monteith

    22 órája

    lookin snazzy dylan

  15. Emelyn Soares

    Emelyn Soares

    23 órája

    They never explained Finn' death because the actor who played him died. Cory passed away in 2013, 4th episode of season 5 is dedicated to him. And Glee has so many plots and so much going on that is just impossible to understand the hole shoot love it from only watching the pilot and the last episode. It is a little cringe no doubt specially season 1, but it gets so good afterwards. The germ teacher Emma has OCD, they talk about self acceptance, homofobia, toxic masculinity and so much more. Glee is my favorite tv show ever, it literally saved my life.

  16. Brenna Stampe

    Brenna Stampe


    i hate this show so so much too but when he goes "she's so neurotic like you don't have to spray everything!" ..... king... that's called OCD

  17. Vivvie Mav

    Vivvie Mav


    Bro no you GOTTA watch them all now

    • Vivvie Mav

      Vivvie Mav


      You can’t give me a little taste and get me hooked and not continue

  18. BigFanOfManyThings



    Glee went Riverdale, before riverdale went riverdale Also, every time I see a scene with just Finn, puck and Santana in, I get sad 😞 I can get why Dylan doesn’t know that few of the actors have died during and since glee.

  19. Emma Hattie

    Emma Hattie


    At first I thought he didn’t realize Finn was dead. So it seemed like he thought Finn, Sam, and Jesse were all the same person 😂

  20. Ella Guthrie

    Ella Guthrie


    Please can you do this with the Bold Type? I need someone to rip it to shreds it has 94% on rotten tomatoes and I don't understand why

  21. simseya



    she has OCD :( and she’s pretty loved in the series. she has struggles throughout the whole show with her fear of germs and it’s not really a super inaccurate portrayal. kinda :/ that you find her so annoying bc of it.

  22. TheFelizSmile



    I need you to see more episodes ;--;

  23. Daisy Arciniega

    Daisy Arciniega


    I know you hate requests but still-- You should totally do "Tenet" next!

  24. Aroha's Fuse

    Aroha's Fuse


    Pls react to TRAIN TO BUSAN

  25. Gabrielle Michelle

    Gabrielle Michelle


    fun fact the extra he talked about in the end of the last episode he is billie eilishes brother

  26. MJ



    Can we just appreciate the fact that Dylan’s in a white shirt... He’s in a white shirt and we can *see the difference* between his skin and the shirt. My man be tannin while we’re all locked up in quarantine... Teach me your ways, Senpai.

  27. Katie Bourton

    Katie Bourton


    quinn Fabreze :'D

  28. Lisa Vandenbussche

    Lisa Vandenbussche

    2 napja

    Just watched 6 seasons of Glee just so i could watch this commentary

  29. Elfi


    2 napja

    2:48 nice

  30. Ashleigh Hancock

    Ashleigh Hancock

    2 napja

    I always watch Dylan’s ads because I just know there’s gonna be a terrible joke and I love the segways 😂

  31. Fachri Alvianto

    Fachri Alvianto

    2 napja

    Please react the whole episode

  32. Courtney Cummins

    Courtney Cummins

    2 napja

    you need to do this with merlin

  33. JustLivin


    2 napja


  34. JustLivin


    2 napja

    All I thought when I saw the title was “you are going to miss A LOT”

  35. Lilia Ayoub

    Lilia Ayoub

    2 napja

    You should definitely do this with the show ShadowHunters it has a love interest, drama and action.

  36. Girls' Generation

    Girls' Generation

    2 napja

    i wish youd pay attention more to the plots and characters than the details in the background

  37. Ventus Nightmaire

    Ventus Nightmaire

    2 napja

    Watch HSMTMTS I beg thee

  38. muggle4real


    2 napja

    Sooo many legendary episodes he missed...

  39. muggle4real


    2 napja


  40. Paige Blair

    Paige Blair

    2 napja

    "he is a CHILDREN"

  41. Gleek Glee

    Gleek Glee

    2 napja

    This has to be all in 1 episode, it’s called a PILOT for a reason. You can’t judge the show and characters by watching just 1 episode. And Cory died in real life, wouldn’t hurt doing a little bit more of research.

