Why Did We Forget About DIVERGENT So Fast?

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    Me in 2021 just getting finishing the movies for the first time: uhhhh

  2. Anthea Gassner

    Anthea Gassner

    9 órája

    So you're telling me that divergent is just bad mix of hunger games and maze runner?

  3. Kavik 28

    Kavik 28

    15 órája

    Another reason why it failed is that the market was flooded suddenly with movies that based off of a book series...3 large movies...The Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Maze Runner. By the time Divergent should have been filming the 4th movie, the general public was moving on to new movies. And the Maze runner had to stall production of it's last movie since the lead actor broke a bone. People were simply ready to move on....

  4. DBKWK 9

    DBKWK 9

    15 órája

    All I remember is the death of the blonde woman and I have seen all these movies. Even then I only remember her death because I shouted "Ding dong the wicked bitch is dead"

  5. Amelia Hammett-Aron

    Amelia Hammett-Aron

    22 órája

    i only remember two things about the books: in the first book, there are three separate times where she's going to shoot someone, changes her mind and shoots them in the foot (to not kill them i guess) and twice were with the same person. in the third book there was a thing dripping water onto a big stone slab as a metaphor for uhhh something. it was cool imagery but since i dont know what it represented it kinda fell flat

  6. Michael Hurley

    Michael Hurley

    23 órája

    Without ever reading the books I was able to guess the huge parts of the second and third

  7. Celia Nunn

    Celia Nunn


    What I thought was interesting was 1) each faction is the extreme of each. They actually have drugs that force people to do the extremes, for example for the truth one you cant even tell white lies, you have to be brutally honest and are basically subjects to truth serum. Same with the others. 2) THEY KILL THE MAIN CHARACTER. But this is only from the books. Never seen the movies. Most of the time, movies adaptations of books aren't as good as the books in my opinion.

  8. outcast



    Dylan playing The Last of Us when

  9. Daniel Reed

    Daniel Reed


    Honestly. The first two books were solid. What the heck happened with the last one.

  10. Genomic Wizard

    Genomic Wizard


    The 1st movie is basically anti-intellectual propaganda: -The science nerds students are all evils and have no other purpose than using their science to manipulate the population -Don't less your child follow the path of science this will even turn a selfless always willing to help people kind boy (Caleb) into an inhuman creature the 2 and 3 are a bit better

  11. Formosus



    It's just so hard to like Tris. I cannot empathize, she just seems so annoying.

  12. vjollila96



    this like nakeyjakay but for films and classier

  13. maddie anderson

    maddie anderson


    all this did for me was make me appreciate the hunger games. an absolutely incredible series.

  14. Shawn Wykoff

    Shawn Wykoff

    2 napja

    You would not getting pay by NordVPN, Campfire, Skill Share, or Manscape. Good job, good job.

  15. Yohana Nigussie

    Yohana Nigussie

    2 napja

    all things that are good, come from Wisconsin, except the colleges, avoid them. 🤣

  16. racheltheraddest


    2 napja

    “And she dies...PSYCH. She’s the protagonist she can’t die...yet 😏” 🤣🤣🤣 this sent me hahahahaha

  17. racheltheraddest


    2 napja

    Ok but I legit read this entire series in less than a week and I still love the books 🤣🙈 and I love the first movie too, but the sequels were TERRIBLE

  18. EpicCartoonGamer and Artist

    EpicCartoonGamer and Artist

    2 napja

    4 = tehnoblade he is the second he is the second worst thing thet hapend to orfins

  19. Gary French

    Gary French

    2 napja

    I wrote the following like 5yrs ago but it seems appropriate still: "I know this is old but damn it I have to vent too. I felt like the first two books told a story that was in progress already when the book begins. The story was then ended in an ambiguous way with the overall story continuing without us watching. In short, we got a glimpse of life here and that was it. Is it satisfying? Not really. But I would've rather had an ambiguous ending than the garbage that was the third book. I honestly believe that the author wrote a long story that was split into two books and someone somewhere said "We're gonna need a third book. The trilogy is where the money is." So she pumped out a FUCK YOU final book that she didn't want to write in the first place. Otherwise how does she just disregard every characterization that she stuck with so well the entire first 2/3? UGH. Fuck Allegiant."

