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What Sleeping With Two Snuggly Huskies Is Like..

This is What Sleeping With Two Snuggly Huskies Is Like!! We’ve always been curious to see what Kakoa and Sky are up to during the night and it was funny to see how crazy Kakoa sleeps! Also make sure to Check out @That Pug Pablo & Co video to see what sleeping with three pugs is like it was super funny and cute!! I will link his video below! Thanks for watching guys :)
Pug Pablo Video Sleeping with Three Pugs - hueye.info/home/vide/bqqPnLaqzpp5yqw.html
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  1. My Mountain Husky

    My Mountain Husky

    2 hónapja

    Who thought Kakoa’s Stretch at the end was the cutest thing ever?? 😄😍 Subscribe to our Family Channel: hueye.info/one/0XK4BA9WI-l94w_jD5UJRg.html

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    • Kate Murai

      Kate Murai



    • Christine Keehn

      Christine Keehn



    • Fizzy May

      Fizzy May



    • Hrky


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  2. Lynney B

    Lynney B

    34 perccel

    Maybe a larger bed? Haha

  3. Monika P.

    Monika P.

    46 perccel


  4. Gennosuke84


    52 perccel

    What size is ur bed?

  5. Felix Abraham

    Felix Abraham


    What is the flute song at the end?

  6. Dnez44901



    I sleep with one red heeler, i couldn’t imagine sleeping with two big ass dogs and another person in bed. I would be like the guy tossing and turning.

  7. xRoyaleNOOBx



    Ok your like me you move around allot when your asleep lol-

  8. Lucy Saiz

    Lucy Saiz

    2 órája

    They move a lot in bed

  9. Over obsessed sushi lover

    Over obsessed sushi lover

    2 órája

    Guy really said ⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↙️↙️⬇️⬇️⬇️↘️⬅️↗️⬅️

  10. Obvier


    2 órája

    Wow you’re so lucky you have a lovely wife who she give you enough space and also some covers :,)

  11. Maher


    3 órája

    What a jerk you have to be to let your dog go to bed...

  12. Hamza Arshad

    Hamza Arshad

    4 órája

    One of them went to drink a tub of water

  13. Kaylin Stacey

    Kaylin Stacey

    4 órája

    Why did this give me so much joy lol

  14. Ann Pow

    Ann Pow

    5 órája

    Im literally like the dog jumping around to be more comfortable. I just can't sleeeppp!!!!

  15. Stef Ss

    Stef Ss

    5 órája

    I wish I’m not allergic to dogs😢

  16. Paul 4.0

    Paul 4.0

    6 órája

    And i thought one mini schnauzer was a lot... 😭

  17. mirrencorin


    6 órája

    This made me uncomfortable.

  18. Kate Trewin

    Kate Trewin

    6 órája

    How big is that bed?? I have a queen bed and 1 whippet and I feel like my bed is just whippet legs everywhere all the time, I get maybe 1/4 of the bed if im lucky!

  19. M


    6 órája

    Your wife said💃

  20. Hi iammona

    Hi iammona

    6 órája

    When she finally stretched her legs 😂 i felt that

  21. In The Beginning

    In The Beginning

    7 órája

    I have just 1 Siberian husky and I don't even want to imagine the amount of hair in your bed with 2! lol

  22. King Kev

    King Kev

    7 órája

    How much shed?

  23. Meskinas


    7 órája

    Kakoa gets way more sleep

  24. Shekinah Clark

    Shekinah Clark

    8 órája

    Omg I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I can barely sleep with my kitty on the bed.

  25. Hades Gaming

    Hades Gaming

    8 órája

    When the dogs curl up and sleep that’s the cutest

  26. Sherwin Plays

    Sherwin Plays

    8 órája

    I thought this was Paranormal Activity ._.

  27. Simply Midnight

    Simply Midnight

    8 órája

    The fact that 14M people have watched this says a lot about humans

  28. Tyms 7

    Tyms 7

    8 órája

    1:07 omg i cant😂😂😂😂 This is my spot now

  29. Sans Rainbow

    Sans Rainbow

    8 órája

    I wake up 10:00Am

  30. Kevin Gottlieb

    Kevin Gottlieb

    9 órája


  31. Jon ferguson

    Jon ferguson

    9 órája

    Its nice of them to share THEIR bed with you guys.