  42. SloanisSunny


    2 napja

    You should look into doing this with Gilmore Girls. I bet you’ll be able to piece it together. And it deserves to be roasted.

  43. Lotte Åsheim Pedersen

    Lotte Åsheim Pedersen

    3 napja

    i wanna watch but the last episode is gonna HURT me

  44. Dork Lew

    Dork Lew

    3 napja

    I want Dylan to react to Train to busan I feel like he might actually cry tho its pretty sad😂😂

  45. theaxx


    3 napja

    i swear the first episode of glee has a bigger plot than all the other episodes combined

  46. Lina Einhorn

    Lina Einhorn

    3 napja

    Can you watch modernfamily please

  47. Mairead O'Shea

    Mairead O'Shea

    3 napja

    I wonder how he would react to Rachel and Finn getting engaged

  48. Olivia Sinding

    Olivia Sinding

    3 napja


  49. lunarcorpse


    3 napja

    I looked this up for anyone who was wondering. Google says: Women don’t have a prostate gland. However, there is a small gland or group of glands on the front side of the vagina called “Skene’s glands” or “Skene’s ducts”, whose structure and functions are very much similar to the prostate gland in males.

  50. Amanda Jones

    Amanda Jones

    3 napja

    please omg go to 13:08 who is the guy in the SWEATY shirt. he looks sooo familiar but I dont know from where!!!!

    • juicy peaches

      juicy peaches


      if i remember correctly he was miley cyrus’ ex boyfriend? really not sure tho

  51. PRIM Moore

    PRIM Moore

    3 napja

    6:18 - You just triggered a lot of Janes and Jaynes with that remark mister! LOL ~Love, Jane (knower of all the lame Tarzan jokes)

  52. Christina terry

    Christina terry

    3 napja

    so no one is gonna mention that he thought Finneas O'Connell (Billie Eilish's Brother) was an extra. Okay

  53. Larissa Crabtree

    Larissa Crabtree

    3 napja

    u look like bbno$

  54. Christie Garcia

    Christie Garcia

    3 napja

    I audibly gasped when I heard that Gone Girl may just possibly be an upcoming movie commentary!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!

  55. i r e m

    i r e m

    3 napja

    16:47 isnt he finneas lol

  56. Ana Ribeiro

    Ana Ribeiro

    3 napja

    THAT extra during ukulele was FINNEAS, right??

  57. Hannah Wright

    Hannah Wright

    3 napja

    you should do Julie and the phantoms

  58. Olivia Browning

    Olivia Browning

    3 napja

    PLEASE react to the movie Once Upon A Star! hahaha It was my shit as a kid and to see your reaction, it would be priceless

  59. halle


    4 napja

    pains me he never saw santana

  60. Los Weekenderos

    Los Weekenderos

    4 napja

    I think Dylan doesn't know *The Quaterback (Cory Monteith)* died in real life during the show...

  61. Alexandre Oliveira

    Alexandre Oliveira

    4 napja

    This is the ONE show you can't do 1st and last - so much happens that are directly connected to the death of Finn, he doesnt even know the whole NY years lol. hard one

  62. Emma Barickmanova

    Emma Barickmanova

    4 napja

    it's funny that one of the only things i knew about glee was that finneas was in it and it did not register with dylan AT ALL :D :D

  63. speeded sounds

    speeded sounds

    4 napja

    its sad dylan didnt see finns honour episode so he thinks finns alive

  64. Sky M

    Sky M

    4 napja

    Dylan please watch’d probably rip it into pieces but it will distract you with how pretty it is

  65. blushdreams


    4 napja

    Do High School Musical The Musical The Series

  66. Lily Stylinson

    Lily Stylinson

    4 napja

    I'm like stuck on season 5 and I'm debating whether I should keep watching this and spoil it for myself. I haven't watched an episode in like a year so... I don't think I'm gonna get to the finale anytime soon. Might as well keep watching.

  67. Skies C

    Skies C

    4 napja

    How you watch the first and last episode is how I first read my novels.. I read the first page, then the last page. Except I then go back and read the whole book

  68. Diya Sanjeev

    Diya Sanjeev

    4 napja

    Oh my god was that extra Finneas?????

