We Tried Real Tokyo Drifting and FAILED | Trash Taste Special

The boys go out the studio one of the rare times to try out drifting.
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  1. psycodoood


    2 órája

    Top Gear with attitude!

  2. NotRealJohnny


    4 órája

    imagine trash taste being like in the future: "Okay bois, so today we got tickets to go to moon"

  3. Mars Lowell

    Mars Lowell

    8 órája

    Why does Connor sound like Jeremy Clarkson?

  4. Sushi Crab

    Sushi Crab

    21 órája

    Connors backstory why he will never drift race against, but his friend anime man told him to never give up believe it. Then. Next arc he smashed the race bc i don't know how to write fanfiction

  5. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple


    33:21 R.I.P monke

  6. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple


    They got my boy Keiichi in this video aye

  7. Bl4NK DR1NK

    Bl4NK DR1NK


    Wow connor is the least tallest person among the three of them?

  8. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple


    "is that a fucking bee? "

  9. Snopple Wopple

    Snopple Wopple


    Tokyo drift

  10. Rhys Callinan

    Rhys Callinan


    00:26 thought something was off with Connor

  11. Cloudfrog


    2 napja

    what do you mean it's not called bringing out the trash?

  12. Sadamin


    2 napja

    26:12 Considering who's saying that, It's basically confirmed. *This can break a man.*

  13. ImaSeraph


    2 napja

    I just love the part at 39:12

  14. Alexandros Kontogianidis

    Alexandros Kontogianidis

    2 napja

    3 people but ... 4 cups?

  15. Etcetera


    3 napja

    hahaha, the drift king didn't watch every episode of one piece, that would take him about 16 days.

  16. jese 2712

    jese 2712

    3 napja

    45:47 Joey its just us when we see when someones say the anime title on the anime

  17. Bobby Briscoe_TheArtist

    Bobby Briscoe_TheArtist

    3 napja

    Ah! Now I know why I like Gant....love Thailand! 💕

  18. カイル


    3 napja

    Connor literally is the side character that thought he was the protagonist

  19. finno!


    3 napja

    ok, so nobody's gonna talk about the DINOSAUR IN THE TRUCK BED AT 18:27?!

  20. karma7272


    4 napja


  21. Jakob All Father 2

    Jakob All Father 2

    4 napja

    3 bois with accents drive cars

  22. Kalpana


    4 napja

    Joey is slowly becoming my least favorite

  23. Belinda Chhim

    Belinda Chhim

    4 napja

    Imagine if taxis were actually like this

  24. Lee-anne Bekker

    Lee-anne Bekker

    4 napja

    Bruh its the new top gear🤣🤣🤣

  25. Hames Lopes

    Hames Lopes

    4 napja

    27:23, Joey's scream tho lol

  26. Emppos


    5 napja

    Joey just suffering and Connor having the time of his life

  27. hi hungry, I am dad

    hi hungry, I am dad

    5 napja

    I would be a patreon but I cannot even properly support myself; ya girl is still her broke college student days. hOWEVER let it be known that I would if I could. Awesome video, funny and entertaining as always

  28. Korounganba Laishram

    Korounganba Laishram

    5 napja

    Connor: *Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift* Garrent and Joey: Elevator music while driving slowly

  29. Gamer Geek

    Gamer Geek

    6 napja

    bro garnt always looks so constipated



    6 napja

    whats the song at 24:25?

  31. David Sargsian

    David Sargsian

    6 napja

    I actually dont understand how they stalled the car that many times. I started learning manual recently and I stalled 2 times in 10 hours of driving classes. (18 yr old in europe btw)

  32. gaby barrera

    gaby barrera

    6 napja

    "he was like a predator just like like preying on his prey" well what else is the predator going to do 😂

  33. FaithfulZeus


    6 napja

    So when are BBC hiring these guys for the next Top Gear?

  34. MatthewHDancing


    6 napja

    Being part of the Japanese car community this made me cringe so hard😂😂 I love it

  35. Florian Berhami

    Florian Berhami

    6 napja

    3:43 Giving off such strong Top Gear vibes. I love it!