  20. GearheadGames


    2 napja

    God, Allegiant is the worst movie I ever saw in a theater. I didn't want to see it, but our high school class was forced to. I didn't pay a cent to see it, yet I still wanted a refund.

  21. Sam Of Sparta

    Sam Of Sparta

    2 napja

    Say what you will about these awful films...but Theo James is sexy

  22. Creativa Artly

    Creativa Artly

    3 napja

    I love the books so much more!!!

  23. Raiza


    3 napja

    The book structure doesn't remind of Maze Runner?? First they are traped in somewhere bad, then theres a dessert and a society after that and its the point of the story

  24. Raze


    3 napja

    I honestly liked the books but the movies were pretty bad...

  25. Caecilius


    3 napja

    It’s sad because it’s such an interesting premise and could be legendary if executed properly

  26. Changing Mind

    Changing Mind

    3 napja

    Hunger Games was already a washed-out rip-off, so this is like the fanfiction of a rip-off, written by an angsty not-quite-teen-anymore...?

  27. Max Zaslove

    Max Zaslove

    3 napja

    Honestly the books are a little better

  28. Matt The Great

    Matt The Great

    3 napja

    Because the characters suck. And the plot is a bad port of Hunger Games. There you go, that's why.

  29. Haley Lee

    Haley Lee

    3 napja

    Ok the books were kinda shit but at least better then the dumpster fire movie.

  30. jayboom 25

    jayboom 25

    3 napja

    Apparently I didn’t finish the books... I did love them tho, but I also was like 13 and probably depressed but didn’t know that

  31. Danielaaa gil

    Danielaaa gil

    4 napja

    i’ve read the books and watched the films múltiple times and i literally forgot about the whole DNA modification thing... that’s how genuinely vague it is

  32. Emily Barker

    Emily Barker

    4 napja

    This explains why I couldn’t follow the plot or find the point of this film even tho it appeared like serious things were happening.

  33. nocrtname


    4 napja

    because it made no sense.



    4 napja

    The authors a female. What you'd expect.

  35. Majestic Ed

    Majestic Ed

    4 napja

    Because it's shit

  36. Sasha Shakespeare

    Sasha Shakespeare

    5 napja

    This series was specifically designed for 13yrs old because when I watched these I was that age and I remember that I looved it. I wasn't bothered at all by not understanding anything and just watched mindlessly because of the love story.. pathetic bich

  37. Kayla Davis

    Kayla Davis

    5 napja

    Damn did i watch the 3rd movie bc i don’t remember any of this

  38. Monique East

    Monique East

    5 napja

    When I read the books I loved the first book, but hated the ending. Then it took me over a year to finish the second and I never finished the third. I hated the movies even more.

  39. Ziggy Wiggy

    Ziggy Wiggy

    5 napja

    You do realise that the Hunger Games was also a rip-off, right? Stop talking like the HG was some form of literacy genius instead of the blatant copy and paste of Battle Royale that it was...

  40. amelia plays

    amelia plays

    5 napja

    i love these books

  41. oh my god they were roommates

    oh my god they were roommates

    5 napja

    we forgot about it because it's basically ripoff hunger games and the people who make analysis videos about why the series is so bad put more thought into their analysis than the author did while writing the series

  42. La Reina

    La Reina

    5 napja

    I still don't understand how they got Kate Winslet for this movie

  43. rippl3r0


    5 napja

    It was a crap movie.