  69. lyna louisa belounis

    lyna louisa belounis

    4 napja

    Did tou watch/ react to 'love rosie' (in the field of good movies)

  70. Charne' nae

    Charne' nae

    4 napja

    Haha I laughed out loud to that reaction to the fart joke

  71. Deborah Ruth Espiritu

    Deborah Ruth Espiritu

    4 napja


  72. jisoo’s weed

    jisoo’s weed

    4 napja

    omg please do a commentary on gone girl !! i love that movie so much

  73. Stormey Hine

    Stormey Hine

    4 napja

    Your cursor on the screen its wigging me out - I keep moving my mouse to try to get it off haha

  74. faith achieng

    faith achieng

    4 napja

    I recently started watching Glee and loved it so much.♥️♥️♥️

  75. Paloma Rodello

    Paloma Rodello

    4 napja


  76. zoe


    4 napja

    the most problematic show ever 😭😭

  77. Cami Kampwerth

    Cami Kampwerth

    4 napja

    hi dylan! i've been watching your videos for a while now so i know you don't take recommendations, but hear me wars.

  78. reesecup


    5 napja

    are we gonna talk about how many buttons of his shirt he has undone-? That’s a lot of chest showing my guy....not complaining tho lmao

  79. Olivia Miley

    Olivia Miley

    5 napja

    It’s even crazier when you realize that the man who made glee also made American horror story

  80. Courtney Walker

    Courtney Walker

    5 napja

    The actor who played Finn died in real life. It wasn't expected so that may be way you didn't find it. It was pretty devastating to all the "Gleeks".

  81. Karim Mccall

    Karim Mccall

    5 napja

    The 100 next please :)

  82. rhino singh

    rhino singh

    5 napja

    Do a reaction to "white chicks" the movie pleassseeeee!!!!!!

  83. Giovanna Pucci

    Giovanna Pucci

    5 napja

    Okay, next is planet of the apes.....doooo it!! I don't know if u did a reaction video of these movies before, but just do it!

  84. Giovanna Pucci

    Giovanna Pucci

    5 napja

    Actually cory monteith died in real life after season 4. Knowing that you will never know the best Characters of the show, is Actually depressing

  85. Irma Saenz

    Irma Saenz

    5 napja

    I cried when they did the Finn episode because Corey passed away. I think that was the last time I truly watched an episode of Glee

  86. Snigdha Uppala

    Snigdha Uppala

    5 napja

    Do this for never have i ever on Netflix!

  87. Samantha Lopez

    Samantha Lopez

    5 napja

    R.I.P Cory Monteith still miss him in 2021❤️❤️❤️

  88. Tanya Fraser

    Tanya Fraser

    5 napja

    Please watch Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist. Is is such a well put together show. You’ll love it!

  89. Katherine Parker

    Katherine Parker

    5 napja

    love how he didn't know Cory died in real life

  90. rosalia fan1

    rosalia fan1

    5 napja

    could pls react to album by rosalia called el mal querer pls thank you

  91. Ava Willis

    Ava Willis

    5 napja


  92. Kayla Jemmott

    Kayla Jemmott

    5 napja

    Your biggest regret should be never seeing Santana and Brittany in action Dylan this was NOT the show to add to this series of vids ✋✋

  93. Maria Paheco

    Maria Paheco

    5 napja

    React to the first and last episode of "the 100" you will be soooo confused

  94. Paula Watson

    Paula Watson

    5 napja

    Oh wow, I didn't remember that this show was actually THAT bad. Now I'm glad I never got past season 2 lol

  95. Leia Harrison

    Leia Harrison

    6 napja

    Fun fact that extra you were talking about in the last episode is Finneas aka Billie Eilish’s brother

  96. Nancy Farias

    Nancy Farias

    6 napja

    DO THE 100

  97. Nancy Farias

    Nancy Farias

    6 napja

    DO THE 100

  98. Leia Harrison

    Leia Harrison

    6 napja

    There is no such thing as too much chest king

  99. nizzle my wizzle

    nizzle my wizzle

    6 napja

    ok but react to santana lopez best moments

  100. AMJ


    6 napja

    Sorry I was distracted by your chest the entire time..