  36. Jotaro Kujo

    Jotaro Kujo

    6 napja

    I knew it

  37. Jeffrey Higurashi

    Jeffrey Higurashi

    6 napja

    Connors doughnuts were sick

  38. nabeel z

    nabeel z

    6 napja

    Did they change the announcers of top gear?

  39. beams098


    6 napja

    when weebs drift lol

  40. d taylor

    d taylor

    6 napja

    he does look like the main character in tokyo drift--Connor

  41. RustyRoj


    6 napja

    Nobody mention the dinosaur, no matter what.

  42. mio 2881

    mio 2881

    6 napja

    Кто нибудь переводил..?

  43. James


    7 napja

    Connor being a clown jn the end was really fun 🤣

  44. RogueBeats


    7 napja

    Where is part 2?

  45. Chrastilson Gamer

    Chrastilson Gamer

    7 napja

    Japanese TopGear be like:

  46. Bryan Christian Abrigo

    Bryan Christian Abrigo

    8 napja

    Joey: Known for stalling cars Garnt: Known for spinnning out Connor: Known for destroying cars

  47. Dark Player

    Dark Player

    8 napja

    Hour later they found out the there's a live action initial D

  48. Eugene Kharchenko

    Eugene Kharchenko

    8 napja

    Жду перевода от ДжоШизо =)

  49. Jester Ronin

    Jester Ronin

    8 napja

    Почему не видно русских?

  50. Schwefel Coyote

    Schwefel Coyote

    8 napja

    Top Gear has evolved

  51. Taske - osu!

    Taske - osu!

    9 napja

    this black 90' mark is so fucking good

  52. 5p33dy305


    9 napja

    Might be a little late to touch on this but Keiichi Tsuchiya's Drift Bible would have been a good video to watch before you started getting your feet wet. Maybe next time. Excellent show regardless gents. Keep it up.

  53. Zero 169

    Zero 169

    9 napja

    This legit felt like an episode of Top Gear! The good one not the new shitty one! Love it!

  54. Ice Chan

    Ice Chan

    9 napja

    Trash Taste Outside should be called "Taking the Trash Out"

  55. Wilfredo Mangohig Jr.

    Wilfredo Mangohig Jr.

    10 napja

    "this isn't like in the anime at all" is the best line in any video

  56. Gregor Meisen

    Gregor Meisen

    10 napja

    "I stopped it without even stalling!" You have to celebrate the little things in life I guess. You should have brought Sammit, though.

  57. SpicyMeme


    10 napja

    I love top gear

  58. Stew Art

    Stew Art

    10 napja

    I was learning how to drive a motorcycle yeah still not good i mean i stopped but yeah it just need time

  59. Stew Art

    Stew Art

    10 napja


  60. Raen Boow

    Raen Boow

    10 napja

    I love the three levels of drivers shown here. Everything from Baby's first Drive to Shit there's a Bee in this bitch and then Oh fuck this guy can actually Drift!

  61. fariz fasha

    fariz fasha

    10 napja

    I didn't realize that connor would be noticeably shorter than joey and grant until this video

  62. Bill Cinense

    Bill Cinense

    11 napja

    I hope you guys do Trash Taste Outside a normal thing for your channel. Not daily or weekly. This is fun to watch :)

  63. darby yarrow

    darby yarrow

    11 napja

    Someone PLEASE send this TO akidearest I love to SEE her reaction 😂😂❤

  64. Sybato


    11 napja

    When they all got stuck with one car I was thinking, if Joey goes first, he might get sick in the car, if Connor goes first he might wreck the car, but if Garnt went first, maybe he'd somehow ace it only that one time.

  65. Alana Towery

    Alana Towery

    11 napja

    I live in the southern part of America where we have tons of open land for agriculture and plenty of winding backroads. This honestly takes me back to when I'd be on the school bus, and see people making donuts in a field using a beat up truck, a super bumpy, narrow gravel backroad that runs along the sides of hills or my dad teasingly letting go of the wheel on an abandoned road so that the car slowly veers. I'd love to experience this, even if it's terrifying. The adrenaline is what makes it so fun.

  66. Sybato


    11 napja

    Connor being a natural fits into his antagonist role and Garnt is always the underdog, so I can't help but cheer for him. As for Joey, I don't know how he always manages to hurt himself while you guys do stuff like this.