  44. Anatomical X

    Anatomical X

    5 napja

    The books and the movies are terrible. The entire plotline is just plot hole after plot hole. The characters are shallow and lack any actual development, and there was literally nothing enticing about it. The only reason it got even close to as big as it did is because it rode the coattails of the Hunger Games

  45. Big Boi

    Big Boi

    5 napja

    I liked divergent and the second one but the third one was terrible

  46. Sian x

    Sian x

    5 napja

    I really enjoyed the first book & film but after that couldn’t tell you anything about what the series was about even after reading the books and watching the films. It’s a shame because I think it had potential and could’ve been something amazing, I think it needed more time in the story development stage 😂 and the films shouldn’t have gone away from the books too much!

  47. Jessica Regina dos Santos

    Jessica Regina dos Santos

    6 napja

    I remember reading the first book super quickly then going to the next. When I was on half of book two, it just came down on me... why the hell am I even reading this? This is kinda shitty, what's even the main plot? I never read book three and I don't know what was really going on to this day. It has been almost seven years since then and I don't feel curious about this series end to this day.

  48. Hannah Elizabeth

    Hannah Elizabeth

    6 napja

    I hate divergent's plot but I can't say I hate the books. Her other book series is better though

  49. Nicole Love

    Nicole Love

    6 napja

    First time on your channel and I just subscribed. I really like video and personality so I’m probably gonna spend the next three days binge watching all your videos 😋👍👍

  50. Nicole Love

    Nicole Love

    6 napja

    Yeah so I did not read the books I only watch the movies and I knew nothing about divergent so when I watched the last movie I was just kind a like “is this it....there’s nothing else.....that’s kind of jacked up”

  51. Maria Shadows

    Maria Shadows

    6 napja

    I feel like I have the opposite problem in my writing. When I write, I plan out literally everybodies lives to a stupid degree. Even the guy we meet for 2 seconds at a cafe. It messes me up because I wanna go into all these unnecessary details about everyone and I lose the story lol

  52. Elijah Ford

    Elijah Ford

    6 napja

    Divergent just sounds like The Hunger Games but considerably more stupid.



    6 napja

    Well it's a hard to explain series, but lets be fair the movies are terrible adaptations of the books. The books are much better

  54. astrid


    6 napja

    the way i hyper fixated on this series back in 2016 and couldn’t tell you a thing abt it anymore/what made it so interesting bc it was so so bland. i’d be able to reread or watch for the nostalgia but it’s such a bad series and that ending was just... so anticlimactic. like don’t get me wrong my favourite piece of media rn killed the mcs off at the end but after a lot of development/foreshadowing and it made sense with the plot. divergent was like here’s a bland teen girl chucked into this world and made to deal with stuff she shouldn’t have to. we’re gonna kill her just bc it’ll make conversation and create controversy not bc it means anything.

    • astrid


      6 napja

      but hey, at least when i had to study it for school i got kickass marks on every project bc i could recite those books inside out and had done full on analysis of most of it. of what?? again i can’t tell you anymore but i was obsessed.

  55. Faylene Troemner

    Faylene Troemner

    6 napja

    I'm HERE for the Wisconsin praise. 😄🧀

  56. Nick Cranford

    Nick Cranford

    6 napja

    As bad as it is, it still sold millions and made absolute bank, well up until the point that it didn't anymore. But it just goes to show that the world sucks and nothing is fair. Garbage like this makes it big while things other folks poured their soul into never sell more than a few dozen copies.

  57. The One Golden Gryphon

    The One Golden Gryphon

    7 napja

    I went on a “Divergent” field trip thing done by the Alamo Drafthouse when I was like 13 and super into the books. Met Four’s actor, got bussed to this zip lining course, we had a knife-throwing class, and an after-dark capture the flag tournament. I remember that experience much more fondly than the books it was inspired by.

  58. Lightning Bolt

    Lightning Bolt

    7 napja

    Loved the first book but didn’t bother continuing when I found out what happened in the last one.

  59. lauren shelton

    lauren shelton

    7 napja

    You’re so right, Veronica Roth didn’t have an overarching plot for the series. She wrote one book and decided to continue it but never really set herself up for a series. Also, I think both series films you mentioned did badly due to terrible adaptation. Hunger games wasn’t as bad at first but then really just went downhill, I was NEVER impressed with Divergent’s film adaptations though.

