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When the Controller Dies from the NPC's Perspective

He made it this far just to do that?
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  1. Leafy Is Queer

    Leafy Is Queer

    2 perccel

    The main character in the cutscenes vs when you're playing

  2. Chase Tatum

    Chase Tatum

    3 perccel

    I love this animation style!

  3. David Ellis

    David Ellis

    9 perccel

    How evil do you have to be to punch Carl Sagan to death?

  4. brokemyarms idkmlitjkmpis

    brokemyarms idkmlitjkmpis

    37 perccel

    NPCs are getting too smart

  5. Zach Winchenbach

    Zach Winchenbach


    Beard man sounds like Bob form Bob's burgers

  6. Kiaser Myer

    Kiaser Myer


    [laughs in plug-in controller]

  7. Josino



    Behold an unthinkable present! (It's a reference)

    • jesusismycity



      Your mom is a reference

  8. Rampant Robin

    Rampant Robin



  9. Rodex



    im commenting on every video in my recommended

  10. One-Two



    Is that rotoscoping? It's like a poor man's version "A Scanner Darkly". It's amazing!

  11. monke



    Yoooooo is that Ellen on the right

  12. The_Ultra_Elite


    2 órája

    Uncharted music as soon as he died XD

  13. Jshoro


    2 órája

    uncharted be like:

  14. 〈 Human 〉

    〈 Human 〉

    2 órája

    Imagine breaking the 4th barrier.

  15. Joakim


    3 órája

    This is actually brilliant

  16. Frederick Merkin

    Frederick Merkin

    4 órája

    How did you even animate this?? The faces look so uncanny!

  17. Not a kiko

    Not a kiko

    4 órája

    This is very accurate

  18. L u

    L u

    4 órája

    Quick load

  19. Danny Stuivenberg

    Danny Stuivenberg

    4 órája

    This is the bad ending you get when you lose this fight against the two henchmen

  20. Mitchell


    5 órája

    I keep coming back to this one, it's just too good

  21. Art-Tastic Creations

    Art-Tastic Creations

    5 órája

    This is beautiful.

  22. Omega Music

    Omega Music

    6 órája

    Why is carl sagan in a fist fight?

  23. beststarter


    6 órája

    Best goon an evil villain can hire

  24. Ty


    6 órája

    Gets batteries and rises from the dead behind the guy.

  25. Zaku II

    Zaku II

    6 órája

    This is brilliant.

  26. Waldo YeEt

    Waldo YeEt

    7 órája

    The eyes had me the whole time broo *WHEEEEEEZZZZEEEEEE*

  27. Mikoyan


    7 órája

    "You punched him, and he died?" Lmao

  28. Tomaihom


    7 órája

    Love the video and Uncharted 2 music 😁

  29. Mega Bryant

    Mega Bryant

    7 órája

    The uncharted sound

  30. Bryce Hoffman

    Bryce Hoffman

    8 órája

    How are these animations put together? It looks like motion capture but I can't really tell.

  31. Isaac Reser

    Isaac Reser

    8 órája

    This production quality was pretty sick.

  32. SNAZ


    8 órája

    “Yu tink he do dat?”

  33. commissar Grey

    commissar Grey

    8 órája


  34. Christian, Lord of Bagels

    Christian, Lord of Bagels

    8 órája


  35. Trash Heroes

    Trash Heroes

    9 órája

    is that the uncharted death music

  36. SwordLily


    9 órája

    How tf was this animated like this

  37. SirDodo


    9 órája

    I mean he was just standing there

  38. Carlos Garza

    Carlos Garza

    9 órája

    I hope he never played again and let them have this little victory

  39. Stephano Agnew

    Stephano Agnew

    9 órája

    Was that death music from uncharted?

  40. anakin skywalker

    anakin skywalker

    9 órája

    Plot twist:this was an old action,adventure type game and a guy was speedrunning it.He finally going to face the final boss but his controller died.The other thug punched him and he died.He didn't know his controller died so he thought it was the final boss and he killed by a punch.He posted about it on twitch and it was a chaos.A random guy researched about the game and people who completed it died by car accidents or other stuff.They thought the game was cursed so they told it to the government.The government doesn't want to end the humanity because of a game so they shut the game down and shut people's mouth about the game.If anyone was talking about it.They hunt down the person who talked about it.(small note:this is just a dumb idea from my idoit brain)

  41. Fire Storm

    Fire Storm

    9 órája

    I love how they used Uncharted death music

  42. Rob Bell

    Rob Bell

    9 órája

    holy christ i laughed the whole way through

  43. Redard


    10 órája

    Funniest shit I’ve ever seen

  44. Woof Woof

    Woof Woof

    10 órája

    “Why do we have three chandeliers in here, it’s like a warehouse” Chandelier warehouse

  45. Goddess Ahri

    Goddess Ahri

    10 órája

    Everybody gangsta until npc becomes self aware.

  46. Fweakout Gaming

    Fweakout Gaming

    10 órája

    Love the uncharted sound

  47. Daddy Cloyster

    Daddy Cloyster

    10 órája

    Bruh, That Uncharted death music tho!

  48. Watashi no funde okudasai -Hazmi-

    Watashi no funde okudasai -Hazmi-

    10 órája

    What dis

  49. Gary the Scout Trooper

    Gary the Scout Trooper

    10 órája

    Demons finally kill the Doom Slayer: Ipm: "Shit. We actually killed him." Revenant: "Maybe he ran out of lives?" Hell Knight: "If so, it's about damm time too." Ipm: "Since he's dead. Who's gonna tell the Khan Makyr?" Revenant: "I'm not, she's mean." Hell Knight: "Yeah, I've heard she hates light jazz." Revenant: "Shut up."

