Working (out) for the first time! (VLOG 63) | Romee Strijd

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  1. Zahra Syed

    Zahra Syed

    19 órája

    Please make videos on your post partum workout

  2. Mariam Khalfan

    Mariam Khalfan


    I love so much ❤❤

  3. Mae Aileen Domingo

    Mae Aileen Domingo

    2 napja

    please upload a new video. i miss you already.

  4. shayla jaye

    shayla jaye

    3 napja

    i love you so much romee! you are all over my wall and my lock screen in different vs model collages! you are so pretty and i’m so happy for your family and you! you are so strong 💖💖

  5. Ελευθερία Σκόρδα

    Ελευθερία Σκόρδα

    3 napja


  6. Merliegh Channel

    Merliegh Channel

    3 napja

    Me and my sis watching you!

  7. gamer C.F

    gamer C.F

    3 napja ❤️❤️❤️

  8. gamer C.F

    gamer C.F

    3 napja

  9. gloria movies

    gloria movies

    4 napja

    Congrat's girl for your beautiful Family💖

  10. vanesa


    4 napja

    do you guys have some experience doing Pamela Reif’s workouts??

  11. Jane Butler

    Jane Butler

    5 napja C'è un punto di vista controverso, che dice approssimativamente quanto segue: i paesi in via di sviluppo attivo del Terzo Mondo stanno guadagnando popolarità tra alcuni segmenti della popolazione, il che significa che devono essere verificati in tempo. Tuttavia, non va dimenticato che lo sviluppo socio-economico consente di valutare il valore del ritiro delle attività correnti. Alcune caratteristiche della politica interna sono funzionalmente suddivise in elementi indipendenti. Diversa e ricca esperienza ci dice che la convinzione di alcuni avversari ci permette di valutare il valore del modello di sviluppo.❤️ Em primeiro lugar, o planejamento de longo prazo desempenha um papel decisivo em experimentos que impressionam por sua escala e grandeza. A importancia desses problemas e tao obvia que o crescimento quantitativo constante e o escopo de nossa atividade fornecem amplas oportunidades para novas direcoes de desenvolvimento.

  12. Sam Viv

    Sam Viv

    5 napja

    Your a great mum. It will get easier. Already in a few months you’ll look back on these exhausting days and won’t believe how much has changed. Try to enjoy this precious time...

  13. Annie collado

    Annie collado

    5 napja

    “Let’s see what Lawrence is doing “ Lawrence > aloil alolili liloalowo 💀

  14. Niloofar L91

    Niloofar L91

    5 napja

    I love you beauty

  15. alexandria nguyen

    alexandria nguyen

    6 napja

    Congrats Romee & Laurens with baby Mint.

  16. Jen FF

    Jen FF

    6 napja

    Hi Romee! Congratulations on Mint! I wanted to encourage you that the first 3 months are the hardest, but it really does get so much easier! By 6 months, way easier! Hang in there! Also, I had a similar story where I was too thin/over-exercised/stress. My hormones were so messed up/low that the OBGYN told me I wouldn't be able to have babies. I changed my diet about 9 years ago to the same thing you're doing with lots of veggies and healthy fats. My hormones came back into normal ranges & I have 4 kids now! The youngest is a few months old. So don't worry about future babies because you are on the right path. :) I love all your vlogs! You're the best!

  17. 420 Express

    420 Express

    7 napja

    you look so beautiful and stunning and those glasses looks fantastic on you

  18. katie G.

    katie G.

    7 napja

    Oh my god your hair is amazing!!!!Amazing, the length and the cut and the curls you make!gorgeous!!!i have long hair but they are" blah",i have to take care of them.kisses from Greece.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  19. TIffanyrose Angeles

    TIffanyrose Angeles

    7 napja

    LV send you the bag? Or did you buy it ? It's stunning!! Love LV truly class for a classy lady!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊

  20. john wilson panaligan

    john wilson panaligan

    7 napja

    Of course my sweetheart,.

  21. Elena Y

    Elena Y

    8 napja

    I like the lipstick color, any idea what brand is it

  22. SAVAGE & I

    SAVAGE & I

    8 napja

    Hi Romee, if you ever need someone to talk to........I'm here for you.

  23. Mashed Potatoes

    Mashed Potatoes

    8 napja

    Romee, you're so great and natural. You're a great mother. Wish you all the best

  24. poppy2908


    8 napja

    Mint is the cutest name ever

  25. Sara Pesa

    Sara Pesa

    8 napja

    My son is 4 months old and has terrible colics, he wakes up every one to two hours every night. I love that you are so honest and real! Motherhood is hard BUT I also have a 2 year old daughter and she‘s AMAZING, so everything will pass eventually and it will be easier 🤍



    8 napja

    Romee and I are the same with the food. I’m also all or nothing. However, the difference between us is that I DONT HAVE A DAMN BABY and don’t suffer from sleep deprivation 🤪 Romee, you’re doing so great!

