What's the deal with Tatiana Calderon?

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Tatiana Calderon is one of the most well-known female drivers in the world today. She is a test driver for the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 team and currently drives in the Super Formula series in Japan. However, is the hype that surrounds Calderon warranted? In this video, I seek to find the answer.
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  1. Chris Eason

    Chris Eason

    2 órája


  2. Tentacles45


    3 órája

    She’s a political figurehead

  3. Nathan M.

    Nathan M.

    17 órája

    Your career in motorsports lasts as long as family money lasts. Sad.




    "Are you ready for f1?" "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm no"

  5. Femi Makinde

    Femi Makinde


    The segue into skillshare 👌🏾

  6. nick dv

    nick dv


    I think you need a pop filter lmao, but great vid

  7. gddd gooo

    gddd gooo


    Give women their own series. I'd rather not see my beloved F1 spoilt by women. On too many occasions we see women leech on the success of men.

  8. Legendary Beast

    Legendary Beast


    all right, what the FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUG? India have a championship series that I know nothing about and she competed in it????????? wow!

  9. thereddestbull



    in my F1 2020 carreer, she's currently fighting for the title, whilst costing my team half than what Mazepin would cost

  10. Maxmwoan



    My suggestion is to switch her in for mazepin and just see what happens.

  11. leongt1954



    She's not actually a test driver more like Kimi's girl servant 😁😁

  12. Jonny Cowell

    Jonny Cowell


    My video idea. What ever happened to Ralph Firman?

  13. Jstevens87


    2 napja

    :10 KSP music :)

  14. Chivokroy


    2 napja

    That transition to the Skilshare sponsor spot was almost as smooth as Linus's.

  15. Wyrm Limion

    Wyrm Limion

    3 napja

    This new mic pop isnt nice Josh :( But great video as always

  16. Ken Ubi

    Ken Ubi

    4 napja

    If you play online racing with online cars in f1 2020, the female driver is always very strong, shes either first or second place in the AI category, just letting yknow because is she actually that good? The female drivers name is marie laursen or sumt like that

  17. lorenmax 2.0

    lorenmax 2.0

    4 napja

    Ah yes, having money AND being a minority. If that thing doesn't get you anywhere then you are doing something wrong

  18. Paolo Mendioro

    Paolo Mendioro

    4 napja

    F1 is a stretch for her, but I see potential somewhere else, like LMP2. Just look at Katherine Legge!

  19. Adam Walpole

    Adam Walpole

    4 napja

    She’s actually a really talented and quick driver, just didn’t work out in f2

  20. lewis fry

    lewis fry

    4 napja

    it would be cool if she did drive in an F1 gp

  21. TheHesK9


    5 napja

    She's a back marker, just not as horrific as Rangunathan

  22. Armed Brit

    Armed Brit

    6 napja

    I'd simp for that, not gonna lie.

  23. Nick Mascitti

    Nick Mascitti

    6 napja

    That was a cheeky advertisement placement

  24. ZeiksNX


    6 napja

    So Kinda like Danica Patrick .

  25. Orella Minx

    Orella Minx

    6 napja

    Kubica could beat her with his good hand tied behind his back.

  26. Jeremy Beadle's Left Hand

    Jeremy Beadle's Left Hand

    7 napja

    I was shaking in anticipation on the moment Lord Rags theme tune was played. You didn't disappoint :D

  27. Swordz Man

    Swordz Man

    7 napja

    She gets a race seat because she's a she. Period.

  28. Timmy Schnitzel

    Timmy Schnitzel

    7 napja

    If Calderón did not have a vagina, no one would be talking about her. This is lame AF.

  29. Mr. Norris

    Mr. Norris

    7 napja

    1:38 - We germans don’t have this problem. Free healtcare, Free Education, everything Free. We are more free than the “land of the free”

  30. Wisanggeni Suryo Anggono

    Wisanggeni Suryo Anggono

    8 napja

    1:01 what song?

  31. USMCLP


    8 napja

    What you said about university and racing is complete facts.

  32. Rupesh Khanvilkar

    Rupesh Khanvilkar

    9 napja

    You know how women drive

  33. Aidan Kelly

    Aidan Kelly

    9 napja

    That Skillshare segue was fucking impeccable 10/10 😂😂

  34. Reserve Messias

    Reserve Messias

    9 napja

    Maybe a important detail is, that’s she is almost 28, so if she wants to reach F2 or F1, that is to old to start as a rookie in 2021.

  35. Tetsuo


    9 napja

    Too many ads!

  36. Jari Gustafsson

    Jari Gustafsson

    10 napja

    mmmm... Sophia Florsch...

  37. JamesTobiasStewart


    10 napja

    I think us getting a lady into F1 would be awesome, but they need to be sure she's ready for it, otherwise SHE is gonna get a load of undeserved flak about only being there so the FIA can say she is. Which as much as anything else, would be lousy and unfair for her. I mean whatever your opinions on her talents; Calderon is clear passionate about what she does and I doubt she'd appreciate being viewed as nothing but a diversity hire after all the time, effort and money she's had to put in just to get to where she is now. Personally I hope she and her team manage to smooth the issues out and get her ready for the next level, but at the same time I really hope they don't try and rush it. Trying to rush people to F1 has so rarely worked out for anyone.