  50. PupSilly


    10 órája

    One punch mans standard punch, also, thank you, you made my week

  51. sam pettey

    sam pettey

    10 órája

    Terrible effect

  52. Blaa Blaa

    Blaa Blaa

    11 órája

    2:19 dat detail

  53. MarcoTHEspartan


    11 órája

    The uncharted death music lol

  54. Up N Adam

    Up N Adam

    11 órája

    This was filmed with real people right? And water coloured right??

  55. Cubicial


    11 órája

    "and he died..."

  56. Chibasco Stephenson

    Chibasco Stephenson

    11 órája

    "You punched him." "Mhm..." "And he died." "Yep." I died listening to that part.

  57. SHADOW 525

    SHADOW 525

    11 órája

    when AI's are smart

  58. deathbear gaming

    deathbear gaming

    11 órája

    I like the use of the uncharted OST

  59. Trafe


    11 órája

    Why does the guy on the left look like Captain Price

  60. Sameer Ashi

    Sameer Ashi

    12 órája

    The uncharted theme when he dies *Chef Kiss*

  61. The VRtist

    The VRtist

    12 órája

    I feel kinda bad for all those slain villains that can't come home to their families. That just creates more villains.

  62. grim reaper

    grim reaper

    12 órája

    Anyone notice the death music from Uncharted 2?

  63. Vaperwave


    12 órája

    There wasn't another guy, there was another girl

  64. Big Guy

    Big Guy

    12 órája

    When he broke character it scared me for a sec

  65. boogameow


    12 órája

    I was expecting his controller to reconnect when they were talking

  66. KitKatBoss87


    12 órája

    Im sorry but this is a an uncharted reference if im corect

  67. Mistk0_0 Clips

    Mistk0_0 Clips

    13 órája

    good job

  68. Devastator 21

    Devastator 21

    13 órája

    I don't really know what to type

  69. Shadowman 115

    Shadowman 115

    13 órája

    Your sir earned my subscription and my heart.

  70. angwolf666's channel

    angwolf666's channel

    13 órája

    I love this animation technique

  71. gabriel mancillas

    gabriel mancillas

    13 órája

    I love how my school straight up stole this

  72. Tati


    14 órája

    Damn this was beautiful

  73. ReeVee Akt

    ReeVee Akt

    14 órája

    2:56 legit thought that the defeated player was a greace on my screen for a second

  74. Tasty Glue

    Tasty Glue

    14 órája

    I’m actually really glad this popped up in my recommended

  75. Cam Daddy-Jones

    Cam Daddy-Jones

    14 órája

    I’m getting adult swim vibes from this

  76. KitchensAreHot


    15 órája

    lmfao the Uncharted death sound

  77. Power Moves

    Power Moves

    15 órája

    We need to see behind the scenes

  78. Paul Taylor

    Paul Taylor

    15 órája

    This video is pure genius

  79. Vulorn


    16 órája

    Do you play hyrdornerrr

  80. Firestorm Danger Dash

    Firestorm Danger Dash

    16 órája

    The plot to Free Guy 2 looks good

  81. mike bar

    mike bar

    16 órája

    Maybe there's another guy after all..... Its Batman!

  82. Yummy Nubs

    Yummy Nubs

    17 órája

    According to all known laws of power scaling this means that standard punch is as strong as a boat exploding in a guys face

  83. ruffiØ


    17 órája

    This was great

  84. Awesomethang13


    17 órája

    uncharted 2 death noise

  85. Aleksimaier Animations

    Aleksimaier Animations

    18 órája

    I am really confused with the style of all the videos on this channel

  86. Bibby


    18 órája

    When the henchmen have greater perspectives about their surroundings then the main boss.

  87. felix ware

    felix ware

    18 órája

    that's why you use wired controllers

    • The VRtist

      The VRtist

      12 órája


  88. Peter Corrigan

    Peter Corrigan

    18 órája

    100% sure that reload screen is just this, the NPC's repairing that good ol' 4th wall.

  89. Marine Rk.

    Marine Rk.

    19 órája

    I love the sound effect from Uncharted

  90. Andrew Ponder

    Andrew Ponder

    19 órája

    Of course the sniping spots are all under chandeliers, you need the good lighting to see people who are too close to use the rifle.

  91. ToxiK Plazma

    ToxiK Plazma

    20 órája

    I could watch this one million times

  92. Unkillable Ninja

    Unkillable Ninja

    20 órája

    These characters got more and better face animation than most of the 4k games

  93. ur mom something lol

    ur mom something lol

    20 órája

    *F A T A L I T Y !*

  94. The Wanderer

    The Wanderer

    20 órája

    Syphon Filter has chandeliers that you can shoot that will drop on top enemies.

  95. {A} random person

    {A} random person

    20 órája

    This video earned y'all a sub 😂 good stuff👌

  96. Parker Adkins

    Parker Adkins

    20 órája

    The uncharted 2 death sound

  97. Tiny Mike

    Tiny Mike

    21 órája


  98. TopHatStack


    21 órája

    i think its relatable as to when every boss battle has to have something big that you knock down onto the boss and he dies or loses

  99. DarthRadBad


    21 órája

    One of the best videos I've seen in a long time.

  100. Rik Thunder

    Rik Thunder

    21 órája

    nice filter : D man. this is kinda cool