Zack Snyder's Justice League Pitch Meeting

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Step inside the pitch meeting that led to Zack Snyder’s Justice League!
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2017’s Justice League was a critical flop, and fans were pretty upset with how the movie turned out. Over the years that followed, they worked hard to create a movement online to get Warner Bros to “Release the Snyder Cut” which, after tons of buzz, they finally did.
Zack Synder’s cut of Justice League definitely raises some questions though. Like why do three of the Justice League members now have to deal with car and boat accidents? What’s with the ancient lamentation music that plays anytime Wonder Woman does anything? Why did she blow up a guy in front of a bunch of children? Why is this four hours long? Why did that woman sniff Aquaman’s sweater like that? Why does Martian Manhunter keep popping up at weird times?
To answer all these questions and more, step inside the Pitch Meeting that led to Zack Snyder’s Justice League! It’ll be super easy, barely an inconvenience.
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  1. DaxHamel


    4 órája

    Pitch meeting for Poultrygiest.

  2. Daiwik Darshan

    Daiwik Darshan

    8 órája


  3. Rafal Pytlak

    Rafal Pytlak

    10 órája

    No talking about the Flash reverse time scene?

  4. Omega Rugal

    Omega Rugal

    13 órája

    Cyborg does most of the work in this version, he has the box, he fixes the ship, activates the alien computer to revive superman, he finds the box after steppenwolf steals it and it does half the work to split the MBoxes apart

  5. Sommer75



    I tried watching it this weekend, i just couldn’t. Tons of really bad green screen/CGI work, cringy acting, animations, characters you just couldn’t care less about, dialogue clearly ripped off from marwell, metal-thanos, weird looking joker, constant slo-mo wonder woman, and so much more that just made it unbearable to sit through all 4 hours of it. The 4:3 format didn’t exactly help either. A thousand thumbs down mr snyder, which ironically means “a person who tricks people” in danish..

  6. PKMN Trainer Mark

    PKMN Trainer Mark


    Is this version of Screenwriter Guy Zack Snyder, then?

  7. Dark Dante

    Dark Dante


    Post Credits scenes vs DREEEAAMS

  8. John Taylor

    John Taylor


    2017 version was better

  9. m Page

    m Page


    The Superman suit was black because it absorbs yellow sun faster to help him get back to full strength

  10. Tyler Kegger

    Tyler Kegger


    Every time he says Wonder Woman *music plays*

  11. Richard Hunter

    Richard Hunter


    Wait - is Ryan Wonder Woman?!

  12. TimmyS27



    5:47 😂😂😂😂😂

  13. Thomas Beling

    Thomas Beling


    Wonder Woman uses the restroom. The Coris: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  14. ScrambledAndBenedict



    So anyway Wonder Woman.... ♫ OoooOOOOOoooOOoooOOOOOOooOOOoOoOoOoOOOoooOoOOOooOOOOOooooHHHHhhh~~~ ♪

  15. Simon Henderson

    Simon Henderson


    every time i hear him say "super easy, barely an inconvenience" in these videos. it cracks me up love Ryan, very funny man

  16. savvy_ sensei

    savvy_ sensei

    2 napja

    7/10 movie in my opinion

  17. Taitea Kopyte

    Taitea Kopyte

    2 napja

    Finally.... I've been waiting for this🙏🏻

  18. Darth1Marik


    2 napja

    JL/DC/Snyder fans - "Hey the movie was great, did well and was much better then Josstice League, so that means you're gonna continue the Snyderverse right?" WB, "No, I don't think I will."

  19. Jason Duke

    Jason Duke

    2 napja

    I lived this movie... but honestly I watched this for "Super Easy... Barely and Inconvenience!"

  20. Matt B

    Matt B

    2 napja

    Such an awful film

  21. Jon Kyle

    Jon Kyle

    2 napja

    I should have just watched this instead of waisting my 4 hours... Smh

  22. Game Bond

    Game Bond

    2 napja

    That wonder woman theme was so GODDAMN annoying.