  38. Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

    10 napja

    That segue though.

  39. michael* piotto*

    michael* piotto*

    11 napja

    I think you’re giving her way way way too much credit. Shes a trash driver

  40. The Rouge Mechanic

    The Rouge Mechanic

    11 napja

    She’s there to virtue signal that’s all. While there are others with real talent and can’t make it smh it’s bullshit.

  41. Bingus D'bappo

    Bingus D'bappo

    11 napja

    australians ew

  42. Robert Tinsey

    Robert Tinsey

    11 napja

    Way to simp for her at the end. She's shit.

  43. Jason Granlund

    Jason Granlund

    11 napja

    Rest in Peace Dan Wheldon. I'll never forget that moment his car left the ground and flew into the catch fence. Still breaks my heart.

  44. V o S

    V o S

    11 napja

    She is really good looking .

  45. James Guthrie

    James Guthrie

    11 napja

    More zeros than a diabetics basement?

  46. Luke Crompton

    Luke Crompton

    11 napja

    She’s cute so who gives a fuck

  47. Matt Porter

    Matt Porter

    12 napja

    i've always wondered how an aussie would pronouce bogota... now i know

  48. Andrew


    12 napja

    The best female driver at the moment (excluding this formula regional series) is Jamie chadwick 100%

  49. Hype bro outta nowhere

    Hype bro outta nowhere

    12 napja

    Who here from blackflagmatter

  50. SlaveToTheBeard


    12 napja

    Can you do a video on Richie Stanaway?

  51. NoisyBoy


    12 napja

    Ferrucini? Is this a joke i'm missing or is he unable to read?

  52. Arnav Sinha Roy

    Arnav Sinha Roy

    12 napja

    Is it wrong to say that she is low-key cute? 😬

  53. Ali.Alien


    12 napja

    She cute

  54. Apilolomi 43

    Apilolomi 43

    12 napja

    I have always really liked her for some reason.

  55. Mário P

    Mário P

    12 napja

    At least she has points on F3 and GP3. David Schumacher is he a good driver?

  56. Gautham


    13 napja

    Oh boy i fear the day when F1 starts promoting female drivers just for the sake of diversity.

    • LuchianM1


      12 napja

      That is no different from the current trend of promoting drivers solely based on what money they bring to a team. I'd rather have a half decent female driver rather than a useless paying male driver.

  57. Justin Williams

    Justin Williams

    13 napja

    She’s a decent midfielder at best and there’s nothing wrong with that but she shouldn’t be a poster child for female drivers because clearly there are faster woman out there.

  58. Paul Sven

    Paul Sven

    13 napja

    Political correctness gone mad

  59. Kyle Cruz

    Kyle Cruz

    13 napja

    The gator caught me off guard.

  60. Pantelimon


    13 napja

    You could pick a random person off the street, have them drive and there is a decent chance they would be better.

  61. Joe Howard

    Joe Howard

    13 napja

    That was tasteless to say Dan’s death without a warning ⚠️ 3:20 👎🏽

  62. opsimathics


    13 napja

    At the very least, Calderon is way better at her stuff than Danica Patrick at NASCAR.

  63. Ivan Pozdeev

    Ivan Pozdeev

    13 napja

    0:21 "driver with a seemingly endless amount of money, but not much talent to back it up" First time?

  64. Federico Aguirre

    Federico Aguirre

    13 napja

    Tatiana / 😍😍😍

  65. NBW Superior

    NBW Superior

    13 napja

    Plz do a vid on artem markelov really interesting case at one point looked on track for a possible f1 seat now not so much

  66. ExcelVlogs


    13 napja

    Not me think Tatiana Calderon and Jamie Chadwik is a same person

  67. suparosc02


    13 napja

    no need to find out. We already know. It's no!

  68. Squizzo


    13 napja

    As a test driver you don't need to be a world champion, but a good test driver that helps the engineers develop the car, giving good feedback, understanding what the problems are etc etc, so this video is pretty much pointless. She may not be so fast but maybe she understands the more technical aspects, I don't think the owners of a F1 team are so dumb to chose the first idiot passing by.

  69. Kla Min

    Kla Min

    13 napja

    1:48 is this an American student debt joke I’m too German to understand?

  70. The Marauder

    The Marauder

    13 napja

    10:00 .... the face of everyone watching this video.

  71. onlyjake _420

    onlyjake _420

    13 napja

    if she had twitch, simps would allow her to be in f1

  72. Bruce Lok

    Bruce Lok

    13 napja

    I met her at Macau in 2014, and she was a hard-working driver during her F3 days. She tries to prove herself as a competitive driver but being shadowed by others.

  73. Rico Maliks

    Rico Maliks

    13 napja

    The parents must be supper rich or connected or companies are really cashing in on her being a woman...whatever the deal she ain’t worthy being behind any Formula Car...

