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  1. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    3 órája

    why are there humans in holes underground... and the girl CLEARLY knows cuz she's feeding them-

  2. family_vlogs_ 1325

    family_vlogs_ 1325


    Don't be too much greedy

  3. Md. Ehsan Karim

    Md. Ehsan Karim

    3 napja

    এই ভিডিওটা আমাদের শিক্ষা দিল। 😁

  4. Derman Alan

    Derman Alan

    5 napja


  5. Derman Alan

    Derman Alan

    5 napja


    • sehhi vooty

      sehhi vooty

      3 órája

      Skinny boi is better

  6. Aayam Parajuli

    Aayam Parajuli

    7 napja

    Sabhai revision hunchha don't worry

  7. Apurva Williams

    Apurva Williams

    8 napja

    Conclusion is greedyness leads to a big loss.

  8. Надежда Звягинцйева

    Надежда Звягинцйева

    8 napja


  9. Atul Beniwal

    Atul Beniwal

    9 napja

  10. Atul Beniwal

    Atul Beniwal

    9 napja

    Super video

  11. Dinesh Semwal

    Dinesh Semwal

    9 napja


  12. นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์

    นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์

    9 napja


    • นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์

      นิภาพรรณ์ ต๊ะพันธ์

      9 napja


  13. Nazim Ali

    Nazim Ali

    9 napja

    Goverment se aata hai kisaanonko wahi hissa bhosdik politician waale kha jaate haibdalle aise

  14. Smart BG

    Smart BG

    9 napja

    Bruh dont copy that animation from another channel

  15. one more

    one more

    9 napja

    Why would the girl trap them

  16. حاكم هادي

    حاكم هادي

    9 napja

    اني ما احبكم اذا نزلتو فيديو ابلغ والله

  17. Davinna Ramadhani

    Davinna Ramadhani

    9 napja

    1 dad feke 2 dad 3mom

  18. Harbans Singh

    Harbans Singh

    9 napja

    How to make this video 🤔

  19. Ngo Van Lueang

    Ngo Van Lueang

    9 napja

    Skinny boi is better

  20. Malak Raad

    Malak Raad

    9 napja


  21. Malak Raad

    Malak Raad

    9 napja


  22. Hiba Siddiqui

    Hiba Siddiqui

    9 napja

    First of all WHY THEY WERE SITTING IN THE HOLE .....i mean are they homeless 😑😑

  23. GamingWithTad


    9 napja

    Lesson learned:being selfish won't give you anything

  24. Mukesh Patel

    Mukesh Patel

    9 napja


  25. Christopher Eusebio

    Christopher Eusebio

    9 napja

    Moral of the story: dont eat too much food because your fat body wont fit through a tunnel with holes you somehow got in

  26. carmen hernandez

    carmen hernandez

    9 napja

    Jajajaja cada mamada que sacan

  27. sWoOpY


    9 napja

    ー( ̄~ ̄)ξ

  28. Superior customer 2.0

    Superior customer 2.0

    9 napja

    This is a true story

  29. Aleida Giraldo

    Aleida Giraldo

    9 napja

    Never ve greedy

  30. onofre artifice

    onofre artifice

    9 napja


  31. B Thomas

    B Thomas

    9 napja

    Nerver eat to much or you will be fat.

  32. Audricc


    9 napja

    moral of the story: dont eat or you will stuck in there forever

  33. Heather Gunderson

    Heather Gunderson

    9 napja

    This is what moble adds are like

  34. nargs aqyl

    nargs aqyl

    9 napja

    شنو اسم العبه

  35. Muho_54


    9 napja

    Please just stop posting videos

  36. Vanderlei Alves

    Vanderlei Alves

    9 napja

    Amei que legal

  37. NaZiK Nebeschanskiy

    NaZiK Nebeschanskiy

    9 napja

    Mum: why you don't want to record in videos with your friends? Content of friends:

  38. Red Puffle

    Red Puffle

    9 napja

    If you are chonke , you can die easily

  39. Banananananan


    10 napja

    starvation is epic

  40. Camila Mallco

    Camila Mallco

    10 napja


  41. FRZJoebine


    10 napja

    The conclusion is why the heck they are under ground 😭😂

  42. nora casafuti

    nora casafuti

    10 napja

    Pero que c0jones

  43. sħɇsħ


    10 napja

    This is nxt level shitty graphics



    10 napja

    What is this 😰😰🤢🤢💩

  45. Milutek Btw

    Milutek Btw

    10 napja


  46. danxiaoguikexin


    10 napja

    Me seeing the actually real one: bro yo you just stole some shit or what The original one is different and that it says Mobile ads be like

  47. Armağan Ateş

    Armağan Ateş

    10 napja

    Tiktokers: CTRL-C + CTRL-V

  48. Fiorentina1926


    10 napja

    Medievil sound

  49. Rudra


    10 napja


  50. IzzyPancakes


    10 napja

    Don't eat?

