We Tried Cycling Across Japan and FAILED | Trash Taste Special

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  1. The eye of the beholder.

    The eye of the beholder.

    45 perccel

    Positives: No one shat themselves or puked. Probably bc they all cheated, but anyways...

  2. otakuLIFE


    50 perccel

    15:12 thic

  3. Megan



    This makes me miss cycling. Lol

  4. Soon Kook Kwon

    Soon Kook Kwon

    2 órája

    ButterFly 24:45 S2 Joey the best guy.

  5. Mojken 焼きおにぎり

    Mojken 焼きおにぎり

    2 órája

    Connor is the only winner here

  6. Noor Alabed

    Noor Alabed

    3 órája

    no no no these guys are singing initial D when they should be singing yowamushi pedal a cycling anime

  7. Grey-Owl Entertainment

    Grey-Owl Entertainment

    3 órája

    29:33 Well... that happened.

  8. Citrusade


    5 órája

    Tf I didn’t think that I’d watch the whole thing, I was like “naaaah that’s waaay too long” And here I am. Watched the whole thing.

  9. Lee _UwU

    Lee _UwU

    7 órája

    Joey the meme man

  10. I exist

    I exist

    9 órája

    Garnt: Im dyibg but man, you cant complain about the view Also garnt: Fuck these mountains, fuck the view

  11. Areyan taha Raiyan aruddho

    Areyan taha Raiyan aruddho

    11 órája

    New video were they cosplay and the first cosplay that happens . Conner breaks his nuts



    13 órája

    32:49 Beginning of Garnt explosive rant

  13. Zarabi Fares

    Zarabi Fares

    14 órája

    When i visit Japan i will do this challenge :D

  14. Sushi Crab

    Sushi Crab

    14 órája

    Connor is basically the antagonist in these vids

  15. Cyrrus


    15 órája

    Damn, I expected these weebs to sweat very much, but then I find out Garnt & Joey basically cheated for the half of the time. This is why Connor is much physically fitter than the rest of these fools LMFAO.

  16. Cedric Andal

    Cedric Andal

    16 órája

    This is the best 68 minutes and 20 seconds of my life.

  17. Jesper Eriksson

    Jesper Eriksson

    16 órája

    Watching this makes me want to cycle again

  18. Gentleman's games

    Gentleman's games

    16 órája

    Joey=Jeremy Clarkson Gikku=James may Connor=Richard Hammond

  19. Matej


    16 órája

    Man yowamushi padel has changed

  20. Ben


    17 órája

    this was such a good episode

  21. Gina


    18 órája

    21:20 honestly if joey had an only fan, i would join (?)

  22. Air Dan

    Air Dan

    19 órája

    I really wanna watch the Beach episode now

  23. Taiga


    20 órája

    All the syneries (idk how to spell) remind me of the backgrounds in takagi san :]

  24. Slyder Ace

    Slyder Ace

    20 órája

    I honestly think Connor won!

  25. David Sempere

    David Sempere

    22 órája


  26. Luke Commins

    Luke Commins


    The choosing of the easy/hard routes was luck rolling a character in a gacha game. Not the best pick when you start, but then specific support characters come along and suddenly the tables turn.

  27. Sammy Sergenko

    Sammy Sergenko


    So like.....do they not know they could have just used momentum to carry the bike instead of constant peddling




    I love how they leaved Connor in the start just like in Top gear XD

  29. JayJayAsce The Shark

    JayJayAsce The Shark


    Garnt just curse everything along the easy route lolll

  30. Abang Ikmalnizam

    Abang Ikmalnizam



  31. Dragos Bibe

    Dragos Bibe


    *Chain falls off* "MY BIKE BROKE!" *Gets a punctured inner tube* "ITS BROKEN" Has no one had bikes when they were a kid?