  23. Dan D

    Dan D

    2 napja

    “Ohhhh, changing your name to Meemaw is TIGHT!” For some reason that’s the funniest goddamn joke in this entire video series for me.

  24. RealityEDS


    2 napja

    Not even Ryan touched the flash time run...

  25. SMILEY attitude

    SMILEY attitude

    2 napja

    We're still going... lol

  26. Jaybird Wedbetter

    Jaybird Wedbetter

    2 napja

    Anyone else ever notice that both of these dudes have incredible eyes?

  27. Syed Talib Hussain

    Syed Talib Hussain

    3 napja

    Bruh 4:27 😂🤣 😂😂

  28. nx1379


    3 napja

    Snyder cut was WAY better and entertaining but come on people...its FAR from a great movie. Lol seriously WTF is up with that annoying WW theme?! 😂

  29. Elijah johns

    Elijah johns

    3 napja

    PLEASE DO TREMORS, IT HAS ALL THE POTENTIAL FOR A GREAT SET OF EPISODES haha seriously, Tremors, the jaws/sharknado series with a twist haha

  30. N Patrick

    N Patrick

    3 napja

    *wonderwoman song*

  31. James Osborne

    James Osborne

    3 napja

    Then he’s gonna laugh like a seagull 🤣🤣🤣

  32. Batter Skull

    Batter Skull

    3 napja

    5:48 I'm dead

  33. Jerry Gattz

    Jerry Gattz

    3 napja

    This video needs to be released in black and white so we can have a proper Pitch Meeting for "Justice League: Justice is Gray"

  34. Old Pen

    Old Pen

    3 napja

    Oh please do The Day After Tomorrow. Yes, it's old, but two words: wolves running around a Russian container ship.

  35. Van Darkholme

    Van Darkholme

    3 napja

    Love how chill the corporate guy is

  36. Maddux Ham

    Maddux Ham

    3 napja

    You should make a pitch meeting of: the office Brooklyn 99 bambi the Simpson's The dark knight Ferris buaellars day off cool runnings tremors

  37. I ams Smrt

    I ams Smrt

    3 napja


  38. It'sComplicated


    3 napja

    4:38 cuz black absorbs light better, and he wanted to be as powerful as possible. He can get more sunlight, in which he gets power from.

  39. Austicakes -

    Austicakes -

    4 napja

    You should pitch attack on titan, just do it

  40. Hardcase CT

    Hardcase CT

    4 napja

    I actually watched the whole thing it finished at 3:00 AM

  41. Hardcase CT

    Hardcase CT

    4 napja

    You made me laugh when you said 4 hours * looks it up * ..... 4 hours long 😯 WHAT THE FUU

  42. The Games Nexus

    The Games Nexus

    4 napja

    This was a weird movie

  43. Vito Lay

    Vito Lay

    4 napja

    Wonder Woman! Wait hold on a sec let me play this 2:05 🤣🤣🤣

  44. Iggy


    4 napja

    Hilariously... this version actually sounds as coherently structured as any DC comic book... so... good job Zack I guess

  45. Mohnish Reddy

    Mohnish Reddy

    4 napja

    Y they even put the timer?🤣🤣🤣 That hit me🤣

    • Hot Rod

      Hot Rod

      3 napja

      I’m gonna say this loudly, *F E A R* _‘It’s about sending a message.’_ -- some movie probably.

  46. biochem70


    4 napja

    "Batman drops an F-bomb on Joker" "Wow wow wow!"

  47. Jonas


    4 napja


  48. Batman Knightfan

    Batman Knightfan

    4 napja

    “Superman puts a black Superman suit” “Why?” “Just because...” 😂 😂 😂

    • Batman Knightfan

      Batman Knightfan


      @Hot Rod Yes I know but Ryan made me laugh so...