  60. lauren shelton

    lauren shelton

    7 napja

    Honestly, this video... right here, has made me decide to follow you because even though some of your commentary is just completely wrong - I laughed the entire video 😂

  61. Pandaidol 101

    Pandaidol 101

    8 napja

    😂 this is basically a summary and I’m still lost

  62. Elijah Bowers

    Elijah Bowers

    8 napja

    We forgot about divergent so fast because it sucked...

  63. panda cricket

    panda cricket

    8 napja

    15:45 I agree

  64. Arrow The Leafwing

    Arrow The Leafwing

    9 napja

    The books were way better Read the books if you didn't like the movies

  65. Lady Sugarquill

    Lady Sugarquill

    9 napja

    I think the big problem in ya (and itll get worse now everybody is obsessed with consuming only pure, non toxic non problematic characters) is that the authors write these dark premises but are afraid to commit to them. Hunger Games is prime example. Premise: kids killing each other. Actual story: main character almost never has to kill anyone!

  66. Lady Sugarquill

    Lady Sugarquill

    9 napja

    Basically they saw that Harry Potter fans latched onto the House system and made a whole series about that. Hunger Games did the same, the reaping and the games make no sense in worldbuilding terms. The book it rips off, Battle Royale, does because 1 the kids are NOT chosen at random, so the game is explicit punishment for subversive behavior and 2 the story has a point, that governments are afraid of young people and want to demoralize them, and the battle system was in fact a tool to keep the young ones in line.

  67. Abbey Germany

    Abbey Germany

    9 napja

    As terrible and ripped off the plot of Divergent is, at least it’s better than After.

  68. Michelle Paz Sangueza

    Michelle Paz Sangueza

    9 napja

    The third movie failed because the third book wasn’t so good (but good enough), And something go terribly wrong (maybe the director was drunk and read other book), the director changed the hole original story making a super horrible movie + bad effects. So.... fans didn’t like it, no one like it... the plot in the third movie was just a complete failure. They should’ve stick with the original story

  69. Asobimo Sithlord

    Asobimo Sithlord

    9 napja

    Twilight with extra steps

  70. Laney Cellar

    Laney Cellar

    9 napja

    Okay I’m glad I’m not the only one who has no idea what’s happening in the entire series

  71. Evan Dark

    Evan Dark

    10 napja

    I've only ever watched the first one, but even that made no sense at all. There is this whole elaborate setup, to test your aptitude, and they make a great deal about having multiple aptitudes (being "divergent"), but then it turn out that you can just *choose* whatever you want. Also, it always bothered me that the actress in the first movie has a long brown hair, while in the second its short and blonde. I was like, who the hell is this new chick and what happened to the brunette?

  72. Empress Vipress

    Empress Vipress

    10 napja

    Fallen reminded me of another book/movie series called Ruby Red or Rubinrot about time travel and Dylan do with that what you will. The first movie is free on HUeye so you won't even have to spend money. Not a recommendation🙃

  73. WithoutaLight


    10 napja

    Great video, just one thing: A good book CAN be written in 3 weeks. November is the month that is even dedicated to reaching this goal (well, not in 3 weeks, a month is longer, but to write it quickly). Thing is, you can write it so fast, but only rarely you can just leave it like that. Very few people can write a great book in 3 weeks and not do (almost) any changes. A lot more people - who basically do nothing else during that 3 weeks time - can write a good book in 3 weeks because of the flow BUT they have to spend a lot more time to make all the needed polishing up for it to be ACTUALLY good. It's not inherently bad to openly say you wrote a book in 3 weeks. The book is good or bad no matter the time spent on it. If someone writes a book in 3 weeks AND it's not good, that's what's bad, but the same applies when someone is working on it for years and it's bad :D

  74. Brendan Babin

    Brendan Babin

    10 napja

    My takeaway. Writers: do not create stories just because they are fadish.