  51. Maguette Gueye

    Maguette Gueye

    10 napja

    What montage please 😔😔😔

  52. Mini Garg

    Mini Garg

    10 napja

    😭😭😭😭😭 gd 😭😭😭

  53. Gabriella


    10 napja

    Vc viu aquela treta? Oq eu tô vendo:

  54. ONUR


    10 napja

    FENERBAHÇE...Marcelo Bielsa yı getirin lütfen mükemmel oynatiyo leeds unitediYong boys un forveti nsameyi alin lütfen FENERBAHÇE...

  55. Brijesh Ribadiya

    Brijesh Ribadiya

    10 napja

    Abe sale eating se itne mote thidi honge ki hole se bahar hi na aa paye matlab kuch bhi

  56. death and promises

    death and promises

    10 napja

    Cringiest content in the history and all of the internet wtf is this bullshit

  57. Maria carolina KaKa

    Maria carolina KaKa

    10 napja


  58. Big Guy

    Big Guy

    10 napja


  59. Maja Nieradka

    Maja Nieradka

    10 napja


  60. Osana Adelson Adelson

    Osana Adelson Adelson

    10 napja


  61. Asım Bölükbaşı

    Asım Bölükbaşı

    10 napja

    Not use brain

  62. Dush


    10 napja

    I think this means, don't get to greedy or else u will get karma.... cringe😬

  63. Marisol Godinez

    Marisol Godinez

    10 napja


  64. Jethiya & Champakiya Vlogs

    Jethiya & Champakiya Vlogs

    10 napja

    The Conclusion is saying that " Don't be greedy in our life "🥰

  65. AKM Skull gamer

    AKM Skull gamer

    10 napja

    How they both are getting to know that she is giving something to eat😂😂😂😂🤣

  66. Anson Khoo

    Anson Khoo

    10 napja

    moral of the story, don't follow trends and don't be bad at editing

  67. Sunita Adhav

    Sunita Adhav

    10 napja

    Oo yes 😊😊



    10 napja

    Hola no me han valorado ni

  69. Death


    10 napja


  70. Omeru Kamado

    Omeru Kamado

    10 napja

    What conclusion did I make? Well I could not do so as I lost my all my braincells watching this

  71. Prakhar Kant Lal

    Prakhar Kant Lal

    10 napja

    Question:What conclusion did you make Ans:To report your channel with 2k fake accounts

  72. LesusKD


    10 napja

    *He used Minecraft logic.*

  73. Eli silva Nascimento

    Eli silva Nascimento

    10 napja

    Muito triste 😢😞😢😞😢

  74. Tugut Ökkeş Coşkun

    Tugut Ökkeş Coşkun

    10 napja

    The Platform📽️

  75. Ramesh Rajpurohit

    Ramesh Rajpurohit

    10 napja

    In in

  76. Sebastian Krowicki

    Sebastian Krowicki

    10 napja


  77. Gen. Douglas MacArthur

    Gen. Douglas MacArthur

    10 napja

    Moral: eating fast food could cause you to triple in size

  78. SeanWaldo


    10 napja

    Hello I'm under the water. Please help me. Ohhohrororoo

  79. lil chaonima

    lil chaonima

    10 napja

    Wtf is this

  80. K Sridhar

    K Sridhar

    10 napja

    The actual meaning of cringe

  81. i hate children

    i hate children

    10 napja

    Wtf Monke

  82. Holley Direct

    Holley Direct

    10 napja

    I don’t like it

  83. Sam Kun

    Sam Kun

    10 napja

    Moral of history: fat

  84. Kashish Verma

    Kashish Verma

    10 napja


  85. srividhya kannan

    srividhya kannan

    10 napja

    What can you learn in this video Me : nothing

  86. Hüseyin Emre EKEN

    Hüseyin Emre EKEN

    10 napja

    Everyone:memes Me:why they don't die from electric?

  87. Yashtika Kushwah

    Yashtika Kushwah

    10 napja

    moral: dont live underground

  88. Ida Zahar

    Ida Zahar

    10 napja

    Poor big man

  89. Harsh Ghuge

    Harsh Ghuge

    10 napja

    Do not eat too much or you will be drowned

  90. Jack Nathen

    Jack Nathen

    10 napja

    Moral of the story:we need to die together

  91. E.E.D 9002

    E.E.D 9002

    10 napja

    Drugs are better than this

  92. Akash Kundu

    Akash Kundu

    10 napja

    Conclusion that the video ends

  93. sanjesh silwal

    sanjesh silwal

    10 napja

    if you and your friend hide in a pot hole lady will give you food and then it rains badly, one of you will be drowned another one will survive. Guess who will survive? 🤣🤣. Moral is don't hide in a hole, hide somewhere else...

  94. kuna sripadarao

    kuna sripadarao

    10 napja

    conclusion Dont eat junk foods

  95. Dark soul

    Dark soul

    10 napja

    Lol vfx is so good

  96. Girls' Zone

    Girls' Zone

    10 napja



    10 napja

    Ged topunnan oyna

  98. Krystyna Korc

    Krystyna Korc

    10 napja

    What is this

  99. StingR Gaming

    StingR Gaming

    10 napja

    Conclusion: u need to learn editing

  100. Amali Mix Vlogs

    Amali Mix Vlogs

    10 napja

    Moral of story dont be greedy of everything