    • Hot Rod

      Hot Rod

      3 napja

      . . . because it’s in the comics. Same reason he has laser eyes. It’s in the source material.

  49. Smriti S

    Smriti S

    4 napja

    "Hey i am here for any sequels you might be making" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. Brometheous


    4 napja

    Hahahaha changing his name to mee mah! - ok! LOL

  51. The one true Colby

    The one true Colby

    5 napja

    I mean since batman bought the bank Martha will never have to worry agian I surpose.

  52. The one true Colby

    The one true Colby

    5 napja

    Wasnt the black suit in because it could absorb more of the sunlight making superman powerfuler.

  53. Dan Inbox

    Dan Inbox

    5 napja

    Remember that super slow mo scene where Flash tips the sword to Wonder Woman so that she can slice a Parademon in half? Where did the Parademon go?

  54. Gabriel Rodriguez

    Gabriel Rodriguez

    5 napja

    Hahaha the WW music bit killed me. It rings so true for me, I found it comical after the 15th damn time!

  55. BlondeGirlSez This

    BlondeGirlSez This

    5 napja

    Steppenwolf is an ok villain i guess but Blue Oyster Cult would be better.

  56. infiniteandroid


    5 napja

    I loved the cut

  57. ranzilla gaming,godzilla and more!!

    ranzilla gaming,godzilla and more!!

    5 napja

    Wonder woman appears: Oahahaoaahahahaaoaoahahaaaoahahahaha

  58. Miguel Torres

    Miguel Torres

    5 napja

    Kal-el NO. Hahhahaha

  59. The snoozing Snorlax YT

    The snoozing Snorlax YT

    5 napja

    Ryan George is carrying this channel on his back

  60. Amy Gandolfi

    Amy Gandolfi

    5 napja


  61. Gaurav Pareek

    Gaurav Pareek

    5 napja

    That wonder woman sound drove me mad. I thought i was the only one

  62. Daron Macke

    Daron Macke

    5 napja

    I feel like this Pitch Meeting should’ve been shot in 4:3. 😅

  63. Franco González

    Franco González

    5 napja

    Actually Superman uses his black suit because it's better absorbing sunlight which uses for healing (That's why he fly to the surface of earth to catch the sunlight Jesus style)

  64. Jakoto


    6 napja

    Flash when they don’t mention him going over light speed and saving the universe 😢

  65. Jac Bell Conroy

    Jac Bell Conroy

    6 napja

    @TheRyanGeorge is tight. The Fifth Element, Pitch meeting, ready...go!

  66. John Paul

    John Paul

    6 napja

    That Wonderwoman music cracks me up everytime 🤣🤣🤣 i found it so ridiculous the first time i watched Snyder Cut.

  67. jaeson Bernardsha

    jaeson Bernardsha

    6 napja

    Cyborgs story is lit🔥🔥🔥

  68. Safri Hudaya Latief

    Safri Hudaya Latief

    6 napja

    lol this is funny, but you skip the most important ending there.. The flash save them all? You didn't mentioned it. It was not supes who save them all (that's in the Josstice League)

  69. Apar789


    6 napja

    Steppenwolf goes to Russia. Ryan: I bet he's a space commie!

  70. Damian Saucedo

    Damian Saucedo

    6 napja

    Oh my gawd the freakn wonderwoman music and the many slow motion scenes were so annoying but good movie though

  71. Jake Johnson

    Jake Johnson

    6 napja

    Glad someone else noticed that Wonder Woman song. That drove me insane

  72. Dirfy


    6 napja

    That wonder women music🤣😂🤣

  73. ZippyThunder


    6 napja

    Um justice league was amazing y'all psychotic

  74. Sam Shields

    Sam Shields

    6 napja

    I feel like they also did the slow motion a whole lot like a whole lot kinda got annoying no wonder the movie was 4 hours long

  75. Oblivious Dave

    Oblivious Dave

    6 napja

    Yesss I have been waiting on someone to comment on her damnn theme playing all the time 😂😂