  32. Alonzi


    10 órája

    I'd stay up all night patting doggos

  33. Brooklynn Eirls

    Brooklynn Eirls

    10 órája

    Not me watching for paranormal activity at 3am💀

  34. M S

    M S

    10 órája

    Am I the only one waiting for paranormal activity and a dog being thrown across the room?

  35. Cheyenne Vance

    Cheyenne Vance

    11 órája


  36. Peter Whitehead

    Peter Whitehead

    11 órája

    Did anyone else notice the entity floating across the screen..... very creepy, the dogs saw it.

  37. Sophia Knollman

    Sophia Knollman

    11 órája

    sky: -casually lays on kakoas face-

  38. joan alethea

    joan alethea

    11 órája

    (๑•ᴗ•๑)♡ aww thats cute my dog sleeps on the bed too

  39. Stop the Censorship

    Stop the Censorship

    11 órája

    Good to see someone else feels my pain. 7:30 must be nice my two are up at 6 am.

  40. Voje Gaming

    Voje Gaming

    11 órája

    How Can You Make Baby😆

  41. darkdreams


    12 órája

    Too big dogs dude...

  42. Иван Мокрушин

    Иван Мокрушин

    12 órája

    А когда вы занимаетесь чем то для взрослых собаки тоже присутствуют

  43. Valeria B-612

    Valeria B-612

    13 órája


  44. Alienation South Africa

    Alienation South Africa

    13 órája

    Loved the video.....have Bull terrier and two small fur babies who share my bed

  45. Daja Liina

    Daja Liina

    13 órája

    yeah no

  46. blerp de blerp

    blerp de blerp

    14 órája


  47. mlpegr 12

    mlpegr 12

    14 órája

    “What sleeping with two snuggly HUMANS is like” should’ve been the title 💀

  48. Patrick Greene

    Patrick Greene

    15 órája

    Is that 2 dudes??????

  49. PengWin76


    15 órája

    I would love to sleep with 20 huskies haha. I have one tank of a French Bulldog who cannot be moved once he's right in the middle. Lol

  50. Zaza Hub

    Zaza Hub

    15 órája

    Ewh!!! People sleeping with dogs! 🤢 can you imagine the smell?

  51. Hugo Loopik

    Hugo Loopik

    15 órája

    Very relatable

  52. Glory Sunday E

    Glory Sunday E

    15 órája

    Watched the whole video with a stupid grin on my face 😌

  53. mariberri


    16 órája

    im not a dog sleeping on bed person, but these huskies are so adorableee i want one

  54. Anna Marie Mabutas

    Anna Marie Mabutas

    16 órája

    Sobrang sarap matulog nung isa 😅

  55. Micka Emerson

    Micka Emerson

    16 órája

    Lol. This video was cute. Those dogs sleep like toddlers all over the place.

  56. Sintya Anastasia

    Sintya Anastasia

    16 órája

    tinyurl.com/filrtbengcolyhot TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を付けないとね.

  57. Shlok Kumar

    Shlok Kumar

    17 órája

    Is sky male or female

  58. Footsiesgirl


    17 órája

    How sore are your body’s sleeping like this? I have little cat, she has three legs, so she can sleep in much different ways then a four legged pet. She insists on sleeping between my legs! I don’t mind for a while, but she’s like a heater! I get so hot, and my hips ache! So I say, “okay Princess, gotta roll over,” she knows what I mean, and when I do finally fall asleep. She lays on a leg, a foot, both feet, my hip....there is times my feet hand out of the side of my bed! I have a queen size bed! How do our amazing furry family know how to take up so much space, when there is so much bed space? I do cherish Princess, I’m just curious!

  59. Nov Lim

    Nov Lim

    17 órája

    Maybe u should put dog beds beside ur bed.. thats what i do 😂

  60. Zay Xo

    Zay Xo

    17 órája

    Looks like everyone’s having a hard time sleeping lol.. cute vid tho

  61. A Stewart

    A Stewart

    17 órája

    So cute

  62. Pru Rose

    Pru Rose

    18 órája

    So they really sleep through out the night without waking up for the loo?

  63. Dillon McCluskey

    Dillon McCluskey

    18 órája

    Wow! Those dogs are soooooo happy.