  32. Schwi Chan

    Schwi Chan


    43:49 Kills me everytime

  33. Harunsan



    NOW this is the anime im going to watch, IT HAS ALL drama, action, and comedy at the same time :D

  34. Miro Mäkelä

    Miro Mäkelä


    this is just top gear weeb edition

  35. Hunter Johnston

    Hunter Johnston


    Why does this remind me of a top gear special

  36. Ro



    Garnts seat was way too low! That was the problem

  37. Ro



    This guy uses the F word because he lacks the vocabulary

  38. Clueless



    'Points to leaving ferry' Connor: that's our ferry

  39. Eclair Lighting

    Eclair Lighting


    I enjoyed watching this that I forgot 1 hour passed.

  40. Sephvion



    Scumbag Garnt and Joey. Weak.

  41. Away I Fly

    Away I Fly

    2 napja

    Eh..why did you do it then? 😆 just had to ask.

  42. JohnnyBadboy


    2 napja

    They should raise their seats

  43. Gabriel Hristov

    Gabriel Hristov

    2 napja

    45:50 bottom gear

  44. Katen


    2 napja

    honestly, they look like shit at the end lol poor guys are so tired

  45. Gremlin Digital

    Gremlin Digital

    2 napja

    Since everyone doesn't have comfortable clothes..did anyone get "stiff"...that's all i want to know😂.

  46. Jimmy Modeen

    Jimmy Modeen

    2 napja

    Im i the only one that thinks this looks easy

  47. Callie


    2 napja

    I don't remember this episode of top gear

  48. Just some guy with a handlebar mustache

    Just some guy with a handlebar mustache

    2 napja

    Weebs and Outside. What a combination

  49. Haruhika GRIM

    Haruhika GRIM

    2 napja

    The moment to remember 32:51

  50. Black Wrath

    Black Wrath

    2 napja

    *Joey may have gotten the easy route I repeat.. The EASY ROUTE* But it was fun to see Gigguk suffering lol

  51. Nick4


    2 napja

    It's really great to see trash taste become the new top gear

  52. GoldenBunnies


    2 napja

    36:12 “what’s the worst that could happen in drifting? Roll over, crash, and die? That’d be great content!” Gigguk 2k21

  53. mamacitakova


    2 napja

    *I see Connor's double thicc thighs game going strong*

  54. Mark Allen Hanginan

    Mark Allen Hanginan

    2 napja

    I love how connor felt bad about both joey and gant and decided to wait for them but little did he know he's been backstab LOL

  55. Tom Barber

    Tom Barber

    2 napja

    Drink every time they say "boys" and try not to die

  56. Tom Barber

    Tom Barber

    2 napja

    Drink every time they say "boys" and try not to die

  57. A-lex


    2 napja

    How does someone manage to plan an entire 75km race without budgeting for spare tubes?

  58. 神様


    2 napja

    They live in Japan?

  59. Disastorm


    2 napja

    damn dude trash taste is way better than any reality shows or anything

  60. a a

    a a

    2 napja

    i love this format so much i needed this

  61. monster 132740

    monster 132740

    3 napja

    I cannot believe that I just sat here and watched this whole thing

  62. Capitán Americanoso

    Capitán Americanoso

    3 napja

    I’m getting some top gear/grand tour vibes from a this

  63. Project B Beats

    Project B Beats

    3 napja

    Top gear with bikes

  64. aina !

    aina !

    3 napja

    i love how all of them end up cheating

  65. Just Em

    Just Em

    3 napja

    This is better than any top gear /grand tour episode ever!

  66. Apelsin KEKOV

    Apelsin KEKOV

    3 napja

    34:50 Easy route fan and average hard route enjoyer

  67. never ever

    never ever

    3 napja

    I efin love this special man!!

  68. Eugene Lee

    Eugene Lee

    3 napja

    Connor:*I think I have aids*😂

  69. ed rage

    ed rage

    3 napja

    They should have make a donation event for every km they made.