  67. Sybato


    11 napja

    It's weird seeing them standing up, I didn't realize Gigguk was so tall

  68. doenutt


    12 napja

    I was half expecting them to get boost every time they drifted like in Mario Kart

  69. WeebsterIsHere


    12 napja

    It's like I'm watching an history anime but with realistic grapichs

  70. blupengu


    13 napja

    as someone who's also only ever driven automatic... watching them all fail with the manual at one point makes me wanna try lmao

  71. Nikolai


    13 napja

    well, good master Connor will always have the godzilla crown for most damage caused in a video.

  72. bb9thnov2005


    13 napja

    Garnt knows Narnia?!¿¿¿

  73. Mr Besser

    Mr Besser

    13 napja

    My Honda Civic can do that

  74. davidv2002


    13 napja

    disappointed by the lack of eurobeat

  75. Meme God Yato

    Meme God Yato

    13 napja

    Monkes are pretty good at drifting

  76. 287Jonny


    14 napja

    Why does this remind me of a scuffed episode of Top Gear?

  77. Matte •

    Matte •

    14 napja

    27:02 Garnt the real bro

  78. Freak Gaming

    Freak Gaming

    14 napja

    Connor is like the type of guy to do amazing in practice but choke in the actual game

  79. Seaabhi


    14 napja


  80. l33t9r0u93


    15 napja

    it's always when we see them all standing and behind roughly the same height. I'ts always surprising since I always think connor is 2 meters tall and joey is small but nope

  81. Cheese Burger

    Cheese Burger

    15 napja

    Garnt and joey their just sad 12:15

  82. Malaysian Productions

    Malaysian Productions

    15 napja

    Connor: "Welcome to Bottom Gear mates *Posh laughing* "

  83. Stan Stray Kids

    Stan Stray Kids

    15 napja

    This was so cool but the entire time I was cold sweating at the thought of ruined tires and the imaginary smell

  84. contrykid


    15 napja

    Rotating from left to riht is named candinavian flick

  85. AJ Eaton

    AJ Eaton

    15 napja

    Passed my road test! So hyped to drive!



    15 napja

    Oh my god I actually wanna try this lol ahahaha

  87. Robert THOMLINCE

    Robert THOMLINCE

    15 napja

    0:28 is that an edit or is connor's head that big? lmao

  88. Meghna Bal

    Meghna Bal

    15 napja

    I got a DEJA VU

  89. Somebody From Kharkiv

    Somebody From Kharkiv

    15 napja

    Top Gear: Weeb Edition

    • Patrick Donnolley

      Patrick Donnolley

      14 napja

      Connor-Jeremy Joey-James Garnt-Richard.

  90. The2AnimeDude


    15 napja

    dude, if you're gonna make subtitles at least now what they are talking about 22:37 "i'm just D.O. now"???? nah man it's DIO

  91. Ammar TUBE

    Ammar TUBE

    16 napja

    Garnt has no clear ideo on how to wear a mask, especially in public.

  92. hoboberry


    16 napja

    Conner is just too gud sense he has monke

  93. Sillyhatday


    16 napja

    Im a car person and the more I watch non car people do this kind of thing, I don't get all uppity and take the piss, I feel more like us car people are the weird ones. Good effort folks, its takes a long time to get a feel for this kind of thing. Also I want to add to Joey's learning to drive experience. It sounds like the car had a puck/twin plate clutch in it, which is more durable for this kind of thing, but they are really not easy to use for someone learning to drive. So really good effort from Joey. I feel like they set you up to look bad.

  94. Last


    16 napja

    I cant do that in forza. These people can do it irl

  95. Rhidian Rawlings

    Rhidian Rawlings

    17 napja

    Joey, how did it take you that long to learn manual, It took me 2 tries at 11 bro

  96. Julian Flores

    Julian Flores

    17 napja

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  97. Martin Gold

    Martin Gold

    17 napja

    Joey is 100% James May

  98. Martin Gold

    Martin Gold

    17 napja

    BBC should hire you guys for Top Gear

  99. RebbieChan


    17 napja

    I don't know Why in my head Connor was the tallest and Joey the shortest so it is weird seeing you all stand next to each other lol

  100. JackieTheIdiot


    18 napja

    This looks like so much fun XD