  74. Roger Allen

    Roger Allen

    14 napja


  75. Sower Sass

    Sower Sass

    14 napja

    im all for equality shit im half black... but i feel like shes being coddled cuz shes a woman just my opinion.

  76. Aron Göransson 7C Korsavadsskolan

    Aron Göransson 7C Korsavadsskolan

    14 napja

    Can you do a video on dino beganovic

  77. John Luc Racing

    John Luc Racing

    14 napja

    As someone who drives autobahn, you're spot on

  78. dizzydolly722


    14 napja

    Or if you are Dave Gorman ''from the gecko''

  79. Blair Aitken

    Blair Aitken

    14 napja

    Josh - one big point that I was hoping your video would hit (but didn't), is that every year billions of dollars are spent developing thousands of young men into racing drivers (of a wild spectrum of talent, some bad, some good, some great), and the sample size of women being developed into racing drivers is a mere fraction of that. 16 of 20 spots on the F1 grid are taken by a white male. This doesn't inspire more women to puruse the career path that Tatiana is. Even if she doesn't ultimate prove to be competitve in F1, it would be the right thing to do by putting her in a seat. Not some little rich punk (see literally multiple seats on the grid).

  80. Kelly Oubre Jr.

    Kelly Oubre Jr.

    14 napja

    Brief answer : No

  81. Cam_E '

    Cam_E '

    14 napja

    As a Chicagoan the white Sox joke was hilarious and I’m surprised he said Illinois correctly 😭🤝

  82. Lt H

    Lt H

    14 napja

    She's no worse than Suzzie Stoddart/Wolfe. Zero talent but she was an f1 test driver. Basically because she's rich and was born as a female.

  83. Darkowl 57

    Darkowl 57

    14 napja

    Damnit I forgot about Wheldon. Rest in Peace, Dan.

  84. Jamal Kherry

    Jamal Kherry

    14 napja

    Lol did you delete my comment? XD I complemented you but one light hearted insult was too much?

  85. Pedro Paiva

    Pedro Paiva

    14 napja

    Tbh, anyone driving an Alfa Romeo in F1 is unfortunately a backmarker.

  86. Ian Gascoigne

    Ian Gascoigne

    14 napja

    Is she any good? Depends how she compares to the other pay drivers in F1.

  87. Asmo


    14 napja

    When you have spent most of your career as a number 2 or 3 driver in crap teams, getting given the shit car. You deserve a break. I want to see Tatiana given a seat in F1, she deserves it more than some who have been given that chance.

  88. Rhys Ford

    Rhys Ford

    14 napja

    I think there is an issue with motorsport trying to fix its diversity problems from the top down rather than the bottom up, Calderon being the poster child for this problem. Dont get me wrong she's a decent racing driver, nothing special and certainly certainly not Alfa reserve driver level, but certainly worth a drive somewhere. But I think Motorsport generally is keen to improve representation and artificially propels certain drivers forward in order to fix it. Don't get me wrong their hearts are in the right place (I can only really think that if I lock my inner cynic back in the closet where he belongs though :P ) But the issue ultimately is not enough girls start motorsport in the first place meaning you chances of finding a top level talent are already lower than that of Male drivers. If we fix that I think we will se more women in F1 Indycar and every other discipline you can think of.

  89. O Mondegreen

    O Mondegreen

    14 napja

    its awful how an average person can get further than others just because of their gender, kinda like 99% of men

  90. Yukari Hakugi

    Yukari Hakugi

    14 napja

    fantastic channel, keep it up

  91. Drovek


    14 napja

    Maybe you could also make another video with other female racing talent worth checking out? I must admit I'm fairly uninformed about this, but it would be interesting.

  92. NubletPie278


    14 napja

    Remember: sexism is the only reason highly talented female drivers like Tatiana never get selected for test seats in F1 and racing seats in F2.

  93. T BZ

    T BZ

    14 napja

    1:12 Bogota is pronounced 'bow·gow·taa'. Very far from whatever you said.

  94. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    14 napja

    Make a video of Logan Sargent please. That White Sox joke tells me you’re secretly American.

  95. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis Rodriguez

    14 napja

    Indycar racing in Las Vegas was the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen and it claimed the life of Dan Weldon. Indycar has a severe accident every few years and the driver ends up dead or severely injured. Shit needs to change.

  96. blackme1


    15 napja

    She just got to keep going gaining experience wins will come.

  97. julian escobar

    julian escobar

    15 napja


  98. Enrico Abrahams

    Enrico Abrahams

    15 napja

    I think she's decently competent rather than being exceptional. Formula One however, the way I understand it, is that's kind of a champs of champs sport, meaning that everyone in Formula One is a champion or has competed at a very high level and achieved substantial success in other formulae, meaning that everyone in F1 enters with some substantial clout them, and I don't think she's there right now, even though she's been racing a long-ish time

  99. pedro perez ppeez

    pedro perez ppeez

    15 napja

    She's a mediocre driver who happens to have a lot of money, just like Stroll... but you think he's good because of... reasons??

  100. Lancaster Responding

    Lancaster Responding

    15 napja

    I mean... I would