  75. Carina Torre

    Carina Torre

    10 napja

    hm i think i might love this man

  76. Chemical Warfare

    Chemical Warfare

    10 napja

    I... uhhh... was going to comment something but I dont remember anything of the two movies (or was it three movies?)

  77. Corinne Becker

    Corinne Becker

    11 napja

    I don't agree. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course but I absolutely love these movies. The second and third could've been better but the first? Ah I watched it last night again. I love the plot and live in the Chicago area myself. So I'm sorry but I disagree. if I could watch these movies for the first time again oh I wouldddddd. And four? HOTTIE

  78. Keya Advani

    Keya Advani

    11 napja

    Dylan, you should react to The Da Vinci Code!

  79. rachael xox

    rachael xox

    11 napja

    This was my favourite film and it killed me that I never got an end .

  80. ryan hxen

    ryan hxen

    11 napja

    tbh this series has a lot of loopholes

  81. InfinityWarlord


    11 napja

    Cuz its shit

  82. Natalie Hausler

    Natalie Hausler

    11 napja

    I just learned today that I clearly had no idea what Divergent was about lmao

  83. A certain type of Seth

    A certain type of Seth

    11 napja

    Wait so i'm confused, what happened to his uni? He vaguely mentioned it.

    • Henry Lidiard

      Henry Lidiard

      9 napja

      I hear it has longer winter breaks now.

  84. Sara Sepulvida

    Sara Sepulvida

    11 napja

    I would really love to see you comment on books the way you do with movies, the way you give your point of view is amazing

  85. Davan Cerda

    Davan Cerda

    12 napja

    It’s Dylan saying Erudite wrong 😂😂

  86. Davan Cerda

    Davan Cerda

    12 napja

    Yo as a fan of the books I’m still salty about them dropping this masterpiece of a series!! 😤

  87. Aria M

    Aria M

    12 napja

    I was obsessed with this movie, it has a special place in my heart xd

  88. Avery Nelson

    Avery Nelson

    12 napja

    The reason why Four was angry at the people stealing kids was because they were being taken away from their parents against their wills. None of the adults were being saved, and none of the parents were okay at all with giving up their children. The kidnappers were also brainwashing the children and making them forget their past lives completely, so even if the parents saw their kids again the kids wouldn't remember them.

  89. Alyssa McCain

    Alyssa McCain

    12 napja

    I legit clicked on this thinking it was NakeyJakey in the thumbnail

  90. Makenna Crawford

    Makenna Crawford

    12 napja

    If somebody asked me "Do you know what Divergent is about?" I would have said yes but as this video went on I have come to realize I do not know what Divergent is about.

  91. In Alaska

    In Alaska

    12 napja

    You could have fixed the series so easily too like the divergents are "moved" by the government. Aka the supper government takes them away. So people still hide them. Then back down how much the supper government can see and done.

  92. Dawn Of Merc

    Dawn Of Merc

    12 napja

    Seems like I wasn't the only one who was really confused on the plot of this series

  93. Kimmy K

    Kimmy K

    12 napja

    I discovered divergent in 2019 at a sleepover and I still like it idk it's great for me 🤷‍♀️

  94. Shaggybro


    13 napja

    I actually liked the idea of it. But you made me realize how dumb some things are... And all chars are not a 100% one faction. They had a gadget to find out how much per cent of a divergent you are. So the guy being two things makes sense

  95. VEANNE


    13 napja


  96. A D

    A D

    13 napja


  97. Pineapples


    13 napja

    Dylan, the other serums don’t work on her, what are you talking about? That’s like, one of the few consistent things throughout the series. She makes serums go wonky and everyone is frustrated: the saga.

  98. Equality Peace and Freedom

    Equality Peace and Freedom

    13 napja

    Might be a little tipsy, but still rewrote the entire plot of the Divergent trilogy.

  99. jessi


    13 napja

    I actually think about this WAY too often

  100. Mystery Of Life

    Mystery Of Life

    13 napja

    Honestly One of my fav movies