  27. tifaleli


    8 napja

    She is the real life Serena Van Derwoodson

  28. Victor Lui

    Victor Lui

    8 napja

    Hi hot momma Romee!!! Hi Laurens. Where's Laurens sister? She likes to dance. ♡ =]

  29. honeybunny213


    8 napja

    Your videos are so genuine and warm 💛

  30. Gabe Espinosa

    Gabe Espinosa

    9 napja

    I love your positive energy! Congratulations to you and your expanding family!

  31. Olga Wayne

    Olga Wayne

    9 napja

    Glad to see your vlogs😍

  32. lydia dal

    lydia dal

    9 napja

    I don’t want to come off as mean I am more so curious but do you guys in the Netherlands never wear a mask?? You have many covid cases so I don’t understand🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Also aren’t you extra scared since you have a new born? Once again literally no hate anybody can do whatever they want it is just confusion more so lol

  33. Soliana Elias

    Soliana Elias

    9 napja

    She is so real love her 💕

  34. Laure Van Liedekerke

    Laure Van Liedekerke

    9 napja

    Love You hopelijk snel nog eens een Nederlandse vlog!! xx

  35. Arrania Winter

    Arrania Winter

    9 napja

    How old is romee

  36. Isabel Peterson

    Isabel Peterson

    9 napja

    Jesus is our lord and savior

  37. Georgie Brain

    Georgie Brain

    9 napja

    i think the audio was bad for that bit because it was vibrating against the car no worries though xx

  38. प्राचीन ज्योतिष / Pracheen Jyotish

    प्राचीन ज्योतिष / Pracheen Jyotish

    9 napja

    Love from india

  39. Aida S.

    Aida S.

    9 napja

    Heerlijk die Nederlandse woorden 'verengelds' gebruiken zoals bands ipv tires. Hihi

  40. Sofie's World

    Sofie's World

    10 napja

    Thank you for the realness and sharing that with us- it’s really nice to see and relatable to many! ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Jimena aguilar

    Jimena aguilar

    10 napja

    You should make a workout channel and love you 🥰

  42. Jjj page

    Jjj page

    10 napja

    U are my favorite model. Your so ❤️❤️❤️

  43. Cheryl Smith

    Cheryl Smith

    10 napja

    Sausage lips.

  44. K Ambrose

    K Ambrose

    10 napja

    You are too brave I had one ear pierced for one night lol.

  45. Dragonfruit56


    10 napja

    Mint is the prettiest name I've ever heard

  46. M K

    M K

    10 napja

    Winterbanden - winterbands 😋

  47. bunny mom

    bunny mom

    10 napja

    Oh, sweet baby! Congratulations to you and Lauren’s. I bet you are so in love with this little princess. ❤️❤️❤️

  48. Angela Waldman

    Angela Waldman

    10 napja

    You are doing great Romee!!!!! Just go with the flow and everything will work out well. Try not to get frustrated with yourself and enjoy this special time with Mint. It will go by SO fast! xoxo

  49. Alex Linares

    Alex Linares

    10 napja

    Cookie cutter 🍪🍪🍪

  50. Evelijne Toebast

    Evelijne Toebast

    10 napja

    haiii Romee!

  51. Typical Dutch

    Typical Dutch

    10 napja

    ik zou hulp zoeken voor het slapen van Mint, heb jij meer tijd, is beter voor Mint. Rust, Reinheid en Regelmaat :)

  52. ab ab

    ab ab

    10 napja


  53. R


    11 napja

    watching the ads just to support Romee

  54. BOMB.COM


    11 napja

    I like the glasses.

  55. Felipe


    11 napja

    why she kinda ghetto thooooo. 2 baby daddies and dandruff on her shirt...? hell naw.

  56. Brooke Emmonds

    Brooke Emmonds

    11 napja

    You are extremely important Romee. Thanks for sharing yourself.

  57. Sarah W

    Sarah W

    11 napja

    Easy does it

  58. Drax Mordante

    Drax Mordante

    11 napja

    Wat is dit verschrikkelijk kut. Damn wat een sneue ellende.

  59. sophia folley

    sophia folley

    11 napja

    Babe, you're doing great xxx

  60. Laura Gerritsen

    Laura Gerritsen

    11 napja

    Hey, kun je op function of beauty ook met iDeal betalen? Zie alleen Creditcard of Paypal staan.

  61. Sophie Tattam

    Sophie Tattam

    11 napja

    Ahh love these vlogs!! ❤️

  62. Amber


    11 napja

    Zo leuk om dit te zien! 🥰

  63. Johanne Andersen

    Johanne Andersen

    11 napja

    Heey romee, which eyeliner do you use?