  64. Flopy Bazan

    Flopy Bazan

    18 órája

    This is cute and all, but I think you guays are really damaging your bodies when doing those postures. Your spine will be super damaged in a couple years if you keep sleeping this way☹️

  65. Pamela Rossil

    Pamela Rossil

    18 órája

    I have a husky. I feel like I am watching my pup in this video. He sleeps in the floor for a while, then comes back. If you get up he will take over your spot... So relatable 😂

  66. Lillie Perez

    Lillie Perez

    18 órája

    The people who disliked this are either salty cause their dogs aren’t this cute or they don’t have dogs

  67. Miah Quintanilla

    Miah Quintanilla

    18 órája

    I have a girl husky

  68. Miah Quintanilla

    Miah Quintanilla

    18 órája

    I love your husky’s

  69. Austin King

    Austin King

    18 órája

    The Husky that slept throughout and didn’t leave the bed? Sleeping goals

  70. cotyalvarado77


    18 órája

    This was a good idea!! We have 4 shih tzus and they sleep with (bed/pillow hogs) us and get us up at least once a night to go potty. But I’d like to see how much they hog up our king size bed and how pretzel like we sleep! Lol

  71. Ben Quinney

    Ben Quinney

    18 órája

    2 dog night

  72. Lila Toy

    Lila Toy

    19 órája

    Tag yourself, I’m the guy who moves around a lot. I for the life of me cannot stay in one position for hours lol.

  73. no u

    no u

    19 órája


  74. swiper vanessa

    swiper vanessa

    19 órája

    Awwww🥰 😊😊😊😊😊

  75. Keitarious Williams

    Keitarious Williams

    20 órája

    What comforter is that?!

  76. AllDayDomino


    20 órája

    What if they pee?

  77. Dark Studios!

    Dark Studios!

    20 órája

    So cute when they sleep!!

  78. Chris Coleman

    Chris Coleman

    20 órája

    So, no one else thinks it’s a bit strange that the humans never hugged, cuddled, spooned, or even as much as touch each other the entire night? Are they brother and sister or something?

  79. RA Cook

    RA Cook

    21 órája

    Nope. Off the bed.

  80. NestorGaming


    21 órája

    Life goals right there

  81. dormouse


    21 órája

    Hahahaha yep amazing cut and lovely

  82. Child Of God

    Child Of God

    22 órája

    I’m just wondering why he took his phone with him to the bathroom in the middle of the night 👀

  83. Sumin Yi

    Sumin Yi

    22 órája


  84. Silence Of Moon

    Silence Of Moon

    22 órája

    This is quite interesting

  85. Kay Savage

    Kay Savage

    22 órája

    Wish I could do this with my cats. XD This was adorable

  86. Crystal Thomas

    Crystal Thomas

    22 órája

    The restless dog is literally me lol waking up at random times

  87. Marissa Lopez

    Marissa Lopez

    23 órája

    My dog gets off the bed the second my boyfriend and I start kissing 🤭 and than the second we’re done doing.... whatever she’ll come back up

  88. Esme Sofia Oswin

    Esme Sofia Oswin

    23 órája


  89. Judy Nwayoma

    Judy Nwayoma


    Ahh... What am I doing here? Really?

  90. Oldman Marley

    Oldman Marley


    I love how still the mom is and not the dad😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  91. Melanie RobloxGamer

    Melanie RobloxGamer


    I don,t sleepy at 6:am all day i don,t sleepy at 6:am

  92. SnootSnoot McBumbleToots

    SnootSnoot McBumbleToots


    The one that kept jumping off really doesn’t sleep well huh

  93. Alexis Fletcher

    Alexis Fletcher


    It was soooo funny when the other dog jumped back on the bed and then sat on the dogs face that was already there😂🤣

  94. Dinithi Fernando

    Dinithi Fernando


    Only the black husky is a dog, other one who never got off bed is human in dog form 😂

  95. Yvonne Hyman

    Yvonne Hyman


    Omg you are so crowded! Lol. Dogs are the best though. 😍

  96. April Carrillo

    April Carrillo


    i sleep with a shih tzu and barely have enough space idk how you guys do it

  97. Daniela Lopez

    Daniela Lopez


    I wake up at 7:00

  98. *Suki*



    The dogs just sitting their at the beginning is so true whenever I go to bed my dog will just sit up by my face waiting for cuddles

  99. Fizzy May

    Fizzy May


    I would take the huski of my bed and put them in a big cage

  100. Bananabear



    The first time sky got out of bed I thought it was funny when she got back on she sat on kakoas face😍🥰😁