  70. Tom Barber

    Tom Barber

    3 napja

    This is like Top Gear for anime nerds

  71. Eszra 01

    Eszra 01

    3 napja

    I love this and i am officially buying a bike with a big seat if i move to japan

  72. Tiago Santos

    Tiago Santos

    3 napja

    HUeye version of topgear. Neat

  73. Archer


    3 napja

    why do all Japanese cars look like vans?🤔

  74. Pro Troll

    Pro Troll

    3 napja

    44:46 Me: Looks at title lol

  75. Random Guy

    Random Guy

    3 napja

    SBR but with bikes and "improvisation"

  76. N02


    3 napja

    I love how everyone is posing in the video's cover photo except Cdawg being this : 😬 lmaooo

  77. shayed


    3 napja

    that was just pure enjoyment. kinda jelly a little.

  78. Tom O

    Tom O

    3 napja

    gears boys, use the fucking gears

  79. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple

    4 napja

    I never thought I would spend 1 hour watching people cycle lmao

    • ethReaL


      3 napja

      joey garnt and cconnor are just built different they can make content doing anything

  80. Panda


    4 napja

    Watching them continue to pedal the ENTIRE TIME while they could be just riding the momentum. It's no wonder they failed.

  81. Teddy_ intertainment

    Teddy_ intertainment

    4 napja

    conor: clown fish, nah clown pussy, joking i respect you guys

  82. Di na

    Di na

    4 napja

    Omg,The way I’d do anything just so I can cycle this route

  83. Doug Nagamine

    Doug Nagamine

    4 napja

    I only just realized that Conner’s helmet is slanted

  84. Asaaju Brown

    Asaaju Brown

    4 napja

    Drink every time Garnt says fuck

  85. João Paulo

    João Paulo

    4 napja

    Was expecting to see Onomichio-kun

  86. Grey


    4 napja

    It doesn't help that y'all's bikes aren't fit right for you. Your seats need to be raised higher. When you push down on the pedals, your leg should be fully extended in order to get the best energy efficiency. When your knees stay so bent for the entire rotation, you're basically working against yourself.

  87. ZuckasTTV


    4 napja

    Didn't like the video. Seems kind of pointless to have a cycling challenge where each participant rides a vehicle for 1/3 of it or more. Also kind of pointless with challenges if no one cares about cheating in the slightest. Bottom Gear indeed.

    • Matthew Ockey

      Matthew Ockey

      4 napja

      Imagine caring

  88. UGamerX


    4 napja

    what could happen if they sing "hime" song from peddle anime

  89. Arda


    4 napja

    How did i get this reccomended i was watching a stop posting about among us video

  90. Simon Otori

    Simon Otori

    4 napja

    Title: We tried cycling across japan and FAILED Thumbnail: *Cool pose and effects*

  91. Bentley Walker-Broose

    Bentley Walker-Broose

    4 napja

    The fact that all their seats were so low made me cringe so hard. It could have been SO MUCH EASIER.

  92. LesEnfants1972


    4 napja

    1:06:55 beach episode eh? The hell are you boys doing in that? Operation Babe Hunt?

  93. Hatcake


    4 napja

    Can you ride actual motor scooters (as in motorcyles) down these pathways? Or are those people zipping by riding like fast electric bicycles?? edit: I found out: two wheeled vehicles equal to or below 125cc are allowed.

  94. Jack Waterkotte

    Jack Waterkotte

    4 napja

    This actually looks really fun

  95. zg_unepic


    4 napja

    Dang garnt seems pretty happy

  96. YaZui .I.

    YaZui .I.

    5 napja

    36:33 ah man of culture

  97. Gilgamesh


    5 napja

    trash taste camping

  98. Oni Taji

    Oni Taji

    5 napja

    some will say its cheating. Others will say its using your resources

  99. r0yals1n


    5 napja

    the two reactions to garnts broken chain: joey: "oh shit you alright garnt" connor: "HAHA FUCK YOU DICKWEED"

  100. rapthor666


    5 napja

    1st thing i noticed, damn boys, you're not riding bmxs. Put that saddle up Also, Chris' reaction reel would be hilarious