  64. Doug's Guitar Works

    Doug's Guitar Works

    11 napja

    Hello from Canada Nova Scotia you must be excited to become a parent

  65. Marsya Asya

    Marsya Asya

    11 napja


  66. good boy tae

    good boy tae

    11 napja

    You're so beautiful and a very good mom as well. I like your hair colour ✨✨

  67. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    11 napja

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    • Kapil Prajapat

      Kapil Prajapat

      8 napja

      Hello I am indian

  68. taniyah


    11 napja

    You are an inspiration and so grounded. Keep it up and stay strong!

  69. crazy records

    crazy records

    11 napja

  70. Miya Chinen

    Miya Chinen

    11 napja

    Зашла в коменты, что бы посмотреть есть ли здесь русские комментарии? Нету)🥰

    • maria timchenko

      maria timchenko

      9 napja

      Есть 🥰

  71. g g

    g g

    11 napja

    It is alright Romee❤️ you are working really hard ❤️

  72. Nishi Tripathi

    Nishi Tripathi

    11 napja

    Thanks for your lovely show guys. But your previous behaviour is shanking me ( what a insults by you.) I applauded your beauty. In this beauty not your contribution, its God gifted. What a proudly you. This video has been locked by me due to your little baby. I ❤️ children 💕💕💕🙏

  73. Kalinda Antoniadis-Patel

    Kalinda Antoniadis-Patel

    11 napja

    a glowing mumma! wishing you lots of sleep haha



    11 napja


  75. jessica rogers

    jessica rogers

    11 napja

    How is she still the most beautiful woman on the planet even with no sleep 💕

  76. Marta N.

    Marta N.

    11 napja

    Could some one write me down the brand of baby carrier? Thank you!

    • Leonie Kerkhoven

      Leonie Kerkhoven

      11 napja


  77. Laura Harlow

    Laura Harlow

    11 napja

    People who don’t realise what the evening clock (avondklok in Dutch) is - in Holland we have a national curfew for covid

  78. Paula Charone

    Paula Charone

    11 napja

    I really admire you!!

  79. kookie's chimmy

    kookie's chimmy

    11 napja

    I have exam of physics but ShE iS mOrE iMpOrTaNt . Ohh this exam season is coming anyone else with me ???!

  80. Irish Fernandez

    Irish Fernandez

    11 napja

    Very humble and real

  81. D 90Bell

    D 90Bell

    11 napja

    Just wake up and watching u and fam... Stay safe and health to All

  82. Pabbisetty Ravindranath

    Pabbisetty Ravindranath

    11 napja

    Nice good roaming morning

  83. Nawel mt

    Nawel mt

    11 napja

    I love u 💓💓💓💓

  84. Rieneke van Noort

    Rieneke van Noort

    11 napja

    Wait with piercing your ear until you can sleep a little more steady, the hours of sleep that you are able to get you don't want to have ruined by not being able to sleep on one ear / when it hurts

  85. Mone Ost

    Mone Ost

    11 napja

    Aww she's such a proud mom🥰❤️

  86. Azul Azul

    Azul Azul

    11 napja

    Next time you do piercings use tea tree oil for a faster healing.

  87. The Floor Jungcock Humped On

    The Floor Jungcock Humped On

    12 napja

    i really need to start moving looking at romee and how organized she is omg

  88. Perfume World

    Perfume World

    12 napja

    Thanks Romee.

  89. alison murrell

    alison murrell

    12 napja

    Thanks for sharing bc it’s hard for me to eat healthy and exercise since I’ve had my baby and weather too cold to walk which I did a lot when he was first born he’s nine months now and summer is coming so I’m hoping I can get it together!!!

  90. alison murrell

    alison murrell

    12 napja

    Love ur hair it’s always beautiful 🤩

  91. alison murrell

    alison murrell

    12 napja

    Self care is important especially with a baby so true 🙂

  92. Galina Shkarin

    Galina Shkarin

    12 napja


  93. Elenor Alexe 8:2

    Elenor Alexe 8:2

    12 napja

    I am so happy that you filmed this video, small talks can be important! The part when you were in your car talking about motivation, cancelled workouts and food is my favorite part! ❤️❤️You seem so kind!!

  94. Jennifer Corbin

    Jennifer Corbin

    12 napja

    Emotional wise for not wanting to excercise or eat healthy

  95. Jennifer Corbin

    Jennifer Corbin

    12 napja

    Post partum maybe?

  96. Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    Mandi's Houseplant Channel

    12 napja

    *Omg her skin though* ❤️😍💋

  97. Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr

    Ernesto Manuel Colon Jr

    12 napja

    Hope all is well 😘

  98. Poo Poo Face

    Poo Poo Face

    12 napja

    Will you go back to modelling? If yes when ? Curious.. ☺️



    12 napja

    You should get a tragus piercing, it's so cute and it doesn't hurt! It healed so fast when I pierce mine.

  100. Jully Garcia

    Jully Garcia

    12 napja

    Volkswagen commercial.