  76. Eileen Snow

    Eileen Snow

    6 napja

    I watched this before I watched the actual movie and let me tell you, the Wonder Woman music thing was WAY more accurate than I realized

  77. Laila’s Fantasy

    Laila’s Fantasy

    6 napja


  78. Lucifer Morningstar

    Lucifer Morningstar

    7 napja

    Tbh that wander woman theme music was annoying af😂

  79. Godzilla Gorilla

    Godzilla Gorilla

    7 napja

    Thank you. Now I LITERALLY do NOT have to watch that hot garbage 🔥 BTW IRL Cyborg is a FUQBOI

  80. sassythedog14 b

    sassythedog14 b

    7 napja

    This pitch meeting should of been edited in a 4:3 aspect ratio to maintain the director's vision

  81. xtremed121


    7 napja

    best 4 hrs. love it.

  82. xtremed121


    7 napja

    best 4 hrs. love it.

  83. Abdullah Zowad Khan

    Abdullah Zowad Khan

    7 napja

    a n c i e n t l a m e n t a t i o n m u s i c

  84. Faraz Mahmood

    Faraz Mahmood

    7 napja

    Ryan playing the music every time wonder woman's name was mentioned had me laughing so hard

  85. never forget

    never forget

    7 napja

    When wonderwoman said ”kal-el, no". I felt that.

  86. Neal Fisher

    Neal Fisher

    7 napja

    I thought this movie was about DC United soccer. :(

  87. Ken Frikuj

    Ken Frikuj

    7 napja

    The princess Bride I would love to see a pitch meeting for that one

  88. Muddy Boots

    Muddy Boots

    7 napja

    Clark Kent dies and resurrects the same time Superman does. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to put 2 and 2 together. Or are spectacles really great at hiding identities.

  89. Neil Hutchinson

    Neil Hutchinson

    7 napja

    Ryan's english accent was magnificent! Reminds me of Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins🤣

  90. Deon Nzembe

    Deon Nzembe

    7 napja

    Your vids started looking boring but this definitely brought me back.LMAO

  91. MixUp BD

    MixUp BD

    7 napja

    This pitch meeting ruined the wonder woman music in the movie for me.

  92. droidx1191


    7 napja

    In spite of the sarcasm being on-target, I enjoyed ZSJL.

  93. Mortar Mike

    Mortar Mike

    7 napja

    Was he just treading water outside of the tunnel? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  94. Marc Coté

    Marc Coté

    7 napja

    It's probably been written many times, but Ryan George is surely one of the cleverest writers on HUeye and without doubt one of the wittiest.

  95. King Moto

    King Moto

    7 napja

    Changing your name to mema is tight!😂🤣

  96. Mikiel Sahagun

    Mikiel Sahagun

    7 napja

    Like a rash that won't go away: can't they release something new now that Snyder cut was good instead of releasing a black and white version

    • Mikiel Sahagun

      Mikiel Sahagun

      6 napja

      @Jimmy Woo ya I got you

    • Jimmy Woo

      Jimmy Woo

      6 napja

      @Mikiel Sahagun ik I was just making a joke on how Snyder hates color so much he made the same movie except with no color

    • Mikiel Sahagun

      Mikiel Sahagun

      6 napja

      @Jimmy Woo I'm just saying running on a hamster wheel gets you in shape but it won't get you anywhere

    • Jimmy Woo

      Jimmy Woo

      6 napja

      There was too much color in Snyders original movie so he decided to make the same movie but with no color.

  97. Parzival


    7 napja

    So which version is Canon?

  98. Andrew Ralte

    Andrew Ralte

    7 napja

    Lol he looks like my brother. Oh wow a mil subs. Excuse my binge.

  99. Daredevil 9

    Daredevil 9

    7 napja

    Slavic music playing when amazonian fighter is on screen is tight

  100. Leigh Dix

    Leigh Dix

    7 napja

    